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PODCAST| What to do with Max Gawn?

Published by Lekdog on

PLUS North Melbourne & Saint Kilda: SEASON PREVIEW

The boys cover off on Max Gawn, Harley Bennell, their players to watch in the Marsh series and also give the Saints & Roos the review once-over.

0/10 – “I didn’t pick Shaun Higgins” – Patch




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I've had Nic Nat in prior to the injury to Max, I just don't think his input will be as big as previous years.

Nic Nat is I believe a huge risk but excellent value if he stays fit

The Ranger

Very tempted by NicNat DBB…surely at some point he'll play out a year injury free?


If I was to have a risky R2, NicNat is him

His points per min are insane


Hi Derek hope you're interested in playing in Draft league again this year. I've sent you an invite by email and one from the league


will be there to defend my title


i havn't received invite yet.


Have you looked at your hotmail account? If not email me at [email protected]. Strange that no one got the invites that I've sent


Have you got the league code in your Bunnies hotmail account yet?


The slander against my good name on this podcast, goodness me. Although now you mention Shaun Higgins….


(Although all is forgiven for letting "Paul Ahern, Ahern, a female hern" live on for another year)


Would anyone be interested in entering a JR cash league this year that I am thinking of starting?

It would be $100 entry with $1000 for the winner, $350 for the minor premiership, $350 for second, and $100 for the highest score of the season.

If there is enough interest I will set up an account and a league. It could be a lot of fun and make the community a bit more exciting this year :))


Hi Finnius would be keen to join if it gets up and running


Yep will play


Looking for leagues to join if anyone has any vacancies.
Various finishes over last 10 years bu generally finish anywhere between 1000-3000, so not a genius but try and give it a crack.

Ross The Boss

League WeluvF.UR.L code 427070 jump in


Have joined Thanks Ross.


Liked the Pod guys, getting better all the time. Have a question without notice. Who would you chose, Hayden Young(Def) at 180k OR Stephen Hill(Def/Fwd) at 190k? Both first round draft picks, one at the start of his career and one at the end. Young may average 60>70, Hill should average 70>80. Who do you think will make the most money, and who will do it the quickest.


If hill stays fit he could average 85ish..
if he makes round 1 with a Marsh game or two under his belt his a no brainer and will definitely take him over young for cash generation & points…

I still like young as a pick though if cheap rookies don’t present them selves before Rd1. I’d be happy too have both


If Hill stays fit for 6>10 games, I agree with him being in. Young WILL play, but a 180k rookie, with Rowell looking the goods. As you said, will wait on cheap rookie options.


With his history of Quad and calf injuries, I'd rather bank on the young bloke if I had to make a choice, If durability is of any concern to you, pick Young, Hill is probably slowing down off the pace now too, having been out of the game for so long.
P.S the one who'll make the most money is a lower (standard) priced rookie who has a good couple of weeks.


Hill is the Darcy Moore of last year. Too much value to ignore (with DPP), but every game is waiting for the injury.

If he can get The first 6 games of 70’s, that is a win.

If he gets injured, down to a rookie we might have missed with cash in pocket.

He is in my team.

The Ranger

Spot on Derek


Yeah mate , he could be good value if his legs don't collapse into kindling, I'm gonna try to avoid him to dodge the extra risk cause I already have a few risky ones, the Marsh games should help us all decide.
I'd like to see if he really is up with the current pace of the game.


Have been thinking about Preuss taking ruck time away from Max. For a $700k player I don’t like that question mark

I do like my risky R2


Preuss played last year for Dee's mate have a look at the stats to see the level of negative impact that he had on Max's supercoach output. I'll save you the trouble Preuss had zero negative impact on Max and Max had his highest ever supercoach average.
For a guy who's been hanging around here for years you seem to have learned nothing, some of the comments you make are just plain ridiculous


Seriously mate, take a step back on that last comment. The whole idea is to be posting thought starters for people obsessed with SC. Derek in particular has been particularly helpful to newcomers to this site.

We really don’t want this site to become a place where only one answer is possible, and all others are rubbish. We don’t want people being afraid to post something different about a structure or a player because someone shoots it down mercilessly. We are already at the point where people’s posted teams are so remarkably similar. The site has to be more than a continual confirmation of group think


Thanks fellas. It was just a post to gather other people thoughts on Max and If they had any doubts or thoughts about Preuss effecting him.

I remembered the article about Preuss losing 9kg, like Max did, and how they were going to start this awesome ruck duo.

Hadn’t heard much more about him after that.

