MARSH SERIES REPORT | Port Adelaide v Western Bulldogs

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I had my Saturday all planned, I woke up this morning, the sun was shining, the weather was beautiful, I made my morning coffee, sat out in the yard, looked at my phone and saw a message from Statty Matty. I started to read, just about dropped my coffee, but managed to compose myself as I finished reading.

“Can you cover the Port Adelaide game today?”

Well, I can’t be accused of not being a team player here at Jock Reynolds, so I put my personal bias aside (at least in writing), steeled myself, I cursed Matty a few times, but i’m here folks, i’m here and i’m watching Port Adelaide play the Western Bulldogs.

The sides swapped quarters in the first half, the Power got up to a game high 3 goal lead early through the 3rd quarter, but the Bulldogs took over as the Power lost a few players to injury to gain a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter until the Power ground the lead back with a Jarrod Lienert goal with 75 seconds left in the game and another one on the siren to defeat the Western Bulldogs by 10 points.

Port Adelaide

Ryan Burton – Was solid in the first quarter rebounding out of Port’s back half with 11 disposals and a halftime high 6 intercept possessions. Ended with 17 disposals and 92 SCPoints.

Connor Rozee – Was part of the Powers best midfield trio with Houston and Boak who really started to get on top of the Bulldogs in the 2nd quarter. Had 14 disposals and a goal, but looked dangerous when given a run in the midfield.

Tom Rockliff – Had some time in the middle, but didn’t really impress with the 21 disposals or 74 SCPoints he had.

Mitchell Georgiades – Looked out of his depth, but was flying for everything he could in the 2nd half. Kicked a goal in the 4th quarter that put the Power within striking distance, but had just 7 disposals and 3 marks. Showed his potential, but may take some time.

Charlie Dixon – Continued his good early season for with 2.3 in the first half. Didn’t add to it with his one opportunity in the 3rd and went off with 5 minutes left in the 3rd with an iced up groin, with it believed he was trying to cool himself off after this pass from Todd Marshall.

Robbie Gray – Spent his time forward setting up others for goals, Had 19 disposals, 4 marks, 4 tackles and 3 goal assists. 91 SCPoints puts him in an awkward “Not bad, but not quite elite” position. Hopefully he can add a few more touches and a goal or two once the season stats.

Scott Lycett – Let English get off the chain in the first quarter and went off in the 3rd with his Achilles iced up. Had just the 9 disposals and 10 hitouts, wasn’t the greatest performance from him.

Dan Houston – Was given the task of running with Marcus Bontempelli early, which is no easy job to be stuck with! Copped an early head knock when he was spun into the ground in a tackle, but didn’t come off. Had 9 disposals in the first quarter to Bonts 8. Didn’t come back on after halftime and finished with 14 disposals, 4 marks, 3 tackles and 2 clearances with 40 SCPoints from 40% ToG.

Travis Boak – Was his usual busy self with 29 disposals and 7 clearaces. 6 clangers may have hurt his Supercoach score which was 83 SCPoints.

Western Bulldogs

Alex Keath – We like to see him intercepting, but was forced to play more defensively on Charlie Dixon and even did some ruckwork down back. Still had 10 disposals and 3 marks at the halftime break and finished with 17 and 4. 58 SCPoints isn’t good enough though.

Caleb Daniel – Had 21 disposals, but 14 handbals and 15 uncontested possessions didn’t set the Supercoach world on-fire, with just 69 SCPoints.

Tim English – Looked solid in the ruck and floated forward to kick a few goals. Rucking against the likes of Georgiades and Ebert once Lycett went off might have helped a bit! Had a game high 116 SCPoints though, which will make some people consider him as a R2 player.

Marcus Bontempelli – Had Dan Houston on him from the first bounce, but wasn’t really slowed with 8 disposals and 4 clearances in the first quarter, but shut out in the 2nd as Port took control of the midfield to have. Ended with 27 disposals and 9 clearances for 102 SCPoints.

Josh Bruce – Started off on the right foot with 2 goals in the first quarter and added 1 more in the 2nd quarter and ended the game booting 4.1. Didn’t set Supercoach world talking with 73 SCPoints, but did what the Bulldogs recruited him to do.

