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SuperCoach returns for 2020! Big brain podcasters Lekdog, Damo & Patch obliterate each others teams in an attempt to make one another cry…just so they can hug it out at the end.

Leave your teams in the comments below!

Lekdog’s Team
Patch’s Team
Damo’s Team
FozDaddy’s Team

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Lekdog Twitter: @LekdogSC
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Looks like the Grundy – Gawn combination is going to be popular .


64% Grundy, 42% Gawn.

next best is Jacobs and NicNat at 12%, then Marshall at 6% owned

where is all the love i was hearing for ROB?


I love him, I want him, but he's not Gawn or Grundy… just yet.

Ando James

So im toying with the idea of not starting M.Gawn and also D.Martin with the following reasoning.

Martin is slow starter in SC and will require a 3 round avg of 108 to maintain his price. So i expect to get him later at a much chaper price as I see him averaging 100 up to the byes giving him an approximate score of 1300 to round 14. I believe he will 100% be a top 6% FWD and will bring him in as one of my first upgrade targets at his bottom price. I will replace Martin with J.Steven saving me $307K. With Steven potentially averaging 85 netting 1105 up to round 14, requiring 195 to be found elsewhere.

Gawn I do believe he will average 125 up to the bye so starting without him there needs to be good reasoning. If I did go down this path he will be replaced with S.Jacobs saving me $348k allowing me to use that elsewhere to compensate for the points difference between Gawn and Jacobs. I believe Jacobs will average 85 up to the by which is where i will replace him for Gawn. Approximate scoring u to round 14 for Gawn would be 1625 and Jacobs 1105, requiring 510 to be found.

Having Jacob and Steven will require a total of 705 points to be found elsewhere.

With the $ savings of having both Steven (+$307k) and Jacobs (+348k) i would use that to go 6 premo deep into the mids swapping a $123k rookie averaging 60 (780 points to round 14) with J.Kelly who i expect will average 125 to round 14. Kelly’s expected score would net 1625 witch is an increase over the $123k rookie of 875 points.

This thought will gain me 130 points over starting Martin and Gawn. Sure i will need to make 2 trades to get Martin and Gawn back in but i will only need 2 premo’s to get full premo midline and will be 130 points ahead of the curve…


*calculated everything to round 14 as both Gawn and Martin have a round 14 bye having all players playing 13 games.

Jays den

Like your idea, but leave Fawn-Gawn out, look for coin instead. Consider yourselves lucky with him teaking. His a has been -a busted case


A serious question.
At this time of the year do really just select the premium players you want and just put rookies in as placeholders?


I do, and I choose 123k rookies so I can be sure my team is affordable


It can't hurt to do some research on your prospective rooks to see what age and size they are, and view their highlights packages to see if their playing style impresses you…also what the sport media is saying about whether they think they might get early games or not.


the last few years there hasn't been as many rookies.

over the last 6 or 7 years, we have been blessed with SUNS and GWS giving us rookies, then Essendon saga and Port's rebuild playing plenty of cheap players.

I think we will have a limited few rookies playing round 1, meaning that most people will have very similar rookies in the starting teams.

The tough bit is knowing what non-midfield rookies there will be. This will determine the structure of your team.

I like to read as much as i can about the rookies (the guns we already know about) to know where the numbers will be.

it is also important to know if a rookie gets a game early because of an injury to another player who will be back soon, look at JS of the rookies, might have to pay a few dollars extra for that.


Mix of both. Some of them look to be guys you'd lock in – i.e. Gould or Pickett – but in some respects you know they'll change so use a lot of placeholders.


Why all with Devon Smith and none with Steven?
What do you 3 blokes know that your not telling us………

I got a gut feeling Smith will be a trap his midfield minutes won’t be there this year like 2018. I am probably wrong but just got this gut feel He’s gonna disappoint, but happy to be wrong.


We talked about Jack Steven last week, and I said that there was definitely value in him but I wasn't confident he'd return to a premium output.

I really hope that Devon Smith shows something in the pre-season competition because he'll be an easy out for me.


Fair call damo..
I’ll back in Steven to comfortably out score smith by seasons end 🙂


No Rowell after no Walsh burned y'all last year? OH NO BABY WHAT IS YOU DOIN


Some people build a team of rookies and select premos to go around them, some people build a team of premos and select rookies to go around them. If you think rookies are more important than the more often reliable premos then Rowell will probably be in your starting side.

I didn't start Sam Walsh last year, but I wouldn't say it burned me.


So….the question was, "what is you doin" which isn't really a question or English, and the answer is he's not picking Rowell and so what if he isn't? You and your mate are the ones making a big deal out of it.
Maybe chill out and respect other people's choices.


Not sure Walsh burned anyone who didn't have him. There were a lot of players with good cash generation who were cheaper. I had him, for the record.


I'VE GONE WITH ROWELL! I don't want to get burned!


Dan Houston will be the jack crisp of 2020


Why do you say that?


Will be one of those who show promise but always hover over the sub 500k mark. He only averaged 95 odd playing full time midfield and with competition from rozee and butters, its hard to see him improve drastically


averaged close to 106 in the midfield


Except nobody expected Crisp to play midfield…


Fully prepared for that to happen – since recording I'm cooling on him with Voss talking about having 10-12 blokes rotating through the midfield.


