SuperCoach Panic Room: Round 22

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Just two weeks to go, folks! SuperCoach prelim finals are here to decide if you will be removing the stone of shame and attaching the stone of (potential) triumph!

this could be you

For the penultimate podcast of 2019, Patch and Lek discussed some stuff and things, Patch yells and rants for a bit… standard stuff really. After Essendon’s “effort” against the Dogs on the weekend his eye is twitching a lot more and he yells in his sleep. Barron has a look at rookie prospects for Port, Richmond, and St Kilda this week. Damo heard you like graphs so he’s gone graph crazy in his captain’s article. And finally, Statty Matty has flexed his throbbing statistical muscles this week in the cheat sheet. I needed a cold shower after laying eyes on it.

Firstly, an apology that it’s taken me 22 weeks to realise I could have been using this Simpsons meme. I blame Patch for the oversight. For tonight, nothing like a dead rubber on a Friday night to get you excited about footy. Luckily the cricket is on. The Dees have been hit hard at both ends of park. SuperCoach wise, if you’ve held onto Marty Hore he is back tonight and there’s a debut for the oddly priced Kade Chandler (MID – 108.4k). Jayden Hunt may be kicking around in a few draft teams, he has been dropped. Zak Jones is out injured for the Swans. 

The good times continue on Saturday with Carlton taking on St Kilda. Patrick Cripps’ 100th game is about the most exciting thing happening here. If you picked up Sam Menegola late in the season hoping he’d be a POD for your draft team he is out this week against the Lions. ROB is BACK this week, however, Sam Jacobs has kept his spot in the team to create an interesting ruck dynamic. John Noble will play his second game for the Pies in their only change. Essendon have chucked a spanner into the midfielder bench works by dropping Dylan Clarke against Freo. A fair bit of experience returns with Hurley, Parish, Saad, and Francis all back in. One popular Power rookie will replace the other – Zak Butters is in for Xavier Duursma. Scott Lycett is still on the outs. 

On Sunday, a HUGE game between the Tigers and the Eagles has seen Dusty and, interestingly, Ivan Soldo, return to the Tigers team. Chol owners should be nervous when the side is finalised this evening. Jake Aarts (106.9k) and Marlion Picket (102.4k) have made the team sheet. West Coast have added Jarrod Cameron to their squad, among others. Some handy cavalry arriving at the right time for the Giants: Josh Kelly and tagger extraordinaire Matt de Boer have been named. Although Jeremy Cameron will again miss with injury. Rhylee West could play his second game for the Dogs, and Callum Porter (MID – 123.9k) could debut. Roughie gets a farewell at the G in the final game on Sunday. Returning alongside him will be Ben McEvoy and Jack Gunston. The Suns have lost Anthony Miles to injury.   

The House of Evil

Well Footywire hasn’t even bothered to update their breakeven list so the House will be boarded up and the keys forgotten about until round 3, 2020.

Smooth Kevy’s Lock of the Week

Honestly if you’ve got trades at this point, bravo! With Josh Kelly back for the Giants this week will Toby Greene’s #blessed run in the midfield come to an end? If you think it will and have no cash in the bank, a jump to James Worpel is on the cards. Despite a season average of 96 he has exploded in the past 5 weeks with an average of 119 and a three round average 127. He faces the leaky Gold Coast midfield midfield this week. He should have no problems in delivering another 3-figure score.

Hey Now, You’re a Draftstar

Brisbane v Geelong.1 v 2 on the ladder. If you think a battle between these two teams would be televised on free-to-air you’d be sadly mistaken, but we still have Draftstars to get us through.


Stef Martin should be able to dictate terms in this matchup. Despite Esava being named as starting ruck it was Mark Blicavs that attended a majority of ruck contests last week against North (59 v Esava’s 26). Oscar McInerney’s ruck involvement increased dramatically last week, attending 63 ruck contests to Martin’s 73, and Geelong have given up an average of 93 to rucks this year. He’s an option if you want to same some cash instead of Stef.   


Both teams have been pretty stingy against medium defenders this year and across the last 5 weeks, so I’m gun shy about going too hard at the premium options. As mentioned in the rucks, Mark Blicavs attended a fair share on contests and managed a score of 85 against Goldstein. I like him here to reach 8-9x value on his price. Mark O’Connor returns this week and has hovered around 8x in his past 4 games. Darcy Gardiner and Noah Answerth (also a mid) are another two guys that could far excel their price tags. Of the two, I prefer Answerth.


Quinton Narkle probably won’t smash out a 93 again but he had 4 CBA’s against North and his role shouldn’t change this week. Charlie Cameron is the man in form, booting 6 and 4 goals in his past two games, he has, however, not reached a Draftstars 100 in either. With Sam Menegola out it could see a bump for other Geelong forwards. Gaz’s recent floor over the past 5 weeks is 8x value and we all know the ceiling he has when he gets going. Mitch Robinson and Patrick Dangerfield (both mids) are also great plays. 


Brisbane concede 124 points per game to the oppositions number 1 mid both across the entire season and the past 5 weeks. I’ve mentioned Danger already but Tim Kelly’s price is 13.7k and looks a good bet here. He had been teasing with 90’s across the last month and finally hit 3 figures last 3 week. Geelong have actually been pretty good in limiting opposition mids, but the ceilings of Dayne Zorko and Jarryd Lyons are exactly what you need on single slates. Both have pulled some massive numbers at the Gabba this season. The wheels have fallen off Lachie Neale a bit in recent times, but at 13.4k his potential ceiling is off the charts. Mitch Duncan keeps on keeping on. He hasn’t had a huge slate breaking score, but he’s consistent and his scores don’t seem to be tied to Geelong’s indifferent form recently. You could snaffle him at low ownership with the other high priced options around. 


