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Oh god, the team reveal right in the heart of when I am the most confused. Once the dust and panic settles, what I have currently will be 90% close to what the final team will be…. hopefully. 

Without further ado I present “Gawn with the Win”.


Rory Laird is the anchor of my back line. With the addition of Brodie Smith running through the midfield, Laird certainly passed the eye test for me as they used him a lot to move the ball out of defence. I’m hoping for Laird to produce some consistent numbers here. 

Sam Docherty or as I’ve been quietly calling him “Doc Lock”. We know what he is capable of and is an absolute force in the Blues defence. For that price, how can you say no? Durability may be an issue but you can’t deny the return of a king. 

Dylan Roberton. Eye test, check. It feels good to have him back playing footy. 48 breakeven at his price is no sweat. As far as rookies BZT really shone for Essendon, the same goes for Noble. Brander and B. Williams are pushing for a round 1 spot. Hopefully Starcevich did enough to be selected. Acceptable replacements here may be Ash and Gould if named.


It’s Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn. There is literally no further explanation required. I understand that people want to spread their money further but I can’t convince myself to drop Gawn. Heck, my team is named after him. Comben from the Roos as a VC loophole.


Lachie Whitfield is a no brainer for me. With the positions open in the GWS midfield Whitfield stands to continue being a big point scorer. Out of the highest priced forwards I much prefer the look of Whitfield in my team. 

Andrew Brayshaw #BrayshawBreakout. He’s playing through the midfield and is ticking a lot of boxes. The only thing that has shaken my thoughts is the appearance of Jack Steven and this could turn out to require a corrective trade if Brayshaw flops and Steven shines early. Expecting Brayshaw to push that high 80 low 90 average. 

Devon Smith is potentially one of the most underpriced performers this season. Smith is a machine and looks to have recovered from his previous injuries. Probably will be a slow starter but could easily finish as a top 6 forward. Rookie wise Darcy Cameron looked good through the pre-season and could fit into the Pies outfit. Izak Rankine has been earmarked by the Suns for a round one start. Curtis Taylor had an impressive showing during the pre season and Max King may have a position at the Saints. Georgiades will hopefully play and that’s really the pass mark at the moment.


Like a kid in a candy store there’s almost too many uber premo’s to select. Jack Macrae, Nat Fyfe and Patrick Cripps will continue to produce the high consistent numbers they did last year and i’m comfortable paying up for that. 

Josh Kelly has been one of the few players to never leave my side. A full dang pre-season locked this elite performer into my team. He is good, real good and will be the top scoring midfielder this year. 

Elliot Yeo I definitely enjoyed watching him play on the weekend. Has a reasonable scoring history and I think he can go even further beyond. Underpriced for someone who could sneak into the top mids. 

Jack Viney looks to be fit and firing going into season 2020. Racked up a lot of possessions, some tackles and a lot of pressure acts over the Marsh. A risky proposition given his scoring history but he goes hard and I love it. Also, Viney has the best eyebrows in the AFL which is worth… something?

What can even be said about the mid rooks. Matt Rowell should be a 100% lock for teams, he is going to go big. Marlion Pickett should get a game and will be worth every penny. Budarick has been confirmed as starting round 1. Robertson and Mahony had good outings and have really put their hand up.

Well there it is. Happy to hear people’s thoughts in the comments below. May the power of God and anime be on all your sides for the 2020 season!

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Shake n bake

No footy to be played is what I’m hearing


Biggest beat up of the century, no worse than a normal flu season.


Better safe than sorry, even if 3% mortality rate seems low, that’s still a shit load of people that are at risk

Jorg Ancrath

No feasible, for mine. AFL is big business. The loss of income would be crippling.


Yep the preseason will have to continue

Jorg Ancrath

Might have to start doing 3 hour pod casts to tie us over.

Shake n bake

Government has advised of events more than 500 to be cancelled for up to a month.

Jorg Ancrath

Play in closed stadiums.. Can't miss out on tv income, game will go broke.

Jorg Ancrath

Thats in the US, btw. Not announced here…yet.


Just got announced here

Jorg Ancrath

Its an advisory, not sure thats legally enforced. But regardless, seems to be policy on the fly. Gonna completely tank the economy, which will probably cost more lives than the virus. Old people die of the flu, nothing to see here folks.


I reckon that is close to the best opinion I have heard on this site.

Let 🍺 run its course over the next month then start and play.each other once.

Simply brilliant!!! 👏👏

Jorg Ancrath

Virus will hang around for months.


Might be a good idea but won't happen, it would mean a new fixture the AFL won't do that it would be to easy for them so therefore goes into the AFL too hard basket. This virus is just starting to take a hold in our part of the world and its not going to go away in a hurry, I fully expect there to be no crowds at da footy for the first 8 weeks minimum. And it's only a matter of time before a player comes down with it, that could turn clubs and our SC teams on there head. Interesting times ahead this footy season me thinks.

