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MARSH SERIES REPORT: Melbourne v Adelaide

Published by Patch on

Strap yourselves in, boys and girls and get your tickets at the ready because the Christian Petracca pre-season HYPE train is going around for another spin. He was absolutely dominant today against the Crows playing pure midfield. He had it 38 times (27 contested), kicked three goals and ended up with 187 Supercoach points.

We also had a gander at the new-look Crows side, and despite some yips with ball in hand early turning the ball over in the back half, they look reasonably decent? I guess? Plenty of rookie players to have a look at, but I’m no closer to telling you which ones will play and which ones won’t. Anyway, let’s crack into it.


Christian Petracca $441,300 FWD – Oh boy, here we go again. He was phenomenal. Nine contested possessions in the first quarter and playing as a pure midfielder. Looked big, looked strong, looked hungry. And, for the 17th year in a row, we’ll need to argue about if it’s a preseason honey trap or if he’s finally evolving into the Supercoach beast he was always touted as.

I can’t overstate how impressive he looked for the Dees in the middle. He looked as good as I’ve ever seen him.

Clayton Oliver $593,900 MID – Plenty of mid minutes, was just ticking the legs over. Started slow but by the end of the first quarter was back to his bullocking best. Exactly what I wanted to see from him, finishing with 31 touches, 11 tackles and 135 Supercoach points.

Luke Jackson $198,300 RUC – Hard to ask a lot of a key position player in his first hit-out. Got plenty of kilometres in the legs and had a run in the ruck without Max Gawn or Brayden Pruess but didn’t do much from a Supercoach perspective. Did get more involved as the game went along, but at this stage I wouldn’t be looking to spend $200,000 on him. Only 22 points. Pass.

Kysaiah Pickett $157,800 FWD – Gosh it didn’t take long for Melbourne’s newest excitment machine to make waves on the AFL stage. He’ll be an absolute gun and as Nick Dal Santa said on the boundary, he’ll win both mark of the year and goal of the year at some stage. However, as a small forward with an elevated price he simply won’t score consistently enough to make cash for us. Finished with 43 points.

Tom Sparrow $182,500 FWD – “Tom who?” I hear you ask? Tom Sparrow, that’s who. While Pickett will be exciting on the highlights reel, Sparrow might be exciting in our Supercoach sides. Was in plenty and plenty of centre bounces (10 in the first half) and while I didn’t realise notice him, it was because he was at the bottom of packs with eight contested possessions, 17 overall, seven tackles and a goal to see him finish with 77 Supercoach points. Only 60 per cent game time, too. We need to see him again – especially with Brayshaw in the side – but he could be one we rely on in the forward line.

Jack Viney $439,300 MID – Was very, very good and at a hell of a lot of centre bounces for the Dees. Had 119 Supercoach points and a whack of contested possessions and tackles but he’s not in my calculations. Mind you, he is absolutely value, would be an excellent draft selection and will improve on last year.

Tom McDonald $387,000 FWD – Hooly dooly. Did absolutely nothing in the first half and then exploded in the second as he became the key man for the Dees in the front end of the ground. Had 17 touches, seven marks, three goals and six tackles for for a whopping 138 Supercoach points. He’ll have weeks where he’ll score 60s and 70s but weeks where he does this. Enter that rollercoaster at your own peril – I’ll be down the bottom taking photos just as you come over the crest.

Aaron vandenBerg $248,000 FWD/MID – vandenBerg was a pre-season prospect last year and he’s back, shinier and newer than before after 12 months out injured. He looked fit, he looked hungry and scored 100 Supercoach points from 19 touches floating between the forward 50 and the midfield. Have another look before picking him.

Christian Salem – $491,200 DEF – Finished with 87 Supercoach points, took a bunch of kickouts, had 20 kicks as part of his 23 touches and kind of slid into the role he had last year. Anyone with stocks in him would have been happy with that, but he’s not one I’m racing to select just yet.

The others: Why did Essendon de-list Mitch Brown??? Why? Played the exact game the Bombers need someone to play that role, but you don’t need someone to play that role in Supercoach. Nathan Jones was scintillating but not someone I’d be look at to select despite 96 points from 46 per cent game time. Ed Langdon and Adam Tomlinson will both do good things for the Dees on the wings, but I’m not sold on them as Supercoach options.


