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UPDATE 19/11/2019:
We are now a week out from the draft, and we’ve had a few order changes thanks for a few pick swaps. So with that, I’ve updated my Phantom Draft. Jeremy Sharp the real bolter here, Dockers had him touring their facilities this week and appear hard-pressed to get another pick in to select him with Geelong at Pick 14 their biggest threat and Hawthorn and Western Bulldogs unlikely to give up their selections. GWS have traded smartly to get ahead of the Tom Green bid, but they get two successive picks, in the end, having to match Sydney’s bid.
The image below is the updated phantom draft:

I’m not an expert. If I didn’t spend countless hours on AFL Draft Central, or harrassing Cal Twomey, I’d probably have no idea who any of these people are.

This draft is one of the most even drafts you will see for a long time, after the first 15 or so selections, you could throw a blanket over the rest.

Pick 1 – Gold Coast
Matt Rowell

No surprise here. Ruined any chance he had of falling down the order by having an absolute wicked NAB League grand final. Solidly built midfielder, should slot in and play straight away.

Pick 2 – Gold Coast
Noah Anderson

Big bodied midfielder who can impact the scoreboard. His competitiveness and ability to break lines is outstanding.

Pick 3 – Melbourne
Hayden Young

The gap between Young’s best and worse is so marginal that recruiters will know what they’re going to get from him at the highest level. A classy half back who regularly uses his left foot to propel the ball forward.

Pick 4 – Adelaide
Sam Flanders

Had probably his best performance of year in the NAB League qualifying final, kicking 4 goals from 17 disposals to half time. An explosive and damaging midfielder.

Pick 5 – GWS (matching Sydney’s bid)
Tom Green

A big bodied midfielder who uses his size and strength to bust through packs with ball in hand. Loves to clear the ball from stoppages.

Pick 6 – Sydney
Deven Robertson


Sydney need midfielders to take the reigns from their aging leaders and Deven Robertson is the man to do it. A reliable ball winner with quick hands. Captained the WA side in the U18s competition.

Pick 7 – Fremantle
Dylan Stephens


Already has experience playing at SANFL and matching it with the big bodies, can play inside and outside. His left foot and his speed are his two main weapons, and his ability to play on the inside at stages is just another string to his already impressive bow.

Pick 8 – Melbourne
Caleb Serong


Melbourne would be weighing up multiple things with this pick. Like a bid on Liam Henry, but if Serong falls this far I don’t expect him to last much longer. Small midfielder who can roam forward and impact the scoreboard.

Pick 9 – Carlton
Luke Jackson


Jackson’s ability to get around the ground is his biggest asset here as a ruckmen. His follow-up work at stoppages and ground level ability really sets Jackson apart from the others.

Pick 10 – Fremantle
Lachie Ash

Loves to use his run to make things happen and open the ground up. Medium sized rebounding defender.

Pick 11 – Hawthorn
Brodie Kemp


Went down in July with an ACL so will be unlikely to play this year but this utility can play anywhere. His size allows him to play as a key at either end of the ground but he can also be used as a big bodied mid. A truly versatile player.

Pick 12 – Port Adelaide
Fischer McAsey

Key defender/forward

A key defender who loves to intercept the play. Impactful in the air, rolling off his opponents regularly.

Pick 13 – Fremantle (matching Western Bulldogs’ bid)
Liam Henry


Highly skilled player who I don’t see going anywhere other than Fremantle. Crafty forward with elite goal sense and quick skills.

Pick 14 – Western Bulldogs
Cody Weightman


Small forward who uses his big tank to spend time up the ground impacting the play. Loves taking a screamer and can also impact at ground level.

Pick 15 – Geelong
Josh Worrell
Key defender/forward

His agility and game sense is a massive factor in Worrell’s game. Can play at either end but most likely to be used as a key defender.

Pick 16 – Gold Coast Suns
Will Day


Cousin of Sam, Will is a defender who can create play as well as lock down on his opponent.

Pick 17 – Brisbane
Will Gould


A big, powerful half back who can break lines and kick well.

