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It was a scrappy, if somewhat spiteful, match as the Blues headed west to *checks notes* David Grays Arena (?) this evening for the first “competitive” hitout for both sides in 2020. Both sides had plenty of rookie flavour in this one, and in Fremantle’s case a bunch of midprice breakout candidates. If you’ve been tuning into the Jock Reynolds podcast over the summer you’ll be aware that Damo has predicted every single one of these will break out in 2020.

Both sides were guilty of some poor delivery inside 50 and poor kicking for goal in general which made for a frustrating night. Not quite microwave your membership stuff as both sides were missing some key personal, but a few kicking drills during training in the week wouldn’t go astray. The Dockers looked to try to control the footy a bit more, racking up almost double the amount of uncontested marks.

Fremantle 13.12 – 90 def Carlton 5.13 – 43 


Tobe Watson $117,300 DEF
In my pre-notes for the game my eyes locked on to the cheap mature aged defender. I’ve never seen Tobes before and let me just say, to have hair this red and live in W.A speaks volumes about his resilience as a man. Must spend a bomb on sunscreen. 

On the footy side of things, we may have something here. I thought he was better than his possession numbers suggest. Looked composed with the footy in hand and made a few nice runs from the defensive 50. 13 touches, 5 marks, and 62SC. One to chuck on your watchlist.

Rory Lobb $472,800, RUC
Absolute unit. I was really impressed by his aerial work tonight. Five of his 13 marks were contested to go along with 23 possessions. Started up forward but moved into the ruck after Sean Darcy left the field in the second quarter with a calf issue and didn’t return, so his final score may not be a true reflection on his output for the year. 123SC.

Andrew Brayshaw $382,800 FWD/MID
Been talked up all summer that a significant midfield role awaits Brayshaw. Despite a TOG% of only 60% I liked what I saw from him tonight. Had 7 tackles to go with his 19 disposals and finished with 93SC. The #BrayshawBreakout is still alive.

Lachie Schultz $208,800 FWD
I chucked him in here because he kicked 4 and gave the game a welcome spark to the game by whacking Simmo in the gob in the second quarter. You don’t really want to pick him though…

Blake Acres $384,000, FWD/MID
Hoo boy there’s about 47 midprice forwards in that awkward 350-450k range and Acres has just shot up the list with a bullet. Had it 31 times (10 contested), 6 clearances, and 6 inside 50’s for 110SC. However he was let down by a D.E% of only 48. His career average at the Saints was around the 70% mark so maybe he just had a bad night, I’m willing to overlook that for now and stash him on the watchlist. Played mostly on a wing and hovered on the outside of packs.

Adam Cerra $338,900 DEF
Really liked his game and his role tonight. There was enough midfield minutes there to keep me interested and while I’m not 100% on CBA stats, I reckon he attended his fair share. 7 marks and 19 disposals and kicked a goal as well. If you’re looking to save some cash in defence you could consider this bloke. 87SC

13. Luke Ryan 520,400 DEF
Did his thing and did it very well. Eight marks, 11 rebound 50’s in 26 disposals at 80%. 112SC. Could even challenge Laird if you’re looking for a POD at a similar price.

Caleb Serong $175,800 MID
Did enough tonight to keep me interested after a quiet start. 11 of his 14 were contested and he had 5 clearances as well, 4 of which came the third term. 11 CBA’s (4th most for the Dockers). 57SC.

James Aish $353,000 DEF
Add him to the pile of mid price options presenting themselves in defence. Was in everything in a dominant first half before moving to half back in the final term. 20 of his 24 possessions were effective and had 6 tackles. Played more of a midfield role than what he did as a Pie, watch this to see if it changes when Fyfe and Walters return. 137SC

Michael Frederick $117,300, FWD and Sam Sturt $123,900 FWD
Frederick started on the bench and didn’t get a run until the second half. Spotted him on the wing a few times but didn’t do much. Sturt was in and out of the game and probably isn’t in Freo’s round 1 plans.

Brett Bewley $252,700 FWD
Struggled to get going last year as Lyon threw him into positions where the Dockers were lacking rather than being able to play in his preferred wing role. Still rotated between forward and a wing but at the end of the day he had 92SC from 19 disposals, 3 marks, and 2 tackles. Role wise, I’m more excited about Cerra, Brayshaw, Acres, and Aish but keep him in your thoughts.


Sam Docherty $436,100 DEF
Playing his first game in eleventy billion days. There was a bit of rust there but also some of his trademark dash. He got through the game which is all we wanted out of him, but there are quite a few cheaper midprice options putting their hand up. 68SC

Matthew Kreuzer, $528,900 RUC
Kruze had a recent operation to address some heart issues. Reason enough to be cautious here, especially as we saw what happened with Roberton at the Saints.