TommyC99 · 16/08/2019 at 11:48

Hey Kev, love ya work once again!

So i've got 2 trades left with a complete team. Which option would you go with? Only got 27k in the bank so straight swapping not easy.

1. Bank the trade/s this week in the event of injuries next week
2. Paint the fence to get an D7/F7 to loop player (after downgrading Clarke – Noble i'd have 472k for a defender OR 439k for a fwd)

    SC_Kev7 · 16/08/2019 at 12:02

    Cheers, Tommy. With a full team and no problems I'd be tempted to hold. Never know when you'll get hit with a late out

Frank234 · 16/08/2019 at 12:37

Two trades left, in prelim final playing for leagues, have both Lycett and Jeremy Cameron (have 7 premo Fs). Need to trade out both and bring in one defender (move Burgess to D7) and one forward. Money no issue, have about $1.2m so spend, so can literally get the best options available. Will have no trades for Grand Final which is a bit of a concern, but don't really have a choice.

I'm currently leaning Whitfield/Dunkley

    Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 13:17

    Go for it Frank…all or nothing now. Hopefully you have cover on all lines just in case?

      Frank234 · 16/08/2019 at 14:04

      Cheers Russty.

      Everything but Ruck, had Lycett for that reason but that didn't work out.

      Any better than Dunkley/Whitfield?

        Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 14:10

        Probably not although dunks could get tagged, Worpel's flying if you don't have him.
        I had Lycett too Frank, who would've thought he'd get dumped for Ladhams.

Blue · 16/08/2019 at 12:51

I've ended up having 4 trades left.
I traded Sloane to Trelor but not sure what to do with the other trade.
Team is full premo with Rockcliff on the bench.
Thinking of holding and seeing what happens and then trade Rocky ($457K) down to a cheapy so I've got money in the bank if I make a GF.
Any suggestions?

    Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 13:16

    Hi Blue, great job this year!…I suggest you go on and win this week, and tell me how you got a full premo team with 4 trades left lol, so I can copy you next year 🙂

      Blue · 16/08/2019 at 15:53

      Thanks Russty. I got lucky with allot of mid priced gambles like Worpel, Hore, Walsh, Sheed etc and fallen premos like Darling, Houli plus starting with Grundy & Gawn.

    dontblushbaby · 16/08/2019 at 13:28

    Good spot to be in Blue, I am similar with 3 trades , my priority is to get to the Grand Final in 3 cash leagues , we can only use 2 next week so I will be maximising with loops ect this week.

    Can you loop Rocky and get cash elsewhere ?

      Blue · 16/08/2019 at 15:46

      good idea
      I might see how Rocky goes and then trade out MGrath or Chol for cash

    Beezneez · 16/08/2019 at 17:39

    I've also got 4 trades left, am full premo and haven't traded since round 18. Will downgrade Clarke for cash and will use the other trade to match my opponent if necessary.

Stupid Coach · 16/08/2019 at 13:31

Great work again Kev. Down to my very last trade and unfortunately have very little cash (18k) to work with. My team is as follows:

B: Lloyd, Laird, Sicily, Stewart, Williams, Whitfield, Wilkie, Lloyd
M: Cripps, Mcrae, Merrett, Sloane, Oliver, Bont, Neale, Duncan, J Cameron (WC), Bewley, Langlands
R: Gawn, Goldy, Sweet
F: Danger, T Kelly, Heeney, Marshall, Robinson, Hill, Young, Gardener

I would appreciate any advice of where my last trade would be best used – upgrade Wilkie, downgrade Cameron/Bewley/Langlands or upgrade/downgrade Hill in the forward line.

Thanks community.

Derek · 16/08/2019 at 13:53

You would think there was a reasonable chance that just one of; Duursma, Oskar, Bewley or DClarke would play this week.

    Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 15:42

    Are you getting a donut if they don't Derek?…Duursma's injured I think.

John · 16/08/2019 at 13:59

Do I stick the VC on Cripps, Gawn or Grundy?

    dontblushbaby · 16/08/2019 at 14:08

    At tis stage i'm going Gawn , be nice to bank it tonight , surely Max would punch out at least a 130 against no body Ruckman

      Brn · 16/08/2019 at 18:36

      Max max max

Mikee · 16/08/2019 at 14:20

Great work as usual!<img src="; width="1"/>

Lazza · 16/08/2019 at 14:23

Who does De Boer go to .. Macrae or Dunkley?

    dontblushbaby · 16/08/2019 at 14:25

    or Russty said maybe The Bont

      Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 14:38

      I did read something to that effect dbb, last week Clarke was tagging Macrae and Bont for awhile, didn't work too well though although he may have stunted Bont's score somewhat.

