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Alright community, the team picker drops at 12am on Tuesday morning!

Drop your teams below!

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Marnus LabaShagMe


James Sicily $509,500
Dan Houston $484,800
Sam Docherty $436,100
Stephen Hill $190,600
Hayden Young $180,300
Will Gould $117,300

Jez McLennan $123,900
Trent Rivers $117,300


Jack Macrae $668,900
Patrick Cripps $635,900
Josh Dunkley $632,400
Patrick Dangerfield $625,500
Clayton Oliver $593,900
Matthew Rowell $207,300
Marlion Pickett $123,900
Jackson Mead $117,300

Harry Schoenberg $117,300
Deven Robertson $117,300
Mitchell Hibberd $114,400


Brodie Grundy $705,900
Max Gawn $697,100

Bigoa Nyuon $117,300


Lachie Whitfield $604,100
Dustin Martin $543,000
Jack Steven $361,700
Devon Smith $335,800
Izak Rankine $123,900
Jarrod Brander $133,000

Tom Hutchesson $117,300
Max King $123,900


whats your projected score with this team?


Projections are garbage anyway


$4,600 remaining.


James Sicily $509,500
Dan Houston $484,800
Sam Docherty $436,100
Hayden Young $180,300
Brandon Starcevich $147,700
Trent Bianco $117,300

Trent Rivers [E] $117,300
Will Gould $117,300


Jack Macrae $668,900
Josh Kelly $637,700
Patrick Cripps [V] $635,900
Josh Dunkley $632,400
Clayton Oliver $593,900
Matthew Rowell $207,300
Ned McHenry $123,900
Marlion Pickett $123,900

Sam Simpson $123,900
Deven Robertson $117,300
Jackson Mead $117,300


Brodie Grundy [C] $705,900
Charlie Comben $117,300

Max Gawn [E] $697,100


Lachie Whitfield $604,100
Dustin Martin $543,000
Isaac Heeney $510,700
Stephen Hill $190,600
Sam Flanders $162,300
Lachlan Hosie $123,900

Izak Rankine [E] $123,900
Max King $123,900

Questions on F5 and slight change with switching Neale to Jelly, with greater risk/reward and more cash for rookie picks at D5/F5.


If J Kelly has no injury complaints (literally not even a niggle), then I'd take him over Neale every day of the week. Take out R23 against the Tigers, Hardwick let Neale run amuck and get 51 disposals… they had other focuses and the Tigers won the game as a result.

My stance can be controversial, but it looked like teams had Neale figured out a little bit by 2019 season's end and also it's nice to have a Rolls-Royce like Kelly who you know doesn't need to accumulate the ball Champion Data gifts him the contested points <3

The Ranger

Really wanna put Kelly in but I can't get past the injury risk. Def a top six mid if he plays every game methinks.


Just not resilient enough, superstar when everything is ok with him but how often does that happen


Thanks for the stats champ, didn’t know that; try to be a bit less hostile in your response though – I’m always open to being wrong. I only noted that his scores had greater deviation in the second half of the season.

You do conveniently start from Rd 15 though… because Rd 14 was a score of 79? And as I noted, the 190 in Rd 23 saved the average. Otherwise from Rd 10 onwards, he averaged 113.92.

Without that 190, he averaged 107.58 from Rd 10 onwards.


Running $100 & $200 cash leagues this year for the 2nd year running. Email [email protected] and I'll add you into the Facebook groups!
Good luck for the 2020 season!

The Ranger

Lloyd Williams Doch + rooks
Macrae Fyfe Cripps Oliver T.Kelly Cogs Rowell + rooks
Sauce English
Whitfield Dusty Stevens D.Smith Rankine + rooks
185K left with rooks at the 123K/117K mark.

Madness eh?
Prob end up back with Grawndy but it's a nice team to look at in January.

The Ranger

It looks like there's value to be had there eh NDD?
New club, bloody good midfield to tap it to, maybe he needed a kick up the arse to get back into top nick?
He's a good tap ruckman but maybe his legs are gone?
Just toying with the idea at the moment, trying to find a way to get a faster start than the last few years and six mid keepers is tempting,


I noticed that Cripps had some pretty serious strapping on his left knee at training already!


FozDaddy FC Take 10 (already!)




(M. King)

$393k to play with, want an extra Fwd premium but none jumping out as must haves at their price, and I wouldn't mind another Mid premium, however waiting for some practice games to see who's going to be the must have sub-550k player

Will be making plenty of JRC leagues for people to join, I'll post codes once SuperCoach is officially open!

– FozDaddy


Not worried about Fyfe's comments about letting the young guys do the heavy work in the midfield? Bonar at F3 looks a bit weak.


If you wish to strengthen the forward line i would change cockatoo to the mid price of your choice. Regarding Fyfe's comments, I think that they may strengthen Fyfe's ability to score as Fremantle have points available to find when and if they function at a greater level. Doesn't mean he will jump to a 130 player but should maintain.


SC is open.

The Wyld One

Z. Williams, J. Dawson, S.Docherty
T.Doedee, H. Young, W. Gould
J.Crocker, L.Towey

J. Macrae, N.Fyfe, P. Cripps, P. Dangerfield
J. Steven, M.Rowell, M.Pickett, M.Hibberd
N.Cockatoo, L.Valente, H.Schoenberg

B.Grundy, M.Gawn

L.Whitfield, D.Martin, D.Smith
R.West, S.Hill, I.Rankine
A.Bonar, S.Flanders

54,100 left. Really struggling with backline rookies and a few mid rookie spots are still up for grabs. Rhylee West is one of those speculative picks and I hope he can back it up in the preseason comp.

Mike Lowrey

B – Williams, Houston, Docherty, Doedee, Hill, Williamson (Worrell Gould)
M – Fyfe, Cripps, Dunkley, Danger, T.Kelly, Rowell, Flanders, Pickett (McHenry, Schoenberg, Valente)
R – Grundy, Gawn (Comben)
F – Whitfield, Marin, D.Smith, Bonar, Rankine, M.King (Davis, D.Cameron)

Watch list:

Last year I went in with too many top line premos which strapped my cash gen, which is the reason for some cheap premos down back and up forward. Lloyd is the big one I'm keen to bring in.

Its good to be back!


Will I have the intestinal fortitude to start a team like this?

B – Hurn, Williams, Daniel, Sicily, Laird, Docherty (Bianco, Gould)
M – Rowell, Anderson, Bonar, Stephens, Starcevich, Picket, Schoenberg, Robertson, (McHenry, Rivers, Hibberd)
R – Gawn, Grundy
F – Whitfield, Martin, Heeney, Ziebel, Steven, Smith (S.Hill, Rankine)

Gives me in a perfect world 14 keepers and only one line to worry about upgrading – the mids where all the better rookies sit.
Gawn, Grundy, Whitfield and Martin for captain choices each week.

