PODCAST | It’s Time To Lock in your Supercoach Side!

Published by Lekdog on

Lekdog and Patch run through round 2 of the Marsh Series in A LOT of detail.

They discuss POD’s, rookies, breakout contenders, midpriced forwards and of course the ruck line.

Website: https://www.jockreynolds.com.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JockReynoldsSC/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jockreynoldssc/

Lekdog Twitter: @LekdogSC
Patch Twitter: @PatchToTheMax

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Cumming thumbs up

Lukosius thumbs down


No thumbs down on JR, Dukes – all about the positives here πŸ˜›

I'm pro Cumming


that was not how I should have phrased this. this is family website oh dear


Coniglio or Shuey? It's one of them for M5


Cogs. By 100 miles


He is in there at the moment. Will be hard to shift


Cogs by the length of flemington straight


Right now my team has 7 players between 150k and 400k and I don't like it. These rookies better start appearing soon.

DEF: Lloyd, Houston, Docherty, Roberton, Cumming, Zerk-Thatcher, (Starcevic, Gould)

MID: Macrae, Dunkley, Whitfield, Oliver, Smith, Rowell, Green, Pickett, (McHenry, Robertson, Budarick)

RUCK: Grundy, Gawn, (Cameron)

FOR: Martin, MacPherson, Petracca, Steven, Brander, Rankine, (Taylor, King)


A lack of rookies is not necessarily a bad thing. If it makes the mid prices relevantly again then that’s surely good, makes things a bit more interesting.

I really like what you have here. Nice little bonus getting both Gawn and Grundy.


I agree – like this team. Some ubers, some breakouts and making the most of what is available this year.


Don't hate it Greeny! That Dev Smith in the middle?


Yep, team has changed a little now to be a bit more bye friendly. Sucks that Grundy and Gawn share the same bye again.


Team as it stands guys would love some feedback.

B – Daniel, Hurn, Houston, Doc, Young, Brander (Gould, O'Connor)
M – Neale, Fyfe, Cripps, Bont, Cogs/Shuey, Rowell, Pickett, Budarick (Bianco, McGuinness, Mead)
R – Grundy, O'Brien (Cameron)
F – Whitfield, Dusty, Steven, Smith, Georgiadis, Taylor (King, Mahony)

$19k left


Personally not a fan of Hurn. Last year was his best ever season, and I think he can only be on the way down considering that he is 32 years old and that he had some hamstring issues late last year. I think the likes of Lloyd and Sicily are safer.

I think Patch is right in saying that Gawn is a must-have.

Also I'd expect those rookies to change a lot. You might need to upgrade some of them to the more expensive rookies. We'll wait and see.


Thanks mate! I see your point RE age but also his game is perfectly suited to SC, few things to think about might end up swapping him to Lloyd. Disagree on Gawn too many risks for 700k but we'll see. Rooks are subject to change


One thing we will see this year is s further drop in scoring. Nothing the AFL can do about it, the players are just better defensively now.

Less scoring, less points, less kickins, less points for Hurn. Maybe only 5-6, but enough to think about

Not just Hurn, but everyone who does the kick ins


Yes. For the reasons you mentioned I'm not selecting Hurn or similar players. I had him last year from the get go and saw it creeping in towards the end of the season. I pine for the days of Plugger and G/A snr.


A fellow Gawn-lover! There are dozens of us! Although I don't hate Hurn – he's overpriced but barring long-term injury will be in the top eight for points scored by season's end.

Don't love the rookies in this side above but the bones of it are excellent


Yup i also don't really like Hurn. I was lucky enough to start with him last year and he was amazing, but hes scores drifted off after round 10 as well as missing 3 games through injury. I think he should be top 8 defender again but at 560k you're probably paying overs.


Thx Lek!

I actually just made a few changes interested to hear your thoughts. Hurn and Steven out for Lloyd and two pricier rooks (Zerk and Green) and went O'Brien to English.

B – Lloyd, Daniel, Houston, Doc, Zerk, Brander (Gould, O'Çonnor)
M – Neale, Fyfe, Cripps, Bont, Cogs, Rowell, Green, Pickett (Starcevich, Robertson, Budarick)
R – Grundy, English (Cameron)
F – Whitfield, Dusty, Smith, Georgiades, Rankine, Taylor (Xerri, King)



Nice work guys. Cheers.


Thanks mate! <3


G'day guys, after a lot of reading, thought and changes, I think I have crafted (or at least think I have) a decent team. Open for opinions and suggestions so feel free to comment. Here it is as it stands at the moment:

DEF: Laird, Sicily, Docherty, Ash, BZT, Starcevich (Williams, Gould)
MID: Neale, Fyfe, Kelly, Bont, McCluggage, Rowell, Green, Pickett (McHenry, Robertson, Budarick)
RUC: Grundy, Goldy (Xerri)
FWD: Martin, Greene, MacPherson, A. Brayshaw, Brander, Rankine (Cameron, Taylor)

Now just a few things. In DEFENCE, I like Laird and he has been a staple of my team for years, and his preseason says he will continue with that form. Sicily and Docherty are guns who will work into the season and be quite consistent. Not much the say about the rookies, pretty stock standard, although almost went Cumming instead of Ash, but feel a few $$ short.