        Brn · 16/08/2019 at 18:36

        I have all 3. Hoping he goes to macrae because most people have him

dontblushbaby · 16/08/2019 at 14:23

3 trades and 368k – 3 Cash Leagues

I have 2 options that I am looking at :

1- Trade Burgess to Lloyd – D7 tonight & Tiger Lynch to Worpel F6
2. Trade Tiger Lynch to Dunkley F6 – Burgess to either Blicavs, Rich or Stewart as a D7 with rest of my backs

I am 10k short to do Dunkley and Lloyd

Your help would be appreciated

TIA Gents

    Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 14:46

    Hey dbb, although Lloyd is one of the best he's only averaged 86 for the last 3 games, you'd have to hope he brings something big if you get him, I reckon Stewart will probs score equal or better than that, but overall, I reckon getting Lloyd and Worpel is what i'd do.
    Dunks and Stewart also a good option, sorry I'm not helping much.

      dontblushbaby · 16/08/2019 at 16:05

      Thanks Rusty, my backs are Whitfield, Williams, Hurn ,Laird, Smith & Sicily , just looking for a D7 loop with probs the Crow boys

    redherringfc · 16/08/2019 at 16:03

    Canyou just do 1 trade as an upgrade. Hold the last 2 for next week (and hope there is a next week).

      dontblushbaby · 16/08/2019 at 16:26

      Yep could do, just want to ensure I make the GF in all Cash Leagues, the good thing about SC is the rolling lockouts , so us with trades we can keep our powder dry until needed

Shake_n_bake · 16/08/2019 at 14:27

2 trades left with no trades to do 🤔

    Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 14:36

    I'll take em if you're giving em away mate!…well done .

      Shake_n_bake · 16/08/2019 at 16:13

      I’ll loop Kennedy tonight if he goes under say 95 l might trade Clarke from the bombers.

        Brn · 16/08/2019 at 18:34

        I'm the same. I'm just using them for the sake of it. Will better the team a bit, and with my decent cover it will net me the most points even if a gun is out next week

Danny Boy · 16/08/2019 at 16:10

Is Taranto better with or without Kelly?

    dontblushbaby · 16/08/2019 at 16:29

    With no Hopper playing ,no effect IMO but I also have Toby Greene and I hope his role won't change either

      Brn · 16/08/2019 at 18:32

      Stats say id be very concerned with greene.

flip · 16/08/2019 at 16:16

3 trades and only $45k. Cash league.
trade sloane and a cow to anyone i want in any position or
slay 2 rookies and get dusty as a 9th mid (or one of me Fwd/mids)
will leave me with $2k'ish. (got grawndy already)

    Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 16:50

    Sloane's playing this week…maybe downgrade a rookie this week for the moolah and save 2 for next week?

Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 16:46

Nank is out of the Tigers game so Chol might be safe for this week.

    dontblushbaby · 16/08/2019 at 17:44

    I believe Dimma has Chol as a long term player , he his playing that 2nd ruck role that Grigg used to do , he is a gun set shot and very mobile
    On a side note Chols nickname is '2 Phones'

      Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 17:53

      2 Phones…what's that mean dbb?…sounds a bit dodgy lol

        dontblushbaby · 16/08/2019 at 18:07

        He got asked by one the players why he had 2 Phones and he said 1 for Richmond emails and 1 for Personal and Business, it was apparently very funny at the time

Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 17:10

Good luck to all my opponents this week, although I don't think you'll need much luck.
In my major prelims I'm up against…

Rat Pack : Random Cliche
Up There Cazaly : Beveridge FC
Jolly Jockers : Carlton's Premiers
Trigs happy Place: Moustachio
JR Championship 1 : Dow Jones

Minor Prelims…
JR Megaleague : Tophawks
Sons of Anarchy: Barron's Peligro Abejas

Hey if I flop on my ass this week at least I got this far.
Who are you all up against this week in your matchups?

    JohnDJ59 · 16/08/2019 at 18:14

    Minor Prelims. The Rat Pack-The Blacksheep. Holy Grail-Wizard Chokers. I have no hope since I will be fielding two donuts and since they are minor prelims it doesn't really matter anyway.

      Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 18:51

      Bummer about the donuts John, I assume Duursma is one of them?

        JohnDJ59 · 16/08/2019 at 19:09

        Right on Russty, Duursma, Stack, Clarke out and J.Kelly will come off the bench for Duursma.

          Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 19:16

          Rough week John losing 3 but gaining 1, you must be pretty disappointed with that as it's so unexpected, come back strong next year mate!

            JohnDJ59 · 16/08/2019 at 20:06

            Sure will. I've learnt my lesson.

    Shake_n_bake · 16/08/2019 at 18:39

    Made 4 prelims. You play my workmate in Cazaly Russty. You have to win alright!!!!!

      Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 18:50

      I'll try mate with my rag tag bunch of lahoosers lol

shane · 16/08/2019 at 17:12

Name me the highest scoring player in the positions this week

    Derek · 16/08/2019 at 18:16

    Lloyd will do whatever he likes tonight.

    Melbourne has the worst team efficiency going into attack. There won’t be any real pressure by the Melbourne forwards. Lloyd has been quiet, he will bounce back.

    My VC on Lloyd tonight

    Fyfe at home vs Essendon, trouser stretching

      Brn · 16/08/2019 at 18:29

      Could work but most will be going gawn, and he will honestly get 140+

        Brn · 16/08/2019 at 18:29

        No clark. Agreed on fyfe

James Sykes · 16/08/2019 at 17:45

Prem final on the line, 1 trade left.

All 22 are playing and are loosely defined as premo.

So do I take a punt and try Laird to Whitfield as POD to my opponent?

Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 17:48

Stack axed to make room for dusty.

    dontblushbaby · 16/08/2019 at 18:11

    Sounds dodgy, he may have been a naught boy or got ahead of himself as he is very cocky.

    Don't be surprised is Richmond bring Marlion Pickett in next week if he plays well again in the VFL

Brn · 16/08/2019 at 18:38

Best mid for 240k?

Using my last two trades and dont want to waste cash. For bench cover only.

Was thinking paddy dow. Thoughts?

Shake_n_bake · 16/08/2019 at 18:43

Just a shout out to all that were in up there Cazaly league… thank you. we’re inside the top 100 last 2 yrs just outside this year. Until next year see you all then. Good luck in the prelims to whom got there.