Thanks fellas


Haters gonna hate Derek, you are much loved here mate…keep being you 🙂


ThinkingLOL was pretty rude Derek. You’re thoughts are very reasonable. He is correct in saying it was zero impact last year but Max didn’t go into last season after a month off with a medial strain. Maybe they do play Preuss just to be careful managing Gawn early. Personally I would have like to start with Gawn and Grundy but that is some big coin if there is any doubt. I reckon Grundy and the big Sauce then upgrade Sauce to Gawn as soon as possible if things go well


Preuss only played 7 games for the Demons last year, I wouldn’t call that the whole year and therefore you have idea what effect he would have on Max if he did play the whole year.

He played most of his 7 games at the end of the year, meaning he had finally worked himself into their best 22. Obviously Melbourne’s season was over but they weren’t going to start changing the rucking duties too much because that was something that was going ok.

But what if Preuss is in Melbournes’s best 22?

Are they using the preseason to work on a duel ruck strategy?

There was a herald article in November that talked about Preuss coming back for the start of training, 9 KHS lighter (like Max had done the year before) and he was quoted saying they were looking to become the dominate ruck duo in the competition.

You can find that article fairly easily.

Obviously Preuss playing had little effect on Max’s SuperCoach scoring, however I did notice that in the 6 games they played together, Max had 6 of his 9 lowest numbers for hitouts for the year. This didn’t effect his overall SC score, but the sample was fairly small.

He is at Melbourne for a reason and I don’t think it is to be back up to 27 year old Max, where he could have stayed at Kangaroos and been back up ruck to 31 year old Goldstien.

Preuss averaged 16 hit outs per game when he played with Max. That is reasonable numbers and can only increase.

I’m just saying, if I’m going to pay $700k for a player, I don’t want any trouble.

This is early in the season, time for crazy ideas and conspiracy theories, here to have some fun.


i was thinking about it last night when i was watching Australian Survivor on TV.

need a few little tweeks and i'll post something over the weekend


They used Preuss quite a lot in the pre season last year Derek. He actually looked ok too. Then they left him at Casey until mounting injuries bought him some games. He was less than impressive when he played. I reckon he’s more of an insurance policy because they are very thin on ruck stocks without Max and got bitten in2017 when Gawn missed half the year. Interestingly at the draft they let some very talented midfield talent go through and took a young ruckman at pick 3…That kid wouldn’t really be ready but it shows where Preuss rates in my opinion.


Great points. I was surprised when they used their #3 pick on the ruckboy


Hey Derek have you checked your Bunnies hotmail account for that draft code yet?


Someone has to be the Devil’s Avacardo


Lek, some of the comments you make are just plain stupendous .


Who do you think you are champ?
Derek I think it’s a fair question to raise mate I’m not so confident in Gawn however at this stage he is still in my team!!
Don’t let old mate expert try and tell you otherwise !!


Max is in my team.

i did start with Max and Grundy last year and had my worst finish in years. the year i started with TBC at R2 i was top 100, even with Lobbe at R2 one year i still managed top 1000.

It is a very big spend and a serious problem if they get injured

NicNat is $240k cheaper. meaning he is priced 50pts less. If Max averages 125, will NicNat do better than 75? His TOG is the answer.


To max or not to Max.

Got two teams in mind.
With – Mchenry as d4
Without- sauce and williams-/Stewart/daniel at d4


It's tempting isn't it mate? side looks better with one extra in the mids and a stronger fwd line to boot, and who knows, Sauce could average 100ish, make some money and then trade him for Gawn a bit later on.


Agreed without Max and bringing in ROB I can get rid of Doedee and Roberton and add in Z.Williams pushing Docherty to D3 and young at D5 next to S.Hill at D4. Still have Dusty, Whitfield with Steven and D.Smith at F3 and F4


Less risky there with no Doedee and Robbo Corey, especially Robbo, Doedee might be ok, Hill I don't trust to stay on the park for very long at all.


Yeah could be nervous times with Hill, have to wait and see how he goes in Pre-Season hopefully there are some cheaper rookie options then Young and Hill could go and that could get me from ROB back to Gawn


Nice pod gentlemen, I have King tentatively sitting on the fwd bench and keeping an eye on Bonar thru the marsh series.
Goldy and Marshall only interest me if Max doesn't get up for round 1.
One rookie you didn't mention to keep an eye out for is Jack Bytel from the saints.
Cheers fellas.


