PODCAST | Adelaide & Brisbane: 2020 SEASON PREVIEW

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Lekdog, Damo and Barron Von Crow name their locks, breakout contenders, rookies to watch and new faces for the Adelaide Crows and Brisbane Lions. Will you select anyone from these teams for Supercoach 2020?

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First 😛


Second cnt


Thank you great job as usual <img src="https://tinyurl.com/yxbbsslm&quot; width="1"/> <img src="https://tinyurl.com/wwct4y8&quot; width="1"/>


Boys, What about Ely Smith from the Lions? Any whispers from those same fans you mentioned in the podcast?


Chances in the 1s won’t be too often


He's probably still behind a few but as a mid/fwd you'd have to keep on your radar. Man child.

Booming kick fetish

Why was a whole podcast not dedicated to Daniel Rich??


Lee Mahony

Great wirk Lekdog much appreciated.When does Supercoach team picker open mate? I've been trying to find out for 2 days and now my noggin is getting a floggon.


Has already opened just before Christmas. It’s only available for people who CURRENTLY (emphasized not aggressive) have SC Gold rather than those who had it last year as commonly believed. If you’re having trouble, log out and log in again


I’ve got an issue with my team.
Defense: 0 premiums 3 midpricers (2 under 300k)
Forward: 4 premiums (1 playing midfield) 1 midpricer (almost 400k)
Choosing is very difficult for me

Whitfield: Proven Star, Potential increase of value
Dusty: Proven Star, Likely increase of value
Heeney: Reliable scorer(On averages), know what you’re getting
Greene: Proven Star, number 1 forward a couple years back(as of starting price)
Lynch: Buddy Type option. VC option most weeks. Will average better this seaso


Buddy out, Heeney goes forward and averages 85 for the first 5 weeks. Pick him up for $430k when buddy is back.


As usual it will come down to rookies and where they will be avaliable.

My starting line up is looking like:

Lloyd & Laird at D1 & D2.
Whitfield & Dusty at F1 & F2.

I think everyone will have Docherty (D3) & Devon (F3) as fallen premiums and i can't see why not.

That is 6 players locked in.

Throw in Grundy & Gawn as a no-brainer, plus five uber premiums in the guts (Macrea, Fyfe, Crips, Dangerfield and Oliver).

My work is already more than half done. there should be at least 8 rookies that scream pick me and its done.

I can't see how players like Greene, Lynch, Heeney can take the place of any of those players.


I agree with your sentiments. I know it’s early days, but we are definitely heading to a sameness about all the teams. Maybe just the subtlety of one premium versus another premium might be the difference

Starting to think there might be some value in a hugely POD approach this year.

I am totally uninspired by any of the top shelf defenders. None represents value – except maybe Sicily, and that comes with its risks- and we are settling for set and forget options. Even though we know they will come down in price at some point. On the other hand, I don’t want to engage in full on mid priced madness and end up with a team that has Doc, Doedee and Roberton in defence, Mitchell and Ward midfield, and Steven, D Smith and Hill forward.

I am considering trying to pinpoint a few more breakout players (rather than stepping stones) and hope for a changing of the established pecking order.

Looking at Ellis, McKenna, Houston, Clark, Dawson in defence. McCluggage, Walsh, Harmes, Taranto, Hopper in the mids. Brayshaw, Lipinski in the forwards.

I have always believed in cover for the rucks. But really the last few years have clearly shown that not to be needed. Has tended to be a weakness and not a strength in my teams (although Lycett held his own as a forward until he was dumped last year). Maybe this is the year that it could really be worth it, especially with the overwhelming appeal of Grundy and Gawn. The options do look weak, but Ceglar could be a dark horse pick.

I might be tempted to bet against Whitfield, given his injury risk, and a couple of worrying performances where he was shut down.

I know all this is POD for POD sake, but in what looks like it might be a sea of sameness about teams this year, maybe it’s worth being different.


I’ve tried mid price players and very few I’ve been happy with, they usually end up costing a trade, never make much cash and it’s always the other one I should have picked instead does better.

Although, I did have a few success stories last year. ZWilliams, BSnith and Moore were great mid price picks. But they are not ‘break out’ players, more like fallen premiums. Think I’ll be sticking to the fallen, Devon and Docherty fit the description.


I count 13 premos, so what does that leave, 9 rooks on field? I would feel massively exposed with that setup.


It will come down to the availability of rookies, as always.

In some ways this is much easier that picking the keepers.

It isn't like a few years ago when we had Suns, then GWS, Essendon and Port providing us endless rookie options, now days we are lucky to have 10 rookies playing round 1. As a result of having websites like this, we all pretty much know the good rookies to start with, so everyone has the same. If you have 9 onfield, that is a little riskier than having 7, but it is only those two extra rookies.

