Marsh Series Report | Richmond v Collingwood

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A perfect day for football on the first day of Autumn. Last year’s Premiers and Preliminary finalist squared off in their first hit out of the pre-season. Collingwood got out to a 4 goal lead in the first quarter, but Richmond pegged them back 10 points at 3/4 time. Collingwood then kicked the next 5 goals of the game to seal it easily. It’s very hard to judge the form of these 2 teams with players like Cotchin, Martin, Lynch, Riewoldt, Edwards, and Houli missing for Richmond, while Collingwood was without Pendles, Grundy, Sidebottom, Moore, Howe, Stephenson, Quaynor, and Greenwood
I don’t think anything came out of this game that was truely Supercoach worthy, no unexpected rookies stood out, and with premo players missing, it’s very hard to judge the likely output of those sub-premo mid pricers who you want to step up.

Dion Prestia – $550,200 MID – Impressed with 84pts from 68% game time today. 6 tackles, 8 CPs, 5 clearances and 1 goal for a good spread of points. Only downside was 62% disposal efficiency. Otherwise, a solid midfield premo for the start of the season.

Nick Vlastuin – $495,500 DEF – 106pts from 76% TOG today for Vlastuin. Looked pretty solid through the backlines. Vlastin’s SC average has been increasing year on year, 78, 81, 91. 25 years old, 141 games. Is 2020 the year he steps into the top 6 Defenders? 98pts (Tom Stewart) did it last year.

Sydney Stack – $435,100 DEF – Stack didn’t have the best end to 2019 missing the GF through an ankle injury, but he was a must have player last year’s supercoach. But is he just one of a large number of Supercoach irrelevant players this year (mid price risk), or will his meteoric rise continue? 79pts accumulated today, from 72 % TOG and I’m just not sure.

Ivan Soldo – $404,300 RUC – Looks like Soldo has taken over the #1 ruck role for Richmond. But only 46pts from 68% game time. If you aren’t going for a Grundy Gawn combination, you probably still would consider Soldo.

Dylan Grimes – $399,500 DEF – Solid 75 points from Grimes today, but he’s probably not Supercoach relevant. 28 years old, 150 games. His highest season average came in 2012 with 78 points. I don’t see that changing dramatically.

Marlion Pickett – $123,900 MID – He looked evasive but his disposal not always as silky as you’d hope. 4 Free kicks against definitely didn’t help him. Although I think we all judge Picket a little harshly, as if he’s played a full season or two. Hard to remember he’s only played 1 game. 61pts from 79% game time. 12 CPs, 7 clearances, 4 tackles. At $123k he’s probably in everyone’s team already as he should be.

Liam Baker – $403,900 DEF/FWD – Baker was in EVERYTHING today. 120pts from 87% TOG is a fair indicator of what we could expect this season, but I’m not sure he’ll rack up those sort of numbers in a full Richmond team, come round 1. His DEF/FWD position does make him an interesting choice as he could provide cover across 2 lines.

Jayden Short – $349,300 DEF – Very good game from Short today. 113pts from 84% TOG. 8 marks, 4 CPs, took a few of Richmond’s kick ins. But is he a trap? last year we all expected Short to be the beneficiary of the new kick in rule, but Houli took that role more than expected. Is Short’s score today and abberation due to Richmond’s absences?

Jack Higgins – $358,800 FWD – Nothing special from Higgins today, but just wanted to acknowledge how good it is to see players come back from pretty horrific trauma.


Chris Mayne – $406,700 MID – Mayne stepped up today in the absence of some key Collingwood mids. 119pts, 85% TOG, 10 marks. But in reality, he’s a 31 year old who hasn’t averaged more than 80 in the last 4 seasons. You wouldn’t think this year would be any different.

Josh Daicos – $259,000 MID – Daicos’s skills were on display as he slotted a couple of goals with ease and precision. Along with 84 points from 71% TOG, and an excellent 88% disposal efficiency. Daicos only played 5 games last year, so I’m not sure if he’s locked down a role in the best 22. At $259k, there are cheaper cash cows to milk (and then slaughter).

Jordan DeGoey – $473,800 FWD – DeGoey was competing with Mabior Chol for the blondest hair today, and won that competition in a split decision. There have been reports of DeGoey returning to training a little unprepared, but his 3 goals, 4 marks, 6 CPs wiped those thoughts from our minds. But he only accumulated 71pts from 72% TOG. I know forwards can be a bit up and down, but he’s never averaged over 90 for the season, and never played a full season. Not sold on him this season.

Adam Treloar – $615,800 MID – I was looking forward to saying 112pts from 71% game time… “Lock him in, Eddie”. Until a mid last quarter hammy undid Treloar. Highly likely he will miss Round 1 so it’s time to trade him out of you’ve got him.

Darcy Cameron – $123,900 RUC/FWD – Cameron has been my go to guy for R3 for many years, and his DPP makes him attractive for that role still. But despite having a game high 127pts, 20 hit outs, 7 marks 2 goals … he’s not getting past Grundy, and Cox will be second ruck while playing forward. Playing in the same team as my likely VC loophole means I can’t use him for a floating donut, so unless Grundy missed a chunk of the season, I don’t think Cameron will get much SC love this year.

Taylor Adams -$525,100 MID – Looked pretty comfortable inside and out today. 12 CPs 18 handballs, 112pts from 75% TOG. There’s always questions around Taylor’s durability, and I definitely think those questions are warranted. Is Adams just a High Priced Risk?