I want to pick Lloyd but he's so darn expensive. Talk me out of it …


just put him in


I want to talk you into it. Expensive is good. Means you can get more money making rookies in your team.


Yea I'm going pure GnRs this year. Messed about with mid pricers last year and it hurt me.


Him and Doc are the first selected in my backline.


Nice work fellas.
3 Very different teams there.

Lek has gone for value in defense and up forward with a powerful midfield.

Patch has gone for power up forward, value in defense and backing in the rooks to score the most in the midfield.

Damo – more cookie cutter with the exception of home grown talent in brayshaw up fwd.

Every team has simpson from the cats in the mids (infact damo has him on deck) – tell me a story fellas – have I missed something
here? I would think constable would get first crack in the mids?

Maybe it is in the podcast as I am yet to have a listen?

Looks like Grawndy is the way to go,
But sauce is real value if he can get his tapwork to the Ferrari engine room below, he was always a good tap to advantage ruckman.

So I'll leave you with this one to get the creative juices flowing.

You can select Gawn and say Bonar
Jacobs and Dusty.


I'll take more risks closer to round 1, I'm sure, but Simpson won the Cats VFL B&F and they love to promote their own players.


no offence

I meant cookie cutter in terms of setup not players which is a good thing 🙂


Trigga. You need gawn and grundy in the same way you need four of the top mids over the likes of the many midfielders who average 90-100. Jacobs is past his prime, which was still well below grawndy's output, so you will be losing points all year in the ruck


Gawn and Bonar. Get Jacobs the hell away from my side.

Simpson's one of those early ones – we certainly can't lock him in just yet


Really think anyone without Rowell is making a big mistake. I said the same for Walsh in the preseason last year. Stephen Wells (Geelong recruiting manager) said that Rowell would have been getting games at Geelong in 2018 if possible, and that he would have played every game for them in 2019. Now consider that Geelong has been a flag contender the last two years with one of the best midfields in the comp, and you'll realise how high that praise on Rowell is.

Here's my team:

DEF: Lloyd, Sicily, Docherty, Roberton, Starcevic, Ling, (McLennan, Gould)

MID: Macrae, Neale, Oliver, Steven, D.Smith, Rowell, Cockatoo, Pickett, (McHenry, Valente, Rivers)

RUC: Grundy, Gawn, (Draper)

FOR: Whitfield, Martin, Heeney, Petracca, S.Hill, Rankine, (E.Smith, Cavarra)

Petracca is my only real POD, he's been getting lots of praise over preseason and will be getting some midfield time this year. Also I just expect the Dees to be far better this year, which should lead to more points.

Other years I've had loophole players at R3, but that burned me last year by missing out on ROB. I expect Draper to get games at some stage this season and I expect him to score reasonably well when he does.

Players currently at the top of my watchlist are T.Mitchell, T.Williamson, Andy Brayshaw, H.Young, and A.Bonar.


Agreed re: Rowell.

Get Dev Smith forward – no reason to have him in the midfield. I'm not sold on Truck but happy to be proven wrong.


Good teams fellas! Good start!

Here's my first crack at my team for 2020:

Backs: B.Houli, Z.Williams, Docherty, H.Young, T.Bianco, W.Gould – 2 Rooks on the bench
Mids: L.Neale, J.Dunkley, P.Dangerfield, C.Oliver, T.Kelly, M.Rowell, M.Pickett, H.Scheonberg – 3 Rooks on the bench
Rucks: B.Grundy, M.Gawn, S.Draper
Fwds: L.Whitfield, D.Martin, I.Heeney, S.Hill, N.Cockatoo, I.Rankine – 2 Rooks on the bench

Thinking with Bachar, Tiges have 10 of the first 13 at the G' and thats his favourite venue, and also can't see many others taking points off him.

Also T.Kelly sitting under Nic Nat sounds ridiculous.


Houli had his best season ever last year but still only played 19 matches. Last 4 years he's played 19, 13, 18, 12 games. Big no for me.


Yeah Houli will fall off. Hurn is even a better option.

Think theres a few guns in the midfield you might need, but it could work out. Everywhere else is good, but if Heeney plays fwd who knows what he will score.


Last year the appeal was the run of games at the 'G… this might be the same…. hmmm.

Love you've gone Draper. Not sure if he'll play before the bye but when he does I'll jump on.


Thoughts?? Blake acres getting more midfield time appeals to me as he’s proven he can score in the midfield.
Still considering my backline structure, with doedee and Houston in the back of my mind….
Hate and love this game!

Def: Williams, Sicily, doch, roberton, young, Gould // McLennan, rivers
Mid: macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, danger, acres, Rowell, pickett, hibberd // McHenry, philp, mead
Ruck: Grundy Gawn // conroy
Fwd: Whitfield, Martin, Steven, Smith, hill, rankine // Cameron, king


Nar drop acres fast.

He averaged 70 last year. He would need to improve by at least 30 points for me to consider him in the mids. It just wont happen.

Backline is a risk and could fall apart easily. Big risj va reward.

Perfect everywhere else, including the rookies.


Rate the backline, don't like Acres as a section. Just not sure on him at this stage, but willing to change my mind when we see him on the park.


