MARSH SERIES REPORT: Hawthorn vs St Kilda

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Men’s footy is back! And Supercoach footy is back! Me making an absolute fool of myself is back! Although that truly never left. Anywho we had some football played tonight which I watched and wrote some words about some of the age old questions of our time. Who is a Supercoach? What is a Marsh? How do I words? Spoiler alert – I answer none of those and instead talk about playing options.

Apparently St Kilda won, Tim Membrey scored 638 Supercoach points and people got excited about Chadley Wingard before being made to look like muppets with egg on their faces when he spudded it up by *checks notes* being managed throughout the rest of the game? That’s not the meme, who the hell wrote these notes? Oh wait, I did. Damnit. Well, let’s get stuck into the rest of these illegible scribbles.


Tom Mitchell $630,900 MID – Doesn’t look like he’s missed too much of a beat. I was expecting him to have a leisurely run around, before sitting out the second half, but he was in for the long-ish haul of three quarters and 88 Supercoach points. I’m not rushing to throw him into the side but if you’re set on him, he ticked every single box you’d want him to in the first half. Tackles, hard ball gets, centre bounce attendences, cobwebs flushed out. It was promising for football.

If you didn’t have him in your side and don’t want a bar of him, you could find reason to justify that stance from this game. He was managed. He slowed down after firing early. He didn’t set the world on fire from a Supercoach scoring perspective, but we never really expected him to on his first game back from a broken leg. Reckon he’s a bye upgrade target, as Damo suggested to me.

James Worpel $527,300 MID – really, really good. In everything, picking up contested possessions, tackles. But. BUT. I reckon he won’t be in their ideal centre bounce, instead deferring to Mitchell, O’Meara and That Other Player.

The Worpedo finished with 21 touches, 70 Supercoach points and was absolutely not what the Beast Calculator promised. But it was a preseason game. It’s fine, right? It doesn’t mean anything? I don’t have to deal with the very real possibility he might not be the lock I thought he was, yeah? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Keep him locked at M5 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHELP ME.

Chad Wingard $412,300 MID/FWD – Chad Wingard is a football player who played a game of footbal this evening. Anyone reading this should know I can’t stand him as a Supercoach option so take it with a grain of salt, but Wingard did so little with the footy to make him look viable.

He had 45 Supercoach points from 12 touches at half time but only two were contested, only two thirds of them were effective and it felt kind of wishy-washy. Had very little time on ground, especially in the second half. Finished on 53 points from 15 touches. Get him out of my sight.

Jaeger O’Meara $491,100 MID – Gun. Jet. Supremely attractive, both in terms of his looks and style of play. I want someone to pick him in Supercoach. I want him to do well. Looked absolutely sublime as he was released from switching between inside and outside and playing purely outside. Six tackles to half time was what me excited, but was only handed 39 Supercoach points and sat out the second half. I won’t be picking him.

Jono Patton $337,000 FWD/RUC – He’s a number one draft pick for a reason. Excellent key forward, and will have games like this where he blows it out of the water. Is extremely good at bringing the ball to ground, had 53 points at half time and I’m still filthy Hawthorn paid a packet of chips for him. Finished at 71 which is what I think he’ll average. Hard pass.

Damon Greaves $123,700 DEF – If you’ve never heard of him, you wouldn’t be alone. The rookie defender could be another option down back? Maybe? I’m not sure where he fits into the best 22. He’s a medium sized defender, so maybe Sicily pushes him out? Someone who knows things about stuff tell me if he’ll play. One to watch.

The others: Ricky Henderson ($514,900 MID) is an excellent footballer, will be pushed out of the Hawks’ midfield this year. Don’t select him. He sits in the same category as perennial pre-season breakout Isaac Smith (MID, $450,700), who was eveywhere in the first half. Steer clear. Jon Ceglar ($417,000 RUC/FWD) scored 81 but is not a Supercoach option even with Big Boy doing a hammy do not @ me.