Chayse Jones $271,500 FWD – I first saw him up forward but he quickly made himself visible streaming out of the centre bounce spearing it into the attacking 50. Was coming off the back off the square at times and despite starting slowly eventually worked into his role. You’d lock him in if he was rookie priced but at $270k I’ll need another watch. He finished with 74 points and 16 touches, with only 50 per cent of them effective.

Wayne Milera $402,500 DEF/MID – Looked like he was playing off half-back in a sweeping role early before heading up onto a wing/half forward-ish role, but honestly he was kind of everywhere. Had 29 touches and was playing an outside game, but with Rory Laird off the ground for the second half and no Brodie Smith today you’d need to see him repeat it before thinking about him too much. Did score 103 though.

Rory Sloane $559,300 MID – Did Rory Sloane things. Was put on ice at half time on 49 Supercoach points off 35 per cent game time with a corkie to his hip ending his afternoon early. Rate him as a selection, saw nothing to suggest he won’t be a premium pick again this year.

MattandBrad Crouch – Someone keeps trying to pretend there are two Crouch bothers, but I’m not buying it. That said, there are two stat lines and neither of them were incredibly impressive from a Supercoach perspective, especially with Matt looking at a week or two on the sidelines. Brad finished on 99 from 30 touches and Matt 85 from 27.

Ben Davis $123,700 FWD – Hello there Ben Davis. A lot of forward players missing for the Crows but it felt like Davis and McAdam were auditioning for one of the spots. McAdam did a bit more work up the ground though – I’m not sure. A lot of spots up for grabs and Davis put an excellent foot forward.

Rory Laird $525,800 DEF – You know who Rory Laird is you know what he does, and he did that for a half before putting his feet up in the second Scored 49 points from 13 touches. Is on track for more of the same as the past few seasons in 2020.

Shane McAdam $123,900 FWD – Had a brilliant sprint through the middle where he hit Ben Davis right on the tit at full pelt. Did some nice things but had four touches and didn’t look up to it from a Supercoach perspective.

Ned McHenry $123,900 MID – Only came on for the second half, which isn’t a great sign, but when he was on he was doing some really nice things. Six touches but five tackles were the major things boosting his score to 37. If he gets a game he’s worth having on the bench.

Reilly O’Brien $517,400 RUC – Was absolutely dominant and looked like a beast, although he was up against Sam Weideman and a raw Luke Jackson. He’ll take the role as ruck top dog like a bull by the horns and no-one’s taking it off him. Had 95 points.

Jordan Butts $123,900 DEF – Never heard of him before today, but what’s this I hear? Another defensive rookie? He was busy early following Mitch Brown up the ground but was very quiet after that. Only had 55 points.

Image result for touch the butt

The others: Tyson Stengle will play, but he’s $200,00 and as a small forward I’m not about that. Will excite everyone except Supercoachers. Ben Keays is at an awful price. Billy Frampton looked alright for $165,000 but with Fogarty, Tex and more to come back I’m not convinced he gets a game? Maybe he’ll be the backup ruck? It’s hard to say.

Plenty to unpack here community – let me know your thoughts on The Truck – is it on? Are you picking him? Hooly dooly we’ve got some things to chat about from this game.

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You’d hope sides will put more effort into stopping Trac getting off the chain like he did today, but when he has 27 contested it’s a hard thing to stop. Do you send a tagger to him and leave Oliver free? Tempting.


Good luck asking someone to tag him, he'd eat them alive




Anyone for the Trac and T-Mac double whammy?. 🙂


Reading that sentence scares me Russty


I hear ya…tis surely a recipe for disaster, throw in a pinch of Jack Martin and Tom Tiger Lynch and you have a fully formed crap-cake 😉


Any missing from the midfield tonight for the Dee's?


You’re livin’ ya life between ya legs MAV…..

Seriously I’m a hopeless Petracca fan and 440k is the biggest steal you’ll ever see.

Unfortunately I just cut and paste the above line from last year which I cut and paste from the year before which… get the idea.

But he looked fitter…….Didn’t he?

Not everyone will agree but they would have to be James Harmes mates…


He looked so, so fit Tibor. Absolute machine. Massive bolter for F3


Thought there would be a Seymour Butts Simpsons joke on there for sure Patch??!!
Not to keen on most of these Adelaide rookies, I'd take Butts @d8 due to lack of other options, maybe McHenry too.
I started Petracca & Smith 2 years ago and I've still got burn marks from Petracca, but I'm all set to go them again.

