Draft Wrap – Part 2: Geelong – North Melbourne

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Welcome to Part two of the Draft Wrap series! If you’re looking for part one, that is here.

Please note: all the prices and positions stated below are estimated, but I have tried to use the regular formula for the prices, and Champion Data’s own data table for the positions.

Not included in this article are players who were re-rookied by their clubs.


Cooper Stephens ($144,300 – Midfielder)
Missed most of 2019 with a broken leg, but averaged 93 in the three NAB league games he did play, and 100 over 2018 in the same league. I like his chances of an early-season debut, but some aren’t as bullish as I am. We probably won’t know where he fits in until the Marsh Community Series. Chris Scott usually likes to hold auditions for the team during the pre-season competition.

Sam De Koning ($130,800 – Defender)
Won’t play in 2020, and his stats aren’t impressive enough to even consider him. Key position player as well.

Francis Evans ($117,300 – Forward)
Going to be honest, no idea who this guy is. Stephen Wells has plucked a potential star from obscurity once again. I have learned that he scored a lot of goals in not a lot of games in the VAFA competition before being whisked away to play NAB League before injuring his heel and requiring season-ending surgery.

Cameron Taheny ($117,300 – Forward)

Here’s one to keep an eye on. Averaged 70 SuperCoach points in the SANFL over seven games, and I know that doesn’t sound that impressive but anyone who plays at senior state league level in their draft year can’t be ignored. NAB League and U18s stats are all well and good but they’re playing against their school mates to achieve those. At state league level they are playing against men.

Bradley Close ($102,400 – Forward)
A small forward for Glenelg in the SANFL, has a bit of Gary Rohan about him. Probably doesn’t see much action in 2020.


Matt Rowell ($211,800 – Midfielder)
Being the number 1 pick, he’ll come at a premium rookie price, but he’ll be worth it. Should play every game he’s available for the Suns. Averaged 133 at U18s level, and 171 (yes, averaged.) at NAB League level.

Noah Anderson ($207,300 – Midfielder)
A bit like Rowell, but it might be too much to start both of these guys. Anderson was one of only three players to average above 110 in the NAB League in 2018 and 2019 and in the U18s competition. Should also play every game he’s available for the Suns.

Sam Flanders ($166,800 – Midfielder)
It might be a case of choosing one of Anderson and Rowell, and then pairing whoever you choose with Flanders. Averaged 113 at U18s level, and 121 in the NAB League. Will get his opportunities early.

Jeremy Sharp ($117,300 – Forward/Midfielder)
Just the fact that he’s a chance to be dual position is enough to put him on your radar. Averaged 68 at WAFL level as a pure wingman playing against men, and was arguably one of the better runners in the draft pool this year.


Lachlan Ash ($198,300 – Defender)
GWS and rookies; They may play a small handful of games to ruin their starting price in a year or two but are unlikely to play regularly enough to be worth starting. Leon Cameron has his preferred 22, and rookies don’t usually force their way in too easily.

Tom Green ($171,300 – Midfielder)
See above. I would love to start him though.

Jake Riccardi ($117,300 – Forward)
With Patton out the door, Jeremy Cameron might be getting some help. The finals series made it quite clear that Himmelberg and Finlayson didn’t work as a viable support act for Cameron, so Riccardi could find himself playing early. Averaged 63 at VFL level so who knows how that translates to AFL level, and key positions don’t usually score well on the SuperCoach stage.

Thomas Hutchesson ($117,300 – Midfielder/Forward)
A mature age midfielder who averaged 64 over 14 games at SANFL level. I really don’t think he plays much in 2020, but clubs don’t usually recruit mature age players for them to sit on a shelf.


Will Day ($157,800 – Midfielder)
Hawthorn usually makes their draftees bide their time a bit before playing at the top level. Being as lightly built as Will is, I think it’s unlikely that he’ll play much if at all in 2020.

Finn Maginness ($117,300 – Midfielder)

Hawthorn has said themselves that there is a chance that Maginness will have an instant impact, and for this reason, you can’t rule him out. We probably won’t know where he fits in, if at all, until the Marsh Community Series.

Josh Morris ($117,300 – Forward)

Not SuperCoach relevant, I doubt he plays this year.

Emerson Jeka ($102,400 – Forward)

See above.


Luke Jackson ($202,800 – Ruckmen)
Even if he does play early, I don’t see him being overly relevant on the SuperCoach stage. That doesn’t mean he won’t be relevant in the future, but won’t be worth the premium rookie price.

Kysaiah Pickett ($162,300 – Forward)
As a small pressure forward at an elevated rookie price, it’s a no from me. Likely to play early, but unlikely to score well enough to justify the elevated price.

Trent Rivers ($117,300 – Defender)
Until he isn’t named, lock him in.


Charlie Comben ($117,300 – Ruckmen/Forward)
Frontrunner for the Tony Olango trophy.

Jack Mahony ($117,300 – Midfielder/Forward)
Of the players North Melbourne drafted, Jack seems the most likely to play early. He was impressive during the U18s competition, ranked number 3, behind Serong and Rowell. Watch.

Flynn Perez ($117,300 – Defender)
Unknown prospect. Missed all of 2019 after tearing his ACL. North Melbourne’s defence might go through some shuffling after the retirement of Scott Thompson but I doubt Flynn forces his way in.

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Jeremy Sharp listed as mid only in the picket