Cheat sheet | Pre-Round 21

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Good morning Community, I know some of you (like me) are wallowing in your season being over. You can use this time for reflection … or drinking a few beers. But not Statty Matty!

I’ve already started working on some data/stats packages for you all. These include my “End of Season” database, Team Picker for next year, and I might whip up a little “Draft Pick Trade Valuer” to play with during Trade Week. Are there any other Excel based tools that you would like to see, or any features I can put into my spreadsheets for you. Let me know in the comments below, or flick me a message on Twitter (@MattyB_76).

Anyway, back to the cheat sheet for this week for those of you still playing finals or pushing for a high finish. Teams are pretty much locked away now, and trades are saved for injury so don’t assume you ‘need’ to make any of these trades. I’m sure I’m not telling you guys anything you don’t already know. 🙂

Good luck everyone,
Statty Matty.

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Hey Matty
love ya work looking forward to seeing those spreadhseets


I did one called the risk matrix a couple of years ago.

Maybe we can give that one another run in the off season/pre season?


Hey community, I’m seeking advice on who to trade in as a defender for under 497k.

If I don’t trade I’m left with Logue on field. I cannot come up with the dollars to get Whitfield, no matter what I do.

If I go for Simpson I can afford K Dunkley as a backup mid. If I go over 450k I’ll be getting a 102k (probably) non player in the mids. I have Hately and Bewley as other bench cover.

Other options are Blicavs and Robinson, as suggested above. I could get B Smith back as another option.

Any other ideas. I’ll be left with 1 trade after this week and 8k if I go with Simpson and Dunkley.


Have you thought about Heath Shaw?? 3 rd average of 93 I think… Giants have nice run home he could be one to consider if u are feeling that daring..


I'd go for Simmo, as old as he is, he's averaging 102 last 3 games and last 4 games have been decent.
Sometimes decent is enough.


I'm getting Brodie Smith if Sicily doesn't score well.
He's in the best 5, 3 & 5 round average.

The Ranger

I'd go for the option with the lowest floor at this stage of the season.


Is josh kelly dead bloody burnman ruined my season shouldnt have held the flog


Sorry for your loss man, I tried to warn people back when he first went out, 3 weeks can easily turn into 6 or 8 with him.

s c tragic

RIP J Kelly, on my never again list.


This josh kelly thing is ruining me <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


1 trade left. Still have Logue on field as D6, and running either Chol at F6 or Hateley at M8 to cover Lycett.

1. D.Clarke to H.Shaw. Moves Logue to D7. Play Chol @ F6 and hope Lycett is back before the end of the year
2. Lycett to Laird. Same as above
3. Lycett to Bont, swing Danger up FWD. Play out the year with Logue at D6

The Ranger

I'd hold that trade unless you really have to use it TC.
Still more carnage to come…


G'day Community, I have 4 trades and 4.6k in the bank.

Def: LLoyd Hurn Z Williams Whitfield Stewart Sicily (Answerth Logue)
Mid: Macrae Fyfe Cripps Oliver Neale Sloane Merrett Cunnington (Hill Hately Clarke)
Ruck: Gawn Grundy (Bines)
For: Dangerfield Heeney Boak Kelly Dunkley Walters (Chol Hanrahan)

Do I hold the 4 trades for injuries? Or Upgrade Cunnington to Treloar/Bont/Marshall (Louge>102k rookie)

Cheers all!

The Ranger

Depends if you need to win your league match or if you're still playing for rank.
If you need to win a league match and you're not confident of doing so then trade away, you've got plenty of cover.

The Ranger

I'm thru to three semi finals and one prelim with four trades and 18k in the bank.
I'm reasonably confident about winning the semi's but it will be tight.
What to do this week?
My backline still has Heater, Blakely, Witherden and Answerth (been looping them around Gardner) but I've cracked the 2500 mark the last two weeks so I could just hold.
I could also trade twice to upgrade one of those defenders to Hurn or Houlli. I already have Lloyd, Williams and Whitfield.
Or just once in order to raise some cash for next week.


Hi Ranger, I'd be looking to offload Witherden, so inconsistent this year, Blakely not much better really, either of those I reckon.


Just looking to downgrade to a very cheap fwd/mid to upgrade a player. Anyone I should get in particular for 102-117k or doesn't matter anymore?

The Ranger

If you're not planning on looping them you might as well get someone who's playing…Idun is mid/fwd or Carter who's def/mid.


Hi all,
Advice please,
I have the week off with 5 trades. This week, who is the best downgrade option for quaynor?
I'll be able to upgrade Sicily to houli, and cunners to Treloar for the preliminary finals.


Any trade down options for those with trades left? On the field or on the bubble?


Hi soco,
On the bubble, quaynor is not on the field for me.