In the MIDFIELD, I really like Neale, reckon he will be in Brownlow contention this year. As for Fyfe and Bont, both locks for me given their high ceilings and ability to break tags. Kelly I was unsure about but have always been huge on him, when he's fit. I was unsure about him, but then saw him in the State of Origin game and boy did he look good.Now, McCluggage.Been building over the pat couple of seasons, and ended last year very well. Can easily see him averaging 105+ this season, and like him a lot as a POD. I actually knew Rowell for years as I did Athletics with him and we were pretty good mates, so obviously have to chuck him in along with every man and his dog. Other rookies and again standard.

RUCKS. I don't like Gawn's lack of fitness. Prefer to go to Goldy as R2 and then upgrade if necessary, as Goldy will likely ruck alone and looks in good nick. Grundy needs no explanation.

FORWARDS. Despite not having Whitfield, I really like him and am trying to work a way to squeeze him in, so no need to lecture me on not having him. Dusty looks in good form and hopefully will start the season well. Really like Greene. Played well in both preseason and State of Origin, and when not suspended and injured is an ABSOLUTE GUN, so lock for me. MacPherson, like McCluggage, is probably going to have a breakout season. Looking at his preseason form, along with last year's finish, he should easily average 100+ and end up in the top 10 forwards. I went Brayshaw over Smith, just because Brayshaw is younger and is still improving a lot. Got 94 from 60% TOG and 100+ in preseason. If both were full games, that's two 100+ for a $390k player. And finally, the rookies are again a mixed bag, but just going for job security and those likely to play round 1.


Team looks pretty good

Mcluggage ave 105 isn’t good enough for a prime midfield position

I like the Toby pick. GWS are going to be good this year and he will kick bags

Have you thought about Jacobs instead of Goldy? Cash saved will get you Whitfield


Actually put Jacobs in there just today, which allowed me to get Whitfield in. Whilst it is a risk, his scoring potential is just too good to leave out.


I rate a lot of these selections, Dayz, and love the Truck over Steven pick.

Don't love Goldy over Gawn but at least it's set and forget

Mighty Chungus

Solid πŸ‘Œ


Yeah I reckon 105 is a worst case scenario. Could easily be pushing 110. Cogs is also quite injury prone so just overall consistency as well.


Cheers guys, I was going to have a very risky silly forward line, but have come to my senses somewhat now.


How ya going Russty.. I see you’re having a change to your approach this year πŸ˜›
Look fwd to seeing your fwd make up ..
I’m still rolling the tumblers… I actually came up with a team that left me with zero $$… didn’t take byes into account .. just fell that way.. sure to change by the season start.. whenever that will be..


Hey Laz going good mate, getting ready to grab the neighbour's dog so I can wipe my butt though lol, here's my fwd line at the moment, it changes a lot , it's doing my head in actually…..
Whitfield, Macpherson, Steven, Smith, Brander, Taylor —Davis Rankine

At one stage I had this as my fwd line
Parish, Macpherson, Steven, Smith, Brayshaw 1 rookie haha midprice overkill there!

P.S you know you've milked max points out of your choices if you have zero bucks left I guess πŸ™‚


Ryan. Houston. Doc. Ash. Starcevich. Thatcher
Gould. O’Connor
Neale. Fyfe. Cripps. T Kelly. Coniglio.
Rowell. Green. Pickett. Robertson. Valente. Budarick
Grundy. Nic Nat. Xerri
Whitfield. Walters. Greene. Smith. Brander. Rankine
King. Cameron
Fairly happy. Thoughts ?
115k in the bank


First team I’ve seen with Walters. Thought he had a great 2019 and might to be able to repeat in 2020

I read today Mundy will be back in first month, how does that effect Walters (and Brayshaw)


I don’t think it’ll affect Walters


Bloody cheers LekDog


Great work people!!

Also (not sure if I'm allowed to post this here) I have a a super competitive cash league with 2 spots left. Details are:

Cost: $100

Weekly top scorer (excluding bye rounds): $20

Top points scorer for the season (end rnd 23): $350

Premiership winner: $700

Runner up: $350

If anyone keen drop a number or email and I can get in touch, but as I said only 2 spots left so will be first in best dressed!


Hey man, I will join if there is still room, email my uni addres – [email protected]

Intel Design

Shoot me an email if someone drops out [email protected]


Thoughts on my side guys

Lloyd, Laird, Docherty ( Gould )
Ash, Zerk- thatcher, Brander ( Watson )

McRae, Fyfe, Cripps, Neale
Kelly, Rowell, green, Pickett
( Robertson, budarick, sharp)

Grundy, Gawn
( comben )

Whitfield, Martin, Steven ( Cameron )
Rankine, Taylor, georgeiades ( king )

Any help with improving would be great


That is a solid starting team.

When I was building my team, started with all those (12) premiums as the core

I do think Coniglio is too much value to ignore and Lloyd is on the expensive side.

Have a think about a Kelly to Cogs and Lloyd to Houston, will save nearly $200k.

Otherwise, very good


Then do what with the 200k I think people forget how much The swans like the ball in Lloyds hands and probably should be top 3 by seasons end. Money shouldn’t be and issue but u like the cogs selection


Fantastic team! Very similar to my own

Def: Lloyd Laird Doc Ash BZT Gould (Greaves Rivers)
Mid: Macrae Neale Fyfe Cripps Oliver Rowell Green Pickett (Starcevich Robertson Close)
Ruc: Grundy Gawn (Xerri)
Fwd: Whitfield Martin Smith Brander Cameron Budarick (Rankine King)



Is having 3 Bulldogs in the MIDs too heavy / putting eggs all in one basket??

