Lekdog's First Team Revealed

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Well community, the team picker is here!

If you’re a Supercoach Gold subscriber then you can login now and have a crack at a team.

Lekdog has chucked his team in here for you without too many surprises and almost no speculative POD’s or breakout contenders…naturally this will change.

Let us know in the comments who you’ve picked or who you think Lekdog should change!

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EndoftheWorld · 23/12/2019 at 09:45

First !

    Lekdog · 23/12/2019 at 19:42


00P_s · 23/12/2019 at 10:03

Thats a good looking team already if those rooks get a run

    Lekdog · 23/12/2019 at 19:42

    Solid start I reckon, can't wait to ruin it

      Lekdog · 10/01/2020 at 16:22

      I think Coniglio has the chance to have his best season to be honest…and with Ward to come back into that midfield does it push Taranto out into a half forward role? Does it push Cogs into a forward role? Whichever is getting preseason mid time will be who I select…I figure Cogs will get the nod given he's also the captain now.

      Can't wait to find out

Endoftheworld · 23/12/2019 at 10:08

Can plug in at least half that side into my team.
Few questions
Docherty – injury risk too high? – watchlist
Bonar – Haven't seen much to like from him so far – I guess the price is right
Hutchesson – Was he a mature age pick? If he's a GWS rookie mid then no chance for me – their list is chokkers with options.
Rankine – only if the pickings are slim
Henry – Will he play, will he get the ball enough? Serong.
Rowel – Surely there are far better value rookies in the midfield – watchlist only he would want to absolutely rip it up preseason to get in my team.
Cahill – who?

    SC_Kev7 · 23/12/2019 at 11:31

    Walsh blew the "value rookie" out of the water this year. Made 250k by R7. Having him at M6 I can get around, M7 maybe not

      EndoftheWorld · 13/01/2020 at 08:32

      True – but that is Vs how many years has the high price one not done much?
      Certainly on watch and I guess he makes a good trade down to high performing cheap one after a couple of weeks at worst.

    Lekdog · 23/12/2019 at 19:47

    Doch is a lock if he looks fit in the pre-season
    Bonar- My feel is they got him for a reason
    Hutchesson – already 24 so a chance to debut, easily replaced if not
    Rankine – forward line is always slim haha
    Henry – refer to whatever Damo says
    Rowell – Could be the next Walsh…or better
    Cahill – forward who was ranked in the 93rd percentile by champion data, averaged 96, 103 and 79 in his last three championships. Essendon reckon they'll use him as a forward/mid

Deji · 23/12/2019 at 10:19

SC 2020

D1 Laird 525k
D2 Dawson 467k
D3 Doc 436k
D4 Robbo 260k
D5 Gould 117k
D6 Rookie 117k
D7 Rookie 117k
D8 Rookie 117k

M1 Macrae 668k
M2 Kelly 637k
M3 Dunkley 632k
M4 Cripps 635k
M5 Oliver 593k
M6 Rowell 207k
M7 Pickett 123k
M8 Hibberd 114k
M9 McHenry 123k
M10 Bytel 123k
M11 Roberson 117k

R1 Grundy 705k
R2 Gawn 697k
R3 Comben 117k

F1 Whit 604k
F2 Dusty 543k
F3 Steven 361k
F4 Smith 335k
F5 Rankine 123k
F6 King 123k
F7 Rookie 123k
F8 Rookie 123k

Total 9,998,700

    Lekdog · 23/12/2019 at 19:47


Patch · 23/12/2019 at 13:33

Gosh it's like Christmas

Sicily, Docherty, Houston, Young, Rivers, Gould (Bianco, Watson)
Macrae, Neale, Dangerfield, Mitchell, Cripps, Rowell, Pickett, McGinness, (rookies)
Grundy, ROB
Whitfield, Dusty, Buddy, Brayshaw, Bonar, Rankine (Taheny, King)

First draft will be unrecognisable by Boxing Day.

    Jorg_Ancrath · 23/12/2019 at 16:54

    No Gawn. Interesting. ROB to step up to a 110+ average this season? Not sure i see it, tho I'm a fan of his.

      Patch · 24/12/2019 at 18:50

      A lot of water to flow under the bridge but as Damo mentioned on the podcast earlier this week he has a feeling Gawn will drop off and maybe so do I? Do I? I dunno.

        Russty_ · 25/12/2019 at 19:10

        Hi mate, I was thinking about leaving Gawny out for maybe Marshall but I'd probably end up regretting it.

