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Ya gotta squeeze every penny. Come on, let me hear you. Squeeze every penny!

The Great Rookie Crisis™️ of 2020 has forced us into high priced rookies and speculative midfielders and I am LOVING it, community. I appreciate the elegance of a guns n’ rookies strategy as much as the next man, but it doesn’t leave much in the excitement stakes. What line do you sacrifice to save cash? There is no right answer community, but I believe there are some fundamentals to fall back on. Namely:

  • Structure is dictated by the quality of rookies available on each line.
  • Minimise as much risk as possible, especially early in the season.

So without further ado, here is my current side for #KFCSuperCoach SuperCoach in 2020*

*it changes daily


We need to save money somewhere and I reckon the backline is the place to do it. Only 4 defenders averaged over 100 in 2019 (Five if you include Trent McKenzie, which I do not) so my reasoning is the overall pain won’t be too bad by going skinny. Laird and Ryan shouldn’t need explanation, but I’ll run through the others.

Lachie Ash: Impressed in his two preseason games, his 35 disposals going at a remarkable 93.5% efficiency. Clearly doesn’t waste it and would only need to lift some of his peripheral stats to be a fairly consistent contributor.

“Berzerk” Thatcher: They froth intercept defenders over at Champion Data and this guy is numero uno for intercept possessions in the VFL over the past two seasons. Averaged 10.5 intercepts and 14.5 effective disposals over the preseason. 

Hayden Young: Not ruling him out just yet. Didn’t get a look at him during the preseason due to him being in the rehab group, but the injury to Stephen Hill has opened up a spot. Highly rated draft pick in the stats you want a defender to be good at, Longmuir needs defensive class and this kid has it in spades.

Jarrod Brander: Looks a pretty safe bet out on the wing for the Eagles. Lined up in 22/31 of their wing rotations v Bombers and 9/19 v Fremantle. 

Tobe Watson: Another intercept defender that had a solid preseason. Disposal tallies were only low teens so is probably a slow burn at D7, but it only takes a few good games at his basement price for that price to shoot up.  

Bailey Williams: Smashed it game 1 v Bombers playing a backup ruck/forward role. Doesn’t take much to be better than Vardy but he already is. Right in contention for a round 1 spot after missing game 2 with hamstring tightness, or “awareness” as we’re calling it now apparently. . 

Stiff: Will Gould. Will find a place for him if named round 1


Straight up. No Gawn. For mine, there’s a lot of red flags there. His injury, his time missed during the preseason, and Luke Jackson sniffing around has combined for me to balk at spending almost 700k on him. FWIW, I think Jackson will play early if not round 1. I don’t think Gawn will plummet, but if your 700k investment is bleeding cash you’re faced with the dilemma of holding or folding. In that situation, I’d probably hold and I don’t want to be in that situation because I am weak in the face of the Great Bearded One. 

Xerri should get a look in with Brown out. Cameron is also in the mix for this spot. 


Out of all four lines, the forward line is the one I see where I see the higher priced rookies having very little upside and the rookies at the lower end of the price scale are terrible. Dusty is too cheap for his potential ceiling and wins games when the whips are cracking. MacPherson has won his way into my squad on the back of a super Marsh series, Gresham should see plenty of midfield time and Brayshaw is there because Damo will hurt us if we don’t include him.

Ceglar is there as my ‘break glass in case of emergency’ Naismith insurance. I’m not in love with the pick but I think it’s needed if Naismith goes down early. 

I would have loved to have seen Rankine in the preseason, but even if he’s not named for round 1 he won’t be far away and he’s the best cheap rookie available to us. EDIT: He’s in! Dew confirmed he’ll lineup in round 1 a little while ago


Finally the midfield and the fruits of my penny pinching labour. In Macrae, Neale, and Fyfe I’ve got a trio that scored 100+ in 53 their combined 64 games last year and 120+ 35 times. Yeo should see the benefit of TK joining the side and has put together consecutive 107 point seasons. Lachie Hunter could go full Gaff out on the wing as opposition sides busy themselves with Macrae, Bont, Dunkley et al. McBags was talked up as a third year breakout last year, and although he added a smidge under 20 to his average, didn’t quite hit the hits we wanted him to. After a dominant preseason this is his year.

Stiff: Oliver. I’m just short of getting him in for Yeo. If things change in the backline I’ll get him in 

So that’s it, community. I reckon this will be pretty close to the team I run with. What do we think? Be kind, it’s my first day. 

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Dac Zawson

Definitely not the most vanilla team out there!

Personally I'm not a fan of the midfield given that it's hard to see Yeo, Hunter or Mcluggage going top 8-10 mids at season's end.. (although as an Eagles fan I'd love it if Yeo did)

Don't mind the rookie-heavy defence, but would suggest going down on one of your Mid or Forward mid-pricers to use the remaining cash to get a couple more uber premo's in. Jack Mahony for North should be a decent enough bench rookie while Kayne Turner is injured, allowing you to field Pickett, for example.

