PODCAST | Big Big Sound

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Anyone who’s been on the internet over the past few days has seen the Big Big Sound movement grow Giant legs and run into our collective conscience. We’ll never get the song out of heads ever again.

So, with that in mind, Patch enlists Damo and Barron to talk about memes, the grand final, and who’ll win the Jock Reynolds medal for best Supercoacher on ground.

The also talk Supercoach, a few trades moves, a few bits and pieces about other off-field choices and – most importantly – the memes. So many memes.

Are you on the Big Big Sound train? Or are you a traditionalist following Yellow and Black?

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Nice work lads, thanks for the last Pod of the year, hoping it's a cracker of a game today
Look forward to your wrap-up and pre-season articles forthcoming, have a great break over Christmas and New Year.