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One step to the big dance! 


Unfortunately for all the fight an eagle has and can muster it is still a bird and is usually a cat will win the battle. This proved the case on Friday night. Danger had a quite first half, advantage yo yo but he grabbed his and the cats chance in the last qtr and was one of the main reasons they are playing off for a shot at the grand final on Friday night.  Kelly showed WC what they would have to pay to get a deal done for the silky goal kicking midfielder. 

Land of the giants on Saturday night with the big mummy looking like his namesake as Stef did quite a number on him. 8 frees was about all he could muster as Martin took him to the cleaners. Got Grundy this week – eeek. Whitfield was tagged for the first time his year and it almost paid off, if not for the kick it high into the forward line mentality of the young lions we could have a different result. The glove was fitted to Neale who was shut right out the game.  We FINALLY had a nail biter which could have still gone either way with a minute to go but in the end it was a giant win, although Tobias may be watching from the sidelines as he decided that he got off last week so why not try again though Lachie said he had an itchy nose and Tobias just helped him out. 

Hodgy retired for the second time an absolute champion of our game, he has fast tracked this young hungry lion side and leaves the game better for it, a monte for AFL and all around legend. 

Onto the SC Finals. 

Round 2 saw a three way tie at the top with the winning move being either avoiding the SC captain carnage with Danger, Whitfield and Neale dropping turds or realising that Neale was going to be tagged and went with Lyon instead. This move saw the 3 at the top share equal billing. 

 Refer to link below:

The flukes proved it was anything but sharing the top score in the opening two rounds and is the out and out clear leader at the half way point with a very impressive 3,165 after 2 rounds 

So onto Round 3. 

In the prelim we have Cats v Tigers and Magpies v Giants 

So there will be at least 1 Vic in the GF. 

Blank canvas. Start again. (Every Week)  
•No salary cap! That’s right you can pick whoever you like without breaking the bank as there is no bank as long as it is within the rules as set out below.  
• Can’t have the same captain each week. No vice captain. 
•No Bench  

I don’t think it is necessary to post all the rules again as you guys get the general idea of how it all operates. Right? If not please refer back to the previous article which states all the rules. 

Week 3 of Finals: (From 4 Teams participating – Maximum of 3 players from each team):  
•12 Players consisting of:  
o3 Back  
o5 Midfield  
o1 Ruck  
o3 Forwards  

As there are 4 finals the captain must be selected from the 4 areas of the ground over the final series. So from a mid, fwd, back and ruck over the 4 weeks of the finals. This means that if you picked a midfielder as the captain in round 1 and a defender as captain in round 2 you need to select a ruck or fwd as a captain this week. 

Team Selection. 

All teams must be entered into the spreadsheet via the link below:

Teams must be complete before the first bounce of the first game in each week of the finals. Teams are locked in after this time. 

Teams are in the same order so please fill in your team from the same spot as last time as I have linked the teams to the scores sheet. 

Once again good luck to all. 

Gone to my happy place. Be back in a few…… 

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Anyone think Greene will get off tonight ?


Hey dbb, in theory he could get off, it wasn't as bad as the Bont one but if he does get away with it again, I think it might make them look weak and incompetent.


Yeah I'd pick him for sure mate if he's named, has had a lot of influence on games lately, just as well there's no red cards in Footy or the tool could get sent off in the 1st quarter.


what has happened to the site?
how do we log in using our intense debate account?


Good man Lek. 👍

Not sure about the default photo the site gave me. 🤣


LOL, was wondering what the hell that thing was?…a new born Rat?


Not quite like for like.

Hawkins – Henderson
De goey – Reid
And …

Whitfield – Bobby Hill.

Wouldn't want to be betting lefty on that lot!


Reckon whit may have had a gut ache 😓


Ban upheld.

Lesson learnt Tobias.

Hopefully… 🙄


Here it is Trigga Houli, Williams Perryman. Kelly, Adams Pendals Cotchin, Selwood. Grundy. Danger Kelly Edwards. Capt Williams.


In bakers.


Scott Selwood not playing shake. 🤣


Lucky then l went Joel!!


Still a few teams need to be updated.

get them em in lads before the EPIC battle kicks off tonight.,

Ohh yess there will be blood….


Righto Trig, bring on tonight's game, carn Cattas.

Def, Stewart, Williams, Crisp.
Mid, Dusty, Prestia, Kelly, Taranto, Treloar
Rck, Grundy (cap).
Fwd, Danger Edwards, Traitor Boy.


Right u r….

thought you weren't going TK or TB for the final series??
If he turns it on again tonight and polls well on Monday gonna be a huge loss for the cats but Weagles at least will have to pay through the nose. Any chance Freo as have better picks or WC only?