Bailey Williams – Had a great game down back to end with 106 SCPoints from 23 disposals and 9 marks. His price of $300,500 is pure mid-price territory, he only averaged 55.3 SCPoints in 9 games last year, but did average 81.4 in 2018.

Lachie Hunter – Often goes overlooked compared to Bont, Macrae and Dunkley, but he gets the job done and led the Bulldogs with 29 disposals. His work was mostly outside though (22 uncontested possessions), so got just the 96 SCPoints.

Josh Dunkley – Equal halftime high of 16 disposals and ended with 28 for the game with 106 SCPoints.

Jack Macrae – Was running with neck and neck with Dunkley with 16 disposals at halftime, but cooled off in the second half to end with 23. 76 SCPoints, but I wouldn’t be panicking.

Jordon Sweet – Named in the side, but didn’t get off the bench.

Okay folks, that’s it from me tonight, but did anyone else catch your eye in this one?

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Thanks for giving up your Saturday Barron, Matty owes you one big time!
Pretty decent game I thought, shame to see anyone get injured in these practice games, specifically Lycett as my main Ruck in Draft team.
Considering starting with English again after this one, after having him in my side for the last 2 weeks or so, and then punting him again, he could be a good option..a bit unsure about Rozee, Georgiades is a no go I reckon, too raw, Lipinski is worth considering in the 400 ish price bracket.
Hopefully Houston's nose is nothing serious.

Jorg Ancrath

Quiet on Lipinski. No one has him and he's gonna average 90+


Oh yeah I meant Lebowski…the big Lebowski πŸ˜‰


Hi Russty. Tim English was excellent and is tempting at R2 alongside Grundy. I still have Houston and Rozee in my team. Going to back both boys in. The rook situation is bloody terrible. Georgiades has a heap of of talent but is not quite AFL ready. I ant pick him after his two games. I had Lipinski late last season, and he was very serviceable. He will only get better IMO. Dropped the ball with draft thoe other day. Bloody work stuffed me up. Have the same team as last year, and hope it will still be competitive. Cheers Russty. TH


Hey TH..yeah very impressed with English's progress, he's not some skinny beanbpole anymore, does other good things too, like kicking goals, he seems very mobile too like Marshall. I think he could make money and score well, making it easier to trade up to Gawn.
Yeah rook situation is fubar, If Georgiades and King start they'll probably score shite, Rankine could be ok if he can stop getting injured, Budarick…not sure if he starts, could be a decent rook if he does…Brander might be ok too.
Wondering if Eli Smith will get a run anytime early on?…does anyone have any info?
I was even considering Bewley as a cheap fwd line option but he's only 23 at half time.


Russty, its looking with one of Robertson or Eli (probably not both) will get a gig come round 1 as a result of CEY getting the chop. Starc is fading a bit. Shultz could be a cheap forward option from Freo as well.


Cheers David…thanks for the heads up, it's be great if Smith or Robertson can get a gig and keep their spot, but you'd have to think CEY would push them back out again, this rookie situation sucks!


nicnat punching out a very decent scores in VERY limited TOG% same as last week. 100 from 58% tonight. but is that all he's ever going to play that minimal TOG? Would love to be able too throw him in at R2 and come R1 he plays 70-80%.

Also I know we shouldn't read into preseason games too much but does Macrae worry anybody else at that price and pumping out an okayish score game 1 and a stinker tonight? 680k isn't exactly cheap


Mav, with regards to Nic Nat, WCE use him as an impact player and limit him to 55-65% TOG. He maxed out at 68% in 2018 for one game but half were still under 60%. Pulled this info from another site.


English has built himself a decent frame and looks like he will take the next step this year. Not sure about Bewley. I still have Hill, and he is not setting the place on fire either. Bewley is a $250K player like Cam Rayner. Very keen to see Rayner again. I reckon he has more upside than Bewley. Time will tell!

Jorg Ancrath

I know we keep saying the rookies will be there R1, but I don't see how. We'll find enough to field 22, but might have to sit guys on the bench who are likely to get a run at some stage and then hope for the best. Cash generation gonna be tough.


that's how it's looking. we're not going to be short on loophole options.

Jorg Ancrath