As it stands, my MIDs are:
MACRAE, Neale, BONT, DUNKLEY, Conigliog, Rowell, Greene, Pickett (Robertson, Mahony, Hibberd)

The alternative is going Bont to Cripps, but the trade off is that I'd be left with a $102 k rookie on my bench compared to a playing rookie.


Agreed. They proved last year they can all score together so that isn't an issue


Is is Brayshaw burn Lekdog?


Mundy back within first month


Yes but I might pick him anyway


Listen to Derek on this one Streaker the clowns are only here to destroy your chances and my good name


Good to be back. I've flirted with mid pricers but have gone back to GnR, pending rookie selections. Last year I was shot in the foot with poor cash gen and never reaching full premo, so I might end up back with some mid pricers for value.

Love some feedback on my team below:

DEF – Ryan, Houston, Doc, Zerk-Thatcher, Brander, Watson (Gould, Williams)
MID – Macrae, J.Kelly, Cripps, Dunkley, Bont, Green, Rowell, Picket (Budarick, Stacevich,Roberton)
R – Gawn, Grundy (Xerri)
FWD – Whitfield, Martin, D.Smith, Lukosius, Rankine, Taylor (Cameron, King)

20K bank

Considering Houston to Laird/Sicily given the R11 bye.

If i'm short on funds given R1 rookies, I'm looking at is dropping Dusty to MacPherson, Bont/Dunks to Oliver and upgrading Luko to Brayshaw.


Hi Jon, last year you were in a startup SC keeper draft league, just wondering if you were keen to Claim your team and go around again? Please let us know ASAP if you are.


YYep count me in Marv


Good stuff mate. I have resent the invite so if you can hit that when you can please. So hopefully you can get in no problems. Once in keep an eye on the chat function. Cheers


I’ve got a new email. Can you let me know the league code?


The league code is 450618. I have a feeling it won’t work but fingers crossed.


No luck unfortunately. Is it because it’s a keeper league?


No unfortunately it’s because the people that designed and made the draft system are completely useless.

Are you able to let us know your email or hit up support directly to sort it out?


Do you have Twitter? You can DM me @RealGreekMamba


Yep just followed you. Assume you need to follow back to DM?


Thanks for podcast guys.

I’m very bullish on Rankine playing. With Sexton out they will need him. His preseason has been very good from all accounts, so he’s straight in without a game prior I think. If Sexton was there they may have eased him back into through the NEAFL

I think Tobe Watson plays as well. Freo tall defensive stocks are all injured so I can’t see they have many other options other than to play him.

There’s 2 cheap rookies hopefully.

Anyone heard news on Mitch Hibberd? Injury listed as a test and everyone knows they need a big bodied mid to balance that group. Could he get a Rd 1 call up?


Think they've said Rankine will play. Not sure how long or how many points we'll get out of Tobe but we'll have to see.

Reckon Hibberd will need to brute force his way in via the VFL, mate.

Dac Zawson

What are the community's thoughts on Zerk-Thatcher vs Dylan Stephens?


Zerk for sure. He's locked into the bombers for the first couple months with no Ambrose or hooker. You won't have to worry about JS unlike Stephens.


Agreed. B-Zerk a lock


Made a new league,hop in fellas: 104957


Hello community.
I'm the fool who threw Lekdawg the Naismith idea a month ago so I've gotta stick to it.

Sicily Crisp Docherty Noble Bzerk Brander (Gould Greaves)

Macrae Fyfe Cripps Danger Oliver Coniglio Rowell Pickett (Green Robertson Rivers)

Grundy Naismith (Xerri)

Dusty Macpherson Petrappa Smith Taylor Budarick (Cameron King)

And just again on Naismith, in his first few seasons he wasn't setting the world on fire but was showing a lot more potential than his then team mate, Nank the tank. So Sydney moved nank on to tigers. Since then Naismith has never had a smooth preseason until this one. He has showed his potential (in a preseason game admittedly) had a full preseason and is at prime age for a ruckman. Sinclair will be playing forward – you can't really call him a ruckman. If Nank can have a break out season and be a top 4 ruckman Naismith can for sure. He's already locked into number 1 ruck at Sydney. I think he can average 90 and he's 250k. This way you can get premos where there are limited rookies in other parts of the ground as well. I've chosen to go 6 deep in the mid.


IT WAS YOU! I'll start this off by expressing my love for people with different, zany and cool ideas and also by apologising for what I'm about to say next but you led my beloved Lekdog astray and I'll never forgive you for it. He was such a good boy and on the straight and narrow and here you are off dealing mid-priced ruckmen in back alleys like some thugs. If you need a hit, get some high quality, class A ruckmen. I won't have my boy dabbling in synthetic rubbish thank you and GOODNIGHT



(Also I'm six deep in the mids with Gawn, so it can be done!)


G'day community,

I thought I'd share my team and appreciate any advice.

