PODCAST | Essendon & West Coast: 2020 SEASON PREVIEW

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Damo and Patch name their locks, breakout contenders, rookies to watch and new faces for the Essendon Bombers and West Coast Eagles.

Will you select anyone from these teams for Supercoach 2020?

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Maverick_ · 28/01/2020 at 17:49

Jack Steven tweaked his calf at training today.
This make anybody else nervous? He’s been a lock for me since day 1

    hedski · 28/01/2020 at 18:16

    I think I read he'll be back with the main group in 3-4 days Mav, I've had him locked at f3.

    Jays den · 28/01/2020 at 19:30

    He was never gonna performer a has been.!!!

      Russty_ · 29/01/2020 at 01:44

      I wouldn't say he's a has been, was going through some mental health issues for the past 2 years, got a bit overweight in the process, if his calf tweak isn't too serious I think he'll give it a red hot crack this year and could be great value…the guy can run, and get the pill when he's on.

        Jays den · 29/01/2020 at 05:08

        His doing all u guys a favour,..sorry to say but if you ain't 110% these days..your gonna get farked up!.. It's fast n furious. He should just get on we it's the rest of his life. Feeling shy up led of invested in kids. Ablett's danger & selwood is gone soon. Then comes the firing of SCott.

          GGeneral · 30/01/2020 at 00:54

          Wot dood.

        Russty_ · 31/01/2020 at 15:19

        Yeah I reckon he'll be fine mate, it'll be good to see the trimmed down version of him running around again, and hopefully he loses the greasy bogan haircut too lol

Soothsayer · 28/01/2020 at 17:53

Oooooohhh me too!

hedski · 28/01/2020 at 18:18

Devon is my f4 and I have the TRAITOR TK at m5 currently.
Not sold on either yet, anyway time to have a listen to the pod.

Jess · 28/01/2020 at 20:24

How do i listen to the podcast?? Cant see the option

    Troy · 28/01/2020 at 20:37

    I don’t think you can, it’s all about google advertising

      Jess · 28/01/2020 at 21:01

      I still have no idea what that means.

      Put some content up guys. Even if its lekdogs rambles, there are some of us out here who will eat uo anything sc related. Keep up the good work

        Colin · 28/01/2020 at 22:51

        Towards the bottom, right hand side there is a small tab

        Russty_ · 29/01/2020 at 01:39

        You were invited/encouraged to write a fresh article last week Jess, how's it coming along?

          TRIGGA_HAPPY · 29/01/2020 at 10:09

          Another one in the pipeline .

          Should be up later in the week. 😎

            Lekdog · 29/01/2020 at 19:11

            Up tomorrow and it's bloody good

    hedski · 28/01/2020 at 21:06

    I posted a rant earlier because it wasn't on spotify and no link above, then I scrolled below the comments (I use my phone) and found a play button under podcasts.
    Promptly deleted my rant but there really should be a player under the banner as usual.

      Russty_ · 29/01/2020 at 01:38

      I liked the 'play in new window option" that was there before.

        Lekdog · 29/01/2020 at 19:06

        I have no idea hoe to enable that again haha

    Captain Risky · 28/01/2020 at 21:10

    Right hand side, black/ brown box with the 3 faces on it, play button is in there! .. Worked for me..

      Jess · 29/01/2020 at 19:07

      I am happy commenting on as many posts that i can with mt time, and therefore dont think i need to write an article Rusty. But I am trying to do everything possible for the community.

      Right now i really do like the rarely spoken of caleb daniel as a def option. He is super consistent, which is just what we need for that D2ish position, as it is plagued with risk and breakout options. Moreover, he is only 23.5 years old and the obvious upside is that his best is yet to come. Been training the house down in def this year, and two of his lower scores can be subtracted due to injury or returning too early (imo) from injury, giving him a average of 101. The upside is obviously more, and he has shown that his risk is minimal. Penciled in for a consistent 105+ average

        Jess · 29/01/2020 at 19:16

        I also have an extremely good supercoach record- finishing in the top 300 for three of the last four years, one of which i finished 11th. So if you are saying that my advice is not up to scratch, I'd say differently. One person i value highest is lekdogs advice, which has served me amazingly well. He is nothing short of a genius to me, and i encourage all to take his advice seriously. That is all. As i said, i love this site and unhealthingly visit it around four times a day, and are probably, with all honestly, upset that others arent as keen as i am.

          TRIGGA_HAPPY · 29/01/2020 at 20:53

          Once it gets in your blood Jess it's all over! πŸ™Š

          You are hooked for life. 😁

          Stay true, stay strong.

          Awesome results. πŸ‘

    Lekdog · 29/01/2020 at 19:05

    Turns out I forgot to link the episode, up now

      hedski · 29/01/2020 at 22:22

      Thanks Lek, I'm sure you seen my rant 🍻

Troy · 28/01/2020 at 20:36

So disappointing you guys have sold out to advertisements. I used to listen to every poddy but now????

    Sillo · 29/01/2020 at 00:48

    Are you kidding? You get to listen to free content that these guys produce after a hell of a lot of work and research. Why shouldn't they make some money for their time and effort? They're running a business mate.

