A point to Prove! – Supercoach Team Building 101

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After launching the phantom menace last week, I thought I would have another go at a new team based on total points scored in 2019.  

Let’s face it this game really comes down to one thing – the supercoach team that scores the most points for the home and away season wins. If you miss out, you can still have a happy ending, but I digress. To score the most points in the home and away season would mean that the players in this team would also have to be durable buggers because if you don’t play you don’t score.  These guys are the warriors that played every game last year and went on a point scoring bonanza. 

 So pretty simple this one. 

As this team is based on most points scored in each position then it is a pure Guns and Rookies team as the point scorers from last year are expensive. 

So, I have selected a team based on the most points scored in 2019 by position. I have gone with the following structure on field: 

Defence – 3 plus rooks 

Midfield – 5 plus rooks 

Rucks – 2  

Forwards – 3 plus rooks 

So, based on this structure the following team is formed. 

As you can see the 13 players selected chews up just under $8M of your salary cap but you have 13 keepers right there.  

The table below shows the total points scored by each player last year – 31,496 from 13 players! 

The winner last year scored 53,679 and I’m sure would have most of these players as part of their team at some stage. If you included the above 13 in your starting squad in 2020 and they produced a similar result that is 60% of the winning score sitting in your team from round 1! 

Now there is something to think about. 

I don’t know about you, but I would be pretty damn happy to take that! 

So, let’s see what we have got here, dive a bit deeper and have a good look. 


  • Lloyd no real surprise there he just keeps racking them up. 
  • Stewart – now there is a surprise. I wouldn’t have picked that one – value there. 
  • Laird – value there as well, under-priced. 


  • How much is that doggie in the window? Ans:  a pretty penny but big point scorers especially at Marvel. And the dogs play 12 games at Marvel including 4 of their first 5! Imagine having 3 of the highest scorers playing on their home deck early – off to a flyer comes to mind. 

Now I know there are those amongst us who say you can’t have 3 players from the same club playing in the same position. What about the byes? Well what about the byes? 

The doggies have the Rd 14 bye and share that bye with Adelaide, Gold coast, GWS, Hawthorn and the Kangaroos.  

Except for GWS do you really see your team having a host of players from the other 4 clubs? Sicily, laird maybe then ??? You may have a few from these teams early on but in all honesty will have upgraded to someone who has had their bye by the time Rd 14 rolls around. Also, it means you can power through Rd 12,13 with 3 guns on ground in the midfield while other teams have a rest. “😊” 

  • Neale well that is a given he would be there – never misses and a point scoring goliath. 
  • BBQ’s Treloar welcome to the side – must have cleaned up that disposal efficiency – always knew you had in you. I think I read somewhere he had the most disposals last year.  


  •  Grawndy – Is anyone surprised at this one? They scored close to 200 more points that the next best ruck Goldy last year.  


  • Walters there is a surprise. I would have thought Sonny would have missed games through injury or suspension last year. But nope he has got his body right and got rid of that silliness in his game – played the full 22 last year. 
  • Heeney – I’m sure he was injured or at least playing hurt last year, wasn’t he? Nope – again played all 22. 
  • Ablett – surely, they are having a lend now? He missed games right due to injury or the general? Yes, he did – 1 only! So, played 21 and pumped out a huge 167 in his final game of the home and away season. 
  • Note: Dusty scored 9 points less that Yablett so if you don’t want the pod in Yablett can sub in Dusty though he is $30k more. 

So, the rest is just a matter of filling in the gaps with rookies who you believe will play round 1 or early on.  

So, based on what I have read or heard around the traps or just gut feel this what I have come up with to use the remaining $2.1M and fill 13 spots. 


Team is complete with $5.3k remaining! 

Not a bad looking side eh? 

I think the forward and backlines may struggle with rookie selection so I have included two of the dearer rookies in Young and Cockatoo who by all reports should pull the jumper on round 1 rather than put in two cheaper rookies who won’t play. 

Hibberd out for 6 so probably won’t play round 1 though you could always stash him on your bench until he is fit and ready for selection. 

Bear in mind though the rookies could change drastically by Rd 1 and we haven’t even bounced a ball in the pre season yet! 

But this side is all about the point scorers – they are locked in you just need to tinker with the rookies to complete the team. 

The team is pure GnR with the G scoring a massive 31,496 last year. 

Can you think of a reason of why they won’t produce a similar result in 2020? I can’t. 

So, load the GUN if you are game. 

Gone to my happy place be back in a few …… 

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This is great stuff Trigger, thanks for the effort mate, my team's not too far away from that formula, but just goes to show how important reliability is in a player, the ability to play most or all games in a season.
Stewart I'm happy to say I called his improvement before last season started.
Noice work bud.


cant score it you aren't on the park – get on the warriors


TH I posted the league code in one of the leagues for you to join!


Thanks BB

just jumped in


One thing to consider is the cost of adding those stepping stones. If you start adding players like Smith and Steven then you'll be starting one of even two less guns to begin with.