Def: Hurn Sicily Daniel BZK Gould McLennan (Starcevich, Watson)
Mid: Macrae Neale Oliver Dunkley Cripps Rowell Picket T.Green (Sharp Robertson Dow)
Ruc: Gawn Grundy ( Xerri)
Fwd: Whitfield Dusty Steven Brander King Taylor ( Davis Budarick)



I cant pick between these two def/fwd set ups. Its driving me crazy so any suggestions would be most welcome.

A) DEF: Lloyd, Docherty, Roberton, Noble, Zerk, Brander (rookies)
FWD: Whitfield,Martin, Steven, Smith, Rankine, Taylor (rookies)

B) DEF: Laird, Sicily, Docherty, Roberton, Zerk, Brander (rookies)
FWD: Whitfield, Martin, Smith, Cameron, Rankine, Taylor (rookies)

Basically it is between
Lloyd, Noble and Steven
Laird, Sicily, and a basement priced F4 (eg Rankine/Cameron)

Any thoughts would absolutely make my day πŸ™‚


Even more basically, it comes down to:
Steven and 150k



I'm leaning towards option B which would leave my defence bare, in the hopes that Steven can return to 95+ and therefore be more of value pick than Sicily. The fwd line always has trouble generating rookie points, and I see a lot of value in the DEF rookies who usually score better (Noble, Z. Thatcher, even Tobe Watson.)

If Steven averages within 10 points of Sicily, the $150 saving – whether it is spent rather poorly or not – would have to be the better option, right?

Teague Train

Boltons Blues is gone, all about the TeagueTrain now

Lloyd, Laird, Docherty, Ash, Bzerk, Gould (Brander, Watson)
Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Danger, TKelly, Rowell, Pickett, Roberston (McHenry, Schoenberg, Mead)
Grundy, Sauce (Conroy)
Whitfield, Dusty, Steven, Smith, Rankine, Taylor (McAdam, King)
242k left over

Gawn injury has me concerned, hopefully Jacobs gets the nod over Mumford and can fly up in price and the other way happens with Gawn and starts below average for an easy trade up

Starting Steven and Smith has me worried too, injury prone and is Steven 100% mentally fit for a full season, who knows


Great podcast! Would love some feedback on the team as it stands. $57.6k in the bank. TIA

D: J Sicily, D Houston, S Docherty, F Mcasey, H Young, M Ling (T Bianco, W Gould)
M: J Macrae, P Cripps, C Oliver, T Kelly, D Prestia, M Rowell, A Bonar, D Stephens (N McHenry, M Pickett, F Maginess)
R: B Grundy, M Gawn (C Comben)
F: D Martin, J Dawson, D MacPherson, D Smith, M Georgiades, M King, D Cameron, I Rankine


Only problem would be to research rookies better.

Ling,bianco, maginess etc likely wont play.

Stephens, Bonar,Mcasey etc could be better spent

Question marks on dawson, prestia and kelly given other premiums


I had hoped that Prestia still had room for improvement, but after looking at his age I’ve taken him out and I took out Kelly as well. I’ve shuffled some rookies around as well to make room for some upgrades. Is this starting to look a bit better? I’ve only got $7.2k left though

D: J Sicily, D Houston, S Docherty, H Young, D Greaves, M Ling (T Bianco, W Gould)
M: J Macrae, L Neale, P Cripps, M Bontempelli, C Oliver, M Rowell, A Bonar, D Stephens (N McHenry, M Pickett, B Close)
R: B Grundy, M Gawn (C Comben)
F: D Martin, D MacPherson, J Ceglar, D Smith, M Georgiades, M King, D Cameron, I Rankine

Obviously the rookies will change depending on who is named for round 1, but please let me know what you think πŸ™‚


Hi Hannah, I don't reckon you need Bonar or Stephens in your mids when Green and Pickett could fill those spots and for much cheaper.
Get Budarick in the mids if you want a dual position player there and maybe Robertson for Close
Young, Greaves, Ling, Gould and Bianco might not start, Brander, Williams, Zerk Thatcher, Noble, Ash might..have to wait and see.
I'd try and get rid of Ceglar too, and swap Georgiades out for Curtis Taylor..reckon he has better scoring potential than Georgiades and King. Good luck for the year.


Thanks heaps mate, the advice is much appreciated. I had to have a year off from doing SuperCoach last year and it’s hard trying to get back into it. It’s like I’ve forgotten everything! But the community here has definitely made it easier so thank you πŸ™‚


Hey no worries, you must be one of those people who has a life lol, hope you have an enjoyable SC season.


Haha I wish I had a life! I had the hell that was year 12 instead πŸ™ anyway good luck this year!


Stil waiting on Patch and Mo to join the happy place league!

Let me know if you lost the code and I will resend/repost.

Damo you are welcome to join as well.

I guess if they dont join by Monday night then there will two spots up for grabs in the happy place as dont want to be just allocated someone would rather have members of JR.


You could always email Lek about it Trig, I've got 4 spots open in my second League also..criteria needs to be no quitters, must be interested and be season finishers.


Hey Russty_, I'd be interested in joining your league.


Likewise Russty I am keen if you still have a spot.


I'm keen if you have a spot


Keen for a spot too!


Ditto, however 5 doesnt go into 4 ,i guess.


Cool guys, JEL, Billioux, SC_2020, Browncow, jump in guys, 463964 Let me know your team name's guys so I know who's in.Ta
Sorry Tttt there'll be plenty of others coming up.


