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This match looked like a really good, high-intesity round one clash for the first half before I genuinely fell asleep in the third quarter. Both side’s tackling, pressure and ball movement was electric early as the Saints gained the upper hand in Morwell.

However, Bucks and Ratten must have told their charges to rein it in during the break to avoid injuries – with Taylor Adams taken off with an aware adductor or something. I don’t know how his buttock gained sentience mid-game but what do you know, if Charlie Dixon can look like exploding while dead then anything can happen.

From a Supercoach perspective, we had a few answers come out way which were very nice, but one big – or rather, Long – question lobbing up right in front of our eyeballs.

St Kilda

Dylan Roberton $260,400 DEF – Roberton was taking kick-ins, intercept marking and looked impressive early on but disappeared in the second half – I’m not sure if he changed into a lock-down role or what happened. The lack of wide pans from the FoxFooty coverage meant I was relying on commentators to say what he was up to and if they did, I missed it.

Played a full game for nine marks, 16 touches and 60 Supercoach points. There’ll be a lot of people swapping Mr Roberto and saying “take on me” to a certain Collingwood mid-pricer we’ll get to in a minute, but I don’t think it’s panic stations on him.

Ben Long $283,100 FWD – Gosh darn it. When I said I wanted a Saints mid-pricer to put his hand up across half-back, I was looking for Dylan Roberton to lock himself into D4 or Hunter Clark to throw his hand up. Instead, Ben Long was Eddie Everywhere with 18 touches and 70-odd Supercoach points in the first half.

He looked quick, he looked switched on and looked really, really good, going at nearly 90 per cent efficiency by hand and foot. Only added 10 points or so in the second half to finish with 24 touches and 86 points, but had 17 handballs compared to seven kicks. If you pick him probably depends on your structure, but he’s not a bad option.

Max King $123,900 FWD – In the first quarter alone he had a pick pack mark in the goalsquare and then was a six-foot-eight crumber to snap an excellent goal. He’s a hell of a player already and one Saints fans should be so, so excited by. But from a Supercoach perspective, should we be?

It looks like we’ll have to regardless, but I saw enough there to lock him in as a bench cover. Will be a slow burn at times but he’s cheap, he’s playing, and he’ll have the ability to churn out 70s and 80s to chug price increases along.

Rowan Marshall $598,700 RUC – Had six points in the opening quarter. Ryder started in the centre square and while Marshall spent more time in the ruck than Paddy did, it’s not enough for me to consider him. Did the same thing in the Saint’s first Marsh game and while he had 130-odd in that game, he only had 56 today. No doubt Ryder hurts him.

Hunter Clark $402,200 DEF – Hunter Clark was in contention to stand up in our backlines and he did not. Spent a bunch of time in the middle in the second half with Ross out of the side and looked a bit lost and confused which would have kept his score down, weirdly enough. Only went at 65 per cent efficiency and 56 Supercoach points from essentially the full game under his belt. Pass.

The others: There aren’t a huge amount of other Supercoach relevant players for the Saints. With Seb Ross missing Brad Hill (103), Luke Dunstan (107) and Jack Steele (122) did some heavy lifting but you won’t be starting any of them.

Dougal Howard scored 100 but I can’t see him being consistent enough to consider in Supercoach. Will be excellent for the Saints, mind you. Dan Hannebery and Zak Jones played but I wouldn’t be picking them, neither will set your midfield alight.


John Noble $215,400 DEF – Why hello there, John. Coming into this game we wanted to find out if last week’s ton was a flash in the pan. It was not. Noble had it 23 times but it felt like more than that, and used it well when he had it. If we had a plethora of rookies he probably wouldn’t be looked at, but with Hill now injured, Noble at 25k more may be the saviour. Scored 73.

Jack Crisp $482,500 DEF – Hasn’t missed a game in five years, as mentioned by the FoxFooty commentators, and backed up his healthy ton last week with 114 again today. Had 23 touches, 10 marks and went at 91 per cent efficiency. Feels like a very safe Corey Enright-esque pick, but we said that last year and were burnt badly.