      Russty_ · 29/01/2020 at 01:36

      Yeah I understand it, Lek, Patch etc have full time jobs and deserve some kind of compensation for the time and effort that goes into this website.
      It's just part of online now getting bombarded with ads all the time, sign of the times…if it ain't the ad companies paying, it could be us…also this isn't bad with the level of aggressiveness in the ads, some sites like Herald Sun etc..play unwanted videos with sound constantly..that's a real pain in the ass.
      Fanfooty is also a pain in the ass.

    Truthsayer · 29/01/2020 at 09:06

    Get over it Troy nobody makes you listen to them. Do what I do and ignore the podcasts, they're usually just a rehash of whats been published at afl, heraldsun and foxtel.
    The value of this site comes from the comments section and there aren't any ads in that.

      Jess · 29/01/2020 at 19:26

      I disagree so much.

      Asni said above, lekdog et al produce amazing content with insights far above that of herald sun (bombardment of common-knowledge crap), and afl (simply reporting irrelevant news). The rival site Supercoachtalk is full of polerised opinions to the extent that any diversion from the norm is criticized. Overall, i didnt rate any of their team reveals, but they are all about critical discussion and that is what we are here for.

    Lekdog · 29/01/2020 at 19:07

    I mean if you hate ads that much just turn on adblocker

jimbltradesaway · 28/01/2020 at 21:09

Hey guys, looking for some leagues. Was around 500 most of the year and slid to 2000 by year end. Any open places? Cheers

    Mighty Chungus · 30/01/2020 at 07:30

    Hey there jimbltradesaway,. There's one spot left at Smoove Jimmy's League of the week. (It's a big league…). Happy to have any community members.

      jimbltradesaway · 03/02/2020 at 08:45

      I just tried to join but like it’s full. Thx anyway

Jays den · 29/01/2020 at 05:13

AFL footballers are training too hard, causing serous injury – that can jeopardise the clubs whole season. Too professional.In my opinion.. Just relax it.. Pump weights – bulk up. And For Christ sake.. Learn to kick straight..!!!

    Philly · 29/01/2020 at 13:06

    Couldn't agree more Jay. And also, get rid of the bloody boundary umpires!! Just let the players throw it back in? Surely they've got a better arm than these skinny little men

    TRIGGA_HAPPY · 29/01/2020 at 20:59

    Problem Jays is the pace of the game.

    They have gotta train at that intensity else face breaking down during a game or getting left behind the pack. πŸ™‰

    But 100% kick it straight and kick it true.

    9 out of 10 games are won when you kick more goals than points.

    Sometimes it's the simple things …..

Lekdog · 29/01/2020 at 19:12

Jesse Hogan taking a leave from Freo for mental health reasons

Isaac Heeney injured thumb, requires surgery

Tyruddanaut · 29/01/2020 at 21:47

List of players from either team that I am even slightly considering:

Which ones are locks?

    hedski · 29/01/2020 at 22:24

    I think • is a lock Ty

      Russty_ · 30/01/2020 at 00:32

      I reckon – and – are well on my radar, didn't even consider – though.

Loop · 30/01/2020 at 04:14

I think that they started the KPF succession plan last year with Oscar Allen.

    Loop · 31/01/2020 at 05:53

    I think Brander, Watson, Venables – all low scoring and no value and not KPF.
    I'm hoping that Kelly fits in nicely.

Russty_ · 31/01/2020 at 15:21

I think the human meatball has taken all his inside work away Neil

    Russty_ · 31/01/2020 at 19:53

    I'm sure Max will be fine with a bit of rest mate but English or Darcy could have breakout years this year, also Jacobs is cheap as freakin chips πŸ™‚

The Unsullied · 01/02/2020 at 08:29

In today's Sun Gawns injury could be as much as two months.

    Russty_ · 01/02/2020 at 18:10

    Wow that would really suck..question now is do we get a ruck of higher value so that getting Gawn in isn't so financially painful or go for one of the bargains like Nicnat or Jacobs?…or with one of the up and comers like English, Darcy or ROB?

      Jess · 01/02/2020 at 20:29

      Herald sun just wants a big story so they exacerbate the extent of their news (not limited to sport). Herald Sun as an institution has a monopoly on the supercoach market, and since their articles are profit-based, they will spin whatever propoganda crap (to an extent) that will make money. The amount of times I have clicked on a link for it to retell the same story as the last article, or for there to be no significant content at all…

      Best you can do is use firefox, in conjunction with the addon "uBlock Origin", while also using cognito mode. 9 out of 10 times you get around the paywall.

        Jess · 01/02/2020 at 20:32

        But i really did digress. All other sources, including MFC themselves have said 3-4 weeks. If you look up the injury, it says 2-3 weeks for recovery. He will play round 1, but it doesnt hurt to have a back-up plan.