    TOPHAWK1 · 17/08/2019 at 11:52

    Hi Shake! It's a brilliant league mate. Always fantastic to compete against the best coaches in the land. Hopefully get another opportunity next year to rattle a few cages! Cheers mate. TH

Brn · 16/08/2019 at 18:51

Is there a chance to finish top 10 if i am currently 50th?
Would really like some $$

    Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 19:02

    Depends on how many points in front the top 10 are Brn..have you checked the rankings?

      Brn · 16/08/2019 at 19:32

      Think it was about 300 points

        Brn · 16/08/2019 at 19:34

        Have been consistently good all year, but never a ' bam amazing move up the charts' which has been frustrating.

          Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 19:58

          Good luck moving up bud, great achievement being ranked so high, hard to gain ground now with many teams similar at this time of year but you never know if you have a few pods and they go nuts.

        redherringfc · 17/08/2019 at 12:39

        You’ll need to smash it over this round and next. Do you have trades for next week? If so, you’re a shot at it.

        Good luck.

Brn · 16/08/2019 at 18:54

In other news, looks like gawn is up against allir at this stage… Wow. Lloyd a strong midfield time chance, which could be good or bad

    dontblushbaby · 16/08/2019 at 19:01

    Yes , MClean out ,Melican in , how many will have the VC on Max if they didn't have already ?

Maverick_ · 16/08/2019 at 19:10

I suspect Toby Greene is heading back to the forward line with de Boer and kelly back, guess it was nice while it lasted Toby.

Alex · 16/08/2019 at 19:11

Playing a cash league prelim and have 4 trades and no cash this week. I am using one trade to cash out D Clarke and I want to upgrade Answerth who unfortunately is still my D6 (thinking Newman or Darcy Byrne-Jones) or hold him for one more week and luxury upgrade Brad Crouch to either Heeney or Worpel (I was going to include Greene but I think his score may be hindered with Jelly's return). I will make enough cash from Clarke to make the other trade next week pending I have no injuries to deal with

    Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 19:19

    I would do the Clarke and Answerth thing this week, otherwise you could regret it if you come up 10 points short because of Answerth or he drops a stinker on you and gets 30

      Alex · 16/08/2019 at 19:37

      yeah I am 100% with that decision now. If we get smashed with injuries next week and I have to use my 2 trades next week on damage control and I don't upgrade Answerth now I will get stuck with him next week whereas being stuck with B Crouch could certainly be a lot worse. Plus both my potential opponents if I make the final have Newman too so it makes 1 less POD. Cheers mate

        Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 19:56

        Good luck for the week Alex

COREYSC · 16/08/2019 at 19:37

Oliver or Treloar?

    Alex · 16/08/2019 at 19:47

    I'd go Treloar, thinking of a using him as a sneaky POD Captains choice against Adelaide if Gawn fails tonight and I have both Oliver and Treloar

    Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 19:55

    Hope you went Treloar Corey, Oliver's getting tagged by Hewitt

Holty01 · 16/08/2019 at 20:04

Good luck all for the round

    Russty_ · 16/08/2019 at 20:27

    Same to you Holty…go well mate.

Sam_01 · 16/08/2019 at 22:18

Cripps needs to stand up as C, I think I’ll pass on gawns vc

JohnDJ59 · 16/08/2019 at 22:30

We were going to come second last either way, so no.

Maverick_ · 16/08/2019 at 22:40

Well Gawn flopped..
Fyfe, crippa, dunks or Macrae.

De Boer will tag the bont won’t he?

    Blue · 17/08/2019 at 10:56

    hard call
    I'm taking Gawn's score at the moment.
    If you've got Bines as C then you can always change your mind later, depending on how you make up to your opponent.

      Maverick_ · 17/08/2019 at 12:32

      Yeah only got 5 differentials and there not playing til adel Collingwood which is when grundy will play so doesn’t help unfortunately.. I think I’ll roll it on Fyfe

    C_Grundy · 17/08/2019 at 20:14

    Nah De Boer will go to Dunkley that's a much better match up for giants

hedski · 16/08/2019 at 22:41

Yeah good on ya Angus top scoring tonight.

    Swans2012 · 16/08/2019 at 22:51

    I wouldn’t say he has redeemed himself to me, but it’s a start, I’ll happily take his score this week and park missy Higgins on the bench…. how he got to that score is anyone’s guess, 24 disposals at 50%……

Swans2012 · 16/08/2019 at 22:52

Next year We are both back in the eight Neil, I think it’s just so hard for you guys because you promised sooooo much last year…

dontblushbaby · 16/08/2019 at 23:28

Gawn went off late , didn't look good

    loop · 17/08/2019 at 06:16

    Bugga – just used my last trade in DT. Traded out Westhoff, my horrible ruck cover.
    I dont worry too much about DT, just dag along and try to make the finals.
    I traded Brayshaw in round 20.
    Went Sicily to Whitfield in round 21.
    Notice a pattern……
    This week I'm playing the guy who is currently third overall, he was first up until last week. I decided to roll the dice and go out fighting, traded Westhoff to Ziebell and have put the C on Matt Crouch.
    I guess if I lose Max wont be an issue next week anyway.

Daz · 17/08/2019 at 06:48

To take 119 or not as VC? If Gawn didn’t play the last round it would make for a spicier final round!

    DavidC · 17/08/2019 at 07:26

    A lot of donuts for those out of trades if he doesn't play. AFL website says hamstring tightness which does not sound good. Melbourne have no reason to risk him.

