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TAG YOU’RE IT! | The effect of taggers on SC prices

Published by Trigger Happy on


Sometimes it is the little things in life that matter most. And sometimes these little things can become big things. As we are all about supercoach on this great site let’s see if we can apply this to supercoach and season 2020.

BVC has done some stellar work on some of most popular selections and what is the best time to pick them up as a fallen premo using stats to back up his analysis. I guess the key question is what caused their “low” scores or stinker games?  If they were not injured what caused them to fall in price?

The answer.


One tagger last year caused no end of Angst and despair for Supercoaches especially if you had the C sitting on one of your premo mids. You would go cold if you saw this man walk over at the start of the game and shake hands with your player, alas that is where he would stay all game attached at the hip.

This man is Matt De Boer.

De Boer is just about the perfect description – to quote Blain off predator – “he is dug in deeper than an Alabama tick!”.

Ryan Crowley was the king but De Boer since being delisted from the dockers and picked up by GWS as a free agent no less has taken the title.

Last year his scalps read like a who’s who of AFL royalty.

In no particular order:

Note: Marcus Bontempelli had 7 tackles that helped increase his score to 84.

Have a look at that list!

De Boer on average impacted the big boys of supercoach by a whopping average of 47pts!

The most disposals that any of the premos above could manage against De Boer was 17 disposals with an average disposal count of just 14 for the match. WOW!

Remember these guys have proven to be elite players and the only reason this list is not longer is that he was injured for half the season with a shoulder injury.

Dutchy as he known is not one for fanfare, he just does his job week in week out in fact he has become so good at what he does that supercoaches really need to consider the De Boer factor and the impact he could have on your team each week. Doesn’t matter what team, if dutchy is playing on one of your big premos DO NOT I repeat DO NOT put the captain armband on that player that week.

The man has become an expert at shutting down the best player game after game after game no matter who they are. The Ferrari engine room must love having de Boer in the team and not have to worry about copping him as a tag each week.

 So, what does 2020 look like under the De Boer factor:

GWS first 8 games:

  • Geelong – Tag – Patrick Dangerfield
  • Melbourne – Tag – Clayton Oliver
  • Bulldogs – Tag – Marcus Bontempelli/Jack Macrae
  • Essendon – Tag – Zac Merrett
  • Sydney – Tag – Luke Parker/Jake Lloyd
  • Gold Coast – Tag – David Swallow
  • Richmond – Tag – Dustin Martin
  • Collingwood – Tag – Adam Treloar

As you can see the De Boer victims above would in most cases form the nucleus of most supercoach teams for 2020.

Really the only way to remove Alabama Dutchy is to move forward and out of the middle as dutchy is less comfortable playing as a defender.

So now the key questions.

Do we start Danger, Clarry, Bont and Zerrett knowing that Dutchy is heading their way and given his track record?

Is it highly likely they will produce a low score which would lead to being able to pick these players up at a reduced price down the track?

Unfortunately for us supercoaches Dutchy isn’t the only tagger that we have to worry about in 2020. There is another guy who didn’t play in 2019 but will play a big part in 2020. That man is the north stopper Ben Jacobs.

Its almost a case of if one doesn’t get you the other one will or if you are unlucky you could get the double Whammy and cop both in consecutive weeks.

Don’t dismiss the De Boer factor the results speak for themselves. It is real and should form part of your thinking not only when forming your team but throughout the year.

So, TAG you’re it.

Your move.  After reading this are you game to start Danger?  – I think I am going to do the smart thing and consider the Alabama Dutchy factor.

Gone to my happy place be back in a few ….

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It has come heavily into my considerations for Oliver. I was all over Oliver and he is surely a good option, but i am leaning towards the other uber premiums.

What uber premium will avoid the DoBoer tag? Josh Kelly certainly becomes interesting. If he could just stay on the park… I guess I need to sot down and weigh up the pros and cons of Kelly VS Dangerfield, although im scared I will opt for JKelly..


I'm more scared of Jelly getting injured than I am of Oliver copping a tag


I dunno it is there is black and white.

Alabama could really do a number on him

All we need is a couple of rooks to have big games rd 2-3 and could be a nice upgrade to an discounted clarry rd 5.


I wasnt not picking oliver because of the tag, but it came into consideration. I went the more expensive danger /fyfe options


The amount of times i cringed last year when oliver did something stupid such as tackling a player too long or totally shanking a kick were many. I know this could be taken as a somewhat positive because he can improve, but he seems more of the bull type and less of a skill type for now. Im simply trying to rid my team of those players that i watch every week with intense stress, which rules out oliver, sicily et al for me.


I'm cooling on Oliver. Had been locked in, but thinking about going the Yeo Yeo instead. Think he moves his game into uber territory this year.


Interesting! Didn't realise he impacted scores by that much.


Crazy isn't it!



He can/will impact supercoach scores.


Gonigliog never gets "Deboared" and is cheaper than Jelly, still has an injury history though.
And the captaincy….


yep. he is high on my list because he won't get the de bore


Need to send Tonya Harding around to De Boar's house ..or / and just make Grundy Captain 🙂
Nice work Trig, good write up.


Rookie leaves us in time of Mead.

Mead has done his hammy out for 4 weeks. 🥴


I feel the Mead, the Mead for speed


Wont be much of that with a hammy. 🤣


& lets not forget about Ben Jacobs if he's fit he will walk into norths 22 and shut down a few of our ubers week in week out… he was the #1 man before de boer come onto the scene


yep touched on him in the blurb above – if one doesnt get you the other will


Oh my bad trigg I missed that..
will definately be seeing which teams north & GWS play twice and treading carefully with those uber picks


Hey Mav, what's your team name again?


shinBONERS russty.


Ok cheers mate


Wouldn't bank on Benny being back anytime soon. He's still struggling to take part in full training unfortunately

Greg Mount

Let’s be weary of the suns as david swallow may not get the tag. A fiorini or even Hugh Greenwood is a possibility as this club has an unknown factor with players as it grows

Raw Tiger

Hmm, neither Danger or Oliver have made it into my starting line-up as yet … maybeI’ll be cheering De Boer I think.. Lazza