Tibor Train Driver

Get on board The Tracca train Shark, this has to be the year


Ha! I was in the Supercoach zone and completely missed it


Thanks Patcheroo…most of us here appreciate your ongoing efforts and your humour too so…haters go get stuffed lol, Petracca!…doing his usual pre-season thing by tempting the living crap out of us, he was freaking dominant today, tell ya what, T-Mac looked allright too.
Can anyone tell me…is Chayce Jones worth serious consideration, what do you see him being able to average?


Thanks Russty! Was blowing out the cobwebs last night but gosh there was a lot from tonight's game to fit in.

The Truck is back to tease us again and I'm all for it. I'd want an 80 average minimum from Chayce and I didn't see enough to convince me we'll get it. He looked good in patches but at that price he's a pass for mine.


Exactly right Russty, love ya work Patchy boy!
For the first time ever I don’t think I’ll buy into Petracca but excuse me as I see if I can fit him in at F3;)


Thanks mate! I'm not buying in yet but he looked phenomenal today.


Rowell 67 at half time, Holy Moly!…I think he might be worth the 207k


61 for Greenwood too, so many mid-pricers! D.Smith, Steven, Acres now Greenwood. Still got guys like Docherty, Roberton and Doedee too in the backline to select from


I heard the Doch's going ok, it's a shame we didn't get to see Roberton or Doedee play, not sure if Robbo gets into the Saints best 22 anymore, there's a bit of competition there now, I've got Doedee pencilled in so hopefully get to see him run around next week.
Wonder if Rowell can be even better than Walsh in his first year?


Yeah makes it tough if Doedee and Roberton only play one game in Marsh Cup. I’m more confident in Roberton but I don’t think with my structure he’ll get in. I reckon he can just because he seems to have a more all round game with majority contested football


I'm all in on Rowell now mate, just seeing the way he goes about it, wants to get in and under and involved in everything when he can, reminds me of Clarry in his 2nd year and not just for the hair colour.
Reckon he's gonna be one of the Gold Coast's best pretty quickly.


Hopefully he still goes well against a team thats trying.


Hasn't left my side


Sloane… No way. On my never again list.


Good question NDD, but I can't imagine he's the one to make way there. Looked like a man possessed. Does Jones move forward?


Can’t see a place in the midfield for Jones. Put Brayshaw back in, they underused Harmes… l like Jones as a fwd, he loves a goal. Makes it tough for Spargo. To get a gig, Fritsch also a late out… Injuries will dictate how it all ends up..


Harmes was barely sighted – I'm not sure how the Dees can send Tracca back forward after that but you're right, someone has to make way. Fingers crossed we see a full side in a few weeks and that helps answer the question


It’s a deep midfield in the absence of injury. A lot of those players can genuinely play as fwd or mid. Guarantee if Tracca or Oliver get a tagger like De Boer they will go fwd and be isolated a bit like Tigers do with Dusty. I reckon the midfield minutes get shared over a wide group week to week depending on match ups, fitness or whatever. A few injuries changes all though.


Cheers George.

We're all well aware he's a preseason machine who's yet to deliver during the season from a Supercoach standpoint, and I've said we'll watch him again next game to see if he can back it up. It's still his biggest game he's played – sure, it was against an undermanned Crows midfield in a practice game, but that hunger and sustained midfield time isn't something I've seen from him before. He was electric, and if he's in that same role when the real deal starts he'll be scoring a lot more than five tons in 2020.

How would you have written his game up?


We're making money?? That's news to me, I've been losing money to server costs and audio editing software for two years. Have the rest of them been at the pub without me?


He wasn't saying Petracca's the next SC Messiah George nor that he was someone we should all pick, nor misleading us as to his past accomplishments.
What is very evident is that you seem to have some kind of personal vendetta against the guys who run this blog and I'm not sure why but it's not called for on here and getting kinda boring. This isn't the time of year for these kind of negative snipering attacks.
Seriously why can't we all get along?…it's a lot more fun, if you don't like it here or disagree with the admin guy's way of doing things, you don't have to come here.


Well said Russty. The reviews are simply someones opinion, we all make our own decisions. I appreciate that people take the time to provide a guide to the games and its interesting to read the discussions and different views. Criticism is silly, take the site for what it is – a community who enjoy supercoach.


Thanks mate – I'm all for criticism, and sometimes it's warranted, but the thing I love about this site is most of the time it's well meaning and well directed and brings some of the beautiful debates we have.


