MARSH COMMUNITY SERIES | North Melbourne vs Sydney

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North Melbourne! Sydney! A matchup so important I completely forgot I was supposed to do a write-up on it!

I think I can be forgiven though, this pre-season series of matches feel like they’ve dragged on longer than ever before, we’ve also been thrown into what will potentially become one of the more difficult Supercoach seasons ever as the pool of rookies are still massively questionable and we may walk into Round 1 with a limited amount of cheap rookies playing round one. To paraphrase Ash Williams in Army of Darkness, we may have two choices in rookies this year “Jack and s**t and Jack left town.”

Anyway, to the match, which saw North Melbourne take a 90-79 win over Sydney who disappointed everyone and their mothers by dropping Will Gould for this game. The Swans nabbed the lead over the 2nd and 3rd quarters, but the momentum swung to the Roos just after the half-time break and they ran away with the 11 point win.

North Melbourne

Shaun Higgins – Terrific with 2 goals, 31 disposals, 7 tackles and 119 SCPoints. Always an interesting POD option.

Jed Anderson – Big score of 119 SCPoints from 24 disposals, 8 tackles and a goal. Scored 76 SCPoints in week 1, so has a PS average of 97.5 SCPoints, but a MID option makes us less inclined to be interesting in the risk at his price.

Todd Goldstein – Always a solid option behind the uber-premo Grundy/Gawn combos. Had 21 disposals, 27 hitouts and a goal for 100 SCPoints.

Nick Larkey – Booted 3 goals with 17 disposals and 4 marks for 108 SCPoints. Will have more goal scoring opportunities while Ben Brown is out, but that won’t last all year.

Jack Mohony – Had 8 disposals and a goal from 73% ToG for 53 SCPoints. We’d like higher scores than that if we selected him, but would take it if it’s the only option.

Aiden Bonar – Only managed 23% ToG as he had some niggles leading into the game and had 6 disposals and 2 clearances but also 6 clangers, 4 of which were frees against. That cut his score down to 14 SCPoints. A more expensive $200K “rookie”, but having been in the system a few years we’d be hoping he’d have some more physical development which may help him compared to what a real first year player would have.


Josh P. Kennedy – Always expect this is the year he starts his slide, but he still manages to hold on. 37 disposals, 10 tackles and 8 clearances here shows he may still have some petrol in the tank left. That was worth 156 SCPoints.

Jake Lloyd – 23 disposals, 18 by foot, 9 rebound 50’s, 98 SCPoints. Displayed everything you’d want to see if he’s in your side.

Sam Naismith – Going against a top notch ruck in Goldstein and had 9 disposals, 27 hitouts and 4 clearances for 69 SCPoints. Still potentially sharing his ruck time with Sinclair, but he’s only $251,500, so if you’re picking him as R2 the risk is part of the excitement.

Dylan Stephens – Had 64% ToG for 12 disposals, 4 marks and 4 rebound 50’s for 49 SCPoints. Hopefully he can provide slightly better if he gets a gig to start the year, but he’ll be a viable option to pick if he does.

Isaac Heeney – Kicked 1.1 with 11 disposals and 4 clangers for 44 SCPoints from 74% ToG. He’s good, but if he can’t get midfield minutes consistently I’m not sure if he’s worth it in Supercoach.

And that’ll be it for me tonight, did any of you have someone catch your eye in this one?

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Filthy fil

How come no talk of Curtis Taylor?


Hey community!

Would love some thoughts/opinions on my team

Houston, Crisp, Dawson, Docherty, BZK, Gould, Young, Brander

Neale, Cripps, Fyfe, Whitfield, Brayshaw (Freo), Rowell, Ash, Serong, Pickett, Cockatoo, Maginess

Grundy, Gawn, Cameron

Martin, MacPherson, Smith, Bonar, Flanders, Rankine, Skinner, Crocker

Laird and Lloyd i cannot see being as dominant as past years, last year the decline in scoring began.

Brayshaw a POD but given the price range i had to play with he seemed to be a big improver

Was going to pick Marshall but the Ryder influence i forgot about

Forward quite happy with, i think Steven will fall in a trap similar to Dahl and pump out 80s most year

Jorg Ancrath

Not sure Bonar is an option anymore. Didn't really get any game time March series. Curtis Taylor might be a better choice if picked. Saves some cash.

Dawson struggled to score with Mills and Lloyd back. I've gone off him.

I think you might be one too deep in defense. Id downgrade Dawson and Bonar, and use the $ to get an extra midfield premium.

Don't mind Brayshaw, but swing him forward.


Literally didn't even talk about the most relevant SuperCoach player in that game Curtis Taylor??!?!?

Jorg Ancrath

Flying under everyone's radar. I'm sure he'll get plenty of attention on the casting of the pod.


What do we think of gaff & cogs M4 & M5?
Gaff looked terrific in SOO & Marsh series.. Tim kelly will definitely help…
cogs just presents value and may very well finish top 10 at worst M8

Jorg Ancrath

Good picks. I think both Gaff and Yeo benefit from T-Kel being in the side. Cogs will blast out some massive scores and the occasional stinker. Reckon he goes 110 ave with captaincy pushing his output to 4 qtrs (instead of 60 point 1st qtr and feck all else). I have Yeo and Cogs in my team.


