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Lek: Tonight’s writeup is brought to you by $5 beers and Sam Naismith. Let’s get into it.

Patch: Hello community, as I’m sober and have to upload this bad boy, I’ll be providing a few bits of context and editing to uh…. this evening’s wrap-up. Lek told me not to, but he’s not willing to lock Gawn in despite tonight and is obviously not thinking straight, if at all. I’ll be writing in italics this evening in case you can’t figure out who is who.

Clayton Oliver $593,900 MID – Was missing in the first term, Brayshaw seemed to be doing what he should be doing…looked really sore and played forward at times. I didn’t like it. But then he was able to produce 21 (CITATION NEEDED) touches, still in my team.

Citation: It was 22. Finished with 85 points and a knee niggle.

Max Gawn – $697,100 RUC – Gawn for a lack of better term, is good. But was he great? No. 68 points in a half of footy is good but missing the second half is not great. I can understand locking him in, believe me, but I haven’t seen him participate in a full preseason and that means I can’t select him. My own 10 Commandments article won’t allow me to.

James Worpel – $527,000 MID – Played through the midfield and rested in the forwardline, I feel like he deserved a higher score but gee whiz he couldn’t hit a target to save him, went at 18% in the second half. Still in consideration for my side although currently not in there.

Only 51 Supercoach points tonight, defying the Beast calculator.

Tom Mitchell – $630,900 MID – Probably best-on for the Hawks and I won’t begrudge anyone for selecting him. I worry about how he tires out as the season progresses, historically blokes don’t recover from leg injuries in year one.

Had 24 touches and 111 Supercoach points.

Jonathon Ceglar – $417,000 RUC/FWD – Was solid in the ruck. McEvoy played in defence again for large chunks of the game and as a result Ceglar impressed me. He’ll produce for you as a forward option but it takes one move from Clarko and he becomes worthless. Select him alongside Zac Smith and Sam Naismith and you’re set.

Scored 107 against one half of Gawn and one half of Jackson. Had 18 touches and 11 contested possessions.

James Sicily – $509,500 DEF – He was fine but I’m happy upgrading to him later on. McEvoy CLEARLY STEALING HIS POINTS!

Had 28 touches – 20 of them kicks – and finished on 89 Supercoach points. Big Boy had 66, but “good players don’t steal points from good players, they steal points from… uh…” wait is Big Boy technically good?

Jack Viney – $439,300 MID – Was really, really good for the Melbourne. This isn’t the year for mid-price midfielders but he’ll be the pick of that bunch.

Tom McDonald – $387,000 FWD – This guy averaged like 90+ two years ago but even at sub-$350k I’m not taking a punt.

Scored 52.

Brayshaw – $452,400 MID – The forgotten man in this Melbourne side showed that he can ruin Petracca with one easy move: by playing. Better than Spudgus at Fremantle. #BrayshawBreakout

Christian Petracca – $441,300 FWD – Had time and space in the midfield…it helps that he’s never burnt me before, but I’m still not sold. I think I’m willing to pay $40k more and trade him in if I need to.

He had 23 touches and 67 Supercoach points. Didn’t look anywhere near as damaging as last week.

Wingard – $412,300 FWD – Got destroyed by Alex Neal-Bullen in the first term, Patch loved it. He wrote about it in his diary. Plenty of midfield time but didn’t use it. No sleeves = no talent.


Jay Lockhart – $283,700 DEF – Looking at my notes, I can’t work this one out. It just says ” Squirmy worm”.

There’s no context to give here. I’m just as lost as you are.

Toby Bedford – $123,900 FWD – Kicked a goal, weighs half of my weight. Don’t expect him to play heaps.

Luke Jackson – $198,300 RUC – Basketball background was mentioned, as a result I’ll not be talking about this man again.

I will be. He scored 67 from 49 per cent game time, and while he won’t do that every week with free reign in the ruck, gosh he’s going to be a beast.

Aaron Vandenberg – $248,000 MID/FWD – Was promising last week but a bruised foot limited him to 5 disposals in a half of footy. No from me.

Bailey Fritsch – $413,900 FWD/DEF: Square head.

Tomlinson and Langdon looked really good but aren’t worth selecting. Steven May was excellent and took most of the kickouts – I won’t touch him in the real thing but if you’re in a draft league and he slides, nab him. Cross Patton (40 points) off your list but Harry Morrison might need some investigating at 280k. Probably don’t go him over Robbo but did score 82 at 290k in defence.

What did you take out of the game, community? Who fired you up and got you interested? Are you off the Petracca bandwagon?

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Cheers lads, wasn't really ever on the Tracca bandwagon, I listen to Neil, who knows Melbourne…Petracca is a perpetual disappointer.


Well it sounds like it wasn’t a good night for Oliver


Have you seen the revised bye rounds on your KFC Supercoach Team Page?…mine says 4, 7, 9, 10…I can live with that…will change though.


That's weird John, did you buy the $20 stats season pass…Surely you can't have that many players out?
Round 11 is counted as a bye round now cause of the Toyota Corona Virus.


Oh ok, sorry mate didn't mean to make ya panic haha, just Saints and Port players now have bye round 11, but it's not best's still best 22.