Jack Crisp – $482,800 DEF – I love and hate Crisp at the same time. I kept him all season last year, thinking he was a lock for top 6, but he just couldn’t get there. A string of 80s and then a 120 would keep me happy. But he never averaged more than high 80’s. Today he racked up 118pts in 63% TOG. He’s such a tease, and I’ll still probably pick him, but if you’re a more strong willed person than I … don’t be fooled. Premo price, and just under premo output.

Brayden Maynard – $433,900 DEF – 105pts from 85% game time for Maynard, despite 3 free kicks against him. Collingwood has a few good defenders, Crisp, Howe, Moore … and Maynard will be competing with them for points. 2 of those guys didn’t play today. Who will he be taking points from?

Mark Keane – $123,900 DEF – The young Irishman looked very good in his first run for the Pies. 85 points from 85% game time, means he could be a starter depending on their team make-up and other availabilites.

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Had Treloar locked as well before the hammy struck…. Keen on Keane! Nice write up knackers…. cheers!

Clem Fandango

Cameron will replace Cox in the best 22 for sure. Cox is a very mediocre ruck, and Cameron is more mobile and has better footy skills.


Bucks very impressed with Cameron, think he has gone past Cox.


Hope that's the case Fandango, Cameron could be a very effective forward/ pinch hitter ruck and Cox would probably benefit from a year or 2 playing in the twos and finding his feet.


There are a lot of options just over and just under Treloar price that are good alternatives. Would have to be a flip of the coin which of these has a better season. They don’t have those dodgy Treloar Hammies though. This is a guy who once did both hamstrings at the same time. That’s quite a trick unless you use a trampoline a couple of mates and a slab of cans.

I get that a Pies supporter might like Treloar in but there are better Collingwood options if that’s what’s important


The one of interest I would have thought is Mark Keane. Never heard of him and wasn't on watchlist but now is. We have any idea on his job prospects?

Shake n bake

irishman slotted in very well ytday. Howe and Darcy to come back into that def. making spots hard to come by Noble Crisp carry the ball Maynard will take smallest fwd Rough Darcy lockdown Howe floater. But l definitely think hell get his chance down the line. hes very good.

Shake n bake

Definitely l think at some stage he’ll get his chance. Don’t think he’ll be there rd 1 but one to keep an eye on. Got probably the most game time out of all playing ytday.


Might head down to the beach and float my doughnuts.


Just don't go diving down at Sugarloaf's probably one of he most dangerous places in the world to enter the water for any reason. It's one of my local beaches.


Give gunnamatta a miss too

Intel Design

Astonished at the lack of cash league interest this year. Have people given up the ghost or is it too much work these days? Is SC dying? Hmmmmm, I do wonder.


Not much interest in anything in the last few days..don't think those 2 summary threads at the top of the page help much…I'm sure plenty of cash Leagues will pop up in the last week or so before the big show starts.
It's just the calm before the storm mate.


Cameron will go past cox, and Keane won’t play a game unless there’s injuries.


Cameron should already be past Cox …Cox is a bit of an unco American, needs some more time to develop, Cameron would be hungry as hell to get his Career kick-started into high gear, he's 24.


Hey guys, how about a fresh "show us your Team" thread?…I think things have changed ALOT since 3 or 4 weeks ago…and things are still very uncertain 16 days, 18 hours and 54 seconds out.
It'd be interesting to see what kind of Teams we're rocking lately, I know mine has changed a hell of a lot of times in all manner of ways we invest our hard earned in more midpricers and less Guns and uncertain rookies or hope the rookies show up?

It's difficult to gauge at the moment.

Jorg Ancrath

Mine changes hourly.


I know what ya mean team changes like the Weather and could end up as anything lol, it's harder when rookies are uncertain, hopefully things will become clearer in the last week.


I just checked my team again and I have tons of midpricers lol, it'll be a good year or a really bad one for me I think.


This could be a year you build your side around what rookies are playing oppose to picking your guns first and plugging the holes.


I think we will be ok.

Mids there are usually a few, even if need to pay extra.

SHill is a lock if he gets through the next Marsh game. Rookie priced. With his DPP it helps plug the gap in defence or attack.


I only require 6 rookies to get a game. 3 in the forward line is my biggest concern at present.


Hi Mate. you actually need all your rooks playing otherwise they don't make you any moolah and are dead wood.

Jorg Ancrath

Are either Doedee or Roberton certain started R1?

Jorg Ancrath

I was pretty keen on Doedee early on. Reckon he's good for 80ave, which gets the job done. Roberton worries me more. Hopefully both get up R1.


The lack of obvious rookies this year really changes our strategy. A guns and rookies approach is not so obvious so a good mid priced is more valuable than ever. I was going to run with Joel Selwood because he is a gun at the price, BUT, at way less than Joel , under 400 k and DPP, does Nathan Jones now become very Super Coach relevant. NDD your thoughts here, in years past Jones no but now???


Joel is touch and go for round 1. Either way he will be underdone.


We will have to wait and see Round 1 as usual, but I am contemplating having to have non- playing loophole rookie in the back line (probably crazy), especially if both Darcy Cameron and Tristan Xerri play.
I believe there is a possibility of North playing Xerri as a swingman forward and defence, and then giving Goldstein a breather when required.


Suggest if you haven’t check out the up to date Injury List on the AFL web


Finally a rook might start to show themselves with hibberd a chance to play on the weekend. 🤠



Great to see you back doing what you love.

All the best, another goal of the year just around the corner? 😉


Good to see the little dynamo back amongst it, must've been hell for him missing all that time.