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The Battle of Sydney’s preseason was a rather lopsided one this time round, with the Giants winning by 94 points. It had plenty of SuperCoach relevance, however it would’ve been nice if some of the big names were playing. Coniglio, Whitfield, Greene, Haynes, Cameron and Kelly all played State of Origin last night, so they didn’t feature for GWS. Both Jake Lloyd, Callum Mills and Tom Papley played in the fundraiser clash, so didn’t feature in the Marsh series game.

Greater Western Sydney

Tim Taranto ($555,900 MID) was the big name in GWS’s midfield that I wanted to watch, since Kelly, Whitfield and Coniglio all played in the State of Origin game. Unfortunately, he dislocated his shoulder barely five minutes in and didn’t feature after that. Expect him to miss a fair chunk of the season, and cross him off your list.

Jackson Hately ($301,600 MID) really stepped up in an empty Giants’ engine room, with 25 touches and a goal in 76% game time. His disposal efficiency was 96%, with 12 of his possessions contested. His 129 SuperCoach points topped the charts for the game.

Jacob Hopper ($520,200 MID) has been stuck behind a long list of guns, but today he showed he was a special talent, with 28 touches and a goal in 76% game time. He scored 114 points, but don’t expect as good midfield time with the State of Origin boys coming back.

Tom Green ($166,800 MID) had extended time in the centre today, and showed why he’s such a good prospect. He had 21 touches and two goals, finishing with 105 SuperCoach points, however don’t expect him to retain his spot for round one.

Lachlan Ash ($193,800) was the number four pick at last year’s draft, and is an exciting talent off the half back flank. He had 19 touches at 94% efficiency (85 points), but I don’t see how he fits when Zac Williams and Nick Haynes come back.

Zac Langdon ($218,300 FWD) scored 100 points with five goals, but as a small forward he is probably not going to score that well often. He’s also too expensive to have as an inconsistent forward option.

Sam Jacobs ($348,400 RUCK) had 23 hit outs to go with 11 disposals, and scored 66 points off 70% game time. It may have just been a run around to get rid of the rust, but he’s not an option for me.

Isaac Cumming ($245,000 DEF), Xavier O’Halloran ($123,900 MID), Nick Shipley ($123,900 MID), and Jye Caldwell ($190,100) all played, with a mixture of results. Cumming had 23 touches, O’Halloran had 7 in 62% TOG, Shipley had 12 touches in 40% TOG, and Caldwell had 11 touches and a goal in 59%. None of these guys will likely feature regularly when the real stuff starts.


Jordan Dawson ($467,800 DEF/FWD) did plenty off the half back to intrigue those not interested, and to cement beliefs of those who have him already. He had 19 touches and 7 tackles in 91% TOG. He was clean coming out of defence, going at 84% efficiency. Watch to see how he goes lined up with Jake Lloyd, once he returns from the State of Origin. He had 124 points for the Swans; the highest for his teams.

Luke Parker ($570,700 MID) had 24 touches and a goal for 95 points. He’s been a great option for years, however I don’t know if his midfield role will be reduced now that Sydney are transitioning into a more youthful side.

Josh P. Kennedy ($579,000 MID) had just 18 touches, but 10 were contested and he only played two thirds of the game. His 84 points were good, but I can’t imagine he’s going 100% in these preseason games.

Sam Naismith ($251,500) got through the game unscathed, with is the most promising outcome. His performance was strong, especially in 55% TOG. He had 10 touches and 28 hit outs, as well as two missed shots at goal. He could be a really intriguing R2/R3 option, depending on how brave you are.

Will Gould ($117,300 DEF), or as Lek has lovingly renamed him, Will Glued, had a great game and should be glued into your team. He only scored 68 points, but his 10 touches went at 100% efficiency, and he only played in 68% of the game. His body is definitely ready for regular AFL football, and should be in Sydney’s round one team.

Oliver Florent ($373,400 MID) had 24 touches, but went at 50% efficiency, which hurt his scoring and kept it to 66 points. At his price, I wouldn’t select him and fill a valuable midfield position.

Sam Gray ($386,600 FWD) didn’t do enough to really interest me at his price. He had 19 touches, but featured heavily in a midfield/forward role. I don’t think many would select him off his 66-point performance.

Dylan Stephens ($189,300 MID) received a massive rev-up in the preseason, however didn’t do much that would justify his high price tag as a midfield rookie option. He had 13 touches in 73% TOG for a score of 38 points, so I would wait to see how he goes before the season starts.

Michael Knoll ($123,900 RUCK), Chad Warner ($117,300 MID), and Sam Wicks ($123,900) didn’t do much to give themselves a chance to play in the real stuff, however Justin McInerney ($123,900 MID) had a good game, with 19 disposals for 80 points. He’s an outside midfield option who debuted last season in round four. I don’t see how he slots in to the main stuff, so I guess it’s wait and see.

That’s it for me, community! Who did you like from this game?

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Jorg Ancrath

Naismith R2. How big are your plums?


A shame he isn't a Ruck/Fwd..he looked ok though.


Naismith and Cameron R1 and R2..Xerri R3….hahah stack the rest of your team with premos.


Did Heeney play on Friday night?


No mate, he's still recovering from his Thumb and it was today the game.


I heard he will be ready for rd2 in the Marsh series


Surely Green after that game comes in for Taranto’s spot. He looked very good and got better as the game progressed.

Ash looked ready. He’s going to be a good player. He’s a chance to get the defence bench rotation spot.

If these 2 aren’t named round 1, the rookie cupboard looks very thin. It’s messing with my team structure.


The problem is that most of the rookies are expensive.
Green looked very good, GWS had their B team playing and made Sydney look terrible.


Hasn't Hately also pushed his case for selection?…he scored 129 and has played half a dozen games or so.


How'd Rowbottom look? I loved his prospects last year but played as a FP predominantly, but was very exciting when he got his opportunity through the middle! Price is off-putting presently though, unless you have something special to remark?


The theme to this write up seems to be GWS = bad. Sydney = Good. I jest, twas a great read, good work!


Lloyd & Dawson – As noted above we need to see them playing together to see what there roles are ? most have LLoyd including me