PODCAST | Carlton & Geelong: 2020 SEASON PREVIEW

Published by Patch on

Lekdog, Damo and Patch all come together to analyse the Supercoach prospects of the Blues and the Cats.

Come for the analysis of locks, rookies and breakout contenders, stay for Patch sexily saying ‘meow’ and an in-depth discussion of an infuriating four-second PSY clip. 

Who are you looking at for either club? Who are your locks? Who did we miss? Which PSY song is your favourite? (Trick question – none of them are).

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Last year is more of anomaly with Cripps. He usually starts fast, slows down and then comes home like a steam train. Think he might have been carrying an injury for the second half of the year.

Average after Round 7: 100.8
Average after Round 11: 95.3
Average after Rond 17: 92.9
Average after Round 23: 96.3

Average after Round 8: 106.4
Average after Round 15: 97.3
Average after Round 23: 107.6

Average after Round 7. 92.7
Average after Round 8: 100.8
Average after Round 12: 97
Average after Round 15: 102.9
-Sort of follows the trend

Average after Round 9: 120
Average after Round 11: 111.9
Average after Round 23: 119.4

Average after Round 8: 126.8
Average after Round 11: 116.8
Average after round 12: 123.3
Average after round 23: 117.1


Reckon you may be right PS.


I think he was sore but not an injury, reckon Teaguey set things up so that he could absorb the attention of taggers for the greater good of the team. Have to start him though!

Also it's not so much his average in the second part of the year, just his consistency for captaincy etc. He'll still be a top 20 selection in terms of total points so it's a no brainer imo.


Good point lek, harder to trust him later in the year


No love for Tom Williamson? Gee whizz


No sir, not from me. I kind of forgot he existed but reckon the Calton selectors could almost be in the same boat.


I wouldn’t put a line through him just yet patch… they love him at Carlton if he’s not ready by Rd 1 he will be a nice downgrade option for us. He just had that back injury which kept him out last year was all. A watch through pre season for me


Just don't trust his body, I'm also not sure where he fits in with our defensive half fit. Hope he plays but will only average 50ish anyway.

Could be a solid cheapie later on though


Great work fellas! Just picked my first side, would love the community's opinions. I have gone super deep up forward and light on in the guts. Forward just seems to be where the value is! (And hopefully the mid rookies score the best/fatten quickest.

R Laird, J Dawson, S Docherty, D Roberton, Rookie, Rookie (Rookie, Rookie)

J Kelly, J Dunkley, T Mitchell, C Oliver, M Rowell, A Bonar, M Pickett, Rookie (Rookie, Rookie)

B Grundy, M Gawn (Rookie)

L Whitfield, D Martin, H Greenwood, J Steven, D Smith, S Hill (I Rankine, M King)

Some reasoning:
Sam LOCKerty was my first picked. If Titch plays he is a lock as well. Went with Grundy/Gawn, no hesitation, there's my VC/C almost every week. I've also gone for guys who are unders in my opinion. Laird might be appropriately priced but could get back up to 100. Won't let me down either way. Oliver had a down year and still averaged 110 so he's in. Dunkley had a crap first couple months and still averaged 116 so if Bevo starts him in the guts all year he should go ballistic. With Rowell, Bonar and Pickett, I'll only have one cheapo true rookie on field in the mids. And again I just can't ignore the value up forward. Love the S Hill/J Dawson swing set too.
Note: I've allowed 123k for each unnamed Rookie and have $17,000 leftover.


Like it mate, like it a lot. I'd be going one deeper in the mids just to make sure you don't fall behind on that point generation… I reckon we might see a lot of defensive rookies so could almost go Laird to a McLuggage? Maybe? Certainly a good January side.

What do you envisage Jack Steven doing? Is he a cash cow or a keeper?


As a forward even if Steven averages 90 that'd be a keeper. Thinking with GAJ older and Danger resting forward quite a lot, Jelwood also getting older, Duncan able to play on the wing, that Steven will get a lot of Tim Kelly's midfield minutes. I'd be hoping for a 95 average from him.


Giday steeeve nice effort for a first go around, it'll be interesting to see how Dawson, Greenwood, Bonar and Titch look in any preseason games, I'd be tempted to see how omitting Greenwood for an extra mid would look.
Can't wait for it to all kick off this year ay?…bring it ooonnn


Yeah not sold on any of those blokes to be honest. If Titch looks good in preseason he is in. I'd want to see Greenwood playing a lot in the guts. If he isn't in the guts he will be straight out my team and I'll use the coin on an extra mid keeper.
Feel like I'm following the crowd a bit on Dawson and Bonar. Even if Bonar gets a good run at it, will be be any better than Rookie X? Priced like a top rookie but with a mature body and a few years in the system so will be worth monitoring.
Dawson could be a Sicily type, best in defence but moved forward when needed (especially if Buddy can't stay on the park). I'm not super high on him but I do love the swing set with Stephen Hill.


I like this side.