Best of luck for the year ahead.


Thanks, DZ. It's a good idea, I'd rather go less heavy in the middle and go one up/down with McC and Hunter, giving me approx 350k left over to strengthen elsewhere. Probably one less rookie defender or turning Naismith into Goldy if I can stretch it.

Not in love with the idea of a 5 premium mid however, as I find it the hardest line to upgrade. Especially with cash generation looking like it will be hard to come by. I'll keep tinkering!


No Whitfield Kev – think this is the first team I have seen without him.

how much do you think Rankine plays – is it fraunt with danger to start him on deck?
I like the mcbags pick – got him in draft and expecing big things from the lad.
Sammy in the ruck – boy oh boy wowee – that is a big call.

lot different to most teams –

if I put rankine on the bench leaves two options as will go HEAVY up fwd as well

gawn and a robertson, noble, zerk def (so light on)
english (think the big pup is due a big year) and houston or smith (reckon smith will play alot of midfield this year) and noble, williamson.

Temped by the big dog …


Nothing against Whitfield. Just couldn’t get him in.

As long as Rankine is fit he plays, the risk is we don’t know his scoring power. Would depend on your structure as there isn’t even one fwd rookie that I would field with confidence week in week out. If Rankine disappoints at F5 then F5-8 is a bit of a lottery from week to week

Like the English call. I’m a fan too and with the midfield he had at his feet his HTA stats should rise


I would be confident having budarick on field based on history and marsh series. 😉


I had him since day 1 but dropped him for greater team balance. Hoping he drops a bit as one of my rooks rise quick.


The Ceglar experiment won't last much longer at Hawthorn. Clarkson was just trying to work out how to fit all his tall blokes into one team. Once he works out that Ceglar isn't that good, bigBoy will be back doing what he does best, and Ceglar will be back doing what he has done at hawthorn for the last 7 years.

Even if he does stay as the #1 ruck at the hawks, he just isn't that good and an 80 average is all you can expect. he gets Grundy round 3, Clarko might have seen enough by then.


Cheers for the intel, derek. I reckon if there’s a forward rookie between now and R1 I like it’ll be Ceglar down and I’ll jump off the Naismith experiment


As a Hawks supporter, I agree. Putting McEvoy in defence just reeks of keeping Ceglar at the club. In reality McEvoy is top 3 ruck in the league, prob equal 3rd with Goldy, behind Grundy and Gawn.

Dac Zawson

3rd best in the league is overs but head and shoulders better than Ceglar for sure


Oh by the way crew due to circumstances beyond my control the phantom menance is scrapped as a team due to lack of rookies 🙁


Also not a fan of the rookie defence but definitely interesting…<img src="; width="1"/><img src="; width="1"/>


I like the structure, Mines pretty similar, 2 premo def, 6 mids, 2 rucks (G&G) and not so much of a fwd line. (Dusty, Brayshaw, Smith, Bewley 2 Rooks..) Gawn is in and out, still tinkering a bit, have tried Naismith & Jacobs, makes forwards look much better, I don't fancy Ceglar as insurance though!


Would you go all in and just hope Naismith can last? Cameron would be the only other DPP ruck I’d consider


Might as well.. there's no guarantees Gawn lasts either, (but it's easier to get a replacement) With Xerri there you could trade out a fwd and swing in a Ceglar type in case of emergency.


Like it Kev, not entirely my cup of tea but I like it. As a doggies fan, I don’t think Hunter is in for a break out year – reckon he’s going to be edged out by a few young ones (also think this for Daniels too). Not a penetrating kick either. Time will tell.


Cheers, Rogan. Like getting the thoughts of fans. Off the top of my head he was the top wing attendee for the Dogs in both preseason games. I’ll double check that. I like him because he can get 25-30 possessions a game without much fuss. Kicks more than he handballs. He just feels underpriced


Smitty break out man for the doggies.


Jack Steele's sposed to be off the leash this year also Kev…free to play without being a bloody tagger


I like the DEF strategy, I wouldn't go for the Ceglar move – but everyone's going to pull a few weird moves so why not let your freak flag fly and go for it. I'd probably just eat the sideways trade if Naismith goes down. Devon Smith for Ceglar buys a nice upgrade to a primo MID. Nevertheless, looks like a fun roller-coaster. Go get 'em.


Fair. Not many seem to be a fan. As I said, don’t love the pick but if Naismith goes down R2 I’m stuck with a 250k rock and zero options. Might need to reassess


Gone pretty light in defence. There's some value to be had with some mid-pricers.


Going short in backline. But no doc?


Definitely an eyebrow raising structure, few picks I like and a few I tend to disagree with. Many are not 10 top picks in their respective line but definitely a conversation start.

I'm trying to find a few people to get my second $100 league filled, if you want another cash league to join feel free to email me – [email protected] and I'll add you in.

