MARSH SERIES REPORT: Carlton vs Brisbane

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It was a funny little match down at Ikon Park. Carlton with the clear home ground advantage early as it took the Lions a little while to get going, and then they really got going and left the Blues wanting.


Patrick Cripps (MID – $635,900) 94SC
Ball magnet and looked ominous, can’t go wrong. Disposal efficiency and kick-to-handball ratio would be my only concern.

Sam Walsh (MID – $471,900) 109SC

Not quite as dominant as last week but still had a good showing (A better showing by the looks of the SC score), and looks like he liked having Cripps back in the side. Those who are taking the punt would’ve liked what they saw today.

Sam Docherty (DEF – $436,100) 105SC

Appeared much better today. Cleaner with his disposal and looked more assured, exactly what you want.

Nic Newman (DEF – $524,800) 76SC

Took a back seat to Docherty in this game, might go backwards with Doch back in the side. Wasn’t as prolific as he was last season, but it is only a pre-season game and things can change.

Kade Simpson (DEF – $442,600) 65SC

He was everywhere, man. Down back, on the wing, up forward. Basically he filled a hole and did whatever it was that was required, came off mid second quarter with a quad issue but ultimately played out the game. Injury concern aside, is he SuperCoach relevant anymore?

Ed Curnow (MID – $493,200) 98SC

Tagging Lachie Neale early on, appeared to ease up and play his own game once the Blues had the advantage on the scoreboard.

Jack Newnes (MID – $386,400) 65SC

Appears to have a role, but not a role for our SuperCoach team.

Paddy Dow (FWD/MID – $295,500) 58SC

Had moments where he looked like he was going to rip the game open but ultimately he’s still learning and might be a year or two off being considered for our SuperCoach side.

Jack Martin (MID/FWD – $420,800) 78SC

I still don’t like what I’m seeing, appears to be living inside the forward 50 arc mainly. In saying that, he had some nice moments on the wing in that third quarter.


Lachie Neale (MID – $658,500) 118SC

A very quiet game for Neale up until half time. Appeared to be tagged very early on and briefly by Ed Curnow. His early showing would be concerning for owners, but the way he worked into it I wouldn’t worry too much. In fact, I wouldn’t worry at all. He was very good.

Hugh McCluggage (MID – $510,700) 117SC

Picked up where he left off last week with his class. He’s looking good to obtain a three figure average if he can keep this up during the season.

Deven Robertson (MID – $117,300) 62SC
Appeared very comfortable at the level when he had the ball in hand. Much like in the U18S competition though, his disposal was a bit iffy at times, but his decision making was first class. Only played limited game time as well so let’s hope he showed enough to line up in round 1. His third quarter was absolutely insane, jumped up about 40 points and looked monstrous.

Grant Birchall (DEF – $292,700) 67SC

If he wasn’t held together with pipe cleaners, PVA glue and masking tape then I would say he might be worth selecting, even if just as a stepping stone, but at the awkward price and with his injury history I remain very cautious. Had a finger/hand issue early in the first quarter but returned to the field for the second quarter and should be fine for round 1.

Dayne Zorko (MID – $579,100) 134SC

Looked very good, and lively around the contest. If he was spending time forward, he used his time very wisely to be one of the top scorers throughout the entire game.

Daniel Rich (DEF – $525,800) 46SC
Looked majestic, but didn’t do anything to match.

Jarryd Lyons (MID – $535,400) 77SC

Didn’t do anything in this game to impress me, didn’t pass the eye test and didn’t light up the stats sheet either.

Harris Andrews (DEF – $449,300) 82SC

Played as a key defender today, no roll-off to speak of. Not the worst selection but probably better suited to the draft format. Scored a lot better in the second half.

Brandon Starcevich (DEF/MID – $147,700) 61SC
Picked up where he left off showing more of his elite disposal efficiency, so he scored almost every possible point from every disposal, but was pretty quiet and had limited game time.

Who caught your eye, Community?
Did I miss anyone or anything?

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Yep! Hopefully the Lions give them a go. Otherwise anyone who is playing and less than $150k is in.


I liked Docherty today but my concern is that Brisbane’s forward entries were chaos at times. Put him against a better structured team with bigger key forwards and maybe his intercepts decrease. Might be a corrective trade before prices increase. I’m not sold.


You're a hard man to please….For me I just want to see he is moving well and tog is not limited. We already know he can score


Carlton’s backline will be seeing plenty of the ball the first two weeks


great weekend of footy.

Plenty of good players played good and plenty of bad players played bad.

For me this weekend was all about Docherty vs Petracca

The fallen premium or the breakout for the mid price slot.