I'm in cheers mate. Team name is SC_2020


Good to have you SC.


I'd be keen too mate let me know


Sorry NL…already promised to the 4 mentioned.


Joined if you don't mind. If you need the spot for others it's allg but my team name is Deafness. Looking to fill league spots if anyone else has super competitive ones. I'll be there all year round and won't quit. Interested in trying out draft as well if anyone has any of those ones.


Sorry Nick, promised the spot to JEL first.


all good


Sorry Russty_, looks like it's all full when I tried to join.


Jump in JEL


Tks Russty_, the Jolly Jels are in.

The Jinx

I'm keen, hope I don't get booted.


Sorry Jonah, promised these other 2 guys first.

The Jinx

No biggie mateπŸ‘


Cheers Russty I too slow, its full. Thx tho.


Jump in Billioux…you were in first.


Wait, am I Mo? Have not been reading the comments much but now that Marsh is over I am gearing up, would be happy to get happy again.


Jump.in mo mate

Should have got an email maybe check your junk

Let me know if cant find and need code


Well, I replied and it said comment to be approved by admin, but there is still no comment published.

Can get me at:

phil_is_me AT hotmail DOT com


Am interested if those couple spots don't end up getting filled up


Aw jeez I've absolutely lost that email, I reckon, considering Supercoach goes to my junk mail email address. I'll have a poke around, Trigga, wouldn't be Supercoach without the Happy Place!


Love some feedback. Haven't made a change in about a day and a half … so that's gotta mean something!

DEF: Z Williams, B Smith, S Docherty, J Noble, Z Guthrie, Zerk (Starcevich, Brander)

MID: Fyfe, Kelly, Cripps, Bont, Coniglio, Rowell, Bonar, Green (Pickett, McHenry, Robertson)

RUCK: Grundy, English (Cameron)

FWD: Whitfield, MacPherson, J Steven, D Smith, Rankine, King (Taylor, Budarick)

$113k left in the bank.


Also, anyone got an invite code for a solid league?

Jorg Ancrath

Patch, you've guilted me into Gawn. Side I'm running with, for now:

Laird, Ryan, Noble, Ash, Zerk-T, Brander (Williams, Gould)

Macrae, Neale, Cripps, Oliver, Cogs, Rowell, Green, Pickett (Rivers, Robertson, Budarick)

Grundy, Gawn (Cmeron)

Whitfield, Dusty, Macpherson, Devon, Schultz, Taylor (King, Rankine)

Not feeling 100% confident, structure scares me. But you've got yo before you lo (or some such).


WTF. How can you even afford this line up?? Surely this is over 10mil.


He's starting 9 rookies mate that's how πŸ™‚


YES! A PHYRRIC VICTORY AT LAST! Don't be scared of the backline rookies, Jorg, embrace the fear


Got a league going, looking for those that want to play 'til the siren blows.

673085 Fighting Monkeys – get on it!


Lads what ya reckon :

Laird, Houson (can go Sic), Docherty, BZT, Brander, Gould, Greaves/Keane, had to take 102k as im 3k short of a 117 player lol to make this squad work only annoying thing.

Neale, Cripps, Bont, Cogs, Brayshaw, Rowell, Greene, Pickett, Robertson, Mahony, Budarick

Grundy, Gawn, Cameron

Whitfield, Dusty, MacPherson, Steven, D Smith, Taylor, Rankine, King.

Pretty happy besides that d8 that I can't get a rookie likely to get a go.

Tossing up not starting gawn for jacobs and then 300k into another mid premium but brayshaw could be worth it to lock the key on Grundy&Gawn.

Only other option was maybe Bont down to Oliver to allow that d8 to become starvic



I’m starting to go away from Houston.

I didn’t like how he was doing a lock down role on the weekend.

What happens when Wines is back?

Sicily for me


Hi Beard, solid team…the 3 rooks down back maybe not getting a game would worry me though, maybe your plan of Bont down to Oliver is good to get Starcevich, that Watson guy could be a chance too.
Mids look a bit weak with Brayshaw in there, I assume it's Andrew and not Angus?..you could always swap him fwd for Whit, Dusty or MacPherson so it looks better lol
It's better than my team! πŸ™‚


Hey guys, got a dilemma.

Fyfe, Cogs or Danger?

Fyfes obviously the more consistent out of the 3. Off a brownlow medal winning year hes still definitely in prime scoring form. But durability is always a factor with him, as well as the murmurs of more time up forward. Cogs is insane value, new captain role this year so expecting an increase in level, but at the same time, i cant see myself without danger in my side. Supercoach loves him and i feel like hes easily top 10 mids this year. I think i'm scared of not owning danger when he has those 60pt quarters where CD froff him from doing stuff all lol.
Who would you guys pick?


I'm pro Danger but I currently have none of them


Cogs for the value I reckon Tommy…The other 2 could be picked up later maybe if they drop in price a bit.


There was a great article put up a few weeks ago talking about the Uber Premiums scoring and their age.

Made me do some research on it myself.

Found a serious drop in both scoring average and number of game played per year after the age of 28.

Nearly every Uber I looked into showed the same decline.

It is real

Made me put a line through Danger and Fyfe

I was all for Danger all pre season, Kelly was definitely taking points from him and he might bounce back this year, or age might catch up to him this year.


I’ve been settle with this team for a week now, just waiting on playing rookies next week.