Thanks mate, definitely the best I've felt about a 'first attempt'. But well aware the rookies named round one will force me to change almost everything!!

Some will avoid J Kelly and I don't blame them one bit but if he plays round one I want him in. One of those blokes who just never gets cheap!!


I agree with Patch, go 1 deeper in the guts.

I don’t mind Dunkley, but I would still have Macrea ahead of him.

Kelly and Titch are very high risk injury. And to pick them ahead of Fyfe, Dangerfield and Neale has a lot of downside without much upside

Danger will improve without TKelly, Fyfe is life and Neale is about to hit his prime.

JKelly has a big injury problem plus he is in a very crowded GWS midfield

Titch will be a slow starter. TOG will be low and will get him for much cheaper.


Definitely a wait and see on Titch in preseason. If his TOG is low I'll look elsewhere. Kelly is an absolute jet. I think it could be the year he puts a full season together, even though that might be wishful thinking. Neale definitely safer, just feel he won't be able to back it up. Last year he cooled off in the second half, is a bit susceptible to the tag. Fyfe my favourite of your suggestions but we know he can be injury prone as well…


i keep thinking Neale overachieved a bit last year, as did Brisbane. But you know where he will play, he will have high TOG, he won't be far from his last year average.

If Fyfe is 100% fit, it could be his best year. last year i didn't start him because of his elbow, it must have been hurting but he still won a brownlow.


Using the 'print' button that Lek found, can't belive I hadn't found it earlier. 46k left, not sure about the fwd line, might go Doedee to a rookie and change Stevens to Heeney or someone around that price.

Cheers for any advice in advance. Keep up the good work boys.


Zac Williams $551,700
Rory Laird $525,800
Sam Docherty $436,100
Tom Doedee $273,700
Jez McLennan $123,900
Will Gould $117,300

Sam De Koning $126,300
Trent Rivers $117,300


Jack Macrae $668,900
Nat Fyfe $651,600
Josh Dunkley $632,400
Patrick Dangerfield $625,500
Clayton Oliver $593,900
Matthew Rowell $207,300
Ned McHenry $123,900
Marlion Pickett $123,900

Jeremy Sharp $117,300
Jackson Mead $117,300
Mitchell Hibberd $114,400


Brodie Grundy $705,900
Max Gawn $697,100

Charlie Comben $117,300


Lachie Whitfield $604,100
Dustin Martin $543,000
Jack Steven $361,700
Stephen Hill $190,600
Darcy Cameron $123,900
Izak Rankine $123,900

Shane McAdam $123,900
Jake Riccardi $117,300


Very similar to my first team, except have Lloyd instead of Williams, Neale instead of Dunkley and Devon instead of Steven


especially in the midfield.

I have 9 locks in the midfield, can't start them all.

Macrea, Dangerfield, Neale, Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe, Coniglio, Dunkley & Titch.

Next group are Merrett, MCrouch, Bont, JKelly & Treloar

Last year i had to many from the second group to try and squeeze one extra premium into my team. Big Mistake.


i did have them in order.

Oliver sneaks ahead of Fyfe purely on his price.

Neale may drop a few places and Fyfe gets a start.

I have tinkered with 6 in the guts and no Docherty. To me the best mids are clear cut


Hi Derek, any reason why you'd consider leaving Docherty out other than the 6 mids thing?…do you think he might have too much rust to score well this year?


Love the committment to guns n rookies. Really, really good side.


Love my blues
Sitting with Newman, dochers, Crippa, Walshy and considering Curnow


Good stat champ ! :)…what average do you envision Walsh getting to this season?


Ed Curnow averaged 113.7 during the final 9 rounds


Good stat champ


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm did he have more midfield minutes with Cripps carrying niggles? Would be a hell of a POD.


I think Supercoach opens Wednesday so don't forget to take a pic of your side or print it out while it's still in Team Picker mode, it'll disappear when the main game starts…or don't bother cause I'm gonna win it all this year lol


Cheers mate, hey I just did my team and checked the byes and round 13 looks like the problem round, other 2 look ok at the moment.


yep. take Grundy and gawn both out R13, it does look bare


[email protected]@!!!

Do me a favour heat spell Choke.

No way I will let you walk my dog as you can't hold a lead! 🤣🤣

84 off 5 overs and all out for 120 off 15.

Yep. WOW!#[email protected][email protected]!!

Boycey and gades take a bow.


Yeah that was crazy!…they should've romped home but fell over like a house of cards lol


Yep luck is massive in this game.

One good ball, run out or blinder of a catch (How was good was the young fella last night?) Or a batsman tees off on one of your bowlers and it's all over.

And weather!

First time last round I was strategic. Despite the sixers being on a double looked like rain would affect both games (both washed out) so actually dumped sixers and hurricanes as they batted 2nd (didn't even get to bat).

But been on the receiving end of a Stonis or lynn century.

100 one game 10 the next.

Fickle. <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="🙄" src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/12.0.0-1/svg/1f644.svg"&gt;


May as well start engraving the cup now. Saints to get their second cup this year.