I like to burn a couple of trades rd 2 with mid pricers I put in starting team just to trade for rookies that I wasn't sure about so I would definitely get points on the board early.


how many mid pricier do you have and how many would you recomend


Great to back to for SC 2020
Are we running Docherty at D2 or D3 this season?


3 for me Corey,I wanted to have 3 solid options across the top line, hoping Doch can get somewhere near back to his best again.


Fair enough mate some interesting mid price options in Doedee and Roberton too


For sure…I'm going probably with Dodee as well I think, I hate trying to fix the backline.


I like Doedee I also like Roberton and S.Hill but pre-season will paint a better picture on who will be safe selections but I had all three with Gould, Docherty and Daniel as the rest onfield in my backline


To make the GnR strategy work, you need to ‘paint the fence’ during the ‘cash-cow culling period’.

Going to plan, our rookies should be fattened and ready to cull about round 5 onwards. They should have increased in value to about $320-$350k each.

Sell two cows, buy 1 undervalued premium and another rookie (Bubble boy).



I said after round 5. By round 6 you would have had 4 increases (r3 is the first price jump)

Even though there are 4 increases, you still get the price increase from the first and second rounds. That is why the first jump is always the biggest.

You only need a couple of cheap rookies have one big game in round 3 or 4 (stays in the price average for 3 weeks to get a very nice price jump.

You will see many rookies getting culled from round 6


This is completely false.

The price increase is large early because the difference between where they are priced at and where they should be priced at is largest before the price has moved.


When do you see the first of the rookies being culled?


Hey Mo.

Did you get my league invite for the happy place. 😎


Great work Trigger

This year I’m definitely going to stick with durable players only

I say it every year

My best ever finish in 2015 was purely on the back of no injuries to premium players. JPK, Cotchin, Pendles, Priddis etc weren’t fancy compared to Rocky, Crouch, Fyfe, Gaz, Swann, Treloar etc but they hardly missed games

It’s even worse when they miss games in the bye rounds and you rely on Sun rookies to replace premiums….. oh dear the pain.

Dunkley is getting closer to being in my team, ? With Fyfe, Cripps, Coniglio, even Whitfield?


ideally they need to play every week

Perhaps I should roll out the ol risk matrix again?

though it did need a lot of data from previous years which was provided by ol Ocker.

Shake n bake

Hey Derek have a strong league again in up there cazaly, l have left a spot open just for you. Missed you last year! You up for it this year?? If yes just reply I’ll give u the code straight away. Cheers buddy.


Thanks Shake. Don’t know how I missed out last year

Shake n bake

Beautiful, code is 145829. Let me know when ur in. 🤗


Derek you should have received an email to join Elite of the Elite earlier this week. Jump in.


Thanks BB. Will jump in


OPPS you are talking about a mixed supercoach team.
The GnR is guns and rookies only.

no mid pricers – this is just one of many varieties of teams – this form is the one that has been the most successful over the last few years.

It is not without its pros and cons but neither is any team.

nice to bank those points each and every week and not have to worry about the Guns.



All I did was put a team together based on who scored the most points last year.


Don't be sorry, that was really good insight


Thanks oops. It did seem a tad terse but we all have bad days.

I'm just putting up.different team structure once a week till the real stuff just to give thr JR crew some ideas and something else to read.

I never copy anything from other sites. All original TRIGGA! <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="😉" src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/12.0.0-1/svg/1f609.svg"&gt;


The GnR strategy relies on 2 things

Not running out of trades. To go from 13 premiums to 22 needs plenty, so you can’t afford to waste them, and

Getting a high team value, preferably over 13.4mil. This can only happen with rookies, mid provers won’t get you there

My strategy has been to use the first 4 trades to fix up the starting team. Rookies missed, getting rid of Mundy, injury etc.

Round 6 to 10 is culling season. Use 10 trades to paint fence and get the next crop of rookies in. Hopefully have at least 3 more premiums by end of round 10.

Use 9 trades over the byes, cash up first week and pick up premiums coming off their byes. If going well should get 4 more premiums over the byes.

Should have 20 with 7 or 8 trades left.

As you can see, getting scary, and without a high team value or enough trades left, the final 2 premiums are out of reach.

The biggest challenge to finish a team is team value. Even at $13.4mill (allow $1mil for bench) that is only $563k per player. That isn’t enough!

The GnR strategy worked really well in the Suns, GWS, Essendon days. When it was easy to make cash. My 2015 team was $14.8mil.

Maybe I need to look at a Docherty or Smith as a keeper? I had Williams and BSmith till the end last year, did good.

I tried starting 14 premiums last year, but that meant having Merrett, Crouch, Dusty and Mundy; instead of Neale, Fyfe, Dunkley and Cripps.

This year it might need to be GnMnR


I use this to figure out as of round 1 how many trades I’m left with after full premo. This stops me doing luxury trades at the start thinking I have heaps of trades on hand.

My equation is 2.5 trades per rookie per premium player upgrade.

