The Heroes, the Villains and the Damned: Round 21

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Part of me love SuperCoach. I love the competition, the weekly bragging rights, the hours of study into my favourite sport. But part of me hates it. My team is imploding. My trades are done. My rank is doubling every round. I just want this season to be done so I can focus on 2020.


Toby Greene (122) has continued his great form in the Giants’ midfield, posting 38 disposals (20 contested), eight tackles and eight clearances. Unfortunately, 10 clangers and 57% disposal efficiency brought down his score. James Sicily (140) was dominant in the blizzard, with 33 disposals at 78%, while James Worpel (127) did me huge favours by backing up my claim on the Podcast last week. He had 31 disposals, but was let down by a gross 48% efficiency. He laid six tackles in the win as well. Liam Shiels (124) was great as well, with 30 disposals and six tackles as well.

Scott Pendlebury (138) slotted two goals from his 23 disposals, whilst also going at 91% efficiency. Adam Treloar (127) was another good call from last week’s podcast, with the ball-magnet collecting 31 touches against Melbourne. Max Gawn (99) was barely a hero, but was the highest scoring Demon for the round (concerning).

Connor Rozee (119) had three goals from 20 disposals and was Port’s best in the 47-point win over the Swans. Darcy Byrne-Jones (110) has benefited from increased responsibility off the halfback this season and it showed, with 28 disposals. Isaac Heeney (116) had two goals from 20 touches himself, but spent plenty of time on the ball, which was most promising.

Jarryd Lyons (142) gave Gold Coast plenty of nightmare material on Saturday, with the former Sun taking his old side to town in the Q-Clash (Happy 18th Birthday, Q!!!). He had 34 touches and two goals in a best on ground performance, while Dayne Zorko (142) wasn’t far behind. For someone who was icing his hamstring and looked in doubt last week, he played bloody well. He had 2 goals from 25 touches, as well as going at 76%. Jarrod Witts (117) had a monstrous 53 hit outs to go with his 13 disposals, while David Swallow (118) had 2 goals from his 27 touches.

Name a Western Bulldogs midfielder; chances are he had a ripper.

Josh Dunkley (153): 39 touches, one goal, 22 contested possessions, six clearances, three tackles.

Jack Macrae (137): 38 touches, one goal, 14 contested possessions, five clearances, eight tackles.

Toby McLean (133): 22 touches, three goals, eight contested possessions, no clearances, four tackles.

Lachie Hunter (127): 34 touches, no goals, eleven contested possessions, one clearance, one tackle.

Marcus Bontempelli (99): 26 touches, no goals, eleven contested possessions, seven clearances, eight tackles.

Compare that to Zach Merrett (116) as Essendon’s only decent midfielder, with 33 touches, six marks, five clearances and eight marks. No one else for the Bombers got over the 100, with Mason Redman (97) coming the closest.

Pat Dangerfield (137) redeemed himself after last week’s efforts, with 33 touches and a goal against the Kangaroos. Quinton Narkle (123) of all people played well too, with 21 disposals and two goals, while Tom Stewart (119) had 19 touches at 100% in the wet. Todd Goldstein (123) had 42 hit outs and a goal from his 10 disposals, but the monstering of Geelong’s ruck departments was the reason for his good score.

Nat Fyfe (145) is the greatest footballer of all time and he deserves better. 35 touches and two goals, but no help sees Fremantle lose to the Saints after being up by (effectively) two goals with 2 minutes left. Seb Ross (129) had 28 disposals for the Saints, while Dan Hannebery (122) had 22 touches and two goals in his first game back from injury.

Jack Graham (161) went massive against the Blues, with 22 touches, 14 tackles and four goals. Shane Edwards (152) was the 250th player to play 250 games (I am the Swamp) and he celebrated it with 27 disposals and a goal. Ed Curnow (148) had 34 disposals and eight tackles, while Patrick Cripps (134) had 37 and seven.

Jack Darling (130) kicked three goals in the close win over Adelaide, while Willie Rioli (113) kicked one himself. He also had 21 disposals, while Dom Sheed (113) also had a goal from his 26 touches. Matt Crouch (161) collected the ball at will with 43 disposals, while his brother Brad Crouch (103) had 35 himself, meaning the pair had 78 disposals between them. Calling out the Swamp here, is that the most disposals between a pair of brothers in the same game? Other potential winners of this record would be: the Cornes’, the Gray’s, and the Scott’s (just from my recent memory).