I think you pick them if you think they will go top 8. They are not cheap (particularly gaff) so no cash generation potential. I’d pick gaff if you think he’ll be top 8 and conigs if you think he can go top 10 due to the slightly cheaper price


Thoughts on my team please? I've gone light on premos in the backline to afford smith/steven and better backline rookies.

Lloyd, Doc, Roberton, Noble, Zerk-Thatcher, Brander (watson, gould)

Macrae, Neale, Kelly, Cripps, Dunkley, Rowell, Green, Pickett (brown, robertson, sharp)


Whitfield, Dusty, Steven, Smith, Cameron, Taylor (King, Buderick)

My team initially had:
Laird, Sicily and basement rookie
Has now gone to:
Lloyd, Steven and Noble


I like it. The structure is extremely similar to mine. You have a chosen a few more expensive premiums like Lloyd instead of Sicily, Neale & Kelly instead of Oliver & Bontempelli and as such I can squeeze in an extra mid pricer @f5.

With the exception of Docherty, we both have ignored all the 400s options. Not sure about you but this has been on purpose for me as this is a price range that has burnt me in the past. They are not much cheaper than proper premos, so I'm not being tempted this year. Quite happy to wait and see how they go.


I can't see the season going ahead it will be too irresponsible for the AFL to have players playing with crowds of 70.000 people.
Also flying interstate all it will take is one player to get the Virus and the AFL have a responsibility to protect the players.
Italy has now gone to lock down with no sporting games.

Jorg Ancrath

It's really just a serious flu bug. So going by your logic there should be no public gatherings ever, just in case someone coughs on someone. More people die of the regular flu every year and it is really only the very old and infirm that need to be worried. This is a social media beat up, pushed by toilet paper manufacturers.


A different perspective Jorg

This is the most serious pandemic since the Spanish flu post WW1. It is a novel virus, meaning it is novel to our immune systems that have no idea what it is. The Spanish flu infected 25% of the world’s population. That’s because it was a flu and many were naturally immune from previously contracting sufficiently similar flu strains in the past. If Coronavirus does reach full community transmission, which looks like we are on the verge now, the evidence suggests 70% of the population will get the infection. A normal flu season exposes approximately 15% of the population of which many have sufficient immunity. So this is likely to see infection rates at least 6x greater than the flu. This is also 10-20x more dangerous than the flu. And if everyone gets exposed at the same time, the 5% that requires critical care will simply not have that care available.

We need a community based response to this. The greatest risk to contracting the disease is passing it from our hands to our mouth, nose and eyes. Washing hands constantly, elbow bumps instead of handshakes. No public gatherings and yes that means no footy stadiums. It’s critical we slow it down so our healthcare system can cope.

Korea. Isolating everyone where possible. Face masks everywhere. Hospital system coping and death rate about 0.7%.

Italy. Too late. Reactive rather than proactive. Hospital system in the north overloaded. Mortality rate of 4%.

We want Australia to look like Korea and not Italy.

For those interested, go on to YouTube and look at posts from Dr John Campbell a UK virologist who lays out the current facts and stats each day.

And take vitamin D supplements. It is likely to be meaningful to reducing your risk of contracting the infection and also reduces the severity if you do catch it.

Jorg Ancrath

Complete overreaction.


I’ve seen lots of other life advice on YouTube. Should I really be relying on YouTube to figure the world out


Such a dumb statement, and shows just how little you understand of the seriousness of the virus. The mortality rate in people 50-59 is 1.3% but increases dramatically with age. So while you might be fine, how about if you accidentally transferred it to your mother or grand father, or someone with a complication with their immune system? Idiot. Yes, public gatherings like football are at risk, for this very reason. Idiot.

Jorg Ancrath

Lot of idiots in that statement. My mother and father are at as much risk of dying of this virus as they are of the common flu. The death rate in China for those aged 80-90 who have contracted the disease is something like 13%. So the vast majority of people, who are supposedly at most risk, have made a full recovery. But don't let facts get in the way of a good rant.

Jorg Ancrath

P.S. UK authorities put the mortality rate at less than 2%. Yes, let's shutdown the country…..


I’m with you Jorg. Some of these panic merchants still have their “surviving the Y2K bug” handbooks. Maybe when the toilet paper runs out they can find a use for the pages of those.


I get the feeling you're one of the people stocking up on toilet paper. 🙄


Lighten up Francis. Maybe just wander down the shops with your the end is nigh sign.


I think they'll play behind closed doors before they cancel it. Even still, they could cause problems with people gathering outside the ground, especially on GF day.




yeah mother earth has been massively inundated by this Human virus, she's just smashing the corona brand antibiotics now to bring things under control.

on a serious note tho… winter will be sh#te without footy! surely they can't cancel it?!?!


We should all just take a few deep breaths. Obviously away from others and calm the f down….some are going to look bloody stupid a few months along……at least they’ll have plenty of toilet paper and tinned food.


I’m confused – is this coronavirus guy a DPP or what?