Who’s Your Captain? – Round 23

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Before I get into captains, I would just like to thank all of the community for the season. You are the reason we keep doing what we’re doing, you have no idea how much it means to us here at the website.

Now that we’re done with all the sappiness, let’s get into the Captains.

Scott Pendlebury is a bully when it comes to playing Essendon. Has only had one score below 120 against the Bombers in his last four outings against them. Pendlebury’s teammate, Brodie Grundy, has also had a pretty decent run against the Bombers in recent times, and if the Bombers go in with Zac Clarke again, then Grundy could be in for a big day.

The last time Max Gawn and Todd Goldstein went head to head in Tasmania, they both walked away with a 172 each. Positively, Goldstein has also averaged 135.5 since Round 15.

Max Gawn averages 104.7 against the Kangaroos over his career, and 133.3 over his last three. I didn’t put him in the graph because I thought he had an injury cloud over him but he wasn’t listed on Melbourne’s official injury list, so it appears he is over whatever it was that had him bench for much of the final quarter against Sydney. Another good option.

Patrick Dangerfield has averaged 123.4 over the past eight seasons’ final rounds, and has been in ripping form too. Despite being well shut down by the Dockers and scoring a 57, he’s still averaging 119.7 since Round 14.

Josh Kelly could do one of two things this weekend. Get injured again and be out for a vaguely nondescript amount of time, or he could complete destroy the Suns, like he usually does, in the final round of the season.

Josh Dunkley has only ever played one injury affected game against Adelaide, so he’s a bit of an unknown. Jack Macrae on the other hand not only averages 141 at Mars Stadium, but also averages 125.6 against Adelaide in his last three games against them.

The Dockers are on the lookout for a new coach, CEO and a tenth win. Nat Fyfe will want to galvanise the group after the week’s events for the final game of the season. Scored a 129 when the Dockers played Port Adelaide earlier in the season.

If you’re looking for a point of difference in your Captain or Vice-Captain this week you could go with Jarrod Witts, he’s been in good form despite his team stumbling to the finish line.

Dion Prestia‘s average against Brisbane isn’t too fantastic, but what is fantastic is he’s averaging 113.7 since Round 15, 120.6 over his last three games, and 117.4 over his last five.

Same can be said about Jarryd Lyons though, too. Doesn’t have an amazing averaging against Richmond but is averaging 120.1 since Round 15, 123 over his last three games and 128.4 over his last five.

Prestia and Lyons are likely to be matched up on each other but they’re both having an amazing run at the moment, so you’d be backing in their recent form.

Are you challenging for the premiership in your league? Who are you captaining?

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Thanks for all your work this year Damo, very much appreciated mate, Grundy VC, should go large, most will not have to think of a C after Friday night imo, unless they are behind in match ups and might have to roll the dice on someone else

Good Luck to all ,especillay in your Cash Leagues


I’m looking for a 170+ from my captain this week.

One trade left. If big Max is a late out then Goldy comes in and gets the V, otherwise I’ll take a huge punt on Hawkins as vice captain.

If that fails then I’ll probably just throw the towel in, cash in Macrae for a 102k nobody and have 600 odd thousand for my end of season trip.


Cheers damo love the graphs!…thinking about going Grundy into Gawn, Grundy will probably be up against Bellchambers though as Clarke is out for a few weeks and Bellchambers is available.
I've stuffed up my Captain's picks last 2 weeks in a row so hoping I can get it right this week.

left field option

keep it simple this week for the GF. Grundy VC, then if no good, probably match my opponents choice as I look like the favourite so far. If Gawn is out, Goldy would be good too.


Thank god you've been telling me who to captain this year you beautiful human. Grundy into Bines will be what happens, but Macrae is the back-up plan because he's a bloody gun

s c tragic

Considering my next trade won't be until mar/apr 2020, my captain needs to be excellent, because some fool at the Holden centre kicked Sidebottom in the orchestras I'm looking at a rookie or maybe a donut depending on selections. Just when you thought it was safe in the water you see a Tsunami….


Hearing Gawn may still be carrying a bit of an injury, sounds like he might be 50/50 and Preuss could come in and play a chunk of ruck time


Hearing from where?….he's fine to go as far as I've heard and is named in the Ruck to start.


Probably from me, I’ve been spreading some rumours. Absolutely no substance to them, but sometimes you’ve just got to go with your imagination.


Just some discussion at a training session on Wednesday, could be nothing to it


God these graphs are good