          Russty_ · 01/02/2020 at 20:47

          Hey Jess, I used to do the HS subscription thing but not anymore, afl.com.au will do for now or fox footy, it ain't worth 30 bucks a month just for their 'exclusive articles'..happy if Max is firing fit for round 1, team looks interesting with Jacobs in there though haha, allows a few more funky choices in my side.

hedski · 01/02/2020 at 21:20

Very tight game at halftime in the BBL Neil.

    hedski · 02/02/2020 at 15:35

    I was lucky you had Cook on the bench instead of Uzzie, made 2 out of three grand finals (last in Triggas league!).
    Yeah bring on the footy πŸ‘

Russty_ · 01/02/2020 at 23:08

I'm trialling a team with Sauce at R2 too, allowed me to get Smith and Patton into my team, dramatically increasing my stable of long term injury players LOL

johnno2908 · 02/02/2020 at 09:26

Half considering starting Patton at R2, and hope he does a Trav Cloke and can be traded to a reduced cost Gawn… maybe even become a keeper in the forward line, who knows.

Also, I really need to stop looking at Supercoach because I do sh*t like this to my team.

    johnno2908 · 02/02/2020 at 12:14

    Ceglar πŸ€”

    johnno2908 · 02/02/2020 at 13:45

    Now I’m looking at starting Jacobs and keeping him until round 8, then trade to Gawn.

    Jacobs has Geelong, Melbourne, Western Bulldogs, Essendon, Sydney, Gold Coast, and Richmond first 7 rounds – then goes Collingwood, St Kilda, West Coast, Adelaide and Carlton.

    Only really Gawn to worry about in round 2, and hopefully he isn’t 100%

Lekdog · 02/02/2020 at 16:12

Consider it done!

Russty_ · 02/02/2020 at 18:35

In trialling Sauce in my side I traded out McHenry for McCluggage…assuming Mchenry averages 60 and MCCluggage Averages 100 per week I'm 40 points up.
Then The difference between Gawn and Sauce, if Gawny does his usual 125 ish wondering what's the best we could expect from Jacobs, 90, 95?
So maybe a 30 to 35 point difference there, in the end it might be worth just keeping Gawn I think..and then there's the times when Gawn goes 150 +
What do you guys think?

    Russty_ · 02/02/2020 at 23:54

    It'd sure be nice if Sauce was a dpp fwd ay Neil?…he'd be worth a 90 ish average I reckon.

    Russty_ · 03/02/2020 at 02:24

    Hey Oops great analysis there, thanks for that..that's some serious research and appreciated.
    I'm thinking I might run with Sauce cause it would give me a 6 gun midfield and only 6 rookies onfield.
    This is how my team looks now let me know what you think…cheers.

    Lloyd, Stewart, Docherty, Doedee, Starcevich, Gould –Mclennan, Bianco
    Macrae, Neale, Dunkley, Mitchell, Coniglio, McCluggage, Pickett, Rivers –Maginess, Mead, Cahill
    Grundy, Jacobs –Comben
    Whitfield, Heeney, Steven, Hill, Cockatoo, Rankine –Cameron, King

    56k left

      Russty_ · 03/02/2020 at 23:11

      The ones there I'd mainly be worried about are Robbo and Hanners, apparently Smith is looking in great shape lately too…might have to find a spot for him.
      That's a huge prediction man!…haha

      TOPHAWK1 · 04/02/2020 at 19:51

      I like it Russty!! Nice team. I love the Mc Cluggage pick. I see that you have $56K left over. I am thinking of starting either Dan Houston or DB Jones instead of the Doc. I just think with Docherty being 2 years out of the game will be rusty (sorry russty LOL) and low on confidence. I am starting Doedee though. (One player coming back from injury down back is enough for me) I might watch the Doc in the early rounds and if he does get his mojo back and Houston/DBJ spud it up, I can pull the straight switch, one trade in either round 3 or 4. I like to call it risk management! Cheers mate.

frogger · 03/02/2020 at 00:58

Any JR cashies this year?
If so, would be grand to try to get a guernsey (not on the page much these days, more the odd twitter spam post…)

Maverick · 03/02/2020 at 21:05

Would love too know people’s thoughts on walsh?? I know his an awkward price and will probably need upgrading eventually… but I think he can get too 105 if he plays an inside role?

Also for the forward line I am big on bailey smith… 77 avg in his first year and reminds me of a dusty martin almost big bodied midfielder and knows where the goals are.. a close watch in JLT to see if he can steal a few minutes in the guts

Finnius · 04/02/2020 at 16:58

Would anyone be interested in entering a JR cash league this year that I am thinking of starting?

It would be $100 entry with $1000 for the winner, $350 for the minor premiership, $350 for second, and $100 for the highest score of the season.

If there is enough interest I will set up an account and a league. It could be a lot of fun and make the community a bit more exciting this year :))

TOPHAWK1 · 04/02/2020 at 19:29

Ollie Wines has done his shoulder again and has undergone surgery. Will miss the first 6-8 rounds of the season. Dan Houston will surely get some serious midfield time now and must come into serious calculations for coaches.

    TRIGGA_HAPPY · 04/02/2020 at 23:07

    All over it hawk πŸ˜‰

    Maverick · 05/02/2020 at 09:20

    Rozee worth A look too now

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