Anyone ever looked at the stats to whether captaincy increases SC output? Got Cogs and the Bont on my radar.


Got both in my side 🙂


DEF: Lloyd, Williams, Docherty, Doedee, S Hill, Gould
MID: Macrae, Cripps, Dangerfield, Oliver, Wines, Rowell, McHenry, Pickett
RUCKS: Grundy, Gawn
FWD: Whitfield, Martin, B Smith, Cockatoo, Rankine, King


Hate the wines pick sorry.

All else is good. Not sure if lloyd will improve so could be worth using the cash from him and upgrading wines. Even if you dropped cockatoo or rowell, find the $ to upgrade wines. He just isnt proven


B Smith or D Smith up forward?

Don't mind the Wines pick early!


Just sent a invite out to all the involved in my league last year (Lek&Patch’s rabble). Be great if you could all rejoin as it was a very competitive league.

Mighty Chungus

Smoove Jimmy's League of the Week:




Oooooo that's a smooth league alright


Looking to get back into some of the more competitive leagues with more active community members. Was in a bunch of them in 2018 but signed up late in 2019 and missed a bunch of them. Cheers and looking forward to a big year for supercoach.


Cheers, I joined TheSonsOfAnarchy but seems I missed joining Holy Grail in time.


Ok if I jump in sons of anarchy John?


Ok no worries


Hi Community!

If you had to chose, who would you pick at M5?

Ollie Wines or Hugh Mc Cluggage?

Damn tough call that one.


Hey TH, I'd go McCluggage cause I reckon he's gonna be a star, he should crack over the 100 av this season, it's just how much over that'll make you decide whether he stays or gets replaced.


I really like Mc suitcase too. Have a feeling he is going to be like Dunkley this year. He could be my one and only midfield POD if I decide to start him this season. Cheers Russty!


Mccluggage for me More upside with mcClugg & his yet to truly breakout & he will go 100+.. Ollie good for 95-100 avg and that’s about all.




Yep Trigga. Agreed. Reckon he will become uber premo in 2020.


Probably McCluggage. Although I assume your forward and backline is stronger then mine as I have Danger at M5


Hi Holty. I am still pondering whether to start with Mc Cluggage or get my side rolling with a hardcore GNR team structure this year. The suitcase is definately my favourite POD midfield option at the moment. Cheers mate! TH


McGluggage for sure! In my side as M5 atm


Would appreciate your thoughts on my team,

DEF: Sicily, Houston, Doch, Hill, Young, McLennan + rooks
MID: Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Kelly, Oliver, Rowell, Pickett, Hibberd + rookies
RUCK: Gawn, Grundy + rookie
FWD: Whitfield, Dusty, Steven, Smith, Rankine, King + rookies

$22k in bank. Not sure whether to start a Doedee/ Roberton


Nice team Will. Very similar to my side. I like the Houston pick. He is going to run riot in the Port midfield this year. Kid is a gun! I chose Doedee ahead of Roberton. His ticker worries me as it’s an issue/condition which may never come fully right. Robbo is just too risky for me to start with. Go well in season 2020! 💪


Cheers mate you too!

Mighty Chungus

Do yourself a favour and join Smoove Jimmy's League of the Week:


So the general consensus is that Cameron will take Mason's spot, or is he more a place holder? Remember, Cameron couldn't even get a game for Sydney who are worse than Collingwood


Very unsure at the moment Philly. Might depend on how Mase's eye comes up? Won't be playing R1, that's for sure.


First attempt for the new Supercoach Season. Would love some feedback from the community.

Here's my team:

DEF: Williams, Laird, Docherty, Roberton, Young, Gould, (Bianco, Rivers)

MID: Macrae, Fyfe, Jelly, Cripps, Danger, Rowell, Pickett, Hibberd (Simpson, Schoenberg, North)

RUC: Grundy, Gawn, (Comben)

FOR: Whitfield, Martin, Smith, S.Hill, Rankine, King (Cameron, Taheny)


No. Kelly is better than Oliver and a solid pick


I had Oliver last season and he was very frustrating. He can be an option if he can get that consistency back.


Last year there was a big question over having both Jelly and Fyfe and I reckon this year's the same – you can't have both as they're too injury prone.

The rest of it looks very solid mate.


Just hoping Jelly has a good run with injuries. If he can stay on the ground he is easily a top 6 mid by seasons end.


Seems much love for Houston but are his numbers any better than DBJ? Look at his back half of the season- 103 avg if take out the North game


I like Houston as he has been training the house down with the midfield group at Port. I reckon his price at $484K is sensational with the DEF/MID swing with Rivers one of my mid rooks. If Hinkley decides to run Houston down back come the preseason then Sicily might replace him come round one. Right now Houston locked at D2.


IMHO, i just dont think Houston is good a enough of a player to star, regardless of midfield time.

I simply dont rate him. There are a lot of players that get mid time and still dont score well, and I think he is one. We will see


Very hard to tell this early on mate. DBJ with 20 more games under the belt could work in his favour, but I couldn't let you know without seeing them in action. Depends on who gets more mid minutes, but one to keep an eye on.