DEF: Lloyd, Laird, Docherty, Noble, Zerk, Starcevich (Gould, Watson)

MID: Macrea, Cripps, Dunkley, Danger, Oliver, Rowell, Green, Pickett (Brown, McHenry, Robertson)

RUCK: Grundy, Gawn (Comben)

FWD: Whitfield, Martin, Smith, Brander, Rankine, Taylor (King, Budarick)

Thoughts on this side?


Thoughts on my team please?

Def: Lloyd, BZT, Starcevich, Brander, Watson, Williams (Rivers, Gould)
Mid: Macrae, Neale, Fyfe, Kelly, Cripps, Dunkley, Mitchell, Danger (Pickett, Robertson, Close)
Ruck: Grundy, Gawn (Nyuon)
Fwd: Whitfield, Georgiades, Davis, Rankine, Taylor, King (Budarick, 102k rookie)


Hey Jimmy, no offence mate but the best midfield in the world won't make up for the loss of points in your Back and Forward lines..even if those 10 rookies all play.
Think it's a tad unbalanced..what was your score prediction btw?


Yeah im with russty, think you need at minimum 2 premos in the fwds and def. Dont think you can relying on 5 rookies on both lines to get picked week in week out


Projected score was only 1870


That's not bad Jimmy, hey don't let me discourage you, if you wanna run with your structure go for it mate, at least you'll know if it's viable or not.


do it


Am I the only one with T.Kelly in my side?


There's been recent talk from Simpson of Kelly plugging the forward gap they have at the moment by him spending a bit more time down there, much the same as he did at the Cats, does that mean he stays around the 100 or so mark with the points though?


Any thoughts on this line up?

D Daniel, Stewart, Docherty, Roberton, Noble, Brander (Greaves, Gould)
M Macrae, Neale, Cripps, Oliver, Smith, Rowell, Green, Pickett (Robertson, Mead, Hibberd)
R Grundy, Jacobs (Cameron)
F Whitfield, Martin, Greene, MacPherson, Schultz, Rankine (Budarick, Taylor)
60K left over


Jacobs and Naismith – Locked in.


Why not?…you only live once! πŸ™‚


Late to the party this year fellas, would appreciate any feedback on my teams first iteration!

J.Lloyd, S.Docherty, I.Cumming, J.Noble, B.Zerk-Thatcher, J.Brander (T.Watson, W.Gould)

J.Macrae, L.Neale, P.Cripps, C.Oliver, J.Hately, M.Rowell, T.Green, M.Pickett (D.Robertson, T.Rivers, C.Budarick)

B.Grundy, M.Gawn (M.Conroy)

L.Whitfield, D.Martin, D.MacPherson, A.Brayshaw, D.Smith, C.Taylor (I.Rankine, M.King)

Possibly looking to downgrade Brayshaw and upgrade Hately, but am not convinced with any of the forward rookies. Any help would be appreciated, cheers!


Still not a fan of too many Midpricers.
5 or 6 is too many, as there is a high risk of having to upgrade most of them.

Everyone is crying about the lack of rookies, but there are actually a lot of good ones who will be named round 1. Dont believe me just watch.

We must remember that premos are in your team all year, so their points do count for more. Its fine to have a few stepping stones to allow for ultra premo selections, but it ends up being much better selecting guns and rookies and ultimately upgrading the rookies to more guns and having a team full of guns – no question marks. As long as there are rookies with a somewhat decent job security, its not worth the hassle of predicting breakouts that may or may not happen


Cheers!! Agreed year after year rookies always show themselves eventually, will have to wait for the round 1 lineups. What can I say I'm a sucker for a good mid pricer!! Started Macrae in his breakout year and led me to my best season. But have to agree I've gone too heavy this year


How much cash left? If I were you I'd go 5 deep in the mids and one less in the fwd. I'd swap Brayshaw for Cameron (ruck/fwd) and upgrade Hately to an uber mid. Back line is ballsy but ok.


Thanks for getting back to me! I've got $64,000 left, am definitely leaning towards dropping Brayshaw for Cameron and then Hately up to T.Kelly. Although I would have just enough to go Gould to Howe who I think is seriously underpriced and if all goes right could end up with a 95ish average, but am not totally convinced


anyone know C. Serong and S. Sturt’s TOG on the weekend? Thank you in advance…


Serong 56% for 60 points
Sturt 76% for 39 points
You can see on Fanfooty DEE


Russty thanks, forgot about that site… you legend.


Maybe that was the week before?
I just looked, Sturt 29 from 77% and Serong 16 from 20%


Oops right you are Hedski, sorry about that DEE..mine was from the first weeks match.



This is the Ultimate test of supercoach skill.

Outsuper, Outcoach, Outlast.

Rules are pretty much same as last year:

We will start with groups of 22 (number of groups will depend on popularity. We will start with 5 groups and see how it goes, we can add more groups later)

To start the season nice and easy, no-one is eliminated in Week 1, however, The team with the highest score from each group in Week 1 will have the IMMUNITY NECKLACE for Week 2 and therefore can not be eliminated in week 2.

This will continue each week, the team with the highest score for the week in their group will have immunity the following week.

In Week 2, the team with the lowest score for that week (and that week only, nothing to do with overall score or rank, just the one week's score) will be eliminated from the group. Fire snuffed out, gone! Unless that team has immunity. If that is the case, the team with the second lowest score will be eliminated.