Brad Hill $457,400 MID – Hill was in everything early and has slotted into the crucial link man for the Saints. You can see why Freo wanted the Saints to sell the farm to get Hill to the club. Is in what you’d expect to be a lucrative Supercoach scoring role, but finished with 60-odd tonight and simply won’t get the points required. Pass.

Jade Gresham $456,400 MID/FWD – Could this be the year he breaks out? Maybe. Had a lot of centre bounce attendances early, had 10 touches by the early stages of the second quarter, was kicking far more than he handballed and showed basically everything you’d want to see if you had him slated for a breakout year, right up until the second half where he could well have gone home and sat on the couch with a tub of ice cream for all I could have told you. Only had 52 per cent time on ground.

Do we pick him? Slot him right into your side? Scored 57 points from half a game on the field… I won’t be, but in an otherwise trash forward line this year I reckon you could do worse. I’ll be watching him like a hawk in the second Marsh game when Hannebery and Zak Jones play to see if he’s still a chance at mid minutes.

Max King 123,900 FWD – He looks like he’ll be used up the field more than out of the square which is good for his scoring potential, but more importantly he’ll be playing each week. Will he score? Based on tonight, no. No he will not. Looked really, really good from a football perspective, he does not look good from a Supercoach perspective, as pointed out by The Entire Internet when I tweeted something alluding to him being a lock without checking if the stats matched up with how often he was onscreen. *Narrator voice* They did not.

Rowan Marshall $598,700 RUC – Started the second quarter in the goalsquare and I’m not about selecting rucks who aren’t locked into taking nearly every centre bounce attendance. That said, he still scored 117 and had 24 hitouts alongside his two goals. A good draft option? Absolutely. I’m not sold on him for the real deal though. Happy to be proven wrong if he scores 110+ next week.

Hunter Clark $402,200 DEF – After quarter time I wrote Clark up as such – “Nah, I’m not seeing it”. Then the next three quarters happened. He looked good at times, but I’m not loving it as an option at this stage, especially with Robertson missing but he worked his way into the game very, very nicely including a nice goal halfway through the third.

Had 82 Supercoach points at three quarter time and finished with 16 kicks from 22 touches and 98 points at the close and showed every sign you want to see from a half-back flanker, but my gut screams a certain four-letter word. One starting with T. Watchlist.

Ben Long $283,100 FWD – Touted for a half-back role and has slotted in there. Wasn’t incredibly prolific in picking the ball up and won’t justify the near $300,000 price tag based off tonight’s performance. Finished with 63 points. Plenty of other options around that price or cheaper I’d be much happier picking up.

Dougal Howard $376,500 DEF/FWD – Will play full back. I’m not touching him, even with the forward swing and the cheaper price. Was eaten by Patton early and scored next to nothing.

Luke Dunstan $505,300 MID – Was playing for his spot in the midfield and didn’t disappoint. Looked good from a football perspective, don’t touch him in Supercoach.

The others: Tim Membery ($436,400 FWD) was absolutely dominant up forward for the Saints and tonned up only a few minutes after half time, but if you’re thinking of picking him in Supercoach you need someone to throw a bucket of water at you. Similarly, Dan Butler ($234,600 FWD) and Jack Lonie ($354,200 FWD) were really, really good for the Saints but will play deep forward and aren’t Spercoach relevant. Anyone looking at Josh Battle should look elsewhere.

What did you think of the game, community? Who caught your eye, and who are you wanting to have another look at?

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Nice write up.
Probably thought the same about King, seemed to stand out watching but not scoring very well. I think the next round of games will show us lot more about him and Mitchell who I am keen in picking.


Agreed, mate. I was shocked to see him on 22 points near the end of the third. Should hopefully improve.


King was always gonna be a bench warmer.


King dropped a few easy marks early. CD really penalise that, plus he misses the points for the mark and potential goal.

I like him as a forward bench because they will give him games early


Yeh mate he did some good things but also stuffed up other things, just as a young new player does.
You'd hope he ended up scoring more than Parker last year, and not be such a yoyo.


