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Good morning community, I made a comment last week saying “I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know”, but someone pointed out to me that the point of the cheat sheet is to state the obvious things sometimes, to lay it out quickly and easily.

So, I reflected a little and I’ve decided to try something new. I’ve upped the number of players on the cheat sheet, and added a few more pertinent stats. These players are the in form players of the last 3 to 5 weeks, and should be the targets you want in your teams at this late stage of the comp. Basically if you need an upgrade, pick a guy on this list that you can afford. If you have everyone on this list already, well, congrats on your future winnings. 🙂

Every player on this sheet has been in a weekly cheat sheet at least once this year, as you’d expect. It still astounds me that some of these guys have been scoring well for months, and are still only in less than 2% of teams. But I suppose if we all picked the obvious players it wouldn’t be much of a competition.

Let me know if you like this sort of thing more than the other format. I’ll be working on this in the off-season so any feedback will be incorporated into next year’s cheat sheets.

As always … good luck and see you in the comments,
Statty Matty.

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Seb Ross is a jet!!


You must be a saints supporter 😉


Yeah Binga, 3 more of him in our midfield and we might look a better side.


J.Kelly and Boer confirmed to play for Giants


Josh better play well, have held him this long won’t want to let me down!


Best pick for Caleb Daniel 471k only. Have Heeney and Kelly. Advise would be appreciated. Thinking left field Menegola or Wingard.


Needed in forward line only


Hawkins maybe?..if not one of the 2 you mentioned.


Any updated news on Marshall and Sloanes availability this weekend gentlemen? Don’t really want to waste my final 2 trades this week


Hi Mav, Marshall and Sloane will both play, from Saints website..Marshall's 100% and Herald sun ..Sloane said himself he's good to go.


Thanks mate. Fantastic news


Good luck this week Mav.

Bobby Gee

2 trades left and in a few Prelims.

Get rid of both JCameron (F6) and Westhoff (F7) to bring in Dunkley and a FWD rookie? FWD line would be Dunkley, Danger, TKelly, Worpel, Heeney and Boak (rookie/Gardner)


Get rid of Westhoff and Bewley to bring in Greene and a MID rookie – JCameron to F7? FWD line would be Danger, TKelly, Worpel, Heeney, Boak and Greene (JCameron/Gardner)


Sloane saved my day <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


Wish I could actually use the cheat sheet this week!…I am so having 6 trades left at finals time next year.


Hard to say mate but hopefully 12 or so, will be hard to do, makes getting it right from the start all the more important and no sideways trades if possible.
I wouldn't look to use 9 in the byes, as few as possible there if you plan for them.


I have one trade and a max of $400k 😂 I wish I could use this sheet too!

s c tragic

I too like the look of some of these players, sadly I have the money honey but 0 trades.


Hanners Lek?


Was going to go with him but saving my last trade after Gawn grabbed his hammy at the end of the game


2 mid upgrades for league play

Out 2 of BCouch Sloane Dusty
In 2 of JKelly Cripps Treloar

Pls Assist .



Crouch and Sloane out for Cripps and Treloar.


3 trades left, prelim this week
do I go mcrouch out for jelly and/or zac clarke out for cash or hold him.


I wouldn't punt Crouch now, he's in season best form, Clarke could go for the cash for sure.
Kelly is injury prone and could go out of the game early if he re-does it.


J Kelly or Treloar for last spot in team – I just can’t decide?

left field option

go with the one that has scored well in the past 3 games. 0, 0, 0 points compared to 123, 177, and 127. Not that hard to decide really.




Hi all,

i have 1 forward spot to upgrade. Please rank
Marshall, Walters, Worpel, Greene

Good luck in your finals

Thanks in advance


I’m actually on Worpel, slight concerns over Marshall’s knee still. Wait to make sure he’s not a late-out if you choose him


Good plan. Will wait until lockout


I agree, Just worried about his knee. Funny how you plan around upgrading for finals and the water gets murky


This is from the Saints website…
In some better news, Rowan Marshall is 100% fit after a knee scare in the first term against the Dockers.

The big man's leg was wedged and he looked to suffer a hyperextension, but thankfully Marshall hasn't sustained any lingering damage.

left field option

Greene, then the rest.


Want to upgrade BSmith in defense. Already have Whitfield Williams Houli Lloyd and Laird. Do i go Hurn, Sicily, Steward or other?

vidmate 4.1807

great work admin


Season is shot. Pretty much guaranteed playing 2 rookies on the field (out of Logue, Chol & Hately). What should I do with my last trade:

1. J.Cameron > Pendles via Danger DPP. He's been a favourite of mine so I could give him a farewell game for all of his service
2. Lycett > J.Kelly
3. Lycett > Marshall

I'd rather bring in a gun mid as they should outscore any of the FWD & DEF

Gareth Iggo

hey guys, i have a pretty solid full premo team so looking at trading rocky out:
tossing up between Jarrod Lyons or J.Kelly

Currently have Mcrae,Fyfe,Oliver,Zorko,Neale, Cripps, Treloar


Danny Boy

Is Taranto better with or without Kelly in the team?


I think he’s much the same, expect Greene to play a bit more forward of the ball


Maybe whack this into the Panic Room Neil?

Eye sack he knee

Will de boer tag? And who? Mcrae, bont or dunks??