      Derek · 17/08/2019 at 09:40

      Unless you have Lycett as ruck cover…… oh yeah…

    Blue · 17/08/2019 at 10:41

    I'm taking Gawn's score.
    If you've got Bines as C then you can always change your mind later, depending on how you make up to your opponent.

Stupid Coach · 17/08/2019 at 07:49

Last trade and very little cash left. Do I trade out Jarrod Cameron for Zac Bailey, Nash (Haw) or Narkle or do I hold on to the trade for next week in case Gawn does not play. Cameron is on my bench so it is not essential, however, it means that I play Hill on the field.

Laurie · 17/08/2019 at 07:50

Hi I need some urgent advice as this my last chance at staying in finals I have two trades left. I can either move dangerfield to FWD position and the best player I can afford is Josh Kelly (who I only traded out last week! ) or just trade out Setterfield to Worpel or Walters? Who should I bring in Kelly or Worpel? Need to some advice please

    DavidC · 17/08/2019 at 08:33

    Worpel has been in pretty good nick lately and plays the SUNS this week. Josh Kelly would be a big unique now. Worpel if you want to play it safe. Kelly for high risk high reward. Personally if I had just traded out Kelly I don't think I could bring myself to trade him straight back in again but that's just me.

      Laurie · 17/08/2019 at 09:04

      Thanks totally appreciate the help I’m just short of Fyfe and really didn’t want to bring Kelly as I wish I had traded him weeks ago. Worpel it is

    Stupid Coach · 17/08/2019 at 08:38

    I would trade Settlefield and bring in Worpel who is in very good form and playing the Suns at Marvel. He should get another decent score. Kelly is playing his first game in a while, is underdone and GWS may be cautious with him with finals approaching.

    Blue · 17/08/2019 at 10:53

    Worpel is in good form

dontblushbaby · 17/08/2019 at 08:40

Goodwins take on Gawn is that he had a tight hamstring and should be ok for next week

gareth · 17/08/2019 at 09:19

tossing up upgrading rocky to J.Lyons or J.Kelly any thoughts on these two ?

    TOPHAWK1 · 17/08/2019 at 11:33

    Both guns. Depends how your midfield bench depth is. If you have decent cover get J Kelly as he is ultra premo but an ongoing injury risk. If you are light for cover I'd pick Lyons as he is durable and a proven scorer. Cheers. TH

    redherringfc · 17/08/2019 at 12:36


    Maverick_ · 17/08/2019 at 12:50

    kelly for me.. he only needs to roll round in 2nd gear get his 20-25 touches two goals and you'll be rewarded with 130+ SC points

s c tragic · 17/08/2019 at 10:32

Ah Heeney the forward that just keeps on giving, wouldn't you know he is my POD on the forward line.

TOPHAWK1 · 17/08/2019 at 12:13

Tophawk in one major preliminary final in my own league the Guns and Rookies league. Nothing like home sweet home.🏘 Enter the Finnius Flyers….😬😨. Finnius is arguably the best coach on JR and is pushing for top 100 this season. (Currently 184th) His consistency year in year out makes him uber Elite. BUT TH is not intimidated. My list might not look as strong on paper, but it is a dangerous and capable side. I will have a serious crack, maybe throw in a few sneaky manoeuvres to try and push him all the way. Let the battle begin!👊💥 TH

    Beezneez · 18/08/2019 at 10:36

    I'm waiting for whoever wins your matchup TH. At this stage I'm sorry to say for you it looks like Fin as he has one more player and there is only 2 points separating you. But, as I've found out in another league anything can happen. After being top all year in that league, ranking 270 odd and not having to trade since round 17. I've had a shocker and am going to lose to Gilbert
    Gardiner. Think I'm in the box seat to beat 7 Reasons Why as we only had 3 uniques – one of his was Hawkins who scored 40. We had the same vc and c

      Beezneez · 18/08/2019 at 10:50

      Ps Gilbert Gardiner should have read Robbo.

Phil Inn · 17/08/2019 at 12:23

So the ones who had the VC on Max, who are you putting the C on ? I'm going Fyfe atm . no Clarke to tag , thoughts

    TOPHAWK1 · 17/08/2019 at 12:32

    Is that you Finnius?😂 Fyfe is a decent option mate. Could go massive tonight at Optus Stadium. Good luck Phill Inn.🤔

    redherringfc · 17/08/2019 at 12:35

    I want to go Cripps, but am tempted to hold out and see if 119 looks safe when the Dogs start. If I go that option, Macrae it will have to be.

    Wish I’d taken a punt on Hawkins as vc, now.

    Maverick_ · 17/08/2019 at 12:35

    At this stage it’s fyfe for me, brayden sier.

Holty01 · 17/08/2019 at 12:29

I’m in Melbourne for a boys footy trip and on my way to the MCG to watch my loved Blues. I have worked out that it has been over a decade since I have watched the Blues live and had a win. Hopefully today it changes.

    TOPHAWK1 · 17/08/2019 at 12:34

    Good luck Holty! Enjoy the game and let's see the bluebaggers come away with the 4 points!

    Russty_ · 17/08/2019 at 12:59

    Enjoy your trip mate despite the loss you'll have today against the mighty Saints ;)..Fatty Jack Steven and hamstrings Hannebery will get us home I

    FarmerBob · 17/08/2019 at 20:11

    Were you on the standing room only from Swan Hill mate?

JB · 17/08/2019 at 13:44

B Crouch to J Kelly thoughts?