Unusual I think to have so few missing in round 12, if you could reduce that to 10 or 11, you'd probably be sweet, that will happen when you trade though.


Whether it’s across 3 rounds or 4 you have 30 players and they’ll each have a bye. The calculator obviously just works on the team you currently have so shouldn’t the numbers add up to 30.

I’m concerned that one of the corona virus symptoms might be stupidity. Have a look at all the toilet paper hoarders.

This is spreading fast….


Yep If you want a laugh (and cringe) go to a Costco around opening time and watch the madness unfold.


A few nasty house fires fuelled by. Stockpiled toilet paper might pull things into line


What about Viney? Freako just tweeted this:

"Jack Viney (119 and 133) has outscored Clayton Oliver (136 and 84) across the two games. Could pocket $154k by making a switch. One to ponder."

and I'll admit it's got me thinking. I won't go there as a midfield mid-pricer (I think) but he's looked back to his best this pre-season.


Hey John, unless he's injured or something, Clarry is head and shoulders above the other 2..he's a season keeper whilst the other 2 are good occasionally.


He got 90 SC from 72% gametime, Fanfooty has live-ish stats during the game for each game.


Oh that was Brayshaw John…Clarry got 84 SC from 82% gametime…it was a pretty boring game, not sure it was all 100% effort from the Dees, more of a runaround and fitness test for Gawn etc


Melbourne would be pretty keen to win whatever they can including the meat tray raffle at the aftermatch. They are working hard to retain a membership base that are more than a little pi553d after last year’s debacle. Sponsors want results and even the playing group needs to be convinced they can win games.

Oliver looked sore but surely they wouldn’t risk him? Two weeks to freshen him and a few others up. I thought roles were tinkered with last night so we saw a lot more of Harmes and Brayshaw while Petracca and Oliver were less prominent. Once the real stuff starts Oliver will be Oliver and the questions about Petracca will be answered.


I watched the game closely, at least until 3/4 time when I couldn’t watch it anymore.

The things I noticed;

I forgot how bad at kicking Worpel is. Most times when he decides to kick the ball, the next person to touch the footy was a melb player. He tries hard and gets it a lot, but won’t be even top 20 midfielder

Titch looked very good. It was a lazy 112, but st times he looked sharp and quick. Easy hawks best. Have a look again at his 2018 and 2017 scores, all 22 rounds, and think long and hard about WHEN you are going to get him this year. He might have just replace Cripps in my team. Obviously his leg is the only concern, but it is if the hawks manage his TOG or give him a week off. If he got his full 30% discount he would be locked.

Oliver looks stronger this year, I like. He got a knock to his right knee in second quarter and had it strapped. Clearly slowed him down. Will wait on injury reports now to see if he is ok. Currently in my team, but I’m a little worried about the knee.

Big Maxy struggled with Ceglars height to start with, but soon got back into his groove, taking some really good contested marks. Didn’t like the look of so much tape on his leg but hopefully it was just precaution. Went off at half time which must have been a plan. 68sc from a half is nice going, but Ceglar is no A grader. I’m going to be tinkering with my R2 for the next week

Petracca has me very confused. By half time he had ticked all my boxes. Was playing in the guts, was kicking the ball, was breaking out of takles, he was in my team. However his half time score was 38sc. And his final score of 72sc from 89% TOG has me confused. What did he do wrong? Was it Bradshaw’s fault or is that as good as it will be for Petracca. He didn’t do enough for me.

I really liked Sicily’s game. 95sc but he started very slow. Didn’t see him taking too many intercept marks, having BigBoy and Frawley back there worries me a bit, but He is the hawks only way out of defence and he racked up the points in the second half with his clearing kicks. He didn’t take many of the kick ins, the hawks seemed to play on quickly so the nearest player took the kick, I think in real stuff he will get more, especially with out Hardwick. Houston took his place last week, but he might have just won his place back.


Nice recap Derek, I reckon you could fit Sicily and Houston in there with a bit of juggling, with Laird, all nice bargains this year.


If I don’t have Gawn I could




What are your thoughts on Scully Derek. Doesn’t seem to get it enough for me but works hard running both ways lays tackles and price is low…..


I was going to mention him, but he isn’t SC relevant. Would be a nice M7 in draft

As a hawks fan I loved his game. Got him for nothing.

Also liked the look of Skrimshaw, young fella can play and we got him for nothing.


$356k for Scully, that an ok price. I’d think he could do as well as Devon, but as a midfielder he will always need to be upgraded at some stage


I wouldn’t think they’d have to pay him much either, his first 6 years at GWS at over a million a year would have to place him in the most over paid of all time category. Maybe he can finally deliver some value after all


Anybody know what the story is with Trent Rivers? Missed both Marsh series games. No chance for round one now?


Thanks Neil. Will plonk him on the watch list. The rookie options are as rare as sharks teeth at the minute. Let them appear over the next three days please. Sorry about draft the other day NDD. Got dragged away for work and could not get back in time to participate. Hopefully my side from last year will be competitive. Cheers mate. TH


People at my local Coles were stocking up on torches and batteries. Knew there was a potential bug outbreak but missed any news on a cyclone or zombie apocalypse.