The fallen premium wins again. Petracca did everything right but struggled to crack 70sc.

Titch made it in my team Friday night, in place of Cogniglio, but it was quickly reversed by Sunday afternoon.

I’ve taken NDD’s advice, and fitted both Sicily and Houston into the team, too much value. At the expense of Lloyd, who didn’t play. Lloyd hurt me not having him last year, but his price is too high and I need the cash for a couple of expensive rookies.

So a backline of Laird, Sicily, Houston, Docherty and a couple of rookies looks ok.

5 Uber’s in guts, Rowell and two cheapies

Grundy and Max

Whitfield, Dusty and Devon leading the attack, with 3 rookies

Still going with Guns and Rookies. Feeling fairly set, except for the rookies. The rookies will be announced by their teams before the teams are named, we will have a decent number to choose from.


My R2 tinkering has Jacobs at R2 and Petracca at F3.

Two midprice for the price of 1 Uber anda rookie.

This is if there is any doubts over big Max’s knee and/or not enough fwd rookies.


Interesting Derek, I don’t mind the structure, Docherty wins for me too over pertracca I’m actually running with Sicily, Houston and Docherty with rookies filling the rest. I have more faith in the rookies in the backline then forwardline. 5 Uber guns in the middle and Gawn/Grundy with Dusty, Whitfield, McPherson (probably caught up in the hype) and Devon Smith at F4 with rookies filling the rest. Roberton was in but his performance means I can remove him to a defensive rookie and upgrade Jack Steven to McPherson


Honestly, I don't know how to guys can do that. I'm running only 5 midfielders with Naismith @r2. Who are these 3 rookies you're starting on defense, or 2 forward? Because I can only think of 1 that will play (Brander) and even that's not a given. To be fair, I understand starting rookies and structures are a work in progress until teams are announced


Going with Jarred Brander, Will Gould, Tobe Watson with Damien Greaves and Keane on the bench but not sure if Keane will play have the cash to move him to Starcevich if required. Two rookies in the forward line are Rankine and Budarick with Cameron and King on the bench


Gee out of that lot, Rankine is doubtful for R1, Greaves, Keane, Cameron and Gould didn't play so highly unlikely, Buderick had minimal gametime so also unlikely. Agree with the Shark, severe lack of rookies down back in particularly.


There will be rookies to pick, there always are.

The good part about this year and a shortage of good ones, we will all know about them going into round 1 and most teams will have them, it won’t be as much of a lottery as before. I remember those that went without Naughton.

Off the top of my head, in defence we have Gould, Brander, Butts, Mcasey, McLennan, Zerk thatcher, Watson, Hill, Williams, Starcevich

Forward we have Hill and Brander, King, Bundarick, Cockatoo, Mosquito, Townsend, Bonar, Stengle, Georgiades, Sparrow,

They are in short supply and we may even have to pick a couple of bench rookies who don’t play round 1, like Mead, Rankine, Rivers.

I’m not panicking yet


I admire your optimism fellas but I do get the feeling this year is different. The last draft wasn't rated as a good one and on top of that many of the great rookies have got injuries at the wrong time (Mead, Young etc)

The last JLT/Marsh/Whatever the name is usually used as a dress rehearsal for Round 1 so many of the guys who didn't play, or played limited minutes, I don't feel will be there Round 1

No need to panic though, it makes the game way more interesting.


My plan B is Gawn to Jacobs. Free up $350k.

I’ve always liked a risky R2, last year was my first set and forget rucks and I still ended up with Goldy at the end.

Not a big fan of locking in two extremely expensive players with no backup or flexibility.

If Jacobs can produce 90 ave and Max does his 120 ave, by round 10 the price difference will be $645k to $480k, about a $180k gain, about what a rookie might produce, cost 1 Trade and 300 points.

I would expect I could use the $350k to score 30 pts a week

Let us see


Corey, you basically have McPherson and I have Laird.

I havnt seen enough of McPherson to pick him. Havnt watch much of the suns games and I do fear for them this year


Haha true, it’s very similar team mate, great minds must think alike! Haha yeah hopefully Jake Steven kills it today I can turn MacPherson to Steven and free up some cash to pick some more established rookies like Serong


Corey, round 11 you have both Houston and Mcpherson out


Mcpherson is not out R11 Derek, GC don't have the r11 bye, Port and Stk do.


Shows you how much I care about China games

Jorg Ancrath

I've had A Bonar for ages. Gone now.


Replaced by Curtis Taylor? Who is Curtis Taylor?


Any one think there's space for both Steven and Smith in the one team or is it a case of beign too risky too early. Please some one solve this dilemma for me