Hi Lads and Ladettes, I enjoyed the game, the Saints won which is a rare thing, hopefully not this season though.
Liked the look of Max King early on but then he didn't do a heck of a lot after that, a few good moments but I guess any young very tall KPF isn't gonna score much unless they're Nick Riewoldt reincarnated.
I've currently got Titch in my staring squad, great to see him back and accumulating points the way he does, he just had some rust and will come good I think, the main thing is his leg feels strong enough to play most of the games out so far… yay.
No one else really stood out for me SC wise, except Marshall who is a good player.
Worpel's use wasn't the best hence the average score, probably also rust, he's still a gun.
Hunter Clark looked ok but I'd be worried about the next time he drops a 50 on ya when the Saints get throttled.
(note to self: don't choose anyone based on these Marsh games)…except Membrey cause he'll score like that every week, and will not continue to average 78 at all.


Hey Russty, if you have T.Mitchell who are your other four premium mids, just be interesting to hear who your obviously looking to pick up later on if your starting Mitchell


Hi Corey, currently running with Macrae, Cripps, Mitchell, Oliver and Taranto, but it is ever changing…still not sure whether I wanna go with a Jacobs Team or a Gawn team, I am a bit off Worps now though, he didn't look very clean with disposal, and made quite a few mistakes. Probably just rust though.


Mitchell should be cheaper.

Only got a 15% discount instead of 30%

If he was $90k cheaper, he would be a reasonable starter.

If paying over $600k, there should be zero doubts


Good intel, Russty. Been experimenting with going for a bit of midprice madness up forward. After last year with Balta, Parker et al a gnr forward line can hurt. Without a standout fwd I reckon it’s the best line to get funky with. Agree on Membrey. 120 ave in the cards 😉


Hey Kev, good to see ya, yeah I'm going a bit midprice crazy in the fwd line this year, too much value there to ignore, I have left Steven out though. Membrey for PM! 😉


I love Worpel, but not for SuperCoach

As a MID only, you start him as a keeper. He isn’t going to be in the best 10 midfielders. So why start him?

Titch, Shiel, JOM is the A midfield. Howe will be in there if tagging. Burgoyne is a specialist 4th quarter midfielder and The Chad when needed.


Not SC classic relevant but draft very much so seb Ross Since ratten has taken over at st kilda has scored 70, 159, 100, 129, 116 & 126. Last night he had 82 in only 62% TOG.
Has he had a role change under ratts do u know russty?

Speaking of draft is anybody starting up a league this year I’d love to jump in if so! Or I could start one if a few were keen?


Oh I like Ross a lot!

I'm already in too many drafts to keep track of but I know people on the site are keen!


I’ve nearly considered him too , anyone have an update on his role this year ??


It doesn’t look like his role has changed too much but Jean actually lowering his eyes and looking for a pass now instead of just bombing it into the fwd 50 like all saints mids did under Richo


Hi Mav jump into my draft Jocks Jungleland …code 620828


Sorry Mav I missed this…no role change I know of, Gator might know more…Steele was supposed to be allowed off the tagging leash this season, thought his numbers might jump up if that's the case.
You'd have to consider Ross a yearlong keeper if you went there and he would be in draft with those kind of scores.


That's a very good pick-up Mav, didn't notice the TOG for him. One to keep an eye on next start

The Ranger

That feeling you get when you look at your team after several weeks of mucking about with it and you think….

What is that?! Who's team is that?!! That's nothing like what I set out to do!!

My team looks like a dogs breakfast. Think I need to take a deep breath and start again.


Haha I understand Ranger, I have Houston, I Docherty, Roberton, S.Hill, Steven and D.Smith so yeah I’m nervous and when I’m nervous I know I don’t have the right combination haha too many mid pricers


Hahaha I know exactly what you mean!…my team is spinning over like a slot machine every day, why did I pick this guy..and that guy?…probably cause I could afford him at the time.
I'm sure we'll come to our senses when it comes down to it.
No matter what ya do you can't really end up with more than 13 keepers or so, so they may as well be good ones.