I want a great close contest tonight so close the cattas may have to use all of their nine lives – whatever it takes tonight.
Nothing left on the park the way it should be.


Hope its a cracking game tonight mate, love a close final!


Good luck tonight Hedski


Wonder who'll step up for Hawk being out…maybe Gazza kicks a bag?


Was thinking of doing the double Neil. From the mcg to aami Park. But just the g tomorrow. To be honest l cant see them beating us tomorrow but you just never know!!! We will most likely fall at the last hurdle than lose this week.


Rippin game so far…


Kelly's such a jet, Cats must be spewing he's going.


True finals footy

Game on.

Cats look better without tomahawk
Picking best option which is working well so far..


Yeah agree, all the other blokes are chipping in a bit more, could be way in front with a bit more accuracy.


Dialed up the heat ♨️


Gonna be a heck of a last quarter bud!..hope the cats get home.


This game is off the charts , edge of your seat shit!….yay!, finals footy at it's finest


True finals footy👍👍👍


Tigers and Pies should be a ripping GF…hope it's not the manufactured giants.


Danger bit of a ghost in the last half probably will never see a GF


Finally 2 great finals games in a row. Been very poor imo until tonight’s game and bris vs gws.


True dat holt.

Absolute belta tonight.


Scores are in.

Sly old Lek dog leading after last night's game closely followed by the ol demon, holt, gator and trig.

Prestia highest scorer (no capt) with houli a popular pick and lynch kicking 5 with no owners.

Tiges roar into GF.
Was a final befitting the quality of team.

Who will join them?
Pies or Giants?

Who wants it more???

Over to you boys.




Pretty impressive by the Tiges to fight their way back and big mistake by Scott to play Blicavs on the wing and not on Lynch, and after leaving Stanley out the first week.


Wanted to pick lynch, but wasn’t selectable on my phone, had to settle for Riewoldt 🤒


Yeah don't think the apps are all that reliable, don't you own a computer?


Bring it onnnnn baby!…5 minutes to go, go Pies!, and go Captain Grundy


Crisp had been err well crisp. 🙊


Crispy fried Barbeque…on fire!…Adams has had 6 possessions for 0 points lol


That wasnt CRISP!! 😱


How is it possible that the AFL goal review mission command missed Lachie Keefe's finger bending back so far when the ball hit it? The ball almost hit his palm it was so far down his finger. That was a VERY suspicious call from AFL HQ almost as if they were counting the difference in revenue between a tigers pies and tigers giants GF and decided that was more important than a fair game.
That (non)goal gave them heaps of momentum if it had been correctly overturned I doubt that the pies would have got within 18points


Yeah clearly touched, can't believe they got that wrong and then failed to admit it until today, reason it wasn't overturned at the time was apparently cause it didn't alter the final result..sounds like hindsight and not wanting to admit they stuffed up, if collingwood had won there would've been a riot when the goal was disallowed.
I think they still need Cameras with higher frame rates, still looks blurry when slowed down, not good enough…and if everyone else could see it was touched at the time, why couldn't that guy who's job it is?…unreal.


Now onto the grand final.

Scores have been updated from the weekends games.

Leky doggie take a bow.
Highest scorer this round with a super impressive 1579! 50 points clear of scorpions.

Grundy as capt was a popular choice returning 300 for the night.

If u didn't get a podium finish there is always next week.

Don't worry be HAPPY.


Well done mate leading the pack overall, shame there's only ten players in the last game, it'd be good if all games had the same amount, easier to catch up that way..just a thought, cheers Trig


Not set in stone mate.
Can make it 12 if the majority wants.

We we also have Norm Smith so a chance to get double NS points if you pick the right bloke.


I’m coming for you Trigga. And good work as well mate with this. I’m sure you have put a lot of time into this.


Legend Lekdawgy…Alpha Dog score for the week, nice.


Massive and spot on call NDD.
Well done. 👏



Game changer and superstar.

Pretty good top 3 with Grundy also right up there.


Hey Scotty, if you make the same guy Norm Smith medallist and captain in the GF is that quadruple points?


Looking for a way to catch up mate? 🤣


Duh!…just answer the question punk…lol


Mr Rust Tee.

The answer to your query above is no.

You would get double points for a captain and if you pick the Norm Smith you get their points.

So if you picked the same bloke it would be three times or thrice not quadruple.

Hope this answers your query.

Kind Regards

Mr Happy.


Oh ok 3 times, cheers mate got it.


Bad luck for Jack Graham missing the GF, apparently Broad will get the gig and Not Pickett.
Willie Rioli's in some deep doo doo now, silly boy, athletes/role models shouldn't be messing around with drugs/ trying to fake his sample etc
Don't think his family would be too happy about it all, tarnishing their name like that.