Who Do We Hop On In The Ruck Merry-Go-Round?

Published by Patch on

It’s the penultimate day of the trade period and finally – FINALLY – have we seen some massive movement on the trade front, especially in the ruck department as a whole host of ruckmen found new homes across the league.

Patch enlists Damo and Foz to help unpack:

  • Jon Patton to the Hawks and why Sicily should be locked in
  • Sauce Jacobs to the Giants and why we shouldn’t pick him
  • The impact of Paddy Ryder and Dougal Howard on St Kilda’s structure
  • Port Adelaide trading out all their talls
  • Billy Frampton being a likely RUC/FWD lock for 2020
  • Hugh Greenwood’s proposition at the Suns
  • Darcy Cameron as a lock for VFL Supercoach

There’s a lot to do, even with Foz dropping out halfway through, but the boys are able to keep it true to the mini-pod format.

What caught your eye from today’s day of trading?

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Also – we ran out of time to discuss it but I'm not very interested in Scott Lycett for 2020, too. No Frampton, no Ryder… Marshall and Ladhams are the only two talls there left to take that role. Will be keeping an eye on him.