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College basketball is about to start their month-long national tournament to reveal the greatest team across the land. March Madness is seen to be a month of crazy basketball stories, which can make or break a legacy, a dream, and a career. However, March Madness has nothing on “Marsh Madness.”

It’s a period of time where every one of the SuperCoach nuffies across Australia, nay, the world, will question every decision you ever made since the opening of the SuperCoach season back in 2019.

Reflection, discussion, and careful consideration is of the upmost importance, in order to avoid tanking your team and ruining your season. The real question is this, community: What have you done to avoid chaos this year?

A lack of rookies across the board, uncertainty with mid-priced options, #BrayshawBreakout, these are all valid concerns going into the year. I have tried my very best, community, to avoid ruining my 2020. World War III and Caronavirus have already tried, but SuperCoach is possibly the biggest threat to existence this year.

Instead of ranting, I should probably reveal my team.


Call me a biased Hawthorn supporter, I don’t care. I see James Sicily having a great season down back. Sam Frost (and Ben McEvoy…) will allow Sicily to play that intercept role he is so good at, while Patton up forward will mean he shouldn’t be needed as a goal-scoring option. Dan Houston has been in my side the whole preseason, and just looking at his last 6 rounds last season, he played predominantly as a midfielder and scored well. Sam Docherty is a pretty obvious one, hopefully he can get back to the days of 95+ averages, he looked very good in the second Marsh match.

Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, Brandon Starcevich and Jarrod Brander are filling the void that Kaiden Brand left in me when he departed Hawthorn last season (good riddance). Bailey Williams and Will Gould are place holders, unless they get senior opportunity in round one.


I’m channeling my inner Adele, as I’ll be “Rolling in the Deep” in the midfield this year. Jack Macrae, Lachie Neale and Nat Fyfe are pretty self explanatory; all should average 115-125 this year. Josh Dunkley cost me last season when I refused to believe in the hype, but he is too good a midfielder for Bevo to play him forward. I think he’ll push top 6 midfielders this season.

Clayton Oliver has had an uninterrupted preseason, and Tim Kelly is back home, and I see both these “cheap” premiums pushing uber-premium status. Matt Rowell is in my side, partly due to the lack of rookies, partly due to his Marsh series form, and wholly due to me not selecting Sam Walsh last year. I know, I know, they’re different players, but Walsh showed us that the expensive rookies can generate plenty of cash, which was my reasoning for not taking the punt on him last season. I’m not expecting an 85+ average like Walsh, but 75 would be great.

Ned McHenry, Deven Robertson, and Jeremy Sharp all hold their spots if selected, and dropped if not.


Set. And. Forget. I toyed with Naismith at R2, Jacobs at R2, but I can’t do it to myself. Until Gawn or Grundy can’t stand up anymore, they’ll be my rucks.

Tristan Xerri is interchangeable with Darcy Cameron, but I expect Xerri to play in Ben Brown’s absence.


My Lord, do I see some potential. I am of the opinion that the forward line is area which will make, or break, your season. I love Lachie Whitfield and Dustin Martin, but I can’t fit either in my side. I also can’t see Whitfield playing a full season, and Dusty is prone to a quiet patch, and can be picked up for sub-500k.

Darcy MacPherson is my pick to be a top 3 forward by the end of the year. He has an important role in the Gold Coast midfield, and his form in the Marsh series has locked himself into many sides. Being on the Gold Coast, not many have seen him, but the kid is a jet. Christian Petracca found his way into everyone’s teams after one match, but those who set lofty expectations were disappointed in the second week of preseason games, when he dropped below 100. If you watched the game, or even the highlights, you will have noticed he played the exact same role, and whilst he didn’t clean up contested possessions and clearances like he did the week before, he looked promising. I expect him to improve this year in a more attractive role in the Demons’ engine room.

#BrayshawBreakout is in full effect. Andrew Brayshaw has looked great this preseason, and should earn good minutes in the Fremantle’s middle. I’ve got to give Damo his props. You picked a good one here, Damo.