    Maverick_ · 17/08/2019 at 13:52

    BCrouch found ALOT of it last week it was just his horrible DE% that hurt him and still tonned up. not sure it's worth the trade it's risky but that is what this games all about isn't it so completely up to you JB.

    Brads going 101/107 over 3&5. not disastrous

no idea · 17/08/2019 at 14:15

Agree with Mav- not sure how Kelly will go first up

No idea · 17/08/2019 at 14:16

Panicking- Grundy or Fyfe for captain?

    Maverick_ · 17/08/2019 at 14:18

    sauce and ROB too double team grundy not to say it works but that worries me.
    No D.Clarke for bombers and in WA, go ya hardest fyfe.

      no idea · 17/08/2019 at 14:24

      Fair point- ta

Sam_01 · 17/08/2019 at 14:18

Steele get off cripps you flog absolutely killing me

    Maverick_ · 17/08/2019 at 14:20

    We all know crippa can't shake a tag his been pretty ordinary with it all year Sam and steele was always going to him.
    you didn't C him did you? :/

      Sam_01 · 17/08/2019 at 15:08

      I didn’t mav thought his track record against them would get the job done RIP

      Doc_h · 17/08/2019 at 20:08

      Bit harsh mate, he spent the morning in hospital and been double teamed at stoppages since round 3.

Maverick_ · 17/08/2019 at 15:26

Neale can almost kiss the Charlie goodbye, Lyons & Zorko will be stealing every 3 & 2 vote since the Brisbane bye.

Stupid Coach · 17/08/2019 at 16:10

Is it worth trading Jarrod Cameron to Fogarty (Adelaide) for my last trade or sticking with Hill (GWS) on the field. Only have 18k otherwise I would get someone better. Alternatively, I can just hold and use it if I make it to the big dance next week.

Holty01 · 17/08/2019 at 16:40

You little ducking beauty.🥳

    TOPHAWK1 · 17/08/2019 at 17:11

    Blues get the 4 points! Great win.

    StephenS · 17/08/2019 at 20:04

    I reckon Stocker will be better than this drafts pick 5 (after GC get a freebie, saints gut swans and blues stick it up the cats) and probably as good as this years #3. He's a sublime kick and has good game sense. He played this year with zero pre-season and obviously not fully recovered from the injury that saw him picked so late.
    If he can fully recover and stay fit he'll be a gun.

      Holty01 · 17/08/2019 at 20:52

      Agree Stephen. Only seen him for a few games but seems sure with ball in hand. As long as he is best 22 next year it will be a great pick up.

Sam_01 · 17/08/2019 at 17:27

Ugh looking like a very average round for me top hundred hopes kisses goodbye

SamuraiPizzaCat · 17/08/2019 at 17:32

Matt Crouch.. hello?

richard · 17/08/2019 at 18:36

don pyke pack your bags

richard · 17/08/2019 at 18:45

Chris Scott lives in a dream world quote of the year " We haven't been inconsistent all year " Come on Cooky time to get rid of this dreamer.

    Whatage · 17/08/2019 at 19:53

    What's wrong with that? They haven't been inconsistent all year.
    They've been consistently disappointing, consistently out coached, and consistently inconsistent in their game plan.
    The problem appears to be too much consistency

Shake_n_bake · 17/08/2019 at 19:23

Poor pendals he was robbed big time 35 touches 10 marks at over 80% only 89pts

    Sam_01 · 17/08/2019 at 19:31

    Clangers are like -4 I think so he was -36 from that also went at 70% according to fan footy

Holty01 · 17/08/2019 at 19:45

Westhoff, what the …. at the game tonight and Norths first 3 goals were against Westhoffs opponent. Gave away a free for the first goal but is on 21 points already. I really don’t understand how the scoring works. It probably hurts more the fact Daz in my cash league has him this round.🤦🏼‍♂️

    Shake_n_bake · 17/08/2019 at 22:18

    Scoring needs to be more outlined!!! Need somebody to come out and explain. I’m lost most of the time. I’m wa my players closely and Cunnington had 5 possies and a mark in the last 5 mins and got -1. Boak 28 touches 109 Cunnington 38 and only 4 pts more now your at the game, noway that should be only a 4 pt difference

      Holty01 · 17/08/2019 at 23:22

      Agreed Shake. I hardly noticed Boak for the game but definitely noticed Cunnington. He had a great game

SookyPussy · 17/08/2019 at 19:56

If we still had that 'hands on the shoulder' rule the cats would still be on top of the ladder. Oh wait we do still have that 'hands on the shoulder' rule. WTF

    DavidC · 18/08/2019 at 11:24

    Great win for the Lions, should be top 2 now with a home final. CATS have a tough one next week against Hawthorn who could be in the 8 after this round with a big win against GC.

Pranav · 17/08/2019 at 20:43

Cripps was in hospital all morning would of been nice to know before I stuck the big C on him but the Steele tag should of been enough to avoid but my personal bias kicked in.
Who’s everyone gone with as captain this week?
I’d imagine Fyfe without Clarke would be the most popular C this week

Brn · 17/08/2019 at 20:45

Well, the brodie smith to bryne jones trade has costed me the shot at overall. Thats how it goes though. See you all next year

    Sam_01 · 17/08/2019 at 23:21

    Gee wiz I could not think of anything worse! Knew there would be someone out there haha
    I butchered my captain choice so I’ll be down and out aswell for the year I had a good run though

Big G · 17/08/2019 at 21:29

Goldy taking it back to 2015

gvaa1 · 17/08/2019 at 22:08

glad to see Hore back <img src="; width="1"/>

Stacky23 · 18/08/2019 at 01:47

Love not being able to trade in a mid for Daniel because my reverse trades swapped dunks back into fwd line for danger, trade in Robbie gray as the only good option left and he spuds it up, now have yeo hurn macrae and Williams vs Bont Houli and 210, if I lose by under 30 it will be because of this Huge f*** up

Daz · 18/08/2019 at 09:01

Project to draw with holty in A graders and need to avg 97 pts across Whitfield, Macrae and Williams to win my cash league, gunna be yelling at the TV screen come 3:20 today!