In the case of a tie, the team with the lowest overall rank of the tied teams will be eliminated.

The same will happen in Week 3, the lowest score for that week will be eliminated (unless they have immunity)

Week 4 to Week 11 we step it up. TWO teams will be eliminated each week until there is 4 teams left in each group.

We don't play during the byes. This is to much of a big deal to be stuffed up with bye rounds.

After Week 14, the surviving teams from the divisions, will go into the Champion of Champions Group, and battle it out to find out who will be the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR.

Same rules will apply in the Champion of Champions Group (exact details will depend on the final numbers)


I have set up a number of "JR Survivor Divisions" in GROUPS.

Not to be confused with LEAGUES (which i'm sure most people have already filled to their max 10)

JR Survivor Division 1 – FULL

JR Survivor Division 2 – FULL

JR Survivor Division 3 – FULL

JR Survivor Division 4 – FULL

JR Survivor Division 5 – FULL

JR Survivor Division 6 – 894861

JR Survivor Division 7 – 118872

You can join any group, but you can only join ONE.

If i see anyone in more than one group, they will be eliminated from all the groups they are in.

IF there is already 22 people in the group, DON'T JOIN IT, join the next group. Once these initial groups are filled, i will add more groups if needed.

Anyone who was involved last year will know how it all works, and hopefully had some fun.

Let me know if there are any questions.

thanks Fellas.


Hey Derek, tried joining Division 6 and 7, league code not found apparently… perhaps it’s full?


It's in groups not leagues Dee


Is that 22 + the bunnies or 21 + the bunnies Derek?
I'm in div 1 and there is 22 + bunnies.


I’m not playing. So 22 plus me




Great stuff Derek, massive turnout this year, just gotta hope the AFL doesn't bloody cancel the season now!


Thanks Hedski, joined Div 7


Looking forward to it Derek. I was vicitim of the dreaded immunity necklace last year!


it was amazing how close it was some weeks, how some teams just kept dodging the bullets. great stuff


why don't people put how much cash they have in the bank when they post their teams?




Yeah good point. I expect people have maxed out, or at least close yo being maxed out, otherwise they would/or should say.

It is important though


DEF: laird Ryan docherty Nobel zerk Starcevich ( Bwilliams WATSON)

MID: Macrae JKelly Cripps Dunkley Oliver Rowell Green Pickett ( bytel McHenry Robertson)

RUCK: grundy Jacobs (Cameron)

FWD: Whitfield Martin Brayshaw Smith brander Taylor ( king Budarick)

150k bank πŸ™‚
Unsure whether to upgrade brayshaw or go Jacobs up too English… but with English not set to definitely breakout this season they may average the same anyway. Thanks

Fat Nyfe

Keen to here everyone’s thoughts. Thanks community!

Def: Laird, Houston, Crisp, Docherty, Noble, Starcevich (Greaves, Gould)

Mid: Neale, Fyfe, Cripps, Bont, Oliver, Rowell, Green, Pickett (Robertson, Sharp, Budaric)

Rucks: Grundy, Jackson (Cameron)

Fwd: Whitfield, Martin, Macpherson, Smith, Brander, Taylor (Rankine, King)

Fat Nyfe

Only $4300 left in bank


I'd get rid of Crisp and put…not Jackson in the Ruck…as good as he is, will he be there as a permanent chop out for Gawn?…not sure.
Great name by the way haha

Fat Nyfe

Haha thanks Rusty!! Yeah I wasn’t sold on Jackson…was wanting a cheap duck so I can trade in Gawn/English later in the year once I work out their form. But I like the idea, thanks πŸ™‚


You could go Naismith Fatty…251k I believe, he'll play, could average 80 to 90 ish maybe?

Fat Nyfe

Yeah that could work, thanks for the advice! Good luck for the season πŸ‘πŸΌ


Same to you mate, hope there is a season!


Off topic – If anyone plays NRL Supercoach, I've got an NRL league with 5 spots left – 711592


hahaha good one


Keen to hear the community's opinion on the below options.

1) Whitfield and Zerk-Thatcher 35k left OR
2) MacPherson/Petracca and J Steven 25k left

Traditionally I would prefer to go with option 1, but the potential value being presented in option 2 is becoming harder to pass up.


Tough one Steve, I like Whitfield and Thatcher, also like Darcy Mac and Steven, not so much Petracca, I think B-Zerk will grab his opportunity with both hands and could be a great player in future…also, he looks like a young Nick Cave when he was in the Birthday Party lol


Option A – Gawn coniglio Budarick & 5k

Option B – Jacobs Cripps noble & 175k


A for me Mav


I think your right hedski, thanks.
I just have this annoying little voice saying take Jacobs & the cash..


My voice isn’t that annoying


Option A, save a trade later


fair point thanks mason.

The Ranger

I've played around with a "serviceable" R2 a few times Mav and it's never gone well for me.
A for mine.


Naismith a viable option at R3 to generate cash and as Grundy/Gawn cover?


Not really as R3, but R2 if you strengthen everywhere else and Sinclair doesn't steal too many points off him.