          Maverick_ · 25/12/2019 at 21:06

          I started Gawn & goldy last season and didn’t regret it at all! Although I did jump on ROB rd 5 which was a cheeky shark move that catapulted me ahead I’m not sure that’ll happen ever again haha I’ll be looking to a nicnat, Marshall or English to partner grundy I think if any of those can show a pulse through JLT…

            Russty_ · 25/12/2019 at 22:46

            I hear you Mav, Marshall is very tempting but not sure how Ryder will affect him though, NicNat for me is too risky, and English still a fair ways to go before he's knocking 100 + out every week I reckon.

          Russty_ · 25/12/2019 at 22:47

          Marshall's very tempting bud..just hope Ryder doesn't take too many points off him.

    Lekdog · 23/12/2019 at 19:47

    Can't wait to ruin my team with you xo

      Patch · 24/12/2019 at 18:49

      ex oh ex oh

    00P_s · 24/12/2019 at 13:57

    ROB or Phillips? Similar ave last year but Phillips was injury affected so he is 114k cheaper. He scored 98 rnd 1 v. Nank, 114 rnd19 v. ROB, and 98 rnd 20 v. Eagles. His 2 injury affected games were 79 and 75 v. Port and North, he was on track for 110+ scores in both games.
    Bombers will definitely give him a go straight up. He's more athletic and has better skills than TBC keep an eye on him during preseason

      Patch · 24/12/2019 at 18:51

      Not sure mate, will monitor it in the preseason. Depends on what you want from a ruck, I suppose, but he'd be the pick of those cheaper options for mine as it stands.

Pieman Dave · 23/12/2019 at 15:18

Devon Smith at $335k? Really cheap! Will be in about 90% of teams I’d reckon!

    Lekdog · 23/12/2019 at 19:48

    L. O. C. K.

Jorg_Ancrath · 23/12/2019 at 16:51

Isn't Roberton a burnman? Seem to recall everyone pumping his tyres last year before the inevitable season ending injury. Just don't see the attraction, even at that price. Wouldnt be top 6-8 defenders.

    Lekdog · 23/12/2019 at 19:48

    Yeah probably, a watch during the preseason for sure. Tom Doedee at a similar price is probably more enticing

      Jorg_Ancrath · 23/12/2019 at 19:55

      There's always some temping mid-pricees, but this year it looks extra tantalizing. Gonna require a lot of discipline to stick to a GnR strategy.

        Patch · 24/12/2019 at 18:51

        You've gotta yo before you lo, Jorg. I'm feeling a lot of yo-ing at the moment.

Whitey · 23/12/2019 at 22:24

I'm a little worried about Dusty, last time they won the flag he had a very poor start to the year. Looking a Hugh Greenwood for F2, he only has to improve by 5-8 points per game and he becomes a top 8 fwd. Should get more opportunities at GC. Think the fwd line could be interesting this year and could be worth a punt or two.

    dontblushbaby · 23/12/2019 at 22:27

    Dusty is a lot mature now Whitey, get on mate

    Patch · 24/12/2019 at 18:52

    With you, Whitey. A lot of really, really cheap options up forward, too….

      Ranchy · 27/12/2019 at 21:15

      How’d Dusty go in the first six rounds last year?

Westy · 24/12/2019 at 08:01

Lek, a couple of questions about rucks and DPPs.

I'm looking at a Grundy, NicNat team with a cheapie DPP candidate for R3. In terms of FWD/RUC DPPs we seem to have lost lots of options there from last year. We now only have Ryder, Ceglar, at 400K+, McInerney, Patton, Preuss, Ladhams, Chol at 300K+, Balta at 200K+, Campbell and Coleman-Jones below 200K, while Cameron, Strachan, Xerri, Comben and Nyuon are at rookie prices.

Is there any value in running Ryder in the FWDs to provide ruck cover?

Alternatively, is it just worth going set and forget with 2 premos?

    Maverick_ · 24/12/2019 at 13:59

    I think this was quiet a popular move 2 seasons ago I think it was westy so may be an option if forward rookie options are thin.. I'd want too see Ryders job role at st kilda during the pre season will he play majority fwd & his JS to be rock solid for his price. Marshall was fantastic last season so you'd imagine his there #1 man still Ryder to play forward and relieve for patches.

    For me all the other options below aren't much chop not worth running in ya fwd line.
    For me its set & forget at this stage westy.

