Marsh Series Report | GWS v Richmond

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With many stars from both of these teams missing in Marsh Round 1 due to the Bushfire Relief game, today’s game gave us the first and only opportunity to look at some of these players.

In a highly skilled, accurate game, GWS got whatever revenge you can actually get in a Marsh series game after losing a GF … so basically none. GWS ran out 15 point winners.

Tom Lynch – FWD – $338,800
4 goals, 6 marks, 6 tackles, for Lynch saw him top score for the Tiges. It’s always a risk with key forwards, one week they’ll be up and the next they’ll be down.

Dustin Martin – FWD / MID – $543,000
Today was just Dusty doing Dusty things. 14 kicks, 3 marks, 2 goals. Second highest scoring Richmond player with 98 points. I got burnt by Martin’s start of the season last year, but he looks much better this year.

Daniel Rioli – FWD – $321,200
Butchered a 20m right in front goal early, but otherwise looked pretty good. Some great contested marks, 9 marks in all, and 2 goals saw Rioli rack up 81 points from 79% game time.

Ivan Soldo – RUC – $411,200
Shared the ruck duties with CCJ, but was defintitely the better of the two. 26 hitouts, 4 marks and a goal was the majority extent of Soldo’s scoring stats. But it saw him get 68pts from 58% game time. Could be a risky R2 selection.

Callum Coleman-Jones – RUD / FWD – $195,500
As above sharing ruck duties with Soldo. Looked good early, but ended with 51 points from 60% TOG. 13 hitouts, 1 goal. Could be a great R3 with DPP eligibility.

Marlion Pickett – MID – $123,900
Did his likelihood of playing round 1 no harm today. Already in 70% of teams, and shouldn’t decrease from that. 61 points from 90% TOG. 3 Frees against.

Liam Baker – FWD / DEF – $403,900
Not nearly as his productive as his Marsh 1 game where he picked up 122pts. Only produced 46 points this week from 90% game time.

Bachar Houli – DEF – $571,600
Not a great day for Houli. Only 15 disposals at 66% efficiency meant he scored a lowly 35 points from 84% game time. I expect this was just an anomoly from a guy who got 7 tons after the bye last year and is Richmond’s highest priced SC player.

Stephen Coniglio – MID – $549,500
Huge 2nd half from Cogs, lots of disposals, 32 in fact, 9 contested. Plus 11 marks, 4 tackles, 2 goals, 135 points for 85 % game time. Perfect hit out before Round 1. Cogs is definitely a deadset gun, and not as expensive as other uber premium mids. Also has a massive ceiling collecting 207 points last year against GC in round 11. Nearly $100k cheaper than Kelly, and that could make a difference on another player.

Toby Greene – FWD – $510,100
Love him, hate him … rinse and repeat. Greene’s back end of 2019 was sublime, 6 tons after the bye, including 138, 134, and 122. 5 goals today, 10 marks helped him ton-up today too accumulating 127 points. If you are worried about injury and suspension … you’d be right. But if you want to take the risk, Greene is a big reward type player.

Sam Jacobs – RUC – $348,400
I have a massive soft spot for Sauce, and knowing he’d get the likely sole ruck role with GWS, I’d pencilled him in early in the preseason at R2. I don’t think he’s going to be top 2 rucks at the end of the season, but if he can repeat today’s performances (111pts, 27 hitouts, 9 marks) he’s gonna make you some cash before you trade him to premo for the second half of the season.

Josh Kelly – MID – $637,700
Superstar. Expensive superstar, but if he stays fit, he’s worth every penny. 33 disposals, 11 contested, 7 marks, but on 70% DE meant he didn’t go massive, but did raise his bat for a century.

Lachie Whitfield – FWD / MID – $604,100
GWS is just made up of gun players, and Whitfield another. 110 points today, from 28 disposals, and efficient disposals at that. 82% for the day. Averaged 111 points last year, with a highest score of 170. Should be many people’s F1 or F2 this year.

Jackson Hately – MID – $301,600
After his first 2 games last season getting him 95 and 85 points, there were calls from the SC community for Hately to get some more games. But he only averaged 50 for the remaining 5 games in 2019. Hately pulled a very solid 92 points from 72% game time today, and should make a case for a Round 1 start.

Heath Shaw – DEF – $448,700
Shaw was a defensive lock for many consecutive years in SC past. 300+ games and you have to wonder if he’s still got it in him or if there are other GWS defenders who will take points off him. Great first half from Shaw, and no Zac Williams helped him accumulate a few points.

Lachlan Ash – DEF / MID – $193,800
One of only 2 rookies to play for GWS today. 62 points from 69% TOG and looked solid, but not sure he plays from the start of the season.

Tom Green – MID – $166,800
The other GWS rookie playing today. 72 points from 74% game time. Pick 10 from last season’s draft and showing he will make the transition to AFL level pretty easily. But not sure he can ever improve on his work in ‘Freddy Got Fingered’. Under-rated film.

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would love too see your team with whitfield at F2 Matty 🙂
Great write up. I am very tempted by sauce last night i was saying to russty if he tonned up today i'd be VERY tempted And he’s produced the goods. It could be Gawn (125pts) & 123k rookie (50pts & shakey JS) – $821,000 (175pts) VS Sauce (95pts) & Docherty (90pts) – $784,500 I believe the jacobs & docherty could come out ahead in points and another 50k spare but you do lose the VC/C on gawn. I think just there I’ve talked myself into sauce at R2 haha


Sauce could be allright this year Mavnation, if Mummy doesn't come back for some cameos, I read somewhere he was only still there to facilitate Sauce's transition into the number 1 pos, but he's an old Frankenstein's monster now, much as I'd like to save the extra dosh, I still reckon English is the go for me over Sauce.


I've just moved sauce to R2 and I am loving what I see alot more depth overall but probably too light in the guts … Gaff & cogs M4&5!! can't fault the english pick mate I could end up on him also if i get cold feet on sauce


I was at the game today , Jacobs has been my R2 for awhile now ( did have Nic Nac early) , he looked very fit and mobile around the ground , I believe he can add a minimum 150k to his starting price = Value imo

Jellly, Cogs were excellent, but Knob Head Greene was BOG imo – he could stamp himself this year as a genuine superstar of the game if he behaves himself – only have Cogs in my team atm.

As a Tiger supporter there are not any outside the obvious for SC however Tom Lynch lead very well today and if he had held onto some marks he could have a lot more shots on goal – not in my team atm , agree with Matty on key forwards .


greeene kicked 5 he won't do that every game…
did he play through the guts much DBB?


Just watching closely he has a roving role imo, he has a licence to go to where he believes he can impact the game the most


Isaac Cumming. I kept looking at him hoping Ash would show him up as a better option to Cameron and enhance Ash’s job security. However Cumming looked really good. I’m worried that Williams will miss round 1 and then push Ash out of the team when he comes back the following week. I think Cumming looked a step above Ash. He’s slightly cheaper than Roberton. Scored well in both Marsh games. 111 and 86.

Both carry Williams risk, but I’m leaning toward going with Cumming and can trade down to Ash if I have made the wrong call, as it will be much harder going the other way.


In 1.2% of teams


Hey guys, I wonder if anyone who start without GG last year make the top 100? I’m so tempted to go with a lower price R2..