Not having LLoyd, neale, Crips, Fyfe, Macrea, Dunkley last year, had MCrouch, Merrett, Dusty, Mundy, Heeney, Sloane & Rocky instead.

Skimping and having non-Uber premiums so you can get a few mid-price players or a 14th premium didn't work for me last year.

I'll be getting the best to start the year.

Pay the price.


12 months on & that intro still gives me a chubb…


DEF: ZWilliams JSicily SDoch TDoedee DRoberton WGould (TBianco TRivers)

MID: JKelly PCripps JDunkley COliver TKelly MRowell MPickett MHibberd (N.McHenry JMead NCahill)

RUCK: BGrundy ROB (CComben)

FWD: LWhitfield DMartin JSteven SHill NCockatoo IRankine (JWorrell JMahony)

BANK: 200k

DEFENCE: Not real confident in the mid price madness down back in doedee and roberton but both could present real value if they can average 85+ and make 150k each I'll monitor closely in JLT.

MIDS: You could throw a blanket over the half a dozen most expensive mids I could quiet easily swap in Macrae, Neale Danger or Fyfe into that midfield and I'd be equally as happy again just have too watch JLT. Alot of talk of TKelly not being able too find more points in that eagles midfield but i'm backing him in too take his game to the next level I think his serious value at that price.

RUCKS: Not tempted by GRAWNDY…. yet! I didnt have the duo till finals last year and I still finished with a nice OA rank & won plenty of my leagues GF's so I'll back in Grundy and ROB and use that $$ else where and grab gawn later if i need.

FORWARD: LOCKED DUSTY & WHITFIELD. I'm hoping the move to geelong will re ignite steven and can just give me an output of 90+. Not tempted by D.Smith whispers from windy hill are that he will play a half forward roll which isn't what you want from dev he needs to play through that midfield for me to be tempted.


That is a lot of high risk players.

Williams is a bit of an injury risk and won’t be getting any midfield time. So many GES midfielders.

Sicily is Mr Risky

Docherty hasn’t played for 2 years and coming back to almost a completely new team. Most will have him which will reduce the risk

Doedee has had only 1 year in AFL and coming back from a serious injury.

Robertson is on heart medication and not played for 2 years. Is he in there best 22? He won’t have the role he had before with Brad Hill coming to the saints.

JKelly doesn’t play 22 games.

Dunkley had one great year but is going to get a lot of competition for his midfield minutes from Libba and Lipinski.

TKelly is a gun, but as a mid only he will be hard pressed to average anywhere near Uber playing at WCE

ROB is a decent call, but only his second year and opponent rucks will know him now. He will be along way behind Gawn and not worth the price difference

Stevens, Hill and Cockatoo, whoa! They make Devon look solid.

I’m sure the team will change over preseason, but you have some serious risky picks there


unfortunately I don't think i can fault you on any of that feedback derek so thanks very much I knew it was risky and probably just needed someone out there to tell me so and pull me back into line.
I think i need to reassess and revert back to a more G&R heavy approach.. I will keep doedee, steven & hill but they are still close watches through JLT nothings locked this stage of the pre season.


Agree with most of your comments Derek but not all but that's the great thing about this forum it allows you to express your opinion (expert or not).

So here we go…

Dunkley I think will play mid as he is now entrenched as one of the three as he hardly wastes a disposal. Since moving into midfield mid 2018 been a scoring machine. If anything bont will be pushed fwd for parts of game allowing others midfield minutes.
Is libba even best 22 anymore?

TKelly should/will improve under WC. It is where he wants to be home with family. He has Nic Nat tapping it down to him instead of a let's say average ruckman. One of the best at reading the tap. Good midfield around him. Should flourish . Likely starter in my team.

Stevens avg 95 previously. Will take Kelly's spot with some competition from constable. Needed a fresh start again where he wants to be (We have seen what a refresh has done for maxy in bbl could do the same for stevo)

A fwd who has avg 95 at that price gotta be considered big time …

And doc – think we all lock the doc if named rd 1. 😃


Good points regards Dunkley and TKelly.

I just hate when a fwd from one year become a mid only in the next.

I’ll have Macrea, so unlikely double up on 2 doggies


Hi bud, sorry I didn't see this before, don't know much about him, was the Captain of the Sandy Dragons, apparently he's a prolific ball winner averaging 25 possessions a game in the Nab year past…also can play inside or outside mid so yeah, he could be a decent prospect if he gets a run.
Gat might know more 🙂


i'm feeling better than usual regarding Rookies this year

DEFENSE: Starevich, Gould, Zerk-Thatcher, Goddard, SHill (rookie priced), Bianco

MIDS: McHenry, Pickett, Robertson, Shoenberg, Mead, Hibberd, Rowell, Anderson, Wilson, Bonar, Stephens, Cockatoo, Simpson, Valente,

FORWARDS: Weightman, McAdam, Rankine, King, Cavarra, Mosquito


I was saying boo urns…