Prize structure as follows:
Champion – $1k
Runners up – $500
Minor premiers – $200
Consolidation Champs (Winner of Botton 8) – $100


Hey mate, i am happy to jump in. I have sent you an email. Cheers.

Shake n bake

Definitely not the players and set up I’d be going with but that’s what great about SuperCoach!! Good luck


Oh my lawd. Kevin. This has come out of nowhere and blindsided me. Lachie Hunter? That's enough to distract me from the fact you don't have Gawn, and nothing's distracted me from people not picking Gawn

Shake n bake

Still getting my head around why Whitfield is a fwd. Only kicked 11 goals last year were as Danger kicked 27. And in 2018 Danger kicked 24 and was a mid/ fwd. l don’t want to hear heat map! 🤔


Apparently danger missed being classified as a fwd by 0.5%. 🙄

Shake n bake

It’s just crap Trigg just like Adams was once a def and mcrae was a fwd after only kicking 7 goals the year before. Absolutely no hope Whitfield spent more time fwd then Danger.

Big G

What about the year Motgnana was listed as a forward?


Good work Kev for backing yourself on a very different strategy here.

Somewhat unrelated, but what is the update on Stephen Hill??? Assuming he has injuries?


Andrew Brayshaw had his foot stomped on during the win against West Coast and he underwent scans that cleared him of any break. The Dockers have not put a timeframe on Stephen Hill's return after he sustained another quad injury. Blake Acres' hamstring tendon injury is serious and he could miss up to eight weeks. Joel Hamling's ankle injury remains the long-term concern for the club, while David Mundy, Alex Pearce and Nathan Wilson lifted the intensity of their running and are pushing for early-season returns, potentially in the first month. Hayden Young is having his training loads managed and was left out of the team that played West Coast. – Nathan Schmook (


I don't mind it's a similar structure to mine, a bit risky etc..only few knocks I'd have would be why no Doch and Dev Smith?…you could save some nice dosh if you swapped out Ryan and Gresham for those 2….and maybe upgrade Naismith or stick Cogs in the guts for Hunter, it's just personal preferences though, nice effort mate.


Come on Holty no 2nd year blues mate, no pressure but you'd better be top 100 again this year!…Ha


i'm feeling good about rookies. i'm reading club websites and there seems to be plenty of names being discussed for Round 1


does anyone know the chances of Taylor and Mahony from North getting a game round 1. Both cheap Forward rookies.

Ive already penciled in Rankine & Budarick in the forward line to play round 1, throw in King and Georgiades and we might have enough. Bonar and townsend are expensive but will get early games.

And what about Colman-Jones as a RUC/FWD option, any tigers fan can give me an idea of his chances?


Gould, Brander and Starcevich look set to get a game round 1. Watson, Williams and mcLennan are a chance.

There are always the expensive fellas, Mcasey, Young, Ash, Noble, Horlin-smith & Zerk all look locked for round 1 if you have some extra coin


there seems enough rookies at the moment who should get a game.

Pickett, green and Robertson seem locked. Rowell and Anderson are expensive but also locked for round 1.

Who else should we be looking at.

Are there any others from SUNS? Sharp?

Do swans have anyone?


listening to horse yesterday he spoke to the media and said that 4 new players from the weekend are in line for a rd 1 debut with the only rookie being Stephens, didnt mention gould so dont think he gets a gig rd 1.

with the injuries to marchbank and plowman and with williamson starring on the weekend in the 2's think he is a cert to face the tigers rd 1

think taylor plays rd 1 as coach was very impressed with his game on the weekend

funny looked we were gonna have heaps in the guts where now it is possibly the one spot may struggle to fill –


I'm a sydney fan and after watching the game against north on Monday I'm pretty confident with Curtis Taylor getting games early. Looked easily up to the standard.

In terms of swans rookies, it's hard to tell. I think stephens will play early.. but probably not worth the pricetag given the need for other expeisve rookies this year. Gould's mature body helps his cause but they've also been developing other young guys over last couple years. ie. stoddart, ling. Will have to see if picked round 1.


At least I know I won’t finish last


Was right off Gawn after the medial strain. Looked rusty for about 35 seconds in Marsh 2. He then looked like…..well Max Gawn. Then they made him do a running session on the ground in the way of the Aus Kick kids at half time. Then they made him sit around doing media interviews for the rest of the night. I would be shocked if they risked him if his knee wasn’t right. If he was sore there wouldn’t have been the running session. Most of his base fitness was gained before Christmas and I wouldn’t think a couple of light weeks has done him any harm.


Agree Tibor, I was off him and on to English for a long time but I'd only have to get him in eventually anyway so it may as well be now.

Nicholas Browning

Can some gem of a darling post the herald sun PPM spreadsheet from the Marsh Series.
I wants it.
I needs it.

Big G

I just replaced laird with the Doc. Will I regret It?


I don't reckon so Big G, I think they might average about the same, once the Doch gets going he'll be back to his premo best.