31. Tom Williamson $146,300, DEF
Struggled to get on the park last year but was one of Carlton’s best in their scratch match against the Pies the other week. 12 touches and 52SC but how does he fit with with Simmo, Doch, and Newman? Blues do rate him though.

24. Nic Newman $524,800 DEF
Overcame a quiet first half to finish with 17 touches but it’s a lot to pay when the Doch/Simmo/Newman rebounding trio is not clear. I actually think Doch’s return will effect him more than it will Simmo. Pass.

Jack Martin $420,800 FWD/MID
Played the first half and racked up a massive 18 pressure acts. Only 9 disposals but a massive 74SC. Played deep forward in the first before getting into the midfield rotations in the second. The question of how much mid time he’ll get in season proper is still unanswered for mine. That said, based on those numbers tonight in a side that lost by 8 goals, his scoring may not be affected by the Blues’ performances. If you’re interested keep him on your watchlist.

Zac Fisher $356,100, FWD/MID
Stepped up in the absence of Cripps. Turned it over a bit too easy and probably isn’t one for SuperCoach this year. 90SC

Sam Walsh $471,900, MID
We know he’s good but it’s more a question of how good do you think he’ll get in his second year? If you’re going deep to M6 I think he’s a legit option. Had it 28 times tonight (10 contested) at 75% and 5 clearances as well. 99SC

Tom De Koning $123,900, RUC and Mark Pittonet $236,200 RUC
Kreuzer’s heart issues have opened up a potential place for these guys. Kruze took first bounce, De Koning was up forward, and Pitto on the pine. It wasn’t long before De Koning was in the ruck and he did more than enough to hold his own.  Pittonet came on in the third and his experience gained at the Hawks was obvious over the raw De Koning. I think, unfortunately from a SuperCoach perspective, Pittonet will be first in line if Kruze goes down.

How did you see this one, community?

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Put Pittonet at R2 and forget about it #BernardBreakout

Mighty Chungus

Doch's been locked all preseason, but it's a rusty 'ol lock alright…
You could maybe hack it open with a Bray-saw??
It's pretty much Cerra-y ripe for it???


It's the ol' "better for the run" conundrum. Good to get minutes into him but we've got other options. Looking forward to seeing Cerra again next week


If he was cheaper, but $430k there are many options


Options that could maybe improve or go to premo but Doch has already gotten to that level and can again I think, just needs a bit of time out there. Guys like Hunter Clark might improve or might not at all and still drop stinker scores.

Mighty Chungus

Yeah there's definitely some good options out there, but I actually thought he got better as it went… He was fairly nonchalant after the game and only talked about getting some run into the legs. If he didn't get pinged for flying the flag turnover that lead to a score, and hits a couple of targets instead of out on the full then he easily gets a 90-ish which ain't bad in a losing side. Still very much high on the watchlist for game 2 me thinks.


Love me some Luke Ryan

Jorg Ancrath

Locked and loaded.


No mention of Williamson??? With Young potentially out for Rd 1, does Williamson come into consideration as a replacement option?


Not sure Williamson plays with Doc, Simmo & Newman all in the team. De Koning would have to be a very good chance to take a forward/back up ruck role with Harry & Curnow both injured (surely a better fwd than Pittonet)

Some very enticing mid price options there for Freo.
Great writeup Kev

Jorg Ancrath

He's In my team, for now.


What are everyone's thoughts on A.Brayshaw instead of Devon Smith?


Devon has been there as a SC scorer. Almost a fallen premium.

Brayshaw is the breakout kid

I prefer the fallen premiums


Gotta agree with that philosophy Derek, I think Smith will outscore Brayshaw but then there's the question of durability, will we have to replace Smith during the year?… cutting his usefulness short and forcing another trade prematurely.

Jorg Ancrath

Treloar is the lockest of a lock for me.


Better find the key…

Jorg Ancrath

Hmm, just a twinge. He'll be fine.


Turns it over too much… Dodgy hamstrings. Many better options. Loved by a lot of Pies supporters who want to get him in but far too much downside for the rest of us


As a pies man am planning on owning him come end of season but i just rate too many guns ahead of him in the mids to start him. Came home with a wet sail post bye last year but i just reckon hes going to have that sub par game at some point to pick him up cheaper.


It'll take him awhile to get his fitness up again too once this latest thing heals up, a shame cause I was thinking of making him one of my top 5.


Oh jesus, you had me on the ginger line. Soon the carrots will reign supreme. Wonderful write up mate!


Ripping stuff Mr Kev


Now mchenry has done a hammy.
Seriously are we gonna have any rookies left rd 1?


Not looking flash is it?…I'm aiming to have no more than 6 on field if possible


Who are you thinking of bringing in John?..I've currently got 4 or so.


Townsend and Bonar types become interesting


Good to see you've come around to the midpricer frame of mind mate, I think it might be essential this year and I actually have way more than 4 haha, it'll be a boom or bust year for me I reckon.