The Ranger

Haha ha…Mayniac by name…
I'd love you to start this team just so you can report back on how it goes mate, I don't think I've ever even seen this suggested before.
Onya for thinking not so much outside the box and more like in a totally different universe from the box.

Mighty Chungus

That would make an interesting experiment. Although one argument I could give would be that the fwd primos are more likely to throw in a few stinkers so they're more likely to drop in price than the mid primos… Also, Hill is way too much cash to be a bench filler. But I suppose you gotta risk it for the bizkit…


A possible bench keeper to swing through to defense when sicily gets suspended – lol
would need to find a rookie F/B swing-man in defense.

Only 50 odd days to talk myself out of it!

Pat Magroyne

D – Lloyd, Williams, Laird, Docherty, H Clark, Starcevich, Willamson, McLennan
M – Macrae, J Kelly, Cripps, Oliver, Rowell, L Valente, T Green, Pickett, McHenry, D Robertson, Hibberd
R – Grundy, Naitanui, De Koning
F – Whitfield, T Lynch (R), Steven, D Smith, Flanders, Rankine, Cockatoo, E Smith

I am a traditional slow starter then finish strong. Trying to get off to a quicker start this year, appreciate any feedback.


LIke the Clark pick, a bit different, have him myself but I thought his avg from last year would be higher… surprised when I saw it tbh


Agree on Clark, remember him having a few very impressive games late last year, didn't seem to get the supercoach scores for them though. For me he's probably not worth the risk, considering you'd want him to be a keeper.


Maybe look at Sloane, always gets off to a good start then bottoms out. Williamson im not convinced on given Dochertys return and Nic Nat probably a bigger risk than Jacob's. The Lynch pick is interesting but I've given up on KPF as starters as does not ever seem to work for me.

Structurally I'm not sure the 4 premo midfield will enable the quick start your seeking, looks like you'll be losing points there early on and I'd address that by taking more cheaper options in Def then Fwd, as looks like most are going with 5 premos in the mids (+Rowell), I'd even look at trying to squeeze 6 prenos in the mids

Only other point I'd make is on Kelly who I view as a luxury player as when he's fit he's almost unstoppable SC wise but staying fit is always part of his challenge it seems. I'd look at someone more reliable like Neale or Dunkley and look to the likes of Kelly as an upgrade target later.

Good luck bud!


$148,200 remaining

Current issues:
– Dangerfield v Dunkley (purely looking at who is more likely to have an off game and come down in price)
– Greene v Whitfield (not confident in either bodies, Whitfield the safer pick but Greene will be more POD)

L Ryan 520,400
D Houston 484,800
S Docherty 436,100
T Doedee 273,700
D Roberton 260,400
S Hill 190,600

J Macrae 668,900
P Cripps 635,900
P Dangerfield 625,500
C Oliver 593,900
M Rowell 207,300
N McHenry 123,900
S Simpson 123,900
M Pickett 123,900

B Grundy 705,900
M Gawn 697,100

D Martin 543,000
I Heeney 510,700
T Greene 510,100
J Steven 361,700
N Cockatoo 148,200
I Rankine 123,900

B Starcevich 147,700
T Rivers 117,300

H Schoenberg 117,300
D Robertson 117,300
T Bianco 117,300

S Draper 123,900

M King 123,900
N Cahill 117.3000


No doubt I’ll end up going safe come closer to the season


Have $205,100 left in the bank for upgrades when needed

C Daniel $537,900
R Laird $525,800
S Docherty $436,100
S Hill $190,600
T Williamson $146,300
W Gould $117,300

J Macrae $668,900 (C)
J Kelly $637,700
P Cripps $635,900
M Bontempelli $623,000
C Oliver $593,900
M Rowell $207,300
N McHenry $123,900
M Pickett $123,900

B Grundy $705,900
N Naitanui $457,800

L Whitfield $604,100
D Martin $543,000 (VC)
J Steven $361,700
D Smith $335,800
N Cockatoo $148,200
I Rankine $123,900

H Goddard $129,500
T Rivers $117,300

D Robertson $117,300
T Bianco $117,300
M Hibberd $114,400

M Conroy $102,400

D Cameron $123,900
M King $$123,900

Issues I’m having:
Tossing up between Bont and Dunkley for M4
Tossing up Between Oliver and Cogs for M5
Don’t know if to try and fit Gawn in or keep Nic Nat as a POD
Thinking about Toby Greene as a POD for my FWD line

Any help is much appreciated


Hey Lek, Thanks for replying, I feel if Nic Nat can keep his fitness up he could become a bit of a pod and could produce a really good average come season’s end, hoping for a 100+ average but if he gets to an average of 95 i’ll be happy


Bont and Cogs for mine. Captaincy will elevate them


Greetings all, hope you've all had a fun off season, it's good to get back into it.
Late start for me this year, got some catching up to do, anyway here's my first draft.

Williams, Sicily, Doch (Ling)
Doedee, Starcevich, McLennan (Bianco)

MacRae, Neale, Cripps (McHenry)
Danger, Cogs, Rowell (Bytel)
Wilson, Pickett (Robertson)

Grawndy (Comben)

Heeney, Greenwood, Steven (Cameron)
Devon, Rankine, King (Cavarra)

Fairly stock standard I'd imagine, rookies are placeholders until I bone up on them a bit.
I have a few dearer ones in there that I can cut back if need be, I'd like to get Whitfield in there for Heeney/Greenwood
Anyway, as usual I'm gonna throw up an early league that anyone on this great site can jump into, all welcome 128060.
Bring on 2020 👍🍻


There's going to be a lot of similar teams this year. Mid pricers are available for the forward and defensive lines that will tempt many. I jumped onto your league.

Pat Magroyne

Drink driving ban for Wilson. Only first two rounds but could be more.


Thanks Pat, I'll chop him for someone cheaper 👍


Looking fwd to playing you DC.

The Ranger

Jumped in ya League Hedski.
Not a bad first draft mate but you gotta get Whitfield in.
I like that you've gone four deep in the fwd line, think I'm gonna stock up in the fwd line this year too, sick of getting 30's and 40's from crap small forwards.


Yeah I'm trying to make room for Whit, forwards are sucky as usual.
Will be fun going head to head again Ranger.


Whitfield is in


Damn, your league filled quickly Hedski.


Pretty sure Derek's Bunnies grabbed the last spot Holty, I reckon we'll go head to head in a few recreated leagues again this year,
starting to get pumped, bring it on.


