Draft Wrap – Part 1: Adelaide – Fremantle

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Now that the draft is over there is one question all of us SuperCoaches are wondering.

Who are the players to keep our eyes on?

Join me, over a three-part series, as I go club by club and unravel all the SuperCoach relevance for every club.

Please note: all the prices and positions stated below are estimated, but I have tried to use the regular formula for the prices, and Champion Data’s own data table for the positions.

Not included in this article are players who were re-rookied by their clubs.


Fischer McAsey ($189,300 – Defender)
Even though McAsey is likely to get games early, there will be cheaper and much better options. Key position players don’t score very well in SuperCoach, usually.

Harry Schoenberg ($117,300 – Midfielder)
Highly rated by the Crows going into night two of the draft. I think he’s a chance to push his way in, especially with the loss of Cam Ellis-Yolmen and Hugh Greenwood.

Josh Worrell ($117,300 – Defender)
He’s probably behind the likes of McAsey, Doedee, and Talia at this stage, but bargain-basement price means you can’t completely ignore him. However, as I said earlier, key position players aren’t renowned for scoring well.

Ronin O’Connor ($117,300 – Midfielder)
Decent size for an 18-year-old, but his stats at WAFL and U18s level aren’t all that impressive. He’s probably seen more as depth for the Crows at this stage.

Lachlan Gollant ($117,300 – Defender)
Not SuperCoach relevant, I doubt he plays this year.

Ben Keays ($300,000 – Forward)
Well, I was surprised by this. Not even a whisper that this may happen, I’m glad he’s getting a second chance at the Crows. Serious talent, but probably fits into the McHenry, McAdam, Stengle pile at this stage, and probably too expensive as well.

Ben Crocker ($195,000 – Forward)
Was okay at Collingwood, but barely made a sound on the SuperCoach stage averaging no more than 45 over 26 games in four seasons. Pass.


Deven Robertson ($117,300 – Midfielder)
How he got to Brisbane’s first selection, I’ll never know, but what I do know is that Deven is an absolute bargain at this price. Where he fits into the Lions side, we probably won’t find out until the Marsh Community Series, so keep an eye out. Averaged 118 SuperCoach points in the U18s series.

Brock Smith ($117,300 – Defender)
Champion Data compares his playing style to Jake Lloyd and Luke Ryan, and he averaged 101 across 12 games in the NAB League. Brisbane’s defence is pretty settled but keep him on your radar for a possible mid-season debut.

Keidan Coleman ($117,300 – Midfielder/Forward)
Unlikely to see much action in 2020, and didn’t produce great numbers at NEAFL level. Pass.

Jaxon Prior ($117,300 – Defender)
Very similar player to Brock Smith but can play as a key defender on tall or small opponents. Like Brock as well, Brisbane’s defence is pretty settled so not entirely sure where or if he fits in straight away. Smith is likely ahead of him in the queue at this stage though.


Brodie Kemp ($139,800 – Midfielder)
Won’t play much of the year because of his ACL injury but watch for him as a possible rookie saviour towards season’s end.

Sam Philp ($126,300 – Midfielder)
A Rory Sloane clone who averaged 126 across 16 games in the NAB League. Will probably start his career as a small forward, but he knows how to find the football and use it well. Watch.

Sam Ramsay ($117,300 – Midfielder)
Very similar player to Sam Philp, so obviously SOS has a type he was looking for in his final draft as Carlton’s list manager. Watch.

Jack Martin ($421,000 – Midfielder)
The former Gold Coast Sun finally got to his preferred destination. For me, he’s too expensive especially for someone who has only shown flashes of brilliance. At that price, I value production, not potential.

Josh Honey ($124,900 – Forward)
Unlikely to see much action in 2020 but can never rule out players at this price point, especially at developing young clubs like Carlton.

Fraser Phillips ($102,400 – Forward)
Elite goal sense, but very lightly built. With the recruitment of Betts, I’d imagine this year he’ll be more of a sponge than a SuperCoach option, soaking up everything Eddie can teach him.


Jay Rantall ($117,300 – Midfielder)
Elite runner, and decent numbers at NAB League level. With Aish gone, and Collingwood’s need to rejuvenate the list, he could see a debut early. Watch.

Trent Bianco ($117,300 – Defender)
Until he isn’t named, lock him in.

Trey Ruscoe ($117,300 – Defender)
Collingwood’s key defensive stocks aren’t amazing and any injury could see Trey quickly make his debut. Was the number 1 key defender for WA in the U18s Competition, locking down the oppositions best forwards.


Harrison Jones ($117,300 – Forward)
Recruited for the future. Tall forward who needs to spend a few pre-seasons in the gym, massive upside though. Was rated inside the Top 20 prospects at some stages throughout the year. As a key forward though, he’s unlikely to be SuperCoach relevant any time soon.

Nick Bryan ($117,300 – Ruck)
It’s a shame he’s not dual-position, could’ve been a candidate for the Tony Olango trophy. Not relevant.

Ned Cahill ($117,300 – Midfielder/Forward)
Was the end result of that Hayden Young kick, you know the one, kicking the goal to put Vic Country in front. He’s what the Bombers needed, as a crafty forward. Has good numbers at NAB League level, averaging 103. Watch.

Lachlan Johnson ($117,300 – Forward)
Will miss the year after tearing his ACL.

Mitchell Hibberd ($123,900 – Midfielder)
Hard to peg Hibberd’s price because he played 4 games for North Melbourne back in 2017. He could start at 102k or he could start at 123k. Plan for the higher price, he pleasantly surprised if he comes in lower. Dodoro said they drafted Hibberd with the hope he could impact straight away. Averaged 122 at Williamstown in the VFL as a big-bodied mid.


Hayden Young ($184,800 – Defender)
The high price will be worth it. His ball use out defence will be used in spades at Fremantle. Dockers haven’t been renowned for their ball use, so they’ll make sure that Young gets the ball coming out of defence. Positively for SuperCoach, he prefers to kick the thing. Averaged 107 at U18s level, and 126 in the NAB League.

Caleb Serong ($179,300 – Midfielder/Forward)
Was the second-ranked player in the draft, by Champion Data, and slid to Fremantle at Pick 8. Averaged 130 at U18s level, and 123 in the NAB League. Not a lot separates Serong and the first picked Matt Rowell, so he could be one of the reliable options for your forward line.

Liam Henry ($175,800 – Forward)
Been suggested to me that Henry could do a Jaidyn Stephenson type thing for Freo, and I can see it. Not sure if that makes him a good investment or not but Henry’s skills and ball use are out of this world and should allow him to score decently. Averaged 134 at WAFL level, and 93 during the U18s competition.

Michael Frederick ($117,300 – Forward)
Excitement machine but probably behind the likes of Sam Sturt, Liam Henry and Caleb Serong for a debut at this stage. A good pre-season could change all that though. Averaged 93 in the SANFL U18s competition.

Jarvis Pina ($102,400 – Defender)
Captained Peel Colts last season and had a late-season burst for the League team. Put up some decent numbers with his ball use and willingness to break lines a major standout. Nathan Wilson is nursing a foot/lower leg injury so his debut could come sooner rather than later, but it’s hard to tell especially with Fremantle welcoming a new coach for 2020.

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Great job

Some of these boys announced with DPP today.

Nice bit of icing on.the cake.