Hi mate, Ratten has been quoted as saying the decision on who plays first Ruck that day will depend on their records against whatever ruckman it is, although I think even if Marshall played half the game forward, he'd still score well cause he's just a gun and can take a good mark and kick goals.
I think Bytel's just had back surgery so he could be 4 to 6 weeks away from training fully again…could be a good pickup during the year though.


Cheers Russty, hadn't heard about Bytel, didn't the same/similar thing happen last pre season?


No worries bud, yeah he had a history of stress fractures in his back and a bulging disc which he's now getting fixed up. Won't see him for awhile though.


ROB sitting at R2 for me, for now. Just don't like the sound of indeterminate weeks out, maybe plays R1. If I'm gonna pay $700k, he has to be fully fit and firing pre-season. I think ROB can lift his have to 105-110.


Hi Jorg, I reckon ROB's one of the more solid choices in a Gawnless side for sure


What does the community think of Cam Rayner? At $251K is he a bloke who could seriously break out in 2020? A sneaky punt at F4 or F5? This kid is a little jet! He was the number on draft pick 3 years ago for good reason. Only 20 and going into his third year of senior footy. I reckon I will fork out the extra 60K and switch him for S.Hill who is held together with band aids and will be picked by every man and his dog. A sneaky little Rook/Midpricer POD. Has played all 44 games since his debut in 2018 and is durable.Tasty……. Thoughts?


Hmmm well it'd be a pretty ballsy call Hawk, cause his past scoring has been pretty unremarkable…every time I think of putting someone priced around his price in, I think, a half decent rookie could do the same thing or better.
Could be wrong but I can't see him all of a sudden starting to score well after dropping his average 14 points a game in his 2nd year.


I hear what you are saying Russty. Rayner has serious X factor though, oozes talent, and he is still only 20 years old. I cant ignore his talent and the pure upside he could offer. If he can average 65-70 then for a $250K player like him, its a great outcome. The upcoming Marsh series should gives me an idea whether to start him round one. Cheers mate. TH


Depends on the Marsh series hawk but I'm backing in Clancy of the overcrow. 🙊


LOL. You referring to Charlie C?


sorry Chayce not clancy – silly auto correct

look for young jonesy to super charge the one pace Adelaide engine room this year.


Very concise. I LOL'd.


I love a punt but slightly awkward price.


No worries Ooops! Rayner does have his weak points. Ball use is a glaring one, but he is still a kid. Time will tell I guess.

The Ranger

Def on the watchlist TH. As are all former top 10 picks.
There have been reports that he's come back with a better attitude this preseason and lost a bit of puppy fat too so he's one to keep an eye on.


Hi NDD. Thought Rayner was a good player to debate on here. The fact that forward rookies for the most part in recent years have generally been duds, I was simply looking for a slightly higher priced player with genuine break out ability and offer consistent scoring. Rayner stands out in that regard IMO. His first two years in the competition have been frustrating but he has shown glimpses of real class as well. Will just watch him in the Marsh series and see how he uses the footy and what impact he has in games. Cheers mate. TH


Been searching for the group code?


Thanks 🙂


League code? Looking for a league to join


OBH, a good idea is to start a league and post it here.
You will get plenty of takers 👍


NDD. Is Luke Jackson likely to get a game early?


I have more faith in Hill not getting injured than I do most basement priced rookies not getting dropped (or injured) so Stephen is a lock for me. Would take him before Young but happy with both.

But Gawn, I'm afraid if I don't see him play Marsh, I'll have to break out Plan B…..Whats Plan B, glad you asked….

Since the points for rucks were changed a while back 3 ruckmen have benefitted from it. Grundy & Gawn the obvious 2, but also the sleeping giant NicNat. I love Jacobs price and bye round but I think the new system has had a negative a effect on him. Jacobs is plan C


Running a SC Draft league. $20 entry, winner takes all. 10 team league. Email if you’re keen to join [email protected]


I'm not super keen on Gawn now, even if he plays round 1. History shows injury interrupted pre-seasons make a big impact.

Is anyone considering T English? He's 22 going 23 which is around breakout territory for a ruckman. High draft pick, gun junior. His numbers in the second half of last year good, with his poorer scores against Grawny and Sandy. Avg leapt from 63.5 to 82.5. Could he reach 100 avg? Is that good enough, even for a fair chunk of the season with a luxury upgrade all things going well?


Hey Harry, thinking I'll go with Jacobs unless I get cold feet but agree English could have a break out year, he's no longer a skinny beanpole..100kegs now I think, I reckon he could reasonably average 100ish.
No one expected Marshall to do what he did last year, English could do the same.