Jeremy Howe $431,900 DEF – Yo dawg, I heard you liked piddly defensive options between 400k-450k so I got you a piddly defensive option between 400k-450k. Jeremy Howe’s been a strong selection for a few years now and is very good at intercept marking, which is Supercoach gold. Howe was back at it again with the white vans, scoring 135 with 11 marks, 25 touches and was really, really good.

However, he does that regularly, going between 80 and 90 with the occasional 135 during the regular season. He’s underpriced, sure, and is value, but I think he’ll finish between 10th and 15th in the rankings at season’s end, which isn’t quite enough.

Scott Pendlebury $566,500 MID – Was in everything in the opening quarter and wound back the clock with 45 from 36 per cent game time. Sat out the second half because he’s Scott Pendlebury and has literally nothing to prove to anyone because he’s basically a god. Excellent draft pick-up.

Tyler Brown $123,900 MID – Was on the ground for 39 per cent of the game and scored 35 and looked pretty composed and good playing as an outside midfielder.Sat out the first half and only got a run with Pendlebury, Adams and the injured Treloar out of the side. Does he play? I’ve got no idea, but if he does I’ll pick him. No Trent Bianco or this Keane bloke today.

Brodie Grundy $10,000,000 RUC – Only scored 64 today as he was virtually unsighted. Is that concerning? Maybe? Kind of? I’m not going to not select him based on today, if that’s what you’re asking. Mason Cox did some good things, and then immediately followed some of those things with bad things. Does he play ahead of Cameron? I dunno. I really dunno.

The others – A bunch of players ran through the midfield and a bunch of them scored 80s and 90s. Josh Thomas was good in limited game time, Darcy Moore was really, really solid and will improve on last year and De Goey looked excellent in the middle but it won’t translate to points.

What did you take from the game, community?

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Do we start Grundy? Like last year, seems to be starting like a sloth. $705K is a lot to spend on a guy who scored 64SC and might still be celebrating his new contract. Perhaps Gawn (albeit not much better) and Tim English might be the better starting combo? What do others reckon?


I'm locking him away mate – I don't tend to panic about pre-season form from premos. It's not ideal but Grundy hasn't left me side so far and that's not about to start now.


Grundy and Gawn's probably the way to go, as usual…anyone, like me not starting Gawn will wish they did after awhile when English has his first bad game, and then I'll be wondering how in hell I'll be able to afford to get him.

Shake n bake

Will drop l think $40k after say rd 4 if you start say Naismith he’ll make about 40k but you might lose say 60 to 70 pts if lucky less.


Ben King…Max King, same thing I guess, from the same Mum lol..definitely worthy of a spot considering the alternatives!
Bit disappointed with Roberton's final score, but I still think he's a good pick as long as his heart doesn't implode.
Noble's an interesting one…could be viable option for those off Lachlan Ash or Roberton…or Doedee
Any Pies fans know if Noble should keep his spot?


Nobles spot to lose at the moment but is threatened by quaynor and potential return of varcoe. Looking a solid pick.


It's a hard one. I think he should keep it, I liked how he looked last year and looking fit and ready to fire now. The only worry is when players come back. The midfield is so deep he wouldn't get much of a run through that but may hold his spot down back.


Cheers lads thanks for the feedback, I think 79 and 73 is a decent return for 215K, but he'd need rock solid js and ideally would average 80-ish, I think it's possible from him, he gets a fair bit of it. Good find for the Pies.


Eagle-eyed readers who got in first – yes, I did write Ben Long and then Ben King straight afterwards. But it wouldn't be me without mixing up a first name (remember that time I recommeded people pick Brad Hodge instead of Luke? Good times)


You got them both wrong Patchy…it should've been Ben Hodge.


Noble didn’t ton up last weekend. 79 from what I can see?


True dat Shmoopie, must've gotten him confused with someone else, still a decent average of 76 over the 2 matches, he's on my radar.

Mighty Chungus

You're shmoopie


Does anyone know why Noble gets so much of the ball (at a good DE%) + lots of marks and scores 70?
For example:
Against Saints he had 23 possessions at 87% and 6 tackles for a score of 73.
Against Richmond he 23 possessions at 82%, 6 marks and 2 tackles for a score of 79.