Anyone else’s app not letting them select there side? Won’t let me go past the SC classic homepage where 2020 stats will be displayed….


I have the 2019 app that I've been playing BBL on Mav, seems to have updated itself overnight and let me straight into 2020 AFL?


Yeah not sure what’s going on won’t let me play on desktop either… it’ll let me login with my second team under a different one of my email Addresses I made just not my main team I use… I have that second one for the wife it works fine just not mine for some reason


Hi Mav I was fine last year until about rnd 20 going through Edge and for some reason it wouldn't let me in.. So I rang the Herald Sun and they couldn't come up with an answer on what to do.. So I tried logging in on Google and works fine.. I've tried going back with Edge today but no luck still


No luck with any form of accessing my SC unfortunately gator. Have emailed SC heraldsun I hope to hear back tomorrow. 🙂


Hope they can sort it out for you mate

Totti fc

J. Lloyd $591,400 J. Sicily $509,500 J. Johannisen $458,100 S. Docherty $436,100 T. Doedee $273,700 B. Starcevich $147,700

H. Goddard $129,500 W. Gould $117,300

L. Neale $658,500 N. Fyfe $651,600 P. Cripps $635,900 M. Bontempelli $623,000 O. Wines $479,700 M. Rowell $207,300 N. Cockatoo $148,200 M. Pickett $123,900

C. Serong $175,800. E. Smith$123,900 M. Hibberd $114,400

B. Grundy $705,900. N. Naitanui $457,800

Comben $117,300

D. Martin $543,000 J. Steven $361,700 D. Smith $335,800 J. Townsend $222,900 S. Hill $190,600 I. Rankine $123,900

M. King $123,900 K. Kropinyeri Pickett $157,800

Love your work guys been a long time listener I still got $53,900 left
It’s early stages and everything can change but tell me what you think of my team

The Ranger

Couple of nice PODs there Totti.
Wines, JJ, Townsend…result if it comes off.


First Draft for 2020

Defense: Williams, Docherty, Houston, Doedee, Young, Gould (Starcevich, Rivers)

Midfield: Cripps, Dunkley, Dangerfield, Oliver, Coniglio, Rowell, McHenry, M.Pickett (Valente, Hibberd, Schoenberg)

Rucks: Grundy, Gawn

Forward: Whitfield, Martin, Smith, Hill, Flanders, Rankine (King, Bergman)

83.9k left in the bank. Thoughts??

The Ranger

Looks good Kevdog.
Wonder how many will pick Danger this year.


Thanks! Still tossing up between downgrading one of my premo mids to bolster the forward line a little


Defence: Lloyd, Laird, Doc, Doedee, Hill, Gould (Rivers, Bianco)
Midfield: Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Dangerfield, Coniglio, Rowell, Pickett, Robertson (Mead, Schoenberg, Hibberd)
Ruck: Grundy, Gawn (Cameron)
Forward: Whitfield, Dusty, Smith, Flanders, Rankine, Balleden (Cavarra, Walker)

Bank: $24,400

Should I go one down in defence to upgrade a forward rookie to Jack Steven or stick with what I have? Cheers

The Ranger

That question is gonna be asked a lot in the coming weeks Dylan.
Every year we all try and squeeze one more keeper in somewhere.
Steven, Smith and Greenwood are all good value punts in the fwd line so I'm leaning that way at the moment.


Lloyd – Crisp – Docherty – Hill – Young- Rivers
Sholl – Blanco

Cripps – Bont – Oliver – Cogs – Higgins – Gibbs – Rowell – Pickett
Serong – Sharp – Mead

44K in the bank. First go at putting it together. Any feed back?

Gawn – Nicnat

Whitfield – Martin – Steven – Smith – Flanders – Cockatoo
Berry – Rankine


Yeah I'm not sure he will stay there. Thinking a rockliff of last year. New role with a new coach.


Once we get used to it I think it'll be ok


Hi mate Byrnes will be ok but with the trades they've picked up and other good rooks waiting in the wings it'll be hard for him to get consistent games I think


DEF Lloyd-Houston-Docherty-Young-T.Williamson-Gould

MID Macrae-Neale-Cripps-Dunkley-Dangerfield-Rowell-McHenry-Pickett

RUC Grundy-Gawn
T.De Konning

FWD Whitfield-Martin-J.Stevens-S.Hill-Rankine-M.King

60k leftover


Prefer this team but leaves me very slim on cash and id need some cheaper rookies

DEF Williams-Houstons-Docherty-Doedee-Young-Gould

MID Macrae-Neale-Cripps-Dunkley-Dangerfield-Rowell-McHenry-Pickett

RUC Grundy-Gawn

FWD Whitfield-Martin-J.Stevens-S.Hill-Rankine-M.King
J.Mahony T.Hutchesson


That's not bad at all!<img src="; width="1"/> <img src="; width="1"/>


Where is the print button? I cannot see it 🙁


I too…cannot see it now, think it was only on the pre-season team picker


Shame, would be so good at this time of the year.


My team thus far, rookies of course to be properly picked when round 1 teams are announced so have some now as placeholders.

Backline: Lloyd, Daniel, Docherty, Bianco, Rivers, Gould, Jarvis, McGuiness

Mids: Macrae, Neale, Fyfe, Mitchell, Dangerfield, Rowell, Pickett, Hibberd, E Smith, Shoenberg, D Robertson

Rucks: Grundy, Gawn, D Cameron

Forwards: Whitfield, Martin, D Smith, Bonar, Flanders, McAdam, Rankine, Cahill

Cash left in the piggy bank: 76,900


DEF: Sicily, Houston, Doc, Hill, Young, McLennan + Rooks
MID: Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Kelly, Oliver, Rowell, Pickett, Hibberd + Rooks
RUCK: Grundy, Gawn + Loop
FWD: Whitfield, Dusty, Smith, Steven, Rankine, King + Rooks

$22k remaining. Not sure whether to bring in a Doedee/ Roberton for Young?

Lee Mahony

Im not confident Dodee and Roberton play round 1

Lee Mahony

Def: Lloyd, Sicily,Docherty, S.Hill, Golds, Rivers(McClennan, Bianco)

Mids: Macrae, Fyfe, Josh Kelly, Dangerfield, Dunkley, Rowell, Pickett,McHenry ( Bytel, D.Roberton,Mead)

Rucks:Gawn ,Grundy, (Cameron)

Forwards: D.Martin, H.Greenwood, Stevens, D.Smith,Flanders, Rankine ( M.King, Worrel)


Pure Guns & Rookies:

Lloyd, Laird, Sicily, Starcevich, Gould, McLennen (Bianco, Rivers)

Macrae, fyfe, Dangerfield, Cripps, Oliver, Rowell, Pickett, Robertson (Mead, Shoenberg, Hibberd)

Grundy, Gawn (Conroy)

Whitfield, Martin, Heeney, McAdam, Rankine, King (Cavarra, Cahill)

Heeney could easy become Buddy, Devon or Steven

Sicily could easy become Docherty. More likely than not.


