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Chicko’s Amazing Supercoach Trade Planner

Published by Lekdog on

It’s back people, the tool that can elevate your game to the next level!

Below you’ll find a clean trade planner for you to start your own team with and we’ve included one with some stats from 2019 to help you understand how it works.

Basically you can go through and plan three iterations of trades you’re planning to make and see how your team looks and how much cash you’ll generate or lose when you pull the trigger.

At the end of a season this is a great thing to look back on and learn from.

If like me, after executing a trade you then reverse and execute another trade…but then forget what you team looked like after the first trade (I’ve said trade too many times), this should help with that. Worst sentence structure ever.

Anyway, download it and get started with tracking your team to glory!

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Let's go,people. Chicko has pulled through with the goods. Absolute respect and gratitude


I've never really understood how this trade planner works?
I have so many questions
is this trade planner really simple and i'm thick or… lol


Ahhh got ya! Thanks very much lek that’s definitely helped clear it all up. Very handy 🙂