Jaeger O’Meara (66) was quiet with 18 disposals at 27% efficiency. He laid eight tackles, which helped his score a bit, because his effectiveness in the snow certainly wasn’t. Jeremy Cameron (55) wasn’t effective in the snow either, with the big key forward only managing one goal from his seven touches. Tim Taranto (70) had 25 touches at 40% as well, which was a let down on Friday.

Melbourne Football Club (5-15) are garbage, and all of their players are garbage. I’d love to see them throw Goodwin out, but his contract extension last season locks him in for at least another two. Brodie Grundy (86) had 44 hit outs against Gawn, but his 16 touches went at 37% efficiency, which hurt his scoring. Jack Crisp (62) had 19 touches at 36%, but he did slot a goal.

Jake Lloyd (85) as had a strangely poor patch over the last month or so, with the Swan scoring poorly despite collecting 30 disposals. I feel its due to the fact that his intercept marks are down and he relies heavily on uncontested possessions to impact a game, which isn’t SuperCoach friendly. Callum Mills (50) was also quiet with just 14 touches at 57% efficiency, while Travis Boak (49) was effectively tagged and restricted to 13 touches. However, he still had a great chance to score well with four shots at goal, but he missed them all.

Lachlan Weller (58) had just the 15 touches in the Q-Clash, while Eric Hipwood (53) kicked two goals but did little else. Lachie Neale (85) was held to just 21 disposals and a goal.

Essendon Football Club (33) don’t deserve to play finals after that performance (sorry Patch). Almost every member of their side had an absolute shocker, but for someone on as much cash as Jake Stringer (25), you’d hope he’d get more than 7 ineffective touches and three free kicks against.

I’m feeling like you readers will assume I’m being lazy (which I am, a bit). But North Melbourne Football Club (14) deserve to be listed as a whole here again. I know, I’ve already put Melbourne and Essendon down as a club. But there were some seriously bad team performances this weekend. To kick one goal in a match of football is garbage. Now that I’m thinking about it, GWS probably deserve a run since they got pumped by my Hawks. But realistically there was no stopping that freight train that was Hawthorn. We would’ve beaten anyone that night. Go Hawks.

David Mundy (68) had just 14 touches after playing both forward and back throughout the match, while Connor Blakely (82) had 23 touches at 60%. Rowan Marshall (81) was up against Sandilands and Darcy and performed admirably, but certainly had his work cut out for him. Jack Steele (54) had just 17 touches for the match.

Sam Walsh (50) was a let down with 19 disposals at 50%, while Sydney Stack (43) had 12 touches in a quiet game by his lofty standards. Tom Lynch (74) had the chance to kick five in the wet, but will have to settle for just two.

Rory Laird (89) had 27 disposals but was quiet in the second half and couldn’t crack the ton, while Rory Sloane (80) had a huge first half but came off after the opening bounce of the second half when he copped a head knock and had blurred vision. Shannon Hurn (56) was very quiet in the win for the Eagles.


Brett Deledio (53) left the field in the third quarter with a suspected calf injury, but despite his troublesome history is expected to play next week. Mitch Lewis (62) came off after copping a stinger on the hip, but returned shortly after. He also hurt his shoulder later in the match, with the severity yet to be announced.

Josh Daicos (59) copped a head knock and didn’t play the last quarter, but should be fine for next week. Steven May (88) appeared to hurt his hamstring in the last quarter in his first game back from the same injury, so look to see him miss weeks. They may put him on ice for the year.

Ollie Wines (93) was bizarrely in the SANFL this week despite being fit, but was a late in and he played well. He kicked two gaols from 22 disposals, so I assume he was out of the side for form rather than injury.

Anthony Miles (55) had trouble with his ankle for the majority of the match. He went to the rooms after rolling it, got it re-strapped, started playing again, came back off, then came back on. I’ve got as much of an idea as you do.

Tim Kelly (96) had some treatment after a corkie but he played out the game and will be right to go.