Hi Derek. In terms of durability, I think there are still doubts around Fyfe and Cripps. In both cases, I can see them spending more time forward – like Dusty. Fyfe himself heralded this ad signaled Cerra and Brayshaw to have more mid minutes. On that basis and for the price paid, I think it might be worth considering other Uber Premo mids that are more durable.
For Whitfield, I think his durability is also questionable. However he is so far ahead of other forwards with scoring, that even with a rookie for the 3-4 games he misses, you are probably still ahead. This makes his durability issue to Cripps and Fyfe, and why I would still pick him, but maybe not Cripps and Fyfe.

For Lloyd, his durability is also an asset. I agree with the suggestion that he may decline in points this year. But again, he is possibly so far ahead of other defenders that it is worth paying overs because of his durability.

As you say, Sicily, Laird and Heeney are probably placeholders that might be replaced if true value presents itself, because you are likely to be able to pick them all up at the same price or less later.


i was fairly vocal last year in not starting Fyfe because of his elbow. He is made for supercoach scoring.

Cripps is always bandaged up

Coniglio is very close to being a starter and a bit cheaper

Dunkley is very good, but i'm not a big fan of having two doggies in guts. Plus i was one of them who missed him last year (and the year before) so i'm bias

Laird was one of my first picked

Sicily to Docherty if Doch looks ok


Hi Derek. Just ran some numbers.

Dunkley 22 games 2562 total points / ave 116.5
Fyfe 20 games 2400 / ave 120
Cripps 20 games 2342 / ave 117.1

This means for the 2 weeks they were out, a rookie would need to score 162/ ave 81 for Fyfe, and 220 / ave 110 for Cripps.

Doubt we have rookies scoring that high in the first instance, let alone sitting on the bench!

Hopefully it’s food for thought. Was certainly what made me favour durability over pure points capacity for the premo mids


just to finish this:

Whitfield 1780 16 games 111.3

Walters 2217 22 games 100.8. Second best midfielder

Would need a rookie to get 337 from 6 games 56 ave.

That’s more of an acceptable equation for me. Any more than 16 games, and I think I am in front.


Hi John

My top 5 are Macrae, Neale, Dunkley, Treloar and Oliver.

I must admit a little torn over Treloar vs Danger (and almost considering Bont- mainly for my bye structure)

To be honest, I think it stands up ok against most sides. With the advantage of getting to 10 genuine premos, 2 fallen premos and 2 breakout gambles.

I hope I am not coming across as criticizing those selections, because it’s not my intention. I am just hoping to throw out food for thought directly to people like Derek, TopHawk, you etc who have been genuinely helpful to me on this site. So if I have a theory like that – even if it’s crap – I feel like it’s an attempt to pay back previous help.


Laird, Houston, Docherty, Doedee, Hill, Young (Freo). (Mclennan, Gould)

Fyfe, Dunkley, Danger, Oliver, Ward, Rowell, Pickett, Mead (Robertson, Byrnes, Hibberd)

Grundy, Gawn (Comben)

Whitfield, Heeney, Steven, Smith, Cockatoo, Rankine (M.King, Worrell)

Rookies can obviously change. Would love to sneak Jack Watts in, think his return could be 90ave.
Only other choice is to break up Rucks with Jacobs.



Laird, Houston, Docherty, Watts, Hill, Gould (Mclennan, Bianco)
Macrae, Fyfe, Danger, Oliver, Greenwood, Rowell, McHenry, Pickett (Simpson, Robertson, Mead)
Grundy, Gawn (Comben)
Whitfield, Martin, Steven, Smith, Cockatoo, Rankine (Cameron, Cahill)
$1,500 in bank


Interesting choice with Watts Phil, could be a nice alternative for say a Doedee priced guy, Jack always had so much potential too, maybe it's time for him to realize it. 🙂


Thoughts?? Blake acres getting more midfield time appeals to me as he’s proven he can score in the midfield.
Still considering my backline structure, with doedee and Houston in the back of my mind….
Hate and love this game!

Def: Williams, Sicily, doch, roberton, young, Gould // McLennan, rivers
Mid: macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, danger, acres, Rowell, pickett, hibberd // McHenry, philp, mead
Ruck: Grundy Gawn // conroy
Fwd: Whitfield, Martin, Steven, Smith, hill, rankine // Cameron, king


Just go to the leagues tab John. I just created and sent a league request. However I have also been put into another league and can’t work out how to get out of it. But SC is open. Exciting times


I think you automatically get entered into a public league Holty, when you start a new league and you have two going, enter your public league and under league options you can leave that crap league.


Here's V2.0 of Ball Don't Lie…

Docherty, Doedee, Roberton, Hill, Starcevich, McLennan (Rivers, Gould)

Treloar, Oliver, Merrett, T Kelly, Sloane, Coniglio, Pickett, Hibberd (Bytel, Bianco, Mead)

Grundy, Gawn (Comben)

Whitfield, Martin, Heeney, Steven, Smith, Rankine (D Cameron, M King)


– I've gone light in Defense as I don't really trust any of the higher priced premos (except Lloyd) or even breakout options just yet, but if I feel shaky about how things are going in Marsh with my selections I'll downgrade Cogs/Kelly to a rookie and make necessary changes to the backline. If things break the right way, however, I may just have started 4 Premos for less than $1M. Hopefully, Lloyd will be my first recruit of the season in round 6-7.

– I strongly feel that the VC/C will be Grawndy 90% of the time, which has allowed me to go for more value picks through the Midfield and get 6 strong 105+ players. I feel this will be an advantage at the beginning of the season. Will then look to pick up 2-3 more Premos through the year when they are at a better value price from a combination of Macrae/Fyfe/Danger/Neale/Bont/Dunkley/Cripps.

– I feel there isn't as much value at the lower-end of the rookie price scale for the forwards, and that's why I've invested in 5 solid starters. I have every expectation Stevens and Smith spend the run home as my bench support across both M/F, and will look out for the 2-3 surprise packets to bring in hopefully before they pop.