    Holty01 · 18/08/2019 at 10:47

    I noticed that myself mate. Good luck today but hope your luck isn’t as good as mine.😉

      Shake_n_bake · 18/08/2019 at 12:21

      I’m in a tight one in a graders if l win will be great game next week.

      Daz · 18/08/2019 at 19:31

      Lipinski ftw! Well done and good luck next week mate!

Stupid Coach · 18/08/2019 at 10:31

Put the VC on Cripps and kicking myself that I didn't put it on Goldy or Danger. I am currently trailing in my prelim final by over 100. Do I stick with Mcrae as Captain or throw caution in to the wind and stick it on Sicily against the Suns. Also, do I trade Jarrod Cameron for Nash (Haw) or stick with Hill (GWS) on the field.

Yeahnah · 18/08/2019 at 11:07

Need a Hail Mary here to try and win my final, my two remaining PODs are Bont and Taranto. We have Dunkley Macrae Whitfield and Williams in common. Who should I trade out for the best chance of winning?

    Ja191 · 18/08/2019 at 11:46

    whoever you think will cop the de boer tag I’d prob say macrae will get it

TBone_9 · 18/08/2019 at 12:02

Projected to lose all 3 of my prelims due to some poor premo scores so far. 2 trades left with 150k to spend in the bank. Thinking I should make a trade to try and get over the line in at least 1 prelim. So Hurn or Sicily out for Whitfield/Houli?

    Shake_n_bake · 18/08/2019 at 12:24

    Hurn or Sicily could both easily ton up

    Dingus · 18/08/2019 at 21:22

    Man I hope you did the Sicily to houli trade

Shake_n_bake · 18/08/2019 at 12:31

Lucky l didn’t loop rotham.

Swoopsta · 18/08/2019 at 14:25

Captain Dunkley or Macrae??

Pman · 18/08/2019 at 14:26

Macrae, Dunkley or Bont or as Captain today?

Nuggety · 18/08/2019 at 14:39

Macrae on sheer consistency. Tagged last week and still a 137.

    Pman · 18/08/2019 at 15:07

    Tossing the coin between Dunkley & Macrae as reckon DeBoer may get the job on The Bont.

Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 15:36

Bont getting the De Boer tag….on another note, how good is this Eagles Tigers game!

    dontblushbaby · 18/08/2019 at 16:00

    Yellow n Black ,yes finals type Russty,

      Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 16:07

      Real hard scrappy game dbb…your sc side is looking like going large this week, well done mate.

    Holty01 · 18/08/2019 at 16:17

    Was flying back to Adelaide so missed the entire game. Heard it was a cracker

      Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 16:33

      Good trip Holty?…well done your Blues getting up, must've been much fun..something to look forward to next year with the Blueboys looking on the improve for sure, bet you had a pishy flight home with your mates haha

        Holty01 · 18/08/2019 at 16:58

        It was recovery time today mate. No drinking just plenty of coffees as we all have little ones to come home to. Last thing any of us wanted was to be drunk getting home. The wives wouldn’t of been happy. And yes I was very happy with the win mate

      Beezneez · 18/08/2019 at 19:20

      Who's the bright spark that gave Richmond the last 7 games at the MCG, not to mention finals. Talk about on a plate.

Holty01 · 18/08/2019 at 17:19

Gee I’ve held Kelly all this time thinking he would be a great pod come finals time. If he doesn’t come good soon he may cost me a few games this week

    Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 17:50

    I wouldn't have held onto him for that long, he was always bound to be rusty when he got back, if not get injured again.

Super_Wow · 18/08/2019 at 17:19

When does the team picker open?

    Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 17:21

    January I think….there's always pen and paper though.

Sam_01 · 18/08/2019 at 17:47

Gee it was a rough round for picking a captain, not many of the usual suspects stepping up

Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 17:53

No more Sicily for me…ever again…what a mutt, 20 points at half time.

    Sam_01 · 18/08/2019 at 17:57

    Yep, into the never again bucket just like rocky

    Dingus · 18/08/2019 at 19:44

    same here, can throw hawkins into that bag too 🙁

Defying_Madness · 18/08/2019 at 17:54

All I needed was a 70 from Sicily to win my prelim…

    Big G · 18/08/2019 at 18:01

    Even the Sudanese bloke could reach that…

    TOPHAWK1 · 18/08/2019 at 19:35

    And he could only manage 47. Seriously. He aint coming back into the TH side anytime soon.

      Defying_Madness · 18/08/2019 at 19:38

      was a cashie as well super rip

Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 18:52

Great swansong for Roughy, what a champ of the game and a gutsy human being, getting through what he's been through the last few years.

    Pman · 18/08/2019 at 19:01

    Agree 100% and haven't felt this happy for an opposition player since Jason McCartney's last game at North Melbourne. Wouldn't be surprised if Roughy does a "Hodgey" next year at Gold Coast. They could definitely do with someone of his quality both on and off the field.

      Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 19:09

      Wouldn't mind seeing him play on Pman, he has more to offer for sure, just hope he can maintain his health and strength enough to go on, Gold Coast need all the help they can get.