Isak Rankine has been locked into Gold Coast’s round one side, as has Connor Budarick. Both these blokes will be in my side, also. Max King will be up and down all year, but should play round one and hold his spot the year. Curtis Taylor and Jack Mahony both had good Marsh 2 matches, and hopefully play round one. Please, God, let the boys play.

Greatest movie of all time

So, what do we think Community? Hopefully it doesn’t have to change too much from here on out, but I guess you never know. How does it stack up to what you’ve got?

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Dac Zawson

With a bit of DPP work, would people prefer:

Josh Kelly and Christian Petracca
Luke Ryan and Dustin Martin


ryan and dusty


Yup agree


Nice work Matt, I like it.


Like what you're laying down here, Foz. The three rookie forward line still scares me, TK to Green would give you some cash to play with to upgrade one or two


Like it Fozzy, mainly cause it's very similar to my structure atm, apart from the 6 deep in the mids thing, I've gone one less there and one extra midpricer in the fwds. Fwd line could be a tad problematic if they don't score you what you're after…Nice work


Hey boys, back and ready for another exciting year of Supercoach! I like the team Fozdaddy, the extra premo mid will make up for the one less fwd rookie but would be a little bit scared of rolling the three rookies up fwd at the moment. But if they end up scoring decently you’ll be laughing mate.

My team for now is as follows:

Def- Laird, Doc, Roberton, Zerk, Starce, Brander (Gould, Williams)
Mid- Macrae, Neale, Cripps, Oliver, Cogs, Rowell, Green, Pickett (Robertson, Mahony, Budarick)
Ruck- Grundy, Gawn (Xerri)
Fwd- Whitfield, Dusty, Brayshaw, Steven, Smith, Taylor (Rankine, King)

I know it’s a lot of mid pricers, but if they pay off it should be a great year πŸ™‚ Cheers guys


Hey TBone good to see you're back…good safe team, I've seen many like it but that ain't a bad thing, it could be a really good combo to start with, 4 midpricers this year isn't too many mate πŸ™‚


Gday DJ, it’s great to be back mate. Cheers! Much appreciated, I’ll jump into your league now mate. Rookies in the fwd line scary as usual, so 1 looks to best I reckon, but if 2 rooks allows you to get every other line the way you want it I think that’ll work fine too. Which 4 premo miss you starting with this year mate?

Jorg Ancrath

Team looks good. I fear the output of some of those rookie forwards, mind you.


Love the team.
Maybe because the frame looks like mine… Mid + ruck grunt paid for with sacrifices forward and back where value potential line top scorers can be found.
Picked up a couple of tips from your push to lean rookies- just hope they come through…


Thoughts on my team

Def: Laird, Houston, Docherty, Roberton, Noble, Zerk-Thatcher (Starvevich, Gould)
Mid: Macrae, Neale, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Coniglio, Rowell, Green, Pickett (McHenry, Sharp, Robertson)
Ruc: Grundy, Sauce (Cameron)
Fwd: Whitfield, Dusty, Steven, Smith, Bonar, Brander (Mahony, Budarick)

$30,200 left in the bank


I like it alot Foz…
I have flirted with ommitting just one of dusty or whit but cannot bring myself to do it incase they go nuts over the first rounds and im chasing points from the get go… bit of a shield move and playing it safe i guess.


a) Houston & gaff

b) ryan & cogs

I know it’s a tight one but I have this man love for gaff he is doing something special this year…
But would prefer Ryan over Houston just…..
In a pickle



Hope you’re right about Sicily. My concerns are with the role he gets and his flog factor. If he has moved on from his early flog behaviour he can really play.

Not sure Petracca role really was the same from Marsh 1 to 2. They seemed to want Harmes who was super quiet in the first game and Brayshaw who was injured to be a lot more involved leaving Oliver and Petracca a bit quiet.

More impressed by Petracca’s obviously improved fitness than his big score in the first Marsh game. Apart from increased midfield time should give him the ability to improve second efforts. What he’s done has always been pretty good just doesn’t seem to be involved enough to make the break out and be a genuine star.

Charlie Bradshaw

I like it! May i suggest Merrett instead of Tim Kelly?