Platinum Nomad

Plenty to be played, just without live spectators.


Viney pick is ballsy both as a individual player & with it meaning you have the 3 rooks on field up forward.


i have not considered him, so i didn't even know his price…… $439k. interesting.


Rate my team lads

Defence: Jack Crisp, Sam Docherty, Dylan Roberton, John Noble, Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, Brandon Starcevich, Jarrod Brander (Bench), Will Gould (Bench)

Midfield: Lachie Neale, Josh Kelly, Crippa, Josh Dunkley, Bont, Matt Rowell, Tom Green, Marlion Pickett, Ned McHenry (Bench), Deven Robertson (Bench), Jeremy Sharp (Bench)

Ruck: Grundy, English, Xerri (Bench)

Forward: Lachie Whitfield, Dusty, Petracca, Tom J. Lynch, Devon Smith, Izak Rankine, Max King (Bench), Connor Budarick (Bench)


That backline looks wobbly. First time I've seen Tom Lynch in a side, I like it. He should win the Coleman by 100 goals. Not sure about the Englishman, I reckon next year for him.


Not a fan of Crisp?


He's ok just not at D1.


I don’t mind the English pick. Super athletic and a future gun. They say his year will be 2021, but he might go bang early.

I’m going Jacob based on price, but if they were same price, English without a doubt.

I’ve picked him up in a couple of my draft leagues as my R1, very late rounds


There will need to be massive revamps to be made to SC this year. The changes are really going to effect everything.

I am hearing that team lists will be extended. Not sure how that will work for SC.

And to a lesser extent, games may be shortened. Off the bat, im thinking this benefits midfielders even further, but we will have to see.

Just hope our game isnt completely ruined


On another note, its a big big big call to say Kelly will be the top scoring midfielder this year. I'm looking at fyfe instead and are fairly confident fyfe is the better option. That is all


To be fair Kelly has never played a full season, and when he has played hes been very very good points wise. If he plays the entire season hes most likely top 3-4 mids

Jorg Ancrath

Kelly won't play a full season. Super good player, super fragile.


If he does, good luck for those who picked him. I won’t.


Both will miss games they always seem to miss 3 to 5 with injury, don't think either will be top scoring mid but they might have the top avg


I recall the master Jock Reynolds said once start with atleast 11 to 12 premiums. Players that you wont trade unless injured.

Jorg Ancrath

If the games are going to be played in empty stadiums, surely that has to favour the Suns.


At least there'll be no heckling and we won't have to look at the clown show cheer squads up close., maybe they could play a cheer track whenever a Goal's kicked, like a pre-recorded live studio audience haha

Jorg Ancrath

It was hard watching the cricket without a crowd. Hits a six…*tumbleweeds*.


Just throwing this out here for discussion. As the Coronavirus spreads I think it’s inevitable that rounds will be canceled. The afl will try and postpone as many games as possible but it will happen as players catch it and clubs will have to stand down. So therefore less opportunity for rookies to play and make money. So we might need to pick more mid prices and less high end players.


I think if any players catch it, the games for all clubs will be postponed or cancelled indefinitely…we might have to find a new hobby for the winter, maybe we could start some Cockroach racing leagues, Cockroaches can survive anything.


If that happens. I’ll give up and work on my golf swing

The Saltshaker

Haha 👌


Like to get ur thoughts Def:Houston Crisp B Smith Doc Ash BZT bench brander gould
McCrae J Kelly Danger Coniglio Fyfe Rowell Green Pickett Sharp Robertson Close
Fwds Dusty Whitfeild D.Smith Steven's C.Taylor M.King
Rankine Budarick


Get a couple of Ruckmen


Like to get ur thoughts Def:Houston Crisp B Smith Doc Ash BZT bench brander gould


I don't like it , but that means sweet FA, Houston I like that pick Crisp is honest and gets up week in week out but his a 90 avg at best Smith is up and down type of player, Doc is a no brainer and most will have him so if he goes down or is rested everyones in same boat, and the 2 high priced rookies Ash GWS danger taking that teams rookies ill pass on him, and BZT will get pushed around When the real stuff starts, I'll pass on him as well. Yr bench Brander in my team and ill start him on ground playing off a wing and Gould wait and see if he gets picked. Who are yr Rucks Craiig????


They should play a 17 game season every one plays each other once with no byes starting mid May by then they will have more knowledge on the situation.Play or cancel the season?. Now for super coach all they need to adjust are the parameters in Supercoach to 14 team leagues with the three games for finals.If the AFL start round one now is not practical at all without spectators especially as it is so up in the air weather round 2 will even take place.