Hi John, solid side mate, I've also toyed with the idea of starting Whitfield in the mids, just to have 2 swingers starting there and not have t use a 500k-ish mid but I think I might be starting with Worpel so Whit goes back to the fwd line.
You should have a good solid start to the season with a team like that bud.


OK community. It’s getting serious now. Here is my current side:

DEF: Lloyd, Houston, Docherty, Doedee, Starcevich, Williamson, Gould (Bianco, Worrell)

MID: Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Dangerfield, Oliver, Rowell, M.Pickett, Mc Henry (Rivers, Robertson, M.Hibberd)

RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Mc Comben)

FWD: Whitfield, D.Martin, J.Steven, S.Hill, Cockatoo, Rankine (M.King, Phillips)

I am looking at a strong GNR team structure, with the midfield and the ruck as the major points driver to get off to a strong start.

Thoughts on my side? Cheers community.


Love it TopHawk :). Obviously because we are similar.

I have gone with Daniel (possible sicily) over Houston but understand the pretty warranted hype.

Have also gone Dunkley over Oliver, but would have loved to squeeze Oliver in. Both will progress, and imo any progression from dunkley = must have.

Only other difference is the rookies. I cant fit Williamson or Cockatoo in yet, but if they look set to fire i will find the $ for them. Not too keen on both atm.

Think this structure is really solid



I did some analysis that made me rethink Fyfe and Cripps.

If you assume they will miss only 2 weeks, which is pretty much their track record, and compare it to a lower average, but more durable, this is how it looks

Dunkley 22 games 2562 ave 116.5
Fyfe 20 games 2400 ave 120

Therefore, you would need a bench rookie to score 162 – ave 81 to end up as the same points

Treloar 22 games 2495 ave 113.4
Cripps 20 games 2342 ave 117.1

Again, you need 153 ave 76.5 to end up as the same points.

These have to be bench rookies, not onfield rookies.

I think this sways the choice back to the slightly cheaper premos

This doesn’t even address the issue that Fyfe has signaled that he would spend more time forward, and that the young guns would be doing more heavy lifting the midfield. I think there are signs that Cripps may do the same. In any event, I wouldn’t be thinking that there would be significant upsides to the scoring potential of either. Can include Danger in that conversation.

There does seem to be an upside In Dunkley, given the start to last season was in the forward line. Maybe an upside to Treloar if he keeps improving his DE.

Anyway, just preseason rambling. Too much thinking this time of year!


Very good points here Keen but don’t forget the Captaincy selection either. Cripps and Fyfe are major captaincy considerations, the others not so much.


Hi Holty

Yes, I was presuming that Grundy and Gawn would be the primary VC and C options. Will be worth seeing how many times Fyfe and Cripps play before Grundy as a VC option.

I was interested to see that Cripps beat 130 6 times. Fyfe only once – with a 133. Whilst I have shared the idea that Fyfe is a major VC/C option, maybe we need to rethink that.


Dunkley beat 130 7 times, Treloar 4 times


Sorry. I must have looked at his fantasy scores.

To round out my hypothesis, if you used either of them 4 times, and they yielded 20 extra points as a VC/C, then that’s an extra 80 points.

That would mean, that a bench rookie would still need to average around 40 to even the points. Let’s say they can average 55. That’s an extra 30 points per player, 60 points in total. That means you are spending around 50k for 60 points.

Whilst we might have different views, my feeling is that’s a best case scenario for Cripps and Fyfe versus Dunkley and Treloar.

And then there’s the byes…,. 🙂


Hi John

I have Macrae, Neale, Dunkley, Treloar and Oliver.

Torn between Treloar and Danger (and maybe Bont for the bye structure)

I think it stands up as a midfield.

I have 10 legit premos, 2 fallen premos and 2 breakout gambles.


Dangerfield (no kelly) was near to my first pick this year


if you use that logic, of factoring in games missed, you wouldn't have Whitfield in the forward line


The difference with Whitfield is the gap between him and the other forwards.

Whitfield 16 games 1780 Ave 111.3
Walters 22 games 2216 Ave 100.8

That means you need 336 from 6 games 56 ave

Even though this is still no good thing from a forward bench rookie, it feels more acceptable to me. If Whitfield goes more than 16 games, then you are well in front. Hoping that 17-18 games is not too much to ask!


Whitfield is a lock


Agreed! I just wanted to look at things through a different lens in preseason to try to avoid cognitive bias and herd mentality. Everyone has a very similar team, so I am thinking that small differences in the starting 5 mid premiums might be a factor. Plus a POD – either a selection or a non selection.

With cognitive bias. I think most people would think that Heeney was a safe choice as a F2/3 selection, but Billings would be highly risky. I am sure we will see teams with Heeney, but probably none with Billings. For last season, Heeney only scored 4 points for the year more than Billings. In terms of total points, they are effectively equal. If we think StKilda might improve next year, you could possibly make a case for Billings ahead of Heeney. But would any of us pick Billings ahead of Heeney? I think not!

I have been so mediocre or even poor at this game, that I really want to try to look at it a bit differently. So far I am still largely cookie cutter, with the exception of no Fyfe or Cripps, but I will keep trying to explore things and see if I can’t improve!