Most downgrades net you around $120-200k. Most upgrades cost you around $200-300k.

So conservatively, I assume I’ll get around $150k per downgrade as an average figure, and each upgrade will cost me $250k. There are some outliers, but they usually balance out. Outcome is that 3 downgrades will fund 2 premium upgrades.

I started the season with 12 players which I felt would be certain keepers. Check for history with injuries, especially leg injuries. These 12 hopefully carries you through out the season. Hopefully!

Threw in say 2 midpricers, figuring perhaps one of them might become a keeper, but also assuming that worst case scenario they’re a reversal of the equation (ie. 2 downgrades funds three upgrades, or 1.66 trades per upgrade).

That left me with 7 rookies on field in positions that need to be upgraded.

7 rookie upgrades @ 2.5 trades each = 17-18 trades.
3 midprice upgrades @ 1.66 trades each = 5 trades.

Leaves ONLY 7-8 trades for overall season corrections and luxury trades! Usually I’d allocate 2 to corrective trades for round 3 for incorrect rookie selection, the other 5-6 to for injury insurance, and any I can get away with not using become luxury trades come final time.

A lot of the trades people are asking for advice on are ones they perceive as corrections, but look like premature luxury trades to me. Laird to Sicily cos he is firing early? Martin to Heeney cos he is firing early too? They may pay off, but those people who are already down to 26 trades early on and haven’t reduced the number of rookies on field have halved the number of trades they’ll have available to cover injuries. Only 3-4 for injuries for the next 18 rounds!

It sometimes pays to hold a premium on the bench at the beginning to save a trade.
Remember there will always be a player flying out of the gates early. But trust your premiums, that’s why they are in your team.

My 2 cents.


Some very good points

I started with Mundy last year, traded him round 3.


Yep. Save your trades


Yes Derek, save trades at the start. I use this formula every year.
Helped me finish high most years. Last year 1,106th. Best years I had were 89th and a 188th.
(On field Rookies x 2.5) + (Midprice rookies x 1.66) = rough guide of trades required for full premo team.


Great work Trig.

I have taken your concept, and added one factor – when the player is missing, you get a bench rookie score. I have taken 45 for forwards, 50 for defenders and 55 for midfield.

For defenders, Houli comes in at 2000+150=2150. This edges out Laird. Williams would have also edged out Laird, but not Houli.

For the mids, Fyfe 2400+110=2510 edges out Treloar. Danger would also have edged out Treloar, but not Fyfe.

For the forwards Martin 2000+90=2090 edges out Ablett. Whitfield still not in top bracket 1780+270=2050.

So, what does it mean?

For me, it probably means that the extra cash takes away your ability to grab some of the more expensive rookies.

It also highlights Derek’s point on durability. For example, if both Walters and Whitfield duplicate their 2019 seasons, you would spend 50k less on Walters and get 167 more points across the season. I think it’s worth just doing a realistic prediction of games played and average, then assess total points, before selecting someone. My cognitive bias says Whitfield is a lock, my numbers are making me waver!

Shake n bake

Is Max Gawn??!!


Done his knee maybe? 😬

Shake n bake

Hope it’s not the case, but could you imagine!

Shake n bake

Saying maybe 3 weeks Trigga.


A grade 2 medial ligament strain…get well soon big fella!


4 weeks max (gawn) for that injury. Its simple, if he plays rd 1 he is in


If I don't see him in the pre season he is out for me, regardless if playing Round 1…..Can't be spending 700k on a player under done.


This is gawn we are talking about. He will most likely score better than any midfielder this year, or at least come close.

If he plays round one he is a certain lock for me. If he isnt playing round when thats when to have a back up plan to get gawn in later.


Gawn only averaged 9pts p/week more than goldy last season I reckon thats a wise move philly


You will lose 20 p.


1st Go Fa 2020

Williams. Doc. Sicily. Hill.( Young. Gould. Rivers. Pepper )
Fyfe. Kelly. Cripps. Kelly. Coniglio. Rowell. Valente. Pickett
(Simpson. Mead. Hibberd )
Grundy. NicNat. Comben
Martin. Greene. Heeney. Steven. Smith. ( Rankine. Cockatoo. Cameron )


BBL or the movie? 🤣


Cheers NDD

Appreciate the feedback 👍

Ross The Boss

Hi everyone it’s your favourite coach here Ross the Boss Lyons, Just want to the thank the Supercoach community for all the love and support over the AFL seasons.I guess F.U.R.L stands for favourite uncle Rossy Lion right.I am starting a team and looking for other great coaches to get on board and help me to get that Grand Final win I deserve, So if you half as good as my boy Zaccy Dawson get on board and join league code 427070.

Cobema Wolf

Wow !! If only most of society operated like this and owned their actions and were big enough to swallow pride and apologise, as a whole the world would be a better place! Well done OOOP_s
and TRIGGA_HAPPY for being showing 1) how to own ur sh$t and apologise and 2) being mature enough in ur response knowing that sometimes people are just having a bad day ! Much respect to both of u !