– All selections at this point are speculative except for Grawndy, Oliver, Whitfield, Dusty

Thanks for reading/feedback coaches 🙂

Nicholas murphy

Gawn wont be playing rd 1 or possibly the first 3 games my opinion I would not touch a ruckman who has already hurt his knee only a slight tear. But still have think about that option. I have grundy even r Marshall could be Capt danger neale cogliano


Hey guys hows it going?. hope you all had a great Chrissy and New years…wondering how to get back into last season's keeper draft leagues?….seems to only be allowing a new draft league.


G'day Russty, goin' well, hope you are too.
I think the league admin will send out links hopefully.


Righty-o Hed cheers for that mate, can't wait for this year ay?…gonna be a hoot although many guys will be starting with similar teams I think.


Yeah I'm psyched, late to the party this year so pretty keen.
Am I right in thinking you can retain 3 players from last years squad in draft.


I have no idea mate, I thought we retained all our players in a keeper draft, 1st time playing that last year for me, do you know how to get into it now or is it not open yet?


Thanks Johnny I'm in mate.


Should be right John as long as he's fit and doesn't punch or kick anyone between now and then 🙂


Do you mean Tom green John?
Huge wraps on the young kid likened to a cripps but there depth at gws is what worries me. Hately in 2019 was a star in the 2s and still couldn’t break into a injury plagued side… but from reports green is meant to be better than hately.

GWS matched Carlton’s bid at pick 10 using several picks to secure him so they must love him but unfortunately At the end of the day it’s GWS so who really knows but sounds like his good enough.


Cheers John.
Fugg Nuggles are in the hunt for the Holy Grail.


Hibberd out for 6 weeks already – ripe for a downgrade target


As much as this game is a trading game. Your are right NDD, that initial starting team from rnd 1 determines your success for much of the first half of the season and more if you are just way off.

So then what is this yr more likely to be?

At present I'm going after a P (premo) 10, M (mid priced) 4, HPR (high price rookie) 5, R (rookie) 3

Cameron Ross

1st draft of my team for 2020
DEF – Lloyd, Houston, Docherty, Hill, Doedee, Young (Freo) (McLennan, Gould)
MID – Fyfe, J.Kelly, Danger, Oliver, Rowell, Pickett, McHenry, Mead (Schoenberg, Hibberd, Robertson)
RUC – Grundy, Marshall (Comben)
FWD – Whitfield, Walters, Martin, Heeney, Rankine, M.King (Cahill, Cameron)
Have $55k left, thoughts please

Cameron Ross

2nd Draft
DEF – Lloyd, Williams, Docherty, Hill, Starcevich, Young (Freo) (McLennan, Gould)
MID – Fyfe, J.Kelly, Danger, Oliver, Rowell, Pickett, McHenry, Mead (Schoenberg, Rivers, Robertson)
RUC – Grundy, Gawn (Comben)
FWD – Whitfield, Walters, Martin, Heeney, Rankine, Cockatoo (Cahill, Cameron)
Have $4300 left, thoughts please

Cameron Ross

3rd Draft
DEF – Lloyd, Williams, Docherty, Hill, Starcevich, Young (Freo) (McLennan, Gould)
MID – Fyfe, J.Kelly, Danger, Oliver, Lyons, Rowell, Pickett, Mead (Schoenberg, Rivers, Robertson)
RUC – Grundy, Gawn (Comben)
FWD – Whitfield, Walters, Martin, Bonar, Rankine, Cockatoo (Cahill, Cameron)
Have $12,600 left, thoughts please

chris pepperall

Def – Houston, Docherty, Roberton, Young , Mclennan, Bianco (Rivers, Gould)

Mid – Neale, Fyffe, Cripps, Mitchell, Oliver, T.Kelly, Rowell, Pickett (Schoenberg, Robertson, Mead)

Ruc – Grundy, ROB, Cameron

Fwd – Whitefield, Martin, Steven, Bonar, Hill, Frampton (Rankine, Mahony)


I just can't seem to resist picking at least a few midpriced speculatives Neil, it's the hope that they actually end up keepers or at least scoring half decently until they get replaced, more often than not some rookies end up scoring like Parker last year, don't need too many of those lemons in your squad.


First team for 2020, team is forever changing.

Def – Z.Williams, Laird, Docherty, S.Hill, H. Young, W.Gould, (Rivers, Bianco)

Mid – Macrea, Neale, Cripps, Danger, Oliver, Rowell, N. Anderson, M. Pickett (McHenry, Robertson, Hibberd)

Ruck – Grundy, Gawn (Cameron)

Fwd- Whitfield, Martin, Smith, Flanders, Cockatoo, Rankine (King, Burgoyne)

I have 20k left over throw me some suggestions
Cheers Community


DEF: Laird ,Sicily ,Docherty ,Koschitzke, Ling, Khamis// Keane, Kennerly

MID: Fyfe, Cripps, Bont, Oliver, Kelly, Taranto, Hanneberry, Rowell/// Pickett, Schoenberg, Hibberd

RUCK: Grundy, English// Comben

FWD: Martin, Parish, Smith, Cockatoo, Rankine, King// Flanders, Mosquito

Rooks are all placeholders for now, will come and go as teams are revealed.Im suprised to see the lack of people with Hanneberry in their team, hes only 417k and averaged 96 last year with an injury affected 65. Looks to be a stepping stone at worst to an uber-premo and a keeper at best. Im backing Parish to have a breakout year this year, Bombers are dying for a contested ball winner and he looks bulkier and stronger by all accounts. Rucks are giving me some headaches, I know you have to start with Grawndy, but English is the closest thing to Grundy that the AFL will see IMO, and hes going to breakout one of these seasons, just not sure if this is the season.

Lee Mahony

Pickett needs to play on field ,he will score 80 plus per game imo.


Gotta agree with Lee, and John, I'd be going a bit lighter in the mids to get the cash to go full metal Rucks and a stronger forward line fo sho.


I've got 6 rookies on field at the moment, the trade off is I have Jacobs at R2, am I courting disaster or is it worth not starting with Gawn to get more experienced players on field?


It is tempting though looks reasonably solid except for Jacobs.


I came to my senses and got Gawn now and 7 rooks onfield, in hindsight, those expensive players like Gawn and Lloyd can be really hard to bring in during the season cause it's usually other issues constantly coming up.

Cheers John 🙂


Are you counting Hill as a rookie? Rookie price. I can get to 6 rookies plus Hill. Grundy Gawn, 5 premo mids, Whitfield and Williams. I have 3 breakout gambles. I think Roberton can be a decent stepping stone. Fallen premos in Steven and Doc. It does mean the cheaper rookies only. I can see me starting a Houston or Whitfield in the mids if there are not enough mid rookies.