Both are far to expensive


That’s a great and helpful analysis. Thanks for that. I think my hypothesis confirmed in my mind that reliability was a strong factor in choosing between premos when there is only a few points in average between them. You are right, I need to rethink Treloar. Will possibly be Macrae, Neale, Dunkley, Danger and Oliver. Still feeling like I want to leave out Fyfe and Cripps, which I think would be a POD.


Thanks Keen!! I like your reasoning. Fyfe is always high risk of missing a few games. He has also had significant surgery in the off season, so he may be eased into it at the start of the season. Like you say, spend more time up forward with the young mids doing more of the work in the guts. My will side see plenty more changes before round one. Its about as certain as death and taxes! Cheers Keen.


Your every chance for the 50k TH you’ll be very difficult yo beat with 9 players down back 🙂

In all seriousness though nice side mate I think we have 3 players different at this point.

Cripps -> Dunkley
Lloyd -> laird
Doedee -> Roberton
Few different rookies on the pine but there all place holders.

Can’t wait for Marsh series so many cookie cutter teams out there hopefully pre season sets teams apart.


Hehehehe! Good spot Maverick! I think Williamson might have to be culled down back! LOL Rory Laird is an interesting one. I guess you have gone to him purely because he represents much better value for money than Lloyd? Laird for mine was really up and down last year, but with Doedee coming back, he could just jump back up to those 2017-18 type averages. I do like Laird as I have owned him a lot over the years. Definately on the radar mate. Cheers. TH


Can anybody remind me how I recreate the league I set up previously and send out invites?
Cannot for the life of me see how. Don't see the option in an obvious spot.

Jock's Jock League needs to live again.


Am I the only person who thinks Doedee has every chance of averaging 90 + for the year?

I know he is more a key defender, but he is a gun interceptor and I think he has generally progressed with age. To those who are keenly against Doedee, what would he have to average for you to be interested?


I think everyone will start Docherty so having Doedee as well is a huge risk imo. Having 2 blokes coming back from serious injuries both in the backline could cause you serious trouble. Plus how many mid pricers can you start before it’s called madness? Stevens, Smith etc.


We mentioned him during the Adelaide pod – I reckon 90 is unlikely but certainly not out of reach. One to watch preseason but I'm heavily considering him.


I listened to the podcast but we will differ on that one patch. Time will tell


It's hard to say whether he can or can't achieve that 90 average Jess, his 2018 was quite inconsistent but much better than we expected for a rookie. I've had him in and out of my side with no clear cut decision yet, I think he could achieve it but it's only speculating and more often than not in SC I think they let us down rather than exceed our expectations.
I think Hill or Young could possibly do similar numbers for less outlay.


Agreed young Russty. How are things going mate?


Going great Holty !…hope you are too mate, can't wait for the new season to get underway.
Hope you have another kickass year, your last season was outstanding mate..keep it up.


What do you like with Dawson?


can't see him improving much. won't get any midfield time.

i'm not seeing Laird in many teams


Rookies will be light on this year.

Let’s hope we get enough good ones.

I’m not too concerned. Everyone will have the same rookies


I think Stewart is injured at the moment, touch and go for round 1.


I'd back Setterfield out of those, has come back in good nick, entered last season off a bad injury and played mostly forward out of position. Dow might not make best 22 based on last season, needs a big preseason.


I think Jack's issues the last few years have been his mental state and lack of motivation that came from it.
Hopefully he's happier now at the Cats and has a few great years, if he could recapture some of that premo form he used to have, he'll be great value this season I reckon.


Hi John. Singapore Flyers locked and loaded in Sons of Anarchy league. Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to a competitive season


Thanks John


Happy 2020 everyone. First crack for this season:
DEF: Daniel, Sicily, Dawson, Docherty, Gould, McLennan (Worrell, Bianco)
MID: Macrae, Neale, Cripps, Dunkley, Steven, Rowell, Pickett, Hibberd (McHenry, Simpson, Rivers).
RUCK: Grundy, Gawn (Cameron)
FWD: Whitfield, Dusty, Greenwood, S. Hill, Rankine, King (Cahill, Brownless)


Essentially Dawson is D3/F3 with the Hill swing. I think you’re right though – but I bloody hate Lloyd and not sold on the other 3 blokes either.


Happy New Year Lads. Here is my 2nd and improved draft for this season:
DEF: Williams, Laird, Houston, Doedee, Starcevich, Gould (Bianco, Rivers)
MID: Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Dunkley, Oliver, Rowell, McHenry, Pickett (Simpson, Hibberd, Budarick – Extra loophole)
RUCK: Grundy, Gawn (Comben)
FWD: Whitfield, Dusty, Smith, Hill, Rankine, King (Riccardi, Williams)

Rip into it lads!!
Placey 🙂


If Curnow was a mid/fwd it would be a good move. (I can’t believe he’s not – ruined my early plans!). I don’t think he will be a keeper as a mid. Even at 100 average. I think you could afford to carry a 85-90 player in defence or forward, but a 100 average in the mids maybe not. At that price point, I would prefer Walsh. I can see him getting to 105, and wouldn’t be totally surprised if he got to 110.


stewart was a lock until he injured his groin preseason. Gotta say I hate all the options. D1 is the hardest to fill this year. You know it’s bad when Rich is starting to look like a viable option.