    Patch · 24/12/2019 at 18:53

    I reckon it'll be set and forget again, Westy, unless Patton looks to become a monster.

      Westy · 26/12/2019 at 09:30

      Thanks gents, the more I look, the more I get concerned about the lack of options there.

Steve · 24/12/2019 at 12:18

Good morning all, bring on 2020
Don't you just love the build up and the endless changes we make to out teams, I'm already up to about 4 lol.
I usually don't look at putting a team together before New Year but sitting at work with very little to do.
My current team.

Def: Lloyd, Williams, Docherty
Young, Gould, McLennan
McGuinness, Bianco
Mid: Macrae, Neale, Fyfe, Cripps, Treloar
Rowell, Pickett, Robertson
Rantall, Rivers, M.Hibberd
Ruck: Grundy, Gawn, Cameron
Fwd: Whitfield, Martin, Smith
Bewley, Rankine, Treacy
Patmore, Riccardi

TRIGGA_HAPPY · 24/12/2019 at 13:33

Bit of tempting value in the fwd line around that prickly price of $350k.

1st look might run with Whitfield, Steven, acres, smith and lynch. Rankine as F6.

Got a feeling in my bones about big Lynchy with a full pre season and you know me love a good gut call. πŸ™ˆ

    Maverick_ · 24/12/2019 at 13:40

    and I wouldn't rule out buddy yet! lighting it up on the track in sydney rumoured to be the fittest in years trigga.
    so much value gonna be very hard to control myself this year

    Patch · 24/12/2019 at 18:54

    You? A gut call? Knock me down with a feather Trigga, I'm shocked.

    Need to see a lot from Stuv to give hm a look-in but there's absolutely no shortage of cheapies.

00P_s · 24/12/2019 at 14:04


I'm counting on smith and steven outscoring Dusty and a rookie by about 20 points
(Bracketed players are fluid)

    00P_s · 24/12/2019 at 14:31

    HA that didn't last long.
    Dropped steven and put flanders fwd with GIBBS at M6

    Gibbs ruling the half back line at crows training and they're using his precise and penetrating kicking instead of Laird or Smith. This could mean a return to the high 90's low 100's average with occasional 130+ thrown in.

Maverick_ · 24/12/2019 at 14:39

DRAFT #1 of thousands

DEF : ZWilliams RLaird SDocherty SHill TBianco WGould (TRiver JMclennan)

MID: JMacrae PCriips TMitchell COliver MBontempelli MRowell MPickett JMead (HSchoenberg NCahill MHibberd)

RUCK: BGrundy NNatanui (CComben)

FWD: LWhitfield DMartin LFranklin DSmith IRankine JMahony (ESmith MKing)

BANK – $222k

    Tyruddanaut · 24/12/2019 at 22:26

    Love Nic Nat

TOPHAWK1 · 24/12/2019 at 18:37

Hello community!

Quick post by TH. Here is my first team:

DEF : Williams Dawson Docherty Doedee Gould McLennan (Rivers Bianco)

MID: Macrae Fyfe Cripps Dangerfield Oliver Rowell M Pickett Bytel (Schoenberg Mead M Hibberd)

RUC: B Grundy Gawn (Nyuon)

FWD: Whitfield D Martin D Smith Fogarty Rankine Mahony (E Smith Xerri)

$40K left in the bank. Obviously there will be many changes going into the season proper, but I reckon this team is a nice starting point.

Thoughts? Cheers. TH

    Tyruddanaut · 24/12/2019 at 22:23

    Docherty, Midfield, Rucks, Whitfield/Martin
    Use of rookies
    Standard Structure (3-5-2-3)
    Respectable amount of midpricers (moderate risk-reward)

    Speculative picks (Smith, Dawson, Doedee)
    Non-playing R3

    Overall it's a great place to start and could see a very good season come from this team, with rookie utilization used appropriately.

    derek · 06/01/2020 at 13:17

    Midfield: i like your midfield. The debate regarding Tom mitchell will be interesting this year, i don't think he will be in my team. I probably have Neale just ahead of Oliver, but the $65k price difference is significant.

    Rowell is a must and your other rookies look like obvious ones for now, maybe throw in Mchenry.

    Rucks; Can't argue with the rucks.

    Forwards: Whitfield, Dusty, Devon and Rankine should be the 4 locked in players in everyone's team this year. Fogarty is high risk.