Hi Keen no not counting Hill as a rookie as he used to be a pretty good scorer 4 or 5 years ago, I've also got Steven and Smith, think I'm pretty much a guns and rookies side now..I've got Worpel in the mids too, hoping he can get even better this year..even if Titch is there.


Might have to wait a bit DJ cause they were all invite only, 11 joined so far…if someone lets me know they're out it should be ok.


DEF: Lloyd, Laird, doc, Aish, S.hill. Starvich.
(Rivers, Gould)

Mid: McRae, Fyfe, Cripps, Yeo, Coninglio,
Rowell, Pickett, Mead

(Simpson, Schonberg, Robertson)

Ruck: Gawn, Grundy (Comben)

Fwd: Walters, Dusty, Heeney, Flanders,
T.berry, Rankine. (M.king, T. Hutchesson


Decent side there Darby…not sure why you picked Aish though, unless you feel he's about to break out for some reason.
I'd prefer Doedee, Roberton or even Watts in that price range.

Lee Mahony

A few risks

Def: Lloyd, Sicily, Houston, Docherty, H.Young, S.Hill (W.Gould, Rivers)

Mid: J.Kelly, J.Dunkley, M.Bontompelli, C.Oliver, Jarryd Lyons, M.Rowell, M.Pickett. F.McGuiness(McHenry, D.Roberton, J.Mahony)

Ruck: Grundy, Gawn, (Comden)

Fwd: H.Greenwood, J.Steven, D.Smith, C.Jones, Bonar, Rankine (D.Cameron,M,King)


I like your side Lee, backline's very strong, some nice pods in the mids, forward could be a problem with point generation but if it works out for you….Greenwood, Jones, Bonar etc..could be great, it's just a very risky forward line is all I'm saying.

Lee Mahony

I don't normally pick expensive rookies and I know it was a weak draft, but Rowell averaged over 160 in tac cup apparantly.


Welcome back guys! First crack at a side for 2020, any comments welcomed 🙂

B – Sicily, Houston, Doc, Doedee, Horlin-Smith (Rooks)
M – Fyfe, Cripps, Bont Cogs, McGluggage (Rooks)
R – Grundy, Gawn
F – Whitfield, Dusty, Dev Smith, Bonar (Rooks)

$211k bank


Sicily and Heeney are the cheapest premiums/keepers i can see in any of the lines. $510k is cheap.

Heeney is 5th most expensive and Sicily 12th.

I can see both being top 6 on their lines. hopefully save some trades


i am toying with the following team, without Heeney and Sicily and opting for a Robertson and Devon at F3 & D3 and batting 6 deep in the guts.

Lloyd, Laird, Robertson, Hill, McLennon, Gould
Macrae, Neale, Cripps, Dangerfield, Oliver, Coniglio, McHenry, Pickett
Gawn, Grundy
Whitfield, Dusty, Devon, Cockatoo, McAdam, Rankie

what ya reckon


Thoughts guys? Really not sure what the perfect structure is this year, backline looks weak but I would usually have a mid price in the mid field with and extra premium down back, but have flipped it so the mid price is in the backline with another Premo in mid!

Back: laird, doch, doedee, roberton, young, Gould (rookies)
Mid: Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Dunkley, danger, Rowell, McHenry, pickett (rookies)
Ruck: Grundy, Gawn (some bloke)
Fwd: Martin, Whitfield, Smith, Steven, hill, cockatoo (rookies)


Hi James, if you traded Young in for say, Bianco or Rivers and Hill in for say, Max King, maybe even Rowell out for Starcevich and you'd save 180 grand or so and could upgrade Roberton to a better defensive guy, if Robbo has even a slight heart issue or implant malfunction I think that'll be the end of his career….good effort mate, you've got all the right rookies that we know of for now.


Who cares if a player was injured last year that is not a reason to avoid them, they're cheaper than they should be so jump on board. If you need cash look me up for a grant

Houston, Docherty, Doedee, Roberton, Horlin-Smith, Hill (starcevich, Mclennan)

Macrae, Neil, Cripps, TMitch, Danger, Curnow, Hannerbery, Pickett (mchenry,rivers,mead)

Grundy, Jacobs -conroy

Whitfield, Steven, Smith, Bewley, Cockatoo,Rankine (brander,king)

F6 is my only onfield player who is yet to debut


the problem with a player getting injured, when they come back they might not be as good, they might have lost their position or they might have an injury that will continue to be a problem.

If it was Sloane coming back from a broken cheek, no problem with that, but legs and ACL, and heart, and hammys are not easy fixed.

i hate running out of trades because of injury.


Hey fellas thoughts on Robbie gray as abit of a POD in the fwd line ?

Pat Magroyne

Was a favorite of mine. Has lost that bit of speed which gave him his edge. His last elite year was 2016 and just cant see him getting back to that form. An average over 90 would be a surprise.


Would like some input on my first cut of my team:

DEF: Docherty, Clark, Doedee, Quaynor, Young, Starcevich BENCH: Rivers, Gould

MID: Macrae, Dunkley, Bontempelli, Hopper, McCluggage, Rowell, Pickett, Robertson BENCH: Stephens, Cockatoo, McHenry

RUCKS: Grundy, O'Brien BENCH: Cameron

FWD: Whitfield, Martin, Greenwood, Smith, Bonar, Rankine BENCH: Hill, King

Cash leftover: $264,200

The Ranger

Lots of midpricers in there Matt, great if it comes off but a nightmare to trade your way out of if it doesn't.
Clark is def on my watchlist.

Nick Murphy

My team is.

Def J lloyd J siclly S docherty. D roberton. T rivers Gould. Bench day bianco.

Mids danger fyfe. Neale. Cripps. S conigilo. T green. N cockatoo . M Pickett. Bench McHenry Robertson. J mead.

Rucks. Grundy. R Marshall. Bench Cameron

Fwds. J Steven. L whitfield. I heeney. D smith. B frampton. I rankine. Bench M king. J worrell.

Let me know what you think have a projected score 1860 but that is always wrong. Cash left over 7,700

The Ranger

Just a personal preference Nick but I like to have a bit more cash in the kitty at the start of the season so that you can make corrective trades after rd2.


I agree I sorta thinking taking Lloyd out and bring Zac Williams in I think a sort


Sim to me most of you players have forgotten n cockatoo he will be a jet for any team this year kids a supercoach stud ready to burst onto the afl this year. Full pre season I think he should be in there before Flanders but hay if people dont have him great pod for me

The Ranger

This weeks team…

Lloyd Daniel Doc Hill + rooks
Macrae Neale Oliver Kelly Cogs Rowell Bonar + rooks
Grundy NicNat + rook
Whitfield Dusty Dawson Smith Rankine + rooks

Might be a bit too much injury risk in there with Doc, Hill, Cogs, NicNat and Smith.