Going with a pretty regulation defence and midfield structure. Going 3 deep in the FWD line, 4 if you include S.Hill.

Lloyd, Daniel, Docherty
Young, McLennnan, Gould (Ling, Bianco)

Neale, Fyfe, Dunkley, Bontempelli
Oliver, Rowell, Pickett, Hibberd (Rivers, Mead, McHenry)

Grundy, Gawn (Draper)

Whitfield, Martin, Brayshaw,
S.Hill, Frampton, Rankine (Georgiades, E. Taylor)

Thinking about dropping Daniel to a rookie and upgrading a mid rookie to McCluggage. Reasoning being my D rookies should be more viable on field than Fwd or Mids. Thoughts?


Only 2 deep in fwd line, 3 if you count Brayshaw but nobody would consider him a potential keeper


Yeah fair. I'm 50/50 on Brayshaw. I'm hoping he lifts his output to around a 95 average and this gets him in the top 10 for fwds. With the options this year it wouldn't surprise me if 95+ gets you top 6. Mundy being out for a long stint should also help him get mid minutes.

Is definetly a wait and see how his form is leading into round 1.


Not too worried about them. I tend to try stick to the same mantra. I guess for me I was burnt by not having Dunkley last year and felt I couldn't miss out on him. Also hoping the loss of dpp puts a few people off him but I don't think that's gonna happen.


Just looking at Rookies and have come up with a few figures.

If we use 150k as a benchmark, then this is approx what we need

102,400 needs 46.7 ave
117.300 needs 49.5 ave
123,900 needs 50.7 ave

Looking at the more expensive rookies

Rowell needs 66.2
Young needs 61.2
Cockatoo needs 55.2

Looking at history, I have picked the comparison to Rowell

2018 Rayner 59.9 first 8 games, 60.4 for the year
2018 Brayshaw 55.9 first 8 games, 60.5 for the year
2017 McGrath 62.4 first 8 games, 70.7 for the year
2017 Taranto 67.8 first 8 games, 66.5 for the year
2016 Oliver 67.7 first 7 games (interrupted), 70.3 for the year

I think this makes Rowell a line ball option. The same hype about being ready made for senior football was made about Rayner and McGrath. Of course preseason games will help – although I was burnt by Brayshaw shining in his preseason games.

For Cockatoo, I can’t see him paying his way. His previous form reads:

2015 10 games 32.0 ave
2016 11 games 63.2 ave (Geelong won 9 easy)
2017 10 games 52.6 ave
2018 2 games 39.0 ave

Total 33 games 46.9 ave

Off the back of that, I don’t really have any confidence that he can get to the 55+ ave he needs to make 150k

In that regard, maybe some of the stepping stones are better value

Hill needs to average 63. He was 85-95 in his good years, but even his last 2 were 80.4 and 71.7. If he’s fit, a lock for me.

Roberton needs to average 76. His average in 2016 was 76.4 and 2018 was 92.4. Again lineball, with an added injury risk

Doedee needs to average 80.3. His one year 2018 was 82.2. Having been added to the leadership team, less time away from the game, nature of the injury and age just makes me feel he is marginally ahead of Roberton.

So for me, Hill a lock. Rowell and Young lineball – would pick a cheaper rookie if available. Not must haves for me.
Won’t be picking Cockatoo.

Would rather try to go up to Roberton or Doedee than pick Rowell or Young.

Yes I have too much time on my hands!


Good to have some extra time on your hands at this time of year Keen, thanks for the analysis, very enjoyable read, and eye opening.
My current team doesn't have Cockatoo, Young, Doedee or Roberton but I do have Hill and Rowell , he'd better look as good as Walsh did last year in the pre-season though for me, cause 200k is a lot to spend on someone unproven…and Rooks are about making money and moving on to more reliable types.


I'm totally with you on Rowell. Totally different style of player to Walsh and physically incapable of taking his game style to grown men, at this stage.
What are the pre bye averages of #1 picks for last 6 years?


Your analysis pieces have been very helpful too OOP-s, much appreciated for lazy bums like me who may not have the research time or a herald sun subscription anymore, and also live in the sticks of Southwest W.A lol…cheers.


Awesome work Keen. Tend to agree with your analysis with Rowell but all of a sudden I’m tempted to start him. When Johnathon Brown talks, you listen and he has said he has seen some Gold Coast training sessions and has never seen a rookie like Rowell. He is the best he has seen in the last decade. Plus his strength, physicality and ability to win the ball at stoppages is incredible for a first year player. I’m tempted


I agree John. If we have enough 123k rookies, then I will be prepared to go without Rowell and boost other lines. Early days yet but I need to be convinced on the emerging rookies. Last years batch was considered a golden draft, but still cash generation was difficult, and we ended with some questionable premos in our side as we were forced to scramble for value. I am torn between pure GNR and a little mid priced madness in my structure


Does anyone think buddy franklin will be fit for round one?? I know he’s had injury woes but I love the price of him


Not sure Pauly, you'd have to think he'd be a bit underdone fitness wise…if he plays any preseason games and looks allright he's a goer I reckon


Nice side John, I'd say you have 12 premos with Doch..Brayshaw's an interesting one…he could easily be swapped out for Smith if he doesn't look good preseason, how much moolah left over?


like the structure John. Now can sit back and wait to see who emerges


Four goes at it John?…I've been changing my team 35 times a day hahaha


Hey fellas just wanting to say loving the pods really helped me out last being my second year SuperCoach and I did better than I expected and this year I’m aiming higher which I’m sure is what everyone wants to do anyways this is my team let me know your thoughts thanks.