    Dingus · 18/08/2019 at 19:42

    It was eh, the man is all class( thats from a cows* fan)

    Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 20:27

    Yeah mate, we're both sorely lacking in forwards…I'd be happy for him to come to the Saints for 1 year hahah

Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 19:02

Apparently Horlin Smith was tagging Worpel….that went well.
Dew should stick to what he's good at…eating Hamburgers.

TOPHAWK1 · 18/08/2019 at 19:38

How did the chips fall community? Despite coaching my rear end off, the Finnius Flyers were 77 points too good in our prelim. Good luck in the GNR final next week Finnius! Well deserved. 2237 for me this week. Meh……

    Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 19:46

    Got into 1 grand final this week, disappointing but am at least in it with a shot next week, pass along my commiserations to Tophawks for the loss.

      TOPHAWK1 · 18/08/2019 at 19:55

      Hey Russty. I just noticed our minor prelim result in the JR Mega League. Dont know what to say mate. I will humbly take the win and look forward to season 2020. Cheers Russty. TH

        Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 19:59

        All good bud…7 points is 7 points…haha, I'm busy making my list for next year …hope you win that minor gf, it's better than not winning anything 😉

          TOPHAWK1 · 18/08/2019 at 20:08

          Thanks mate. I will have a crack. I seem to be better at SC Draft! Keep the JR community going. It is a great community and you are one of the pillars of its success. See you next year. Cant bloody wait! TH

            Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 20:24

            It's all fun mate…Draft, or Main game, looking forward to the post game, game…good to see you here every year, maintaining the familiarity for those who are in and out.
            Hope you get up next week in whichever gf's you got into. 🙂

          Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 20:25

          Nah don't reckon so Neil, he'll be a Ruck next year.

          Browncow · 19/08/2019 at 00:04

          Thanks for the tip on Answerth earlier in the year NDD. Has done himself proud at D6 the last couple of weeks with Ryan on the pine.

    Shake_n_bake · 18/08/2019 at 20:31

    Made 4 GF a graders, magnificent 7, lek&patch rabble, & elite of the elite scored 2415. 1 week to go with 2 trades left.

      Holty01 · 18/08/2019 at 20:53

      Awesome work Shake. You have come home strong

        Shake_n_bake · 18/08/2019 at 20:57

        With 2 trades left Holty will have to wait to see if gawn gets up. Or else just might bring in 2 players who come up against GC! Think l play you in a graders.

    SamuraiPizzaCat · 18/08/2019 at 20:33

    Through to 6 out of 8 grand finals. Lost one prelim this round. Didn't have the greatest score really 2404 with M Crouch and Sicily. Thankfully most of my match ups also had Sicily.. Think next year I need to get into some JR community leagues where I'll probably get smashed 🙂

    Holty01 · 18/08/2019 at 20:33

    Got up in the A Graders which I’m stoked about. Should probably check how my other 3 Prelims went.

      Holty01 · 18/08/2019 at 20:36

      Shout out to Team ‘Pauline Pantsdown’. 2477 way to good for me but 3 finals next week out of 6 leagues I’ll take every day of the week.

    Sam_01 · 18/08/2019 at 21:30

    Stinky week for me dropped 60 odd spots to 180 lost most my finals 🙁

    Beezneez · 19/08/2019 at 11:08

    Bad luck TH. I'm playing Finnius in GNR this week. I traded Hurn to Sicily to match 7 Reasons Why in the prelim. Wouls still have won if I'd kept Hurn. The move cost me my other prelim because if I'd kept Hurn I would have won that one by 2 points. Picked the wrong time to do a dumb move. Dropped my ranking to 400 odd from 200. Still can't get over trading Hurn to Sicily. Lesson learnt.

Pman · 18/08/2019 at 19:39

Hows everyone's scores looking this round? I am stoked to have jagged 2610 and win all my Prelims but have had a bit of luck considering I've had zero trades last 2 weeks.

    TOPHAWK1 · 18/08/2019 at 19:45

    That is one serious score! Congrats!

    Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 19:46

    Massive score this week Pman, good luck for next week.

    SamuraiPizzaCat · 18/08/2019 at 20:34

    Very nice Pman!

Dingus · 18/08/2019 at 19:48

Bundled out of my only prelim in straight sets, special thanks to m crouch, hawkins and siciflog 🙁
Goodluck and thanks to the great pplz at JR

    Russty_ · 18/08/2019 at 19:51

    Bad luck Dingus, those three really shafted your ass with a cactus this week…no accounting for that kind of fail really, except that this is a shit of a game lol.
    See you next year mate.

Iamme · 18/08/2019 at 20:34

2424, which was enough to get me into the GF, coming from 8th spot. No trades left though, as I took a risk with Charlie Cameron this week which thankfully paid off. I missed out on full premo this season, as i am stuck with either Logue and Rotham battling it out for my final spot in the Back Line.

TBone_9 · 18/08/2019 at 20:47

Unfortunately even with burning a late trade of Sicily to Whitfield, I dropped short in all 3 prelims. 2456, not bad considering but hoped to at least get to one Grannie having used trades sparingly throughout the year.

What are everyone’s three best moments for this season? Mine would have to be cracking a 2600 score for the first time, starting Dunkley and saying that he’d be in the top 2 forwards this year, and trading in T. Greene for that stain Westhoff after J. Kelly got injured.

Also shout out to the madmen of coaches who captained Goldstein and Dunkley against me this week to get the choccies. Big calls can ultimately lead to big rewards. Good luck to everyone in their Grand Finals this week, and see you all in 2020 🙂

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