Did anyone notice Tom Mitchell icing his broken leg at 3QT time ??? I really want to pick him but that’s a serous concern …


No need to be concerned Luke. For a start his leg isn't broken, that was last year and ice is standard procedure for just about every player in the comp post game.


Did you watch the game? If you did this review could explain why you're so bad at supercoach.

If we follow your advice we'd be starting Worpel instead of TMitch.
Worpel was rubbish, at least 7 of his 9 hballs were throws that he wont get away with in the real stuff I was suprised the umps only got him for one of them last night. only 61% D.E. only 2 players in the match had more clangers than him and, at 80% TOG that means for 25% of his TOG TMitch was off the ground and worpel was playing #1 mid, for comparison Gresham had 200% more clearances than worpel in half as much game time and scored at almost double his ppm rate and steele had 60% more contested possessions from less game time BUT you you'd rather spend an extra 70k on spudpedo.

At least you were able to spot the hawks ranga rookie BUT you didn't know that Hawks had 4 best defenders not playing Sicily,Burgoyne,Scrimshaw and Howe. Which of those will Greaves push out of the team? Even if Greaves gets a run in the AFL he wont have the same easy role that he had last night, although he's probably a far safer bet than Rivers or the cobbler/shoe-maker for a D8 in our starting teams.

"Cross Marshall off your list" you say. Why? 117 SC points from less than 80% TOG and only 2 less contested possessions and 1 less clearance than your man worpel. Ratten is the best midfield coach in the game so Marshall will only get better with the increased HTA's generated by an educated midfield.

You didn't get everything totally wrong though, your assessment of Ben Long was fair.

Supercoach isn't a joke to all of us mate some of us actually come to this site for educated opinion you'd be doing those SC players a huge favor if stopped offering up your poor attempts at sarcasm and just directed the serious supercoach players to an alternative source of information


Wow.. You must be a past winner of SC with that rant


WOW! You seem like such a 'Nice Person' surely you can understand that some people who haven't won supercoach are capable of watching a game of footy and reading the stats and then accurately summarizing the information.



Mighty Chungus

I like your fact-based analysis! Great to get some alternative opinion. But, maybe you need some time in the back room with Brown 2 to calm down…

Also, what's a poor attempt at sarcasm? I didn't know it came on a scale. ':-O

Mighty Chungus

Wait, did I do a sarcasm?? I don't even know anymore… It's too meta.

The Ranger

You're right, you should definitely go to another website from now on.

Feel free to rate me on that sarcasm.


This site has always been a mixture of humour and informative material. It’s what made it so appealing. Yes, the nature of the humour is different now from its previous incarnation, and maybe it’s less to your taste.

Under both incarnations of this site, the informative material has always come from both the article writers and the comments. I have noticed more of a tendency to troll the informative pieces, which didn’t happen previously. I can understand why it’s made people more reticent to deliver content pieces to the wider SC Community, when the major reaction is trolling.

It’s been terrific to see Community members delivering content pieces and I hope it continues. The future of this site and like minded sites depends on it. As a community I think we can do better. Last year a couple of people put up weekly posts on rookies – both playing in the AFL and in the secondary competition. Absolute gold from an informative perspective. If you look back over the comments, often there was barely a response. Or people would use the thread to start another conversation. I could really understand why someone who gave up considerable time to give meaningful information for free to a wider community would wonder if it was really worth it. Especially when some of the very comments were to pick up errors or omissions.

I say to you – be positive. Make a contribution to the site. Otherwise, if it becomes a toxic wasteland then eventually all the valuable free SC information will disappear with it.


What to do with Hawthorn players in SC??

So many relevant viable options. So much history of Clarko just killing us..

If Ceglar is playing as the no.1 Ruck and doing plenty then maybe…. but the price is so awkward, do I save some money and get Patton. Maybe I could get them both…one as Ruck and one fwd.