Backs: Houston, Dawson, Dougal Howard, Hayden Young, McLennan, Rivers Bench Gould & Bianco

Mids: Josh kelly, Cripps, Danger, Treloar, Oliver, Caleb Cerong, Simpson, Pickett Bench Collier-Dawkins, Rantall, Corey Lyons

Rucks: Obviously Grawndy combo & Bench Darcy Cameron

Forwards: Whitfield, Dusty, Heeney, Andrew Brayshaw, Hill, Cockatoo Bench Mcadam, Brownless


Hi Azza, welcome to the site mate, I reckon if you dialed the fwd line down a bit maybe with Steven and or D.Smith (maybe Hill out?) you could beef up the backline a bit, I reckon you need at least 1 or 2 rock solid picks back there and most of yours are speculative.
The backline can be really hard to fix during the year if they're not producing the points you'd like.
Sometimes a good start being your 3rd year is to go Guns and rookies for a less risky formula, eg 3 guns back, 5 guns mid, 2 gun rucks, 3 gun forwards..and whatever rooks are getting a game round 1.
Good luck mate, we all need some in this game. 🙂


Russty_ Hey mate thanks for the reply so I’ve done a couple of changes Defence is now Daniel, laird, Houston and rooks r the same
Mids I’ve just changed Cerong down to starcevich
Rucks I’ve opted out Gawn for lycett
Fwds I’ve changed Heeney to Dawson
Lemme no what u think


Choose 2 out of,
Neale, Fyfe, Kelly, Dunkley


I've gone Neale over Fyfe and Kelly and Macrae over Dunks but Neale and Dunks…Fyfe and Kelly later if they stay fit.


In order; Neale, Dunkley, Fyfe, Kelly


Dunkley not in my team, only because of Macrae already there and not keen on double up on doggies.

He and Macrae will be at every centre bounce


Reckon I'll turf Rowell too Neil, let's face it, Walsh type rookies are rare as Hen's teeth in this game, and he still only ended up averaging 87 which is awesome for a 1st year boy but I doubt Rowell could match that.


I had Williams all last year, he was great but he had a cheap starting price. Just can’t make myself pay $552k for him. Not getting any midfield, Haynes improving. Injury risk. Prefer the reliability of Lloyd at F1.

Love Laird at F2, undervalued top 6

Docherty everyone has, but I was expecting him to be a lot cheaper. $430k seems expensive, I’m considering Sicily for $70k more and has so much upside.

If Hill is named, we all have him. DPP.


Don’t mind your mids. I can only have one Doggie, at moment it’s Macrae, but Dunkley is close.

Dangerfield without Kelly is a lock

Oliver is built for SuperCoach and should be better than last year, hopefully his shoulders are ok

Fyfe and Cripps are in that group with Neale, Coniglio and Kelly who should round out the top 8 midfielders by year end. I don’t like Fyfe getting older and talk of playing forward. Any of them will be good picks. Kelly has some injury history so I’ll stay away.

Stay away from Merrett, Crouch, Parker Sloane.


The forward line is a disaster zone this year. When you look at Sicily and Heeney who are same price at $510k, Sicily is the 12 most expensive and Heeney is the 5th.

It will be a brave person to start without Whitfield and Dusty.

The rest is anyone’s guess


Hi mate, I joined up, cheers for that…how come it's starting in round 2?
Prices change every week in that one and trades are virtually unlimited so if someone ain't performing, you can toss em out.


I love the Bont and considering the doggies have Bruce, Naughton and Schache I would be expecting the Bont to be in his best spot in the midfield. Top 6 midfielder and Brownlow fancy th his year.


True but the doggies also have a glut of inside mids. If Libba gets a run through there as well as Lipinski, Smith, West, Wallis, Mclean, then Bont will be the one pushed out.


What do people think about these three?

Brayden Sier 242k

Aiden Bonar 202k

Matt Rowell 207k


Sier – saw an article that saw him head to head for the inside mid role with Wills, and that Wills’ speed away from the contest, plus how will he did in the role late 2019 saw him in the lead.

Bonar- it seems North have a role for him. His average in the NEAFL wasn’t big, but at his price he will need to average 69 to make 150k. Lineball for me. If a 123k rookie emerges, I will prefer

Rowell – has to average 66 to make 150k. The record in previous years, with the exception of Walsh, suggests this is lineball also. Again I will be hoping for 123k rookies


Perfect, thanks mate!


this is the current COOKIE CUTTER TEAM

If you took the highest % ownership in each line and picked them.

It amazingly works very easily. Mead 19% was picked ahead of Starcevich 21% for a mid-bench position. the rest of the team just go down the list and pick them on ownership.


Lloyd, Docherty, Doedee, Hill, Young, Gould (Bianco, Rivers)

Macrae, Neale, Fyfe, Cripps, Dangerfield, McHenry, Pickett (Roberstson, Mead, Hibberd)
Grundy, Gawn, (Cameron)
Whitfield, Dusty, Steven, Devon, Flanders, Cockatoo (Rankine, King)

$1700 left.