There isn’t too many around the $400 – $450k price that you would pick ahead of Petracca. Including Docherty.

He will have natural progression this year that should add another 5pts to his average. If Melb win 10+ games he will improve even more. He could easy be 85-88 this year. Throw in he has only missed one game in last 3 seasons, he is in the discussion for a place in the forward line.

Shake n bake

Good draw aswell had him in my team nearly from the start


Bloody hell tracca not again!
Why oh why do you tease us so?
Could this be your year? Could it?
Don't think I could do it.

And Tmac just had to throw that one in to make sure we noticed you didn't you?

Sparrow abit interesting as a mid rookie priced fwd who plays mids. Got some competition from Bonar.

And Viney good to see him finally have an injury free pre season.

Thanks to the phantom menace Jones is in my team. Went ok but would have liked 5-10 more, though he did butcher it abit cleans up his disposal and looking at 85 plus. Another fwd who plays mids.


Im paying the extra to go with with tracca as F3 over smith. Petracca & his manager stamped his feet at the end of last year and came to an arrangement for more midfield time. Goodwin has gone a little both ways saying at end of last year that he wants petracca to have the stamina to play more midfield, but has more recently said that he will be juggled between midfield and forward.

I guess the take out of that is petracca is in great form and has built his body up well in order to play more midfield, which he will get. However, he wont be an exclusively mid player. But then again, neither have danger, bont or fyfe. Dunkley also averaged 116 last year after playing 6 games forward. How much of a split do we need for a fwd SC listed player?


Ask me in round 23 and I'll be able to tell you. I'm with you, I'm leaning towards him playing more mid this year but we won't know unless we see him with Brayshaw in the side. It's not an easy one in any sense of the word


I'd still rather go Dev Smith over Petracca this year, believe he could average more or at least the same as him, judging by past results…more…and for less money.


I actually wish Patch was MORE involved with this website. I really enjoy his reports and think his humour adds to this as a great read.

All he can do is report what happened on a match report. And Petracca did smash it! After that, it's up to
us as a community to disect the game, weigh up his game against factors such as:
who was missing, his scoring history etc.
That's what you've done that's fine, but you could do it in a respectful way.
BTW isn't it good for you if everyone talks up Petracca and his ownership skyrockets? Would that increase you chances of winning?


Sick of comments like these. You're entitled to your opinion George, everyone is, but why make the personal attack on Patch who has given up a few hours of his Saturday to do this writeup? There's no money involved, he, and the other guys that contribute to this site, do it because we have a shared love of footy and SuperCoach. If you don't like the tone of the article I can think of half a dozen other SC sites off the top of my head that will give you stats from the game.

Re: Trac. We're not stupid. We know his history. But honestly, 5th year player, high draft pick, contract year, and played a chunk of mid time yesterday. Yes it was a practice match and yes neither team were full strength, but a performance like that warrants further attention


Thanks boo xoxo


Anyone know why T. Rivers (Melb), S. Flanders (GCS) and I. Rankine (GCS) didn’t play?

Cheers Patch, enjoyed reading your work mate, I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate all the lads on here with all the work that they put in on this site. It’s for the love of the bloody game mate…. that’s all. So no need for those comments George, no room for you in this community mate with that attitude. Leave… if you dislike the site and the guys on here so much.


Thanks Dee <3

Rankine was still a week or two off according to Dew, I haven't heard why the other two weren't. Not sure Rivers is best 22 at this stage as he's got Hibberd, Salem and others to fight through first


Cheers Patch…


If you so p'd off this this site you sure are exhibiting it. Not one person is forcing you to be on onboard. If you have this opinion jump off board. It will be a better community without these boring opinions


I contribute to this site Kevin, so yeah, I have a vested interest in it and what goes on in the comments.

All I'm saying is have an opinion, but don't get personal. It's easy to do. If you want to take anonymous pot shots at people, there's plenty of places you can do that

Good luck for 2020


well said SCKev


Thanks for all the write ups and discussion on this site. Really appreciate your time and effort. Great community which has elevated my fantasy game. Hope to start contributing a bit more myself. Have a couple of leagues if anyone is interested. Consistently in top 2 percent. Anyone welcome. 638608 and 632844. Cheers


Also if anyone has available spots would love to join. Many of my previous public leagues not too competitive.


Hi Jess, jump in this one if you're serious about finishing the season, let me know your team name please because it's a private invite only League. 463964


Thanks Russty. Team name is Jester FC. cheers

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