English next year


he's definately on my shortlist and a watch through JLT i do like the potential to breakout but something is telling me it may be a year early. currently running ROB at R2.


Is anyone else starting with Tichell? I haven't paid much attention this off season. Is he back firing or what?

I had him and Dunkley locked. Now thinking about outting them and getting Macrae/Jkelly/Neale 😐


Hey Beard, I was thinking about starting with him, will depend on how he looks in the praccy matches obviously, if it was between Macrae and Dunkley, I'd choose Macrae just.


That sucks cause we need as many options as possible, only a few will probably turn out decent scorers as it is.


Hey mate, I'd probably take the punt if and when he actually gets on the park, think it'll be awhile though, are you happy he ended up at the Dees?


Any thoughts on SPP with Wines out….


They did say he was going to play more forward this year. Does that change with Wines out? I don't know. Think they might run a few of the kids through there now.


You sound very passionate about the self interests of old fat rich men who run Newspapers, who seek to confidence trick the money out of our pockets, with their self promoting hogswallop. I used to be subscribed to Herald Sun articles, not anymore, I value my own money more now, also had Foxtel, not's an outdated concept.

Speaking of….wondering if anyone can help, those of you who have Kayo already…to be able to watch it full size on my LG Smart TV, is the best course of action to get Google Chromecast, and then Kayo?
Is it possible to take the afl live app (which claims to only allow a 7 inch screen)…and use a hdmi cord to your tv?…or will it be all pixellated?
Thanks in advance.


Pixallated mate


if gawn is named round 1 how could you not pick him. take out his 46 from the brisbane game when he was injured, he ave 133 and be the highest scorer of last year. don’t start him and then you have to burn a trade or two to get him in. does everyone forget what he did to goldy in round 23?


Yeah I've got Jacobs locked in for now…if he gets anywhere near 100 ish that's a bonus I reckon…until Maxy comes back strong.


Gone off sauce a bit when mummy used the words "shared role" and week to week propostion who will play.

That makes me cautious and nervous on Jacobs.


Ah ok cheers for that mate, maybe English could be the go, or the big Nicnat if he's looking strong


With Max and now Belly down i'm thinking of going Sauce and Phillips as R2 and R3 any thoughts on this?


Both are only short term injuries. Gawn is already running again.



This is the Ultimate test of supercoach skill.

Outsuper, Outcoach, Outlast.

Rules are pretty much same as last year:

We will start with groups of 22 (number of groups will depend on popularity. We will start with 5 groups and see how it goes, we can add more groups later)

To start the season nice and easy, no-one is eliminated in Week 1, however, The team with the highest score from each group in Week 1 will have the IMMUNITY NECKLACE for Week 2 and therefore can not be eliminated in week 2.

This will continue each week, the team with the highest score for the week in their group will have immunity the following week.

In Week 2, the team with the lowest score for that week (and that week only, nothing to do with overall score or rank, just the one week's score) will be eliminated from the group. Fire snuffed out, gone! Unless that team has immunity. If that is the case, the team with the second lowest score will be eliminated.

In the case of a tie, the team with the lowest overall rank of the tied teams will be eliminated.

The same will happen in Week 3, the lowest score for that week will be eliminated (unless they have immunity)

Week 4 to Week 11 we step it up. TWO teams will be eliminated each week until there is 4 teams left in each group.

We don't play during the byes. This is to much of a big deal to be stuffed up with bye rounds.

After Week 14, the surviving teams from the divisions, will go into the Champion of Champions Group, and battle it out to find out who will be the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR.

Same rules will apply in the Champion of Champions Group (exact details will depend on the final numbers)


I have set up a number of "JR Survivor Divisions" in GROUPS.

Not to be confused with LEAGUES (which i'm sure most people have already filled to their max 10)

JR Survivor Division 1 – 487484

JR Survivor Division 2 – 929079

JR Survivor Division 3 – 254091

JR Survivor Division 4 – 627425

JR Survivor Division 5 – 625106

You can join any group, but you can only join ONE.

If i see anyone in more than one group, they will be eliminated from all the groups they are in.

IF there is already 22 people in the group, DON'T JOIN IT, join the next group. Once these initial groups are filled, i will add more groups if needed.

Anyone who was involved last year will know how it all works, and hopefully had some fun.

Let me know if there are any questions.

thanks Fellas.


Jumped in div 5, thanks for setting this up again mate


in Div 3