MARSH SERIES REPORT: Adelaide v Gold Coast

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This game really answered plenty of questions regarding SuperCoach selections. I don’t like either team all that much, but it was a close game, which made reviewing it relatively entertaining. Anyway, what happened? Let me tell you.


Brodie Smith ($481,300 DEF) – He had a great game off the half back flank, on the wing, and sneaking forward at times. Snagged a goal with plenty of disposals. 123 points from 34 touches is a great effort, but I doubt it’s a result that’ll force people to pick him.

Rory Laird ($525,800 DEF) – He was situated off the half back flank, and scored like the Laird we know and love. He’ll be a top defender come the end of the year, and you’ll make no mistakes starting him. 132 points off 32 disposals (84% efficiency).

Rory Sloane ($559,300 MID) – Ticked the legs over in the loss today. 82 points from 19 touches is nothing to write home about, but I’m sure he just wanted a run before the real stuff begins.

Matt Crouch ($563,000) – He had a decent crack today, but not for a big score. 27 disposals for 87 points, he won’t force his way into anyone’s sides. Once again, better for the run, but the game didn’t mean anything so don’t expect monster efforts.

Reilly O’Brien ($517,400 RUCK) – He was beaten by Zac Smith today. Really scares me now as a prospect. 60 points off 21 touches and 24 hit outs is actually quite a low score, I don’t understand the maths. His efficiency by foot was pretty shocking, though. He’s easily the number one ruck, so take confidence in that.

Ben Crocker ($152,000 FWD) – Crocker is an interesting prospect. Delisted by the Magpies, he was given a chance at Adelaide and has apparently worked his way into their best 22. He kicked one goal, but missed an easy shot on goal in the last 10 seconds too. Finished with 56 points off 15 touches.

Fischer McAsey ($184,800 DEF) – Hopefully plays round one. He looked very composed down back, but his role is primarily lock down, from what I can gather. Had 12 disposals and kicked a goal, but only scored 47 points in a full game. With the lack of rookies he might be one to pick, but won’t be a high scorer.

Wayne Milera ($402,500 DEF/MID) – With Laird and Smith playing big games, understandably Milera’s role shrunk. He only had 14 touches for 57 points, so he might be a bit up and down. He needs a SuperCoach friendly role to excel, but not for me.

Chayce Jones ($271,500 FWD) – Did nothing to suggest he’s a breakout option. Played predominantly forward for 12 disposals and 34 points. No for me.

Jordan Butts ($123,900 DEF) – I was disappointed that he didn’t feature today, but I guess that’s where he sits. I would be surprised now if he features round one, but ask Barron von Crow.

Will Hammill ($123,900 DEF) – read above 🙂


Darcy MacPherson ($443,800 MID/FWD) – He should be locked into your side. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the top scoring forward at the end of the year. He will play a pivotal role in the Gold Coast midfield this year. 31 touches and 1.2 led to 128 SuperCoach points, which is his second great hit out.

Zac Smith ($254,700 RUCK) – He beat Reilly O’Brien pretty convincingly in this matchup. 39 hit outs and 16 disposals forces you to take him half seriously. But with Witts coming back soon, surely his role diminishes. I feel like Naismith from Sydney has a much better job security.

Will Brodie ($435,800 MID) – Brodie had a good first half, and quietened down a bit in the second half.  Finished with 88 points from 28 disposals. Good draft option, but won’t be a big time scorer.

Matt Rowell ($207,300 MID) – Only played in the first half, but Rowell did enough to get himself locked into most people’s teams. He was clean for his 14 disposals in the first half, and I imagine he’s being saved for round one. He had 46 points at half time, but his score dropped to 36 by full time as they allocated all the points. 57% efficiency is worrying though.

Hugh Greenwood ($463,100 MID/FWD) – Suddenly he’s no longer an attractive prospect from the Gold Coast, with MacPherson overtaking him. Still will get plenty of midfield minutes, but didn’t do great rotating forward. 75 points from 16 disposals isn’t exactly awful, but his disposal efficiency (54%) was. Not a bad prospect if he straightens up his kicking.

Noah Anderson ($202,800 MID) – Also only featured in the first half, and only managed 6 disposals. Will play round one and should make a fair amount of cash, but Rowell is much better at almost the same price.

Jeremy Sharp ($117,300 MID) – Sharp only featured in the second half, and did pretty well. He had 14 touches for 42 points, and two games in the Marsh Series makes you think he’ll feature round one.

Connor Budarick ($106,900 MID/FWD) – Another option that only featured for a half, Budarick didn’t play until the third quarter. He had 8 touches but still scored 37 points, and hopefully provides us with another rookie priced option.

That’s it from me, community! Who did you like, who did I miss, and how much did your team change after this one? Let me know!

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Jorg Ancrath

MacPherson is a lock. Only in 2% of teams. Let's hope no one saw this game. Rowell has done enough. Laird justifying his spot at D1.


MacPherson will be sitting besides Petracca in my forwardline. Could easily be a preseason trap but I think I'll be going for it

Jorg Ancrath

He seems to be playing the role we expected Greenwood to fill. Looks good for a 90 average minimum. Worth a crack.


I would swap Petracca out for Parish or Rozee


I have been rotating those 3 for about a week Russty. One of them will break out but they always seem to step up a year after you expect them to.


Agree Brown, Parish looks the goods for me…he was supreme the other day, No Heppell there though.


I'm pleased that Petracca got a lower score tonight. I'm very confident on him and don't want everyone else to have him. Was the 11th highest scoring forward last year, will get more midfield time, and looks noticeably fitter. Has looked untackleable in both of the Marsh games.


Go for it green I hope you're right, I'm taking some very speculative picks myself, never know how it's gonna turn out in this game. If he could get to 90 or so for you, it'd be a win I think, he's such a promising player though, I just hoped he would've been averaging more than 81 by now.
This could be the year.


I’m not sure McPherson should be “locked” into anyone’s sides. Played fantastic today no doubt, but anyone who thinks he’s a lock has never watched preseason games before.

Could be a great pick but could also be a trap. At his price I would want to see him do it in the real stuff and pick him up later on, won’t rise too much in price regardless.


He had his best year last year, he's no less or more of a risk than Petracca, Parish, Rozee, Steven, Dawson or Greenwood, I read somewhere that he might not get the midfield opportunities so much this year, but it looks like if he does, he scores and plays well so why wouldn't Dewey leave him there?…time will tell.


Sounds a lot like Aaron Hall of a few years ago.


Yeah Hall kept getting injured and dropped for poor defensive efforts though didn't he?…not sure, I vaguely remember that.


I remember last year when Dom Sheed lit up the pre-season and look what happened there. I hope he goes well but at his price I am willing to pick him up later and congratulate all those who picked him first.

Wyld One

Considering Adelaide have 3 or 4 of the running HB flankers. Common sense says one of them will have to play midfield. It look to me that one was Brodie Smith. If he’s in their structure as a mid, nearly makes him a lock doesn’t it?


Good observation Wyld, it'd be good to get confirmation from the Coach before selecting him though.


It's Brayshaw vs MacPherson for me. Convince me either way people?