    Defence: i don't have one same player

Tyruddanaut · 24/12/2019 at 22:18

Menegola as a forward exclusively doesn't score enough to be a top 8 forward with all of his skill combined. As for the Kelly hoel,expect Guthrie,Duncan,Narkle and Menegola to make a combined effort at filling the gaps

Tyruddanaut · 24/12/2019 at 22:26

Forward line is set from F1-6
Dusty, Whifield, Greene, Hill, Frampton and Rankine.

F1-4 are proven performers with more potential to increase than decrease, barring Whitfield
Frampton is purely speculating on team role, and if he will gain enough minutes playing as the full forward and backup ruck, to potentially score 65 a game as a safe option
Rankine is a gun, needs minutes however.


    DavidC · 25/12/2019 at 08:52

    A fit and competitive GWS midfield will see Toby pushed back into the forward line, expect his scoring to decrease. I have Whit at the moment but he is expensive and injury prone, should be able to pick up cheap later in the season. Forward line is definitely the line to take risks this year.

Anthony Jones · 25/12/2019 at 00:59

What is Billy Frampton priced at and is dpp RF

    RoyWetard · 25/12/2019 at 03:09

    165,4k for Billy Frampton. FWD only

TRIGGA_HAPPY · 25/12/2019 at 08:22

Kelly void be filled by a young chap called constable and a new recruit called Steven.

Russty_ · 25/12/2019 at 16:50

Merry Christmas one and all…have a happy and safe day everyone !
Got my SC Stats yesterday and put a ramshackle team together, woohoo it's getting closer.
Anyone heard how Tommy Mitchell is travelling?…would he be a wait and see or a starter for you?
Cheers lads

    Maverick_ · 25/12/2019 at 20:59

    Gday mate. Hope you’ve been well the past few months and had a lovely Christmas with friends & family.. last I heard Tom himself was not real confident he’d make round 1 and if he did he thought he’d be on limited minutes.. but leave him out at your own peril mate! I have him in but it’ll be a close watch in JLT any sign of being managed I’m off him

      Russty_ · 25/12/2019 at 22:44

      Hey Mav, been great mate some big life changes for me the past few months, hope you've been well and had a great Chrissy.
      Thanks for the titch heads up, will keep an eye on his pre-season to see if he's still the pill gathering beast he was.

Pete · 25/12/2019 at 17:14

Why is stephen hill free priced so low?
Worth jumping on for 190k?

    Russty_ · 25/12/2019 at 22:48

    Just because he only played 3 games last season Pete, I think he's worth it for sure if he's 100% fit.

Pete · 25/12/2019 at 17:15


SHARKMOVE · 26/12/2019 at 17:38

Merry Christmas all!

Boy oh boy 1 year is a long time in SC! Last pre season (before JLT) I got an absolute roasting for suggesting Sam Walsh will be a good pick, but here we are 1 year later and everyone man and his dog are saying the young fella Rowell is a must have……

Is this based on the fact the Walsh dominated?
I'm gonna go the other way on this one and say tread carefully. Sam Walsh would run 16k per game. These are elite numbers. Theres no guarantee, this number 1 is going to pull similar numbers no matter how talented his is.

    Russty_ · 26/12/2019 at 18:37

    Hi mate, pretty sure plenty of others were on the Walsh bandwagon last year, me being one of them, he had huge ownership actually I think.
    Not sure if I'll be paying Rowell's 200k price tag but Flanders looks like a good sort of player…can't take too many expensive rooks.

      SHARKMOVE · 26/12/2019 at 19:33

      Hi mate. Yes, every man and his dog was a slight exaggeration….it was close to a 50/50 discussion with some rather potty mouthed posters against it.

      Can wait to see some of the Simpsons References from Patch once Flanders gets going!

    SHARKMOVE · 27/12/2019 at 13:09

    This was pre-JLT 00p_s. Sure by the time Round 1 came along, slot of people jumped on board. But before that, people were saying that high priced rookies were never worth the extra outlay

Maverick_ · 26/12/2019 at 19:56

Do people have a list of burnmen they will not be touching, breakout hopefulls or just offer serious value in 2020?