Nick Coffield (16) lasted less than a quarter before coming off due dislocating his shoulder. Rowan Marshall (81) went down with what initially looked like an ACL injury, but thankfully he had it strapped and played out the game. He might miss next week, so look to see if he trains.

Taylor Walker (52) had his ankle restrapped and is surely going to play next week, however his co-captain Rory Sloane (80) is less likely after not playing the second half due to his concussion.

Who were your heroes, villains and damned, community? Who else is keen for this year to be done?

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Is there a category below villains for Essendon, Melbourne and Norf to sit in? Put us all in time out until 2020 and stick multiple forks in us. Throw my team in there for good measure.


Reckon Woosha should be the main villain this week Maxy, just sitting there letting the Dogs kick 21 goals in a row.
What the F's up with that?!


"Maybe they'll invoke the mercy rule after this goal?"
"Maybe now?"
"Jeez these magnets sure are stuck to this board, how do I… wait you can pick them up? Woah…"


Luke Parker currently a bloody villain. After a great run of form, I've picked him up on his heavy decline. Has scored 100+ once in like 6 weeks, with many sub par scores this week a bloody 44!

For someone as cash-strapped as me, plus with only 1 trade left I'm hoping Sloane and Marshall both play. Thinking of slotting Narkle in as my F6, really don't have much else as options. Looks the goods.


That's just some shitty luck there NP…Parker has reverted to a spud it seems, I find that inexplicable.


Parker > Cunntington, i feel your pain!


He's done a reverse Parker – for years he's pendulum-ed post-byes and he's flipped it on us.


His Good run of form come about when JPK was out of the swans side for those 3-4 games. JPK returned and his scores started to decline.

Big G

I felt Rowan Marshall doesn't deserve his villian tag this week. When he went down early in the game with talk his season is over I was almost crying but he rose from hus deathbed and came back and posted a decent score ensuring I gained a win. For a bloke many had never heard of a few weeks back he has served his supercoach purpose.


So i almost want marshall to be out so i can use my last two trades properly.

At the moment my weak points are tom stewart and brodie smith. Being strapped for cash, i could downgrade an injured marshall to worpel, and then upgrade stewart/smith to houli.

Who should i keep out of stewart and smith?


Risky game Brn!! I’d keep Stewart.
Read a few comments last week looking to trade Sicily and Stewart etc and boy would thOes trades have backfired!
If you can I’d go Marshall to Toby Greene if you don’t have him, has suns in the last and should belt them! Houli is a good in for smith tho!


Thought I was out in straight sets in my cash league; then enter M Crouch, delivered me a majestic 161 as a POD and got me the W.

Big G

Love it when that happens.


I have three trades left, $7800 cash, I have Danger in the Mid.
Was looking to up grade Cameron (GWS) in the forward line with another midfielder.
I will have $640 k to spend after I paint the fence with a rookie too.

Current midfield.
Danger, Cripps, Yeo, Fyfe, Neale, Macrae, Treloar, Bont.

Was thinking maybe Oliver.
Suggestions please.


Yeah Oliver or Matt Crouch has had a few good weeks in a row.


Anyone else on the donate for donuts cause?

Reckon being passionate supercoaches the community (jocks flock) should get right on board.

Concept is simple.
Score a donut on field in any round and pledge to donate 1, 2, 5 or $10 to Cancer Council Victoria to help fight cancer.

I think $5 per donut is a good pledge.

So go back through each round and see how many donuts your team had for the season and fork out a fiver for each one.

Details on herald sun website.

Finally a donut has a good feel about it. <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="😁" src=""><img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="👍" src=""&gt;


I think it's a great idea Trigg.
I'm all for it.. i can honestly say i didn't field a donut all year though haha
Burgess saved my bacon late this season for 2 weeks when old man hurn went down!
But cancer is a bastard and having it hit close to home i'm all for this.
Not that we can police it it's just the good old honesty policy I know Dr SC do this and have raised quiet a bit over the years.


I've donated a few times this year, they're a good bunch!


Great idea :)<img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


Raise this again early next year when there are a greater number reading this as many have been eliminated and not on this site.
Great idea , this is what life is truly about, helping each other.

Cheers to all.