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2020 Fixture Analysis and Review – Part 1

Published by Barron Von Crow on

People often wonder when the time is to start looking at their Supercoach sides for the up-coming season. 2020 is just about here, but there is still so much of the pre-season to go it really is hard to firmly lock in all the decisions and players we wish to pick for the year. One thing that is 100% set in stone though is the when and where of the 2020 season. Playing to the fixture is one of the more advanced parts of Supercoach, but skilfully using things like the captain’s loophole option, as well as navigating the bye rounds with a full team of players each week can help add big points to your overall score. Remember, it may only be 20-30 points a week, but you add them up over an entire year and that can be a big help in boosting your overall ranking!

The first thing we’ll look at is the when. When do each team play, starting with your Thursday/Friday night games, and going all the way to your Sunday afternoons and occasional Monday day games.

From this we go green to red with the fixturing, with green being your early games and red being the latest. Black is when each team has a bye, which we will get to later. Now this will come in handy in three places. Selecting your Vice-Captain, selecting your Captain and potentially activating your Captain loophole should you choose to do so. To determine these things, we need to look at the number of early and late games each side has, basically we want ID those hard green and dark reds and who has the most of each.

If we count them all up, we come out with this

With this information, we can now consider the following when selecting our initial sides.

EARLY GAMES: Collingwood and Richmond lead the pack here with 12 games scheduled on a Thursday/Friday or early Saturday. This is where you’ll likely want to select your VC from, so that means players such as Brodie Grundy fit in perfectly here. His 2019 season average was 130 SCPoints, with 13 scores above 125 SCPoints for the year. Get that big Captains score early you can lock it in via the loophole and not have to sweat it for the rest of the round!

We can also see Essendon and Sydney are up there with 10 early games each in 2020 and Hawthorn and Melbourne in 3rd place with 9 apiece.

LATE GAMES: North Melbourne lead the late game race in 2020 with 12, followed by Fremantle and Melbourne on 11 and St Kilda with 10. When considering the number of late games a team/player has, it can help you in two different ways. If you have a solid C option late in the week it, it can allow you to play ultra-risky with your VC. Where we saw Sydney had 10 early games, that means you could potentially take the flier on Lance Franklin booting a bag of goals to score big, or Dustin Martin having a 3 Brownlow vote game. If they don’t, then you still have your late round options such as Nat Fyfe or Max Gawn to take the weight of the Captain score for you.

The other way it helps is who to pick as your Captain loophole should you choose to. When selecting that player (most use the ruck slot since so few cheap players get games) you’d want one who has the most amount of late games possible. Looking at the Sunday league leaders North Melbourne that leaves us with Charlie Comben as the best-looking option to consider. He has both ruck and forward eligibility and costs only $117,300. If you want the cheapest player possible you could also consider Matthew McGuiness from North as a $102,400 defender, or Fremantle players such as Leno Thomas as a $102,400 defender or Isaiah Butters who is a $102,400 forward. Not every goes the captain loophole route when selecting their side, so don’t be afraid to skip this part if you wish to select a scoring player for your bench.

Next week we’ll move onto part 2 where we’ll dig a bit deeper into both the bye rounds and venue scores.

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Thanks Barron. Some really valuable information here, and can really help shape your structure.
The draw for Grundy and Gawn with Corbett as the loophole possibly locks that in as a structure, running them as VC and C options. They were the best two scorers for the year, and were reliable options most rounds.

If you fix them as VC and C, then you can afford to pass on some premiums in the hope of buying them cheaper later and taking a few breakout contenders. One of the arguments for paying top dollar for premiums is the possibility of double points. I know many might disagree with that logic, but for me, with this draw confirming that my VC and C are probably set for the year, it does create the opportunity to be more non-cookie cutter elsewhere.


Thanks for this. I have locked Gawn and Grundy in as my first picked. Just can't see any other combination getting remotely close and they offer vc / c options every week.


Happy New Decade peeps!! 🎆

Hope 2019 was kind and 2020 is mighty fine!! 😉👍


No Gawn for me..
I'll be looking for value at R2 and Balancing my other lines accordingly.
I passed on starting grawndy last year and I'm happy too again i think.
Hopefully Grundy will pull through as VC otherwise i'll back in one of my uber mids.
Comben locked and loaded as my non playing rook 🙂


Same here Mav but still 48000 changes to come yet haha, can save some big biccies going with the likes of Nicnat or ROB instead, just need Nicnat to stay healthy and he should at least average 100 or so.


Yeah Neil Marshall's a wait and see for me, Ryder's pinch hitting could knock his average below 100 I think, that's what concerns me.


Averaging 100 is fine, but not if its over 16 games or so. Nicnat is injury prone and a huge risk as always.


True dat Wighty…thinking ROB would be a more solid option for me now if I decide to go Gawnless.


That would be a good strategy if starting with Goldy


My first team has NicNat at R2, he is already gone, but I’m sure he will jump I again at some stage


You have a fatal attraction for a risky R2! At some point closer to the start of the season I may need to remind you of some of them. #Grawndy!


Went Grundy and Gawn last year




Grundy into Gawn can be looped 19 times. Of the other four games, one is a bye where you can loop Dusty into Danger, and another is the r23 chooklotto. Set and forget.




Any love for nank the tank? Priced at $400k. Should average 90+ if fit.


Haven't thought about him SS….Jacobs could be allright too for GWS


Yeah rusty, there has been a fair bit of chat about jacobs, but hard to tell if he will get games consistently or just fill in when mummy is resting or injured. Nank averaged 98 in 2018. Wi a full preseason and full fitness he could get back to that as the tiges first Rick.