How are ya Ranger?
Yeah bit of risk there but what can ya do?
What flavour Kelly do you have in the guts, JK or TK?
I have TK at M5 but will probably swap him for Cogs or up him to a Cripps/Fyfe.
I've got Doc, Hill, Devon and Steven so carrying risk also (more if I add Gonigliog).
I'm not moving Max from R2 until I know for sure he's not playing round 1 but I don't think I could risk NicNat too.
Dawson is an interesting pick, will be watching him during PS games.
I rate the Daniel selection 👍

The Ranger

It's TK in the guts for me mate. I think he's a pretty safe bet at that price and he might have a bit more to give now he's home and with that midfield around him.
Dawson looked really good in a few games at the back end of last year and he's in that classic breakout season mould.
He gives me the swing set with Hill too.
Early days tho eh…


Running a $20 entry SC Draft league. Email if you’re keen to join [email protected]


Varcoe, Polo

Spent a few days on it, but here is my first thought. Would love feedback.

DEF: Sicily Houston Docherty
Hill Young Gould
McLennan Rivers

MID: Macrae Fyfe Dunkley Danger
Oliver Zorko Rowell Pickett
Schoenberg Robertson Mead

RUCK: Grundy Gawn Comben

FWD: Whitfield Martin Brander
Rankine Hutchesson O'Connor
Cameron M. King


what do you see in Zorko?

haven't seen him in any other teams, what do you know?

Varcoe, Polo

Post bye, he averaged 114 same as Neale with only 2 sub tons. Taggers will generally take Neale, not Zorko so he should have some good games.

Still think Neale will be a great pick, but might slide a little with tags. Prefer to start Fyfe.


backline structures doing my head in!
atm we have

def: laird, doch, doedee, roberton, young, starcevich (gould, rivers)
mid: macrae, fyfe, cripps, danger, oliver, rowell, pickett, mchenry (bennell, bytel, mead)
ruck: grundy, gawn (cheap guy)
fwd: whitfield, martin, steven, smith, hill, rankine (cockatoo, kreuger)



Hi Nick, looks like a decent side, backline's a bit risky but most people's probably will be.
Bennell and Bytel won't be playing for quite awhile, you might want to replace them with rooks making money, not sure if Kreuger will get a run early either, but I like him too for some point during the season.
P.S Mead has just gone down with a hammy also!


B. Houli
Z. Williams
S. Docherty
T. Doodee
H. Young
T. Rivers ( bench)
W. Gould ( bench and emergency)


J. Macrae
P. Cripps
T. Mitchell ( vice captain)
I. Heeney
M. Rowell
S. Flanders
N. Cockatoo
M. Pickett
N. McHenry (bench)
D Robertson ( bench and emergency)
M. Hibberd ( bench)

M. Gawn
B. Grundy (captain )
D. Cameron (emergency and bench)


L. Whitfield
D. Martin
J. Steven
S. Hill
I. Rankine
M. King
J. Worrell (bench)
B. O'Connor ( bench and emergency)

I have $23,100
My projected score for round one is 1861
Can people give me their thoughts and maybe recommend any changes I should consider


Hi Pottez, nice effort but I think you might be a bit light on in the mids and a bit heavy in defence…the majority big scores come from midfieders other than Gawn and Grundy, good luck mate.


What would You suggest I do


I would replace Houli with a rookie and add an extra premo midfielder, reckon 4 rookies in the mids is one too many, I'm trying to only have two there, seven total.


Dump Houli or Williams and put SHill in defence.

Swing Heeney to Forwards

Coniglio in guts

Enough cash?


I swung hill to defence dumped houli and picked up Devon smith in the forward line
I then swaped heeney for Josh Kelly I have 123,000 left projected 1841


Mean $131,000 left


Devon and Kelly for Heeney and Houli. Not sure about that, I prefer the H’s


i am thinking of starting Titch in my side so i am interested to hear anyone's thoughts on if its a good idea or not?


He's in my side Garfield. Not the sort of bloke that will play up forward to ease in. He's fit and will start firing pretty quickly. Watch as people sideways him in come r3-4. Might drop 50k early, but will avg 125+ for the season. Low ownership is good for anyone who has him.


He needs high TOG to score big points.

If he starts the season playing only 70-75% rather than his usual 90%, he will be 15% off his average, plus another 5% say for the year away

Let’s say he scores 100’s first 6 games, he will have only dropped $58k


What are your thoughts?

Laird, Docherty, SHill, Young, Starcevich, Gould (Mclennan, Rivers)
Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Dunkley, Oliver, Coniglio, Rowell, Stephens (Green, McHenry, Pickett)
Grundy, Gawn (Comben)
Whitfield, Greenwood, DSmith, Cockatoo, Cavarra, Rankine (King, DCameron)

Just a risk with extra rookies in Def/Fwd. But banking the extra points from extra gun mid and sticking with Gawn. Wish I could fit in:
Jack Watts
Jack Steven
Dusty/Walter/Heeney choice


I have messed around with Coniglio at M6 as well.

It all comes down to where the decent rookies are.


Yeah if I get Cogs out for rookie I can have Lloyd and only $600 remaining haha


Here's my latest team….

Lloyd, Docherty, Williams + rookies
Neale, Macrae, Dangerfield, Coniglio, Oliver, + rookies
Grundy, Goldstein + rookie
Whitfield, Martin, D Smith + rookies

Also got a League I'm trying ti fill….196662 is the code…jump in!


Very similar except for Williams and Goldy.

You must have some cash in Bank?


Yeah I've got 264K to play with.
Got Bonar and Rowell at the moment but the other rooks are all 123K placeholders.
Goldy might become Gawn if he looks ok for round one.


If you could only pick one out of Macrae or Dunkley, who?


Interested as to why you selected Horlin Smith, dude's never played more than 7 games a season for 7 years and doesn't score much when he does play.
I guess if he was gonna do anything to improve, it'd be this year?..reckon I'd rather save some cash with a rookie instead.


Hi mate, 40 days to go and the whole Marsh series..nothing's settled yet bud haha, my team's still changing all the time, at the moment I have bugger all cash left which is a bit of a worry but I like the look of 6 keepers in the mids….tough call though to start with no corrective cash, if Doch and Smith are firing fit they're definitely keepers I reckon.
Hey if your mate's still interested in joining JR Megaleague you can pass on the code to him …just let me know his name and team name.

