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Statty Matty’s SC Database and Team Picker

Published by Statty Matty on

Happy New Year coaches! I’ve been a bit focused on Test cricket, Summer ales, and holidaying with the family over the last few months, but Supercoach (and you all) have never been far from my mind.

I’ve been working on some data tools for you, a refresh of my Team Picker which I developed last year, and a database of AFL / Supercoach stats for 2015-2019. I didn’t want to overwhelm you with much more data than that.

The Team Picker should be pretty self explanatory, and I think the PLayer list is up-to-date. Type the player’s full name in the Name column. The rest of it will fill itself out. Or use the Drop down list.

The database is just a dump of 5 years’ data in Excel form. No macros, no bells or whistles. If you’re an Excel Novice, there are simple filters at the top of each column which will help you sort out data pretty easily. If you’re a bit more experienced, you probably don’t need my help.

I’ll be lurking in the comments, and am keen to help anyone out and make changes to the files as needed. Feel free to make suggestions, and I may be able to incorporate them pretty quickly.

Also, I will produce a Marsh Cup data set each week as the games finish. That will be in a separate file.

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Can you provide sleeve based stats?

Buddy Ballers

Great downloadable content guys!! LOVE IT. If anyone is interested in putting this data to good use I’m running a $100 or a massive $500 cash league, email me! We have 9 so far for $500, trying to see if I can push it to 18 next week or two but otherwise likely only one spot left.
Email [email protected] and l’ll add you to group


Nice work Matty.

There are some serious stats there!

Do you think you can do a season avg sheet with games played for the home and away season only for the last 4 years?



Just home and away

Then can have a go at the risk matrix. ๐Ÿ‘


Hi Mattyy,
Fantastic work, is there a way to donate?
Had been putting data togwther myself but manually (couldn't get the scraping up and running)
Makes it super-easy to prepare the data for Spotfire etc.


Thanks for donating legend


Nice work Matty! Would love to use it but I cant work out why '#NAME?' comes up when i enter a name. I am one of those excel novices although that's a nice way of putting it….


Cheers Statty Matty, its working fine now ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m running a SC Draft league with mates and need to fill it out. $20 entry, winner takes all. Currently 5 free spots

Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested.



Hi Matty,
I notice that B. O'Çonnor SYD DEF $102,400 is not in the Starting Team selector tool… don't know if there are any others missing


Hi Statty Matty,
Love your work. Any chance we can get the latest stats from 2020?


Hi Statty Matty,
This spreadsheet is amazing, the number 1 resource for Supercoach resource for mine, especially as you provide the raw data as well!
I was just wondering if you have a similar version available for the 2021 season?
Many thanks,