Not a burn man but one bloke i cannot own in 2020 for health reasons is adam treloar and strongly advise any body who cares about there well being to please do the same. although he finished with an avg of 113 last year i suffered dangerously high spikes in my blood pressure from the stress of owning treloar from day 1. Never have I seen a bloke so often be on 30-40 at HT and miraculously finish on 115+ I spent more time watching pies games from behind my couch than the comfort of it and my 6 month old daughter now knows a wide variety of profanity πŸ™

    Russty_ · 26/12/2019 at 21:00

    Haha…yeah that's understandable about Treloar Mav, too much stress associated with that yoyo boy.
    For me it's buddy and Heeney, Heeney was super frustrating last year, going missing in several games…I might change my mind if he proves himself reliable again by the second half of the year.

      Maverick_ · 26/12/2019 at 21:22

      yeah i have not even considered heeney russty he's a bloke i'm not getting dragged into picking this year.
      and Buddy your steering clear of or? he looks in good nick atm! his in my current side but he could easily be swapped to smith….

      Angus Brayshaw hurt me last season. But at his 450k price tag but he has a preseason too change my mind I expect melbourne too bounce back this season and atleast be competitive in matches. I want him back on a wing but tomlinson/langdon may steal that role

        Russty_ · 26/12/2019 at 21:53

        Problem with Heeney is, he's not a bad price for a guy who averages 95 odd, it's those goes missing games that really gives me the shits.
        Buddy is a star but gets injured too much cause he's an old fart now..so not reliable, gotta have reliable players, it's hard enough getting to the end with trades left without covering for a bunch of injured mofos.
        I've got D.Smith and am thinking of also running Lynch and Steven but that's super risky I reckon, they could both end up averaging 70.
        Time will show us the way mate.

          DavidC · 27/12/2019 at 08:03

          Sydney brought in Lewie Taylor from Brisbane and Sam Gray from Port who both could play significant time in the forward line freeing up Heeney to maybe play more midfield minutes. Am I tempting you yet? Need to monitor his role through preseason I guess.

            Maverick_ · 27/12/2019 at 14:01

            Very interesting David I’d forgotten about both those blokes making the move to Sydney! Lewis Taylor what a pre season specialist he is ha he screams pick me every Pre season with blistering form then The H&A comes along and his no where to be seen.. I’d like to see him do well this year in new colours. Could both mills & Heeney finally be released in the guts in 2020

              Derek · 28/12/2019 at 20:35

              My first team has Whitfield, Dusty, Heeney and Smith at D1-D4. Looks good to me as season long keepers

Russty_ · 27/12/2019 at 00:42

He has a device installed in his chest and is on medication permanently I think, I won't be risking it with him mate unless he's powering in the pre-season, Doedee is a similar price.

Henry · 27/12/2019 at 09:59

Schoenberg will not play round 1 that’s that. Not when he’s getting caught by the club down Hindley street

    TOPHAWK1 · 27/12/2019 at 11:50

    Was Schoenberg caught on the p-iss? If so, he is a little dic-khead!! I have him in my team as a midfield rook, but if this is confirmed, he will not debut round one. He will have to earn back the trust of the playing group first.

Holty01 · 27/12/2019 at 18:00

Nice team Lekdog

JugHead · 28/12/2019 at 22:12

Haven't heard much about Cockatoo. IF fit, surely he plays a lot of games for the cats in 2020. They need his speed badly. 148k and DPP.

    Russty_ · 30/12/2019 at 22:59

    I'll be keeping an eye on his pre-season Jugs, he's got some talent for sure, could be a good pickup.

    Derek · 30/12/2019 at 23:00

    He is a good player but not sure if I’m there best 22. If picked round one must be considered. I think we will have some good cheap rookie options in forwards this year

    Catzzzman · 03/01/2020 at 11:13

    He's a brilliant player, definitely best 22 but more of an impact type player imho. Not supercoach relevant and super injury prone.

DavidC · 29/12/2019 at 08:12

Carlton need to give the young guys a run this season. Ed and even Simpson are not sure best 22 selections. I won't be picking to many from bottom 4 sides.

    DavidC · 30/12/2019 at 14:05

    Yeh, Richmond aren't exactly Supercoach friendly are they? Maybe Dusty or Lynch and that's about all. Can't see their rooks getting much of a run either.

    Lekdog · 14/01/2020 at 16:50

    Both locks to be in the best 22 unless injured. Ed likely to average mid 90s, Simmo might bounce back to 90 with Doch in the side. Won't be picking either to start

Holty01 · 29/12/2019 at 10:28

Hi all. Is sc gold worth it?

    dontblushbaby · 29/12/2019 at 22:48

    I have always had it but with this forum and all the info we receive. plus your own gut feeling on things , maybe not needed ,but then again I need all the help I can get
    Cheers Holty , best wishes for the New Year

    RoyWetard · 29/12/2019 at 23:27

    I know that on the SupercoachScores website there are 4 position threads with all of the prices on there. For example (Position) 2020: Ruck Discussion thread has all of the rucks and so on so If you're willing to wait a month you could use that as your guide for a month.

