Cheat sheet | Pre-round 23

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When Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” starts playing in my head, I know it’s almost over and time to say goodbye.

To be clear, my SC season was over months ago, almost before it started. Some of the choices I made at the start of the season would have given me a much better foundation. But alas, here we are.

I’m not going to go on too much. Not many people are left playing, and of those, not a lot will have trades or cash to do too much. However, all the people on this list are in good form at the moment. That being said, DBJ had been on this list for a few weeks, was in fantastic form, and promptly turned around and gave us a 7 last week. Season killer if you are playing in a league (and pretty detrimental if you are just playing points too). Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance … but there’s not a lot more to go on.

Anyway, this is me signing off from the cheat sheets for the year. It’s been massively fun, I have learnt a lot, and I hope this has helped the community also. But stay tuned with some tools and spreadsheets over the off-season. It’s never too early to start thinking about 2020.

Thanks to Lek, Patch, Damo, Barron, Kev, Foz for putting up with my dumb questions, and constant reply to their serious questions with GIFs.

Statty Matty.

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This has been fun, thank you for your great work during these months!<img src="; width="1"/>


Enjoyed your comments this year Mikee


Great work this year Matty, appreciate all your input this season, will look forward to some off season articles and spreadsheets, cheers.

The Ranger

Onya Matty, thanks mate.
I'm finally bringing in Dunkley this week but geez I'm tempted by Cameron against the Gold Coast…


DUNKLEY….Cameron could still drop a huge brown log.

Louise Peters

Thanks for all your work through out the year. check in each week and hit the granny twice. 🙂


Nice one Louise but please don't bash up your granny, she's probably a nice old duck lol

Long Bomb

I have one trade and I think Toby Green may come into my team.
Is there any reason you can think of that would stop him having a BIG day out against the GCS's?


Only 1 reason, he's not playing…get the next best dude.


Toby Greene out injured, looks like I will bring Cameron in


Any other options available dbb?…he could just as easily drop a huge spud score.


Great cheatsheet Stat Matt but I would've included Dusty in there, he's still cheap and averaging 124 over 3 weeks.


Will Gawn be a late out?


Trade out Sicily or Sloane?
Good luck everyone, thanks for a good year.


now I have Frank Sinatra in my head too <img src="; width="1"/>


Shout out to the two Grand Finalists of my JR Cash League. Winner take all.

There were two close preliminary finals this week.

Such is Fyfe (2386) beat One Touch Wonders (2366)

Finnius flyers (2314) beat Scaries VIII (2302)

good luck to the two Grand Finalists,


Thanks Matty Really useful stuff all year.

Ivar the bonless

Should I use my last trade Gawn to Grundy, I already have Goldy and a non playing bench ruck?


No…Goldy to Grundy lol


Anyone else having trouble bringing up the Panic Room ? It comes up briefly then says something wrong displaying this page ?


None here. Refresh button?


nice one post admin keep it up….

Robert Lee

I will miss this. Thanks

Files 4 Windows

i Like this post