If you make a draft SuperCoach league can the draft day go longer then one day if you have unlimited time limit on selections?


yes. i have heard of a draft going for a whole week


Beautiful, been struggling to organise a time for the lads to meet up now I can set one in motion and it will eventually be completed haha


Annnd it looks like the AFL season and therefore SC will be delayed due to toilet paper virus thing.

Moe said it best:

You Go Through Life, You Try To Be Nice To People, You Struggle To Resist The Urge To Punch In The Face, And For What?


Biggest beat up of the century, no worse than a normal flu season.


Didn't know you were an epidemiologist mate.


What!?!! wtf are we going to do now? This dunny role fiasco is giving me the shiites, it's gone too fart


No fans at the footy, what's next a corona sub


Anyone concerned of the lack of premos with rd 12 bye? or am I missing something?


there are only 4 teams with R12 bye


a) Houston & gaff

b) ryan & cogs

I know it’s a tight one but I have this man love for gaff he is doing something special this year…
But would prefer Ryan over Houston just…..



I have that dreaded R11 bye in mind when it comes to houston which atm is putting me off him… we may have a decent rookie to cover him but we cant be certain and i don't want a 30 or worse a donut… so Probably Ryan & cogs for me


b) easy


Have to say that Ryan looks to be in great shape this season, and cogs should be engine room elite with Taranto out of the side. Option B.


New league created for JR crew. Only join if you're a fair dinkum Supercoach tragic, and will stay involved till the end. Cheers.
League code 464954


I would but I'm all Leagued up SC, thanks anyway.


Hey guys, which options looks better?

1.Houston and 229k for a rookie/s (rookie would be F3)
2. Roberton or a fwd under 454k (means Doch and Robbo are D2/D3 and Dev Smith is F4)


I was very interested in Houston, with midfield time. But I didn’t like the lockdown role he played on Bont in Marsh 2.

Coach has said he may have different roles this year. Turned me off.

Wines will be back plus the R11 bye.

The Ranger

1 for mine. Houston should get a 90av at least and I just can't trust Roberton


DEF: laird Ryan docherty zerk Starcevich brander ( Bwilliams WATSON)

MID: Macrae JKelly Dunkley Oliver Coniglio Rowell Green Pickett ( bytel McHenry Robertson)

RUCK: grundy Gawn ( Xerri)

FWD: Whitfield Martin Brayshaw Smith Budarick Taylor ( king Cameron )

5k bank

I’m not sold coniglio actually gone quiet cold on him drops too many 60-80s but don’t know how to fix it..


Coniglio is a 110 player, close to top 10.

I’d slip Rivers onto your Midfield bench to give you a DPP swing with Starcevich.

Rivers will play early enough, but until he does you will need a rookie loophole that you can swing across two lines. Melbourne have a lot of later games early in season.

Rookie loophole will let you have a double chance with your rookie scores. Always happens we have an early 100 from a rookie on our bench. Depending on who plays early etc.

Rivers covers defenders and midfield rookies

Bit like Berry a couple of years back. Save a trade and get him early


Thoughts on my team please community…






BANK: $49,400


Like the Jacob pick.

Not sure about Naismith at R3, seems like a luxury. Nice move if you are playing for leagues, but if rank, the more cash on bench the less points in field.

Not a big fan of the expensive defender rookies. Can you find a few dollars ( no Naismith) and get Robertson instead?

Townsend will be s great pick if he gets midfield time. Marsh 2 he was deep forward all day and touched it 8 times. Lucky he kicked 3 goals to score ok. With the Naismith cash, I’d think about mr Tackle machine Devon.


Thanks heaps for the advice Derek… you’ve given me something to think about now. What about Naismith as R2 and D. Cameron at R3 and dump Jacobs? Appreciate the time spent helping me Derek…. Good lad you are. All the best for 2020!


You mean Roberton from St. Kilda right Derek?


Thought of my team Community!?

Lloyd, Laird, Docherty
Noble, BZT, Watson

(Williams, Gould)

Neale, Fyfe, Cripps
Dangerfield, Bontempelli, Rowell
Green, Pickett

(T.Brown, Robertson, Sharp)

Grundy, Gawn


Whitfield, Martin, Smith
Brander, Taylor, King

(Rankine, Budarick)

Bank: $21,300


Solid team.

11 Uber’s
2 midpricers
9 rookies onfield

The 9 rookies is a bit of a worry.

Coniglio and Oliver offer very good value, frees up some cash to look at Robertson and Steven instead of Zerk and Noble (brander to defender)


I potentially don't see Coniglio and Oliver being top 8 mids so no point having them in the side which will in the long term save trades.
Robertson is a complete no go! been talk of him being a good mid price for past 2-3 years and has never lived up to the potential so why consider him now? Whats he done to make him a good option? Would rather risk it on a rookie in order to generate cash throughout the season and have cash to use elsewhere.
Jack Steven is an option but really don't quiet know his role in the Geelong side given Duncan and Selwood still need to come back and Chris Scott looking more likely to play the younger players such as Narkle and Atkins through the middle more.

I am considering maybe downgrading Lloyd to Houston which might let me look at another midprice or premo in the FWD such as MacPherson.

Thanks for the Advice Derek.


Robertson from Saints. Last full year was 2017, didn’t miss a game and averaged 93 with 8 scores over 100…. that Robertson. (His 2015 season wasn’t too shabby either, 22 games at 91 average). He has the ability and an ok risk at $260k I think.