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Where To Start? A Rookie’s Guide To SuperCoach

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By Clarky

AFL SuperCoach has finally come back for 2020! With the launch of the 2020 app finally all of us sparkly eyed coaches have come back hungry to improve on our finishes from last year or toppling our rivals.

When I first was drafting my team I wish someone had said the words “Guns ‘n’ Rooks”

This is my third year playing SuperCoach and I’ve come a long way in understanding just how this game works. I’m not an elite performer but as I rope in friends and family to this game I think about the things I wish I knew when starting out.

To the uninitiated SuperCoach is a daunting beast, it’s all numbers, stats and 100 names you have never heard called in a match. You’re given 10 million and pushed into the deep end and researching when you don’t know what you’re looking for can be daunting. When I first was drafting my team I wish someone had said the words “Guns ‘n’ Rooks”. Sounds like a no brainer but honestly not something I ever thought about when faced with the wall of stats.

Premiums are like your super…

Premiums are priced highly because of shown performance. Spending on a big name is to provide your team with a consistently good scorer. Much like an Industry Super fund past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance but with a good pick you can get a return on your investment.

Trading, sometimes less is more…

There are many ways to play SuperCoach and each coach will have their own approach to when to trade. When I started I would panic a lot if my rookies were dropped, in a bad patch or injured and made a lot of unnecessary trades. It’s cliche but true, you gotta know when to hold ‘em. It’s okay to make trades early if it suits your strategy or you end up with a long term injured player but you don’t have to dump a player just from one bad score. 

Being good at footy doesn’t always translate…

One of my biggest struggles as a new SuperCoach player was trying to differentiate between a good supercoach pick and a good AFL player. Particularly when seeing key position players. For example when you think of a forward line,  names like Ben Brown, Jack Reiwoldt and Charlie Cameron can spring to mind. While all of these guys are exceptional in the roles they play, this doesn’t always turn into solid super coach scoring. Remember when selecting players to consider their style of play and how their role affects their ability to score.

Back your gut…or your brain!

And Finally, Trust the process. You’ve taken the time, done your research and have all your dominoes set up to execute your strategy for the season. Stick to it, this ties in to my acknowledgement of the panic that can happen when things don’t pan out. Be open to new information and ideas, but you have a plan (hopefully) too much changing of your plan mid season can really hurt you late in the game. 

There is so much to consider when starting your SuperCoach journey and while I definitely haven’t  covered all the nuances I wish I had someone tell me this years ago. Got any tips for new players ? Or just a reminder tip that other coaches may forget? Leave it in the comments below!

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Clarky welcome aboard the JR express

Guess it would be a lot harder for those starting out than it was it was when I cut my SC teeth.
Back then you could make a few mistakes as everyone was still learning and still be within striking distance.

Now one mistake or injury and you are left behind, we have sites and people who analyse everything to try to find that winning formula

All good advice above I'm always big on the "Back your gut" call. <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="👍" src=""&gt;

Oh and don't dismiss luck.
It does and will play a part of every super coachers season.


Hey fellas, back after the off-season and keen to get back into it!
Does anybody have any leagues they need filling?

Also was i the only one surprised by how little Titch's price fell? I was hoping to snap him up for about 550k, not so 🙁

Shake n bake

145829 AB, up there cazaly jump in let me know if you do.


Cheers mate, just joined

Shake n bake

Great stuff got that last spot for you Derek!


Hey mate, i just checked my spam folder and sure enough the invite was in there, unfortunately it says the league is full. Let me know if any spots open up 🙂


Would love too know people’s thoughts on walsh?? I know his an awkward price and will probably need upgrading eventually… but I think he can get too 105 if he plays an inside role?

Also for the forward line I am big on bailey smith… 77 avg in his first year and reminds me of a dusty martin almost big bodied midfielder and knows where the goals are.. a close watch in JLT to see if he can steal a few minutes in the guts


Whitfield, Martin, Ablett, R.Gray in the forward line too heavy?


Nice work Clarky.

its worth mentioning the different strategies between overall rank and playing to win leagues.


its hard to turn a season where you were playing for rank into one that will win leagues.

biggest difference is to hold trades