Pick 18 – Geelong
Jeremy Sharp

A nice sized midfielder who has impacted at WAFL senior level. Dual All-Australian with a long kick, and good hands. Often uses his height to create a marking option.

Pick 19 – Hawthorn (matching Port Adelaide’s bid)
Finn Maginness

Had an impressive end to the season to shoot up the draft board. Strongly built, tough midfielder, who wins his own ball and clears the ball regularly from stoppages.

Pick 20 – Port Adelaide
Miles Bergman

A midfielder who thrives on confidence and has a real X-factor about him. His ability to mark overhead and kick goals from a long way out has put him right in the mix for the first round on draft night.

Pick 21 – Port Adelaide (matching Richmond’s bid)
Jackson Mead

A midfielder who is good with his disposal and a regular goalkicker. Not possessed with natural speed but is smart with ball in hand.

Pick 22 – Richmond
Elijah Taylor

A clever forward who can play tall and small. His aerial ability coupled with his ability to be a threat at ground level has him ranked highly.

Pick 23Gold Coast Suns
Trent Bianco

A defender/midfielder with a beautiful kick on both feet.

Pick 24 – Brisbane
Trent Rivers

Can play across half back but does his best work through the midfield. A strong midfielder who could slot in straight away. A 30 disposal, 7 tackle, 2 goal effort in East Freo’s final game of the season will be fresh in the recruiters minds.

Pick 25 – Adelaide
Cooper Stephens

A big, strong bodied midfielder who will win the ball at all costs. Due to a broken leg sustained in April, clubs will be selecting him based on his form as an under-17s player.

Pick 26 – Sydney
Dylan Williams

Despite being injured for the second half of the season, Dylan’s talent is undoubted. Dangerous around goal and strong overhead. In 2018, as an underage player, Williams’ kicked 14 goals during the Oakleigh Chargers finals series.

Pick 27 – North Melbourne
Sam De Koning

Can play at either end of the ground in a key position but looks more comfortable as a key defender. His height allows him to help out in the ruck at times as well.

Pick 28 – North Melbourne
Harry Schoenberg


Strongly built inside midfielder who knows where the ball is. Clever in contested situations and a smooth mover in congestion.

Pick 29 – Adelaide
Cameron Taheny


Probably hurt his chances of being taken earlier than this due to an indifferent end to the season, but the fact of the matter is Taheny is quick, and hard to match up on.

Pick 30 – Essendon
Thomson Dow

A quick and agile midfielder who can spend time forward and create a marking target. There are questions over his endurance, but his ability to win and distribute the ball is undoubted.

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Rate you highly, Damo, almost as highly as you rate your WA boys. Fascinated to see where Dev Robertson ends up in this draft. Luke Jackson at Carlton in 2020 would be massive, too.


My only ? on this whole writeup is that I don't think Blues use pick 9 on a ruck, no matter how good he is. De Konig and Pittonet in the wings, just feel like they'll overlook Jackson.


Who you liking from a SuperCoach standpoint, Damo?


De Koning is a bit like Ben McKay, nowhere near as talented as his brother but he's tall so he thought he'd give footy a go. Wasn't mobile or coordinated enough to be a basketballer.
Your tip for north grabbing him is spot on they lap up that rubbish 🙂


Against some very ordinary opposition mate. If this years and last years drafts were combined none of the guys in this years draft would go before pick 15.
Rowell 175cm 74kg midfielder LOL! sure he's gonna get a game straight away and he'll end up in row 19 the first time he's tackled by a grown up. He's like Anderson and most of the others they were ok against other kids that they were physically bigger than.
Apart from Green there isn't a 200 gamer amongst them and GWS will get green so dont expect him on the field before July.


🔒 Tristan Xerri


Tristan Xerri looks like a beast in the making. He is a bloody lock if fit. The next Brodie Grundy.


Yo lads!…is he a certain starter?…could he be like next year's O'Brien making us some big moolah?


Best of both worlds

Could make u quick cash
Be a perfect looper.
Nth has the most late games and he has ruck/fwd dpp.

Lockety lock lock cant loose. 💪


Any draft that has Flanders going to the Swans is fine by me 😁😁


fine t he Swans is fine by me 😁😁