Kinda looks like my team lol




Is Steven a wait and see, or are people planning a structure without him?


Saw an interesting article that suggests that we might be seeing the re-emergence of the tagger, and that teams are considering running more players through the midfield.

The takeout for me was:

Maybe midfielders are less viable as captain choices, and gives us one more justification of Grundy and Gawn

Whilst we know we pay overs for premiums up front, we are happy if they can maintain or improve their average and remain in the top tier at year end. Should we be re-examining that as a starting point, given that averages may come down?

Whilst we have all been sucked in by the preseason hype of extra midfield minutes, maybe this year it might be more relevant


Here goes. First draft.

DEF – Hurn, Houston, Dawson, Docherty, Doedee, Young, Bianco, Gould
MID – Neale, Fyfe, Cripps, Dangerfield, Rowell, Cockatoo, Hibberd, Pickett, Robertson, Mead, Rivers
RUC – Grundy, Gawn, Comben
FWD – Whitfield, Martin, Smith, Bonar, S Hill, Flanders, Rankine, Cavarro


i love seeing teams with Dawson in them. ahh takes me back to the great Zac.


I think it makes a lot of sense. Of course it is dependent on rookies. I am going 2, 5, 2, 2. I am adding a mid price Def and Fwd. I agree with Houston over Doc. Gives me 13 keepers and means I can keep Roberton at D4 and Hill at F4 as stepping stones.


of course you can:

Lloyd, Laird, Sicily, Hill, Mclennon, Gould (bianco, rivers)
Mccrea, Neale, Cripps, Dangerfield, Oliver, Starcevic, Mchenry, Pickett (mead, robertson, hibberd)
Grundy, Gawn (Conroy)
Whitfield, Dusty, Heeney, McAdam, Rankie, King (cavarra, worrell)

$3600 left over


Heeney has broken his thumb at training. Our forward line continues to get decimated, and it’s still January!

Goaled Town Road

First crack at a team for the year. Not convinced on Houston, but would need a re-shuffle to afford a Sicily or Daniel.

D: Williams, Houston, Docherty, S.Hill
Young, Gould, Starcevich, Bianco

M: Neale, Cripps, Bont, Oliver, Cogs
Rowell, Pickett, Hibbered, McHenry, Rivers, Mead

R: Grundy, Gawn

F: Whitfield, Martin, A.Brayshaw, D.Smith,
Cockatoo, Rankine, Hutchesson, Brander

Obviously rooks will change.


Hi mate , I wouldn't jump to any conclusions regarding midpricers just yet, I'm gonna see how they fare recovering from any injuries and how they play in the Marsh series, if they don't get up for any Marsh games I think they're a pass but Steven and Heeney could be ok for round 1.
All our teams are up in the air at the moment..I'm waiting to see how Cockatoo and Steven look for sure, and Doedee, Hill's another one who could just end up a dud, if he doesn't impress in the Marsh I'll be downgrading him to a rook.
Don't reckon I'll buy into the Houston hype, he'd need to dramatically improve his average for me.


Yeah he could be allright mate, if he gets that extra mid time, nice and cheap if he goes 95 to 100…I'll have to see how he looks in those marsh games.


Lloyd only had 1 score over 90 in his last 5 matches last season.


one thing that is standing out to me this year, especially in the defense; is the lack of change (Higgo would call it the 'vacuum of opportunity"). There are no major retirements (maybe Hodge) or big name transfers that have opened up a big hole at their old club.

we had some big retirements in 2017 & 2018 and a few big name transfers that created opportunities. doesn't seem to be as much this year.

Houston going to the midfield looks a reasonable call, but he is already $500k and Port have to find a place for jack watts

the only reason i have Sicily and Heeney on my radar, is they are Premium picks (for their position).

Heeney is a year older, better and another pre-season. Buddy playing means more midfield for him. A forward playing out of position in the guts i like.

Sicily should and will average better than he did last year. Will be there abouts for top 6 defenders this year.

Both are $510k and about the cheapest i can see for a premium on any line. I'm more than happy to start with both at D3 and F3.


Toying with the idea of batting 6 deep in the guts if i go midprice at D3 & F3

if i replace Sicily with Doedee and heeney with Devon. I get Coniglio at M6.


Hi John, Out of those Houston seems to be a pretty popular selection, I don't have him though, that might change not sure, I'd take McCluggage if I wanted a low 500's mid with lots of talent…still not sure on Brayshaw or Jones, could be duds hard to know yet.


hi guys, my team below …… fire away …. what have i done right and wrong – cheers

J. Lloyd, Z. Williams, D. Houston, S. Docherty, T. Doedee, W. Gould, T. Bianco, B. O'Connor
L. Neale, P. Cripps, J. Dunkley, C. Oliver, M. Rowell, A. Bonar, D. Stephens, M. Pickett, S. Simpson, H. Schoenberg, T. Rivers
B. Grundy, N. Naitanui, M. Knoll
L. Whitfield, D. Martin, A. Brayshaw, D. Smith, S. Hill, I. Rankine, N. Cahill, J. Mahony