    Russty_ · 29/12/2019 at 23:55

    Hi Holty, I just forked out for it again, it's only $20 and I like the prediction scores and the easy quick look at the team with the green or red dots in case I don't have much time to check the named teams , also the analyser and player histories come in handy for the research so yeah I reckon it's worth it mate.

      Borgie · 15/01/2020 at 22:30

      How to you but SC gold?? I've searched everywhere…it's so dumb it don't come up

        Borgie · 15/01/2020 at 22:31

        How do you buy SC gold?

          Russty_ · 17/01/2020 at 00:44

          It's called supercoach stats now Borgie..it's the gold writing on the herald sun supercoach page

    Wah wah fc · 31/12/2019 at 02:15

    Yes mate, just do it.

      Jess · 08/01/2020 at 18:12

      I have placed top ten overall without it, but now consider it a must for the super keen supercoaches. Unfortunately a full herald sun subscription can provide enough articles for the hardcore, although i despise the cost

TRIGGA_HAPPY · 30/12/2019 at 12:20

Yeah thought he had me but huges and Moses finally come good bonus it was a double round.

You took all the fun out of it picking khan as VC. πŸ˜‰


Over to you Maxy. Might be the difference.

    TRIGGA_HAPPY · 31/12/2019 at 14:20

    Well weather stuffed that. πŸ˜–

      TRIGGA_HAPPY · 01/01/2020 at 13:21

      Imagine if you loaded up on stars for dwg next round.

      Lady luck she plays her part.

      Still anyone's game you r just ahead with 2 players to go each.

      One of our bats fail be all she wrote…

      Ferg my best starting pick by the length of the straight so far … 🐴

Derek · 30/12/2019 at 22:53

If he was a defender I would be interested, but as a pure mid there are too many better options

    KeenButClueless · 31/12/2019 at 00:18

    He’s a mid/forward, which keeps me interested. I think he’s a solid option. Ugly bye, but stays right under notice for me.

Mightyboosh · 01/01/2020 at 16:57

Can we Please keep this Thread AFL related Feel free to post your AFL SuperCoach teams NDD and TRIGGA.

    Lekdog · 06/01/2020 at 16:27

    Happy to talk BBL mate

Lekdog · 06/01/2020 at 16:25

I love it

Shake n bake · 08/01/2020 at 11:49

Buddy out 10 weeks.

    Russty_ · 08/01/2020 at 13:50

    Thanks Shake, guess that rules him out as a starter, only Arthroscopic surgery though so he could have a great year after that all heals up and he gets his full fitness back.
    He could also be a good replacement if Steven, Brayshaw or D.Smith aren't performing or get injured.

      Jess · 08/01/2020 at 18:09

      Lol. But he is in firing fit form….

Jess · 11/01/2020 at 21:22

Lek. Are you sure on bonar at that price?

What are you thoughts on Oliver's improvement?

    Jess · 11/01/2020 at 21:43

    The three prems i am torn on are Dangerfield, Oliver, and Dunkley. Who knows what Dunkley's role will be this year, and he is yet to be proven, but he aberaged 127 after his move to the mids. Danger could return to his awsum scores, and oliver is only young and should improve. Who are your picks of the three?

      Lekdog · 14/01/2020 at 16:51

      I want all three…my gut says Oliver but I think it's wrong. Dunkley has A LOT of games at Marvel early…We're doing Geelong and Calrton on the pod tonight so have a listen for some Danger thoughts

    Lekdog · 14/01/2020 at 16:51

    Hey Jess, No not sure on him but think there's some value there, I think Oliver can get better, particularly given he had two shoulder surgeries and basically no preseason last year but still pumped out a huge average

Lekdog · 14/01/2020 at 16:53

Love Caleb as a pick! Roberton has a defib in his heart now, a worry to be sure.

SCChampChamp · 15/01/2020 at 16:56

Hey guys, last year ran my first $100 cash league.
This year hoping to run x2 $100 cash league and a $200 cash league.

Email [email protected] and I'll add you to the group to get involved

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