Captain Risky

Horlin Smith surely is a mistake? I'll be keeping an eye on Bewley in Marsh Series, thinking he might go ok. Same ruck setup as me and same first 4 in Def but have Young & rook. I've gone deeper in fwds, lighter in mids, based on where i think rookies may be ok to play on field. Quite risky, which I don't mind, however, I think you'll be needing Ambulance Cover and Private Health for the bench.

Captain Risky

GHS has been at the Suns for a year already ( left Geelong End 2018), only 7 games last year with pretty avg scoring, can't see him being best 22 this year, esp with the new recruits/ rookies.
Not someone I've followed though, was he injured last year?


That's illuminating…I would've thought the year he transferred to a brand new club he would've played the entire season, unless he was injured or not good enough to get a game.


My team can beat this team…by 3 points 😉
That being said, I hope you don't hold Herald Sun predictions in any kind of serious regard…that would just make me lose a whole bunch of respect for you…example, in order to surpass 1939 points I had to employ the services of Jack Watts and Darcy Fogarty , although that may not sound like such a bad thing, in reality it probably is.


Thoughts on my team community. particularly Cogs, Gibbs, Lynch, Daniel.
A few midpricers in FwDs (Think you can take a risk there this year) and one in Mids( Gibbs – Proven scorer, well underpriced.) At worst a stepping stone or easy corrective.

DEF : Daniel, Houston, Doc, Doedee, Hill, Gould
MIDS : Cripps, Dunkley, TMitch, Coglinigliogs, Gibbs, Rowell, Cockatoo, Pickett
RUC : Grundy, ROB (No Gawn. Have paid the price for picking underdone players. Uber premos particularly.
FWD : Whitfield, Dusty, T.Lynch, Steven, Smith, brander
97K in the kitty. Cogs or Kelly? Both injury risk, so only roll with 1. Hate that Whitfield is a fwd with 60% as have to pick him.


With Whitfield, just saying that he would be my 3rd choice Giants mid. Think hes about priced at his max price and would be a great upgrade target.


Hi community- thoughts on my team.

DEF: Laird, Docherty, Doedee, Young, Starcevich, Gould (McLennan, Bianco)
MIDS: Macrae, Cripps, Dunkley, Danger, Oliver, Rowell, McHenry, Pickett (Valante, Rivers, Mead)
RUCKS: Grundy, Gawn (Comben)
FWD: Whitfield, Martin, Heeney, Smith, Hill, Rankine (Brander, King)



Solid team Nathan, a couple of midpriced risks in Doedee and Smith but manageable. Might struggle with the backline rooks.


Midpriced madness if you ask me, only 9 definite keepers there. You will run out of trades.


I like 13.


Welcome back Supercoach Community and boy it’s good to be back! My first draft always subject to change, looking forward to the Marsh Series to iron out some headaches. I’ve struggled with finding balance between how many mid pricers are too many, very tempted by Doedee and Roberton. My structure does also look stronger with Gawn out and ROB in but can’t go without Grundy and Gawn
Daniel, Sicily, Docherty, S.Hill, Gould, Rivers (Starcevich, Bianco)
Fyfe, Cripps, Dangerfied, Bontempelli, Oliver, Rowell, Pickett, Mead (McHenry, Robertson, Hibberd)
Grundy, Gawn (Conroy)
Whitfield, D.Martin, Steven, D.Smith, Cockatoo, Rankine (Brander, Cavarra)
I have 13K Left
any thoughts are greatly appreciated:)


looks like you have most of the fellas we have been tossing around

Daniel and Bont are both POD's and no argument from me they won't be top 8.

looks good


Thanks Derek, good to hear ahead of the pre-season matches
Quick Question are you doing the JR Survivors Groups again this season? It’s a fantastic competition and I Would love to be apart of it!


yes mate.

will get something posted this week.


Sweet mate, can’t wait!

Brock Close

Lloyd, Laird, Houston,
Blakely, Young, Gould
Cottrell, Sholl

Kelly, Cripps, Mitchell, Oliver
McCluggage, Sier, Pickett, McHenry
Valente, Bennell, Bytel

Grundy, O’Brien

Whitfield, Gresham, T.Mcdonald
Bonar, Bell, Rankine
Cockatoo, M.King

47k in the bank


Laird Sicily Doch Hill + rooks
Macrae Fyfe Jelly Cripps Dunkley Danger + rooks (No Rowell)
Grundy English
Whitfield Dusty Steven + rooks

Not sure on the structure and also this leaves me with no bank.
Trying to convince myself English will average 100+ and then be a simple upgrade to gawn if necessary. Thoughts? Also want Jelly badly but deep down know it’s probably not worth at his price and likelyhood of injury however feeel his is just about the best pure scorer. Also havin tuff time weighing up between both/either/neither Steven and Smith but will just have to wait for pre season. Also expecting Lairds output to go back up.


Agree, 6 deep in the mids is overkill and that's where the best rooks are as well. Fyfe and Jelly both injury risks, should only carry one.


I think this year we're going to need to be spending a bit on rooks (150-200k) if we want them to play round 1 and earn us cash
I made a muck side starting with the rooks I like and working my way up and I gotta tell ya I'm half tempted to play it. There's alot of risk but if it doesn't pay off I've got a few stepping stones to get me to full premo
Let me know what you guys think (this would be for league not rank)

Stewart, Huston, Docherty, Doedee, Hill, Gould (Greaves, Rivers)
Neal, Cripps, Bont, Trealor, Narkle, Rowell, Picket, Warner (Schoenberg, Maginness, Buarick)
Grundy, Gawn (Sweet)
Whitfield, Petracca, Rozee, J Steven, Bonar, Sparrow (Brander, Rankine)


I don't mind it Pieman, I think we're all gonna have to make adjustments to our usual formulas this season, Bonar's done a hammy so he'll need to go.
If you swap him out for someone like Georgeadis or Xerri who both might play, you'll save enough biccies to upgrade Narkle to someone more proven, although he does score well, I have a feeling Parish might have a good year, he looks to have matured and come along a fair bit, looked great last night.


Cheers for that mate I'll do some moving tonifhr
It's really got me thinking. There's probably a couple I could change to get another uber premos in the middle but I'm almost liking it better than my main side.. just need to find the balls to play it lol
I think Narkle will be a good little stepping stone this year even if he makes 100 k a quick downgrade upgrade could be handy.
Yeh I'm really liking parish. He's filled out a touch and looking swift on his feet. Think he'll be a gun to come, I just wana see him get some more mid minutes before I lock him


I’m running a SuperCoach Draft league. 10 team league, 2 spots left. $20 winner takes all. Email [email protected] if you’re keen to join. Cheers gents