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The first night of the draft is done! And I am happy that the Blues held some academies to account!

What did you, the community, make of the big night?

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Like the look of Serong and Henry..Also Pickett if he hits and tackles like his uncle


Cooper Stephens Geelong got him last night.. His old man Craig was a great mate growing up.. But sadly he died from a heart attack about seven years ago.. The young bloke goes ok.. he was with the Geelong falcons Then played senior footy with Colac then he ended up playing for Williamstown and I think he broke his leg last year but he'll come back as good as gold..He looks fit and by Christ he's got a good six pack on him.. Plays midfield and I think the cats want to replace Kelly


Yeah I don't know where the dees are going to play Jackson.. If it's forward I think they'll be to top heavy.. Time will tell with the Saints but I do like how they shook the joint up


Hi all hope you are all well. I just want to say how on earth does Brisbane pick up Robertson at 22. He is an absolute gun. Good work to the Lions, I’m very disappointed with Carlton for not taking the punt on him though. I think he will be cheap for SC next year and will be one of the first I pick. Already looking forward to next season


Someone needed to keep the gws and Freo boys to account. Loves to mix it up sos.

Can't see how you could pass on Flanders though. Blues need a mid/fwd passed on best one still available most had him in phantom pick 5-6

Getting two picks was ok, taking Kemp with an acl big risk may work out but why trade up to 20 and not take roberten?

If not going to take robersen after seeing who was left at pick 19 surely you cling onto pick 22 (1st pick 2nd round) and listen to the best offers to come rolling in overnight? Port had to pinch themselves at that trade.

Dropped the ball on that one. Could have made out like bandits and still probably got pilps after trade with lions or another club.??

TELL ya what pies without a first rd pick did really well to get the boys they got with their selections.

Super draft for Freo and suns.
Swans as usual great draft hand.

My two cents.


Yo lads, I won't be starting any of those guys mentioned with those kind of prices, well maybe one, if he is as good as Walsh was last season.
Haven't been keeping track of anything AFL so maybe I'm full of shit lol

Pieman Dave

When do the new SuperCoach prices come out?


If you google 2020 afl supercoach prices you'll get a fair idea of the starting prices… But please note the price list is before any of the trade period.. I'd put it up here but it won't let me do it because it's to large to copy and paste.. Also if you don't want to do that just leave me your email here and i'll send it to you

Pieman Dave

Thanks for the info, mate. No need to send it across, I can check it out myself!



cheers mate

Anthony Jones

Can you send me the prices for players in 2020 thanks


So, who are the bargain players returning from injury for 2020 and what will they cost?
I'm thinking of running thin on the rookies and stacking up on comeback creatures down back and in the Middle. Any returning rucks and forwards going cheap?
Docherty, Rance, Doedee, Geary, Roberton, Marchbank,
TMitch, Hannerberry, Beams, Steven, Ward,


T Mac, Buddy, Nic Nat and even Tom Cutler maybe worth a look


Buddy, NIc Nat and TMac wont be cheap enough (sub 350k) Nic Nat will be 400k+ wont he? He started at 460k in 2018 after not playing at all in 2017 but in 2019 he ave 94 so I doubt that he'll be worth less than 420k.

Not keen on TMac. he throws in a lot of very ordinary games, has only ave over 90 twice and he has only scored 5 or more tons in a season twice in 8-years. He had a great year in 2015 but then went backwards for 2-years before a good year in 2018 and going backwards in 2019 and probably 2020. He's a classic 1-step forward 2-steps back player. He is very much a downhill skier that doesn't cope well with physical pressure and at 400k plus he's not a viable prospect unless the Dudmons get a new coach, captain, FF, CHF, CHB, FB and a reasonable onballer to go with Oliver.
Buddy could be value if he's as fit and keen as they say he is.


Nic Nat should be around 356k,,, T Mac around 387k.. and Buddy Around 395k