Sicily…if he plays as an intercept defender is nearly a lock for me. He used to be about the biggest flog in the AFL, apologies to BJ Goddard, but surely he’s grown up. I want to pick him but I can’t trust Clarko won’t kill this one for me.

I’ve got zero interest in Worpel, better options for a premo and way better options as any other price category.

If we can believe Titch is 100% fit surely that makes him the best pick in the comp?..

Any thoughts….Hawthorn just confuses me….maybe that’s why I hate them? Or maybe I hate them because I’m a Melbourne supporter and that hate comes with the membership package.


Good questions.

Ceglar is a trap imo. He's average and won't be consistent, and as you say an awkward price. Same with Patton, he'll have a few big games for sure but too inconsistent, others better.

Give Worpel a chance, remember the last half dozen or so games 2019? He was awesome!

Titch is a must have if fit. The little pig will no doubt be top 3 mid or better if he stays on the park.

I hate the Hawks too but who doesn't? (Cat fan)


I don’t think the umpiring fraternity have any problems with them 20 20.


Ceglar has been at the hawks for a fair time and has been given a good opportunity to show us what he has. Has been a great back up for Big Boy who has been missing a few games each year.

He isn’t David Hale, but he is better than Fitzpatrick and Tyrone

In the last 2 seasons he has played sole ruck 5 times. Best score was 102 and average of 89.

With the surprise emergence of Mitch Lewis last year and the off-season transfer of Patton, the hawks are looking for a role he can fill. Trying a few things to fit 4 talls into the team.

This might be the end for Ceglar.

My gut feeling is, the hawks won’t play 4 talls, but there will always be one that needs a rest, has an injury. Big Boy hasn’t played full season since 2017, Patton comeing back from injury and Lewis still young are learning.

If they are all fit, there might be times when Ben plays in defence, but more likely Crglar could be dropped.

It might depend on Lewis’s development and form how Ceglar goes.

Big Boy will be #1 ruck


Great analysis Derek. As a Ceglar owner – primarily because I always like to run a Ruck/Forward – I have looked for positives. And there have been enough to do so. I was particularly liking the idea of starting Ceglar as R2 if Gawn wasn’t right, and either using Ceglar as a stepping stone to Gawn, or rolling Ceglar forward when I brought Gawn in. Depending on Ceglar’s performance.

I was also encouraged by the idea that they really won’t ruck Lewis or Patton as No 1. Just a chop out only. So it’s really only Big Boy. The fact that Big Boy trained exclusively down back was encouraging. His injury will surely give Ceglar a run at first Ruck for a while, which may be false hope.

Still considering whether that early run at Ruck might still be enough to start him. Think his price will still increase enough to be a stepping stone, even if he isn’t a season keeper. Having said that, I find myself having to keep this sort of player because I can’t get to full premium.

It’s a bit of a dilemma for me. But thanks for the considered analysis, it helps me make a more balanced decision and not just keep seeking positive reinforcement for a decision I am leaning towards


Ceglar can play forward, he is tall, but it isn’t his best position. Hawks have played him there in tandem with Ben. Now the Hawks have Patton and Lewis, Ceglar has no role unless Ben shares the ruck.

One missing piece for hawks is a big key defender. Brian Lake was fantastic.

We have Frawley, Stratton, Frost, Sicily, all ok, but not Big Boy size.

It might be a case that Clarkson is working on different game styles for different teams.

Ceglar night even miss games


Bont on Fire 19 disposals 3 tackles in the first half!
Macrae 11 disposals 3 tackles
Dunkley 11 disposals 5 tackles

Not going to be easy to set these dogs apart


Hey Corey, reckon I'll be taking Bont over Dunkley this season, think the new captain's role will lift him to be an even better player, Bont's such a good kick too, I love that, him and Macrae in my 22 at the moment.


100% agree

Macrae is still #1, Bont is #2, Dunkley is #3


Nicely done sir, you've done us another great service. Love. And thanks for the kind of shout out quote thing.