Who’s Your Captain? – Round 21

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The year is almost over, folks. Some of you are getting closer to glory in your SuperCoach leagues, while some of you have bowed out of contention and are now focusing on moving yourself up the rankings.

Me? Let’s not talk about me. My team is, well, a burning fire with no sign of relief. I sent the firefighters home because it was getting to the point where I’d prefer them be with their families than try and hose down a lost cause.

WE ARE HERE TO TALK ABOUT CAPTAINS THOUGH, and I had some great feedback last week in regards to the new graph system I brought in. Most of you wanted the graphs as well as the analysis, so I have done just that.

Assuming Josh Kelly returns, he usually plays pretty well against the Hawks. With Coniglio and Ward both out with knee injuries though, could we see Daniel Howe head to Kelly? A risky pick, but the history is there, and the Hawks aren’t the same team they were a few years ago, and who knows what Clarko has up his sleeve for the rest of the season.

Clayton Oliver usually plays pretty well against Collingwood scoring 110+ in his past four meetings against the Pies. Has never had a huge score against them though with 127 being his largest score against them.

Travis Boak is an interesting option, especially considering his form this season does not seem to paint of a picture of his SuperCoach past, and Jake Lloyd has been fairly reliable all year as a defender but not so much as a captaincy option.

Gold Coast still have no idea how to stifle an opposition midfield which will probably make Lachie Neale a very popular vice captaincy pick.

These are the last four meetings between Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn. As you can see, no discernible pattern with Grundy getting the better of Gawn twice, and Gawn getting the better of Grundy the other two times. Most notably, in Round 12, Gawn scored a 153 but it was then revealed that Grundy persuaded Buckley to let him play even though he was under an injury cloud.’

I’d steer clear of them, but if you were to go for one i’d probably sway towards Gawn just on the off chance he goes big again, and with Mason Cox ruled out for the remainder of the season, the ruck duel will be an even battle, too, and Gawn is probably the better pure ruckmen despite Grundy’s ability to be an extra midfielder thanks to his mobility.

Jack Macrae has been playing like a house on fire lately with a 142.7 three round average. The highest of any other SuperCoach player.

Geelong will want to bounce back after being trounced by the Dockers in the west, and Patrick Dangerfield will want to be part of the assault. Plays very well against the Kangaroos, averaging 157.3 over his last three games against the Kangaroos, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Rhyce Shaw has a plan.

Patrick Cripps (Carlton) and Dustin Martin (Richmond) always have a good battle.

If you’re feeling lucky and want to go for some Smokey options, Isaac Heeney averages 106.6 against the Power with a 110 in his last meeting against them, and a 145 before that.

Gary Ablett has a great history against the Kangaroos, averaging 125.3 over his career, but only scored an 86 last time they met back in round 8.

Luke Shuey loves to play the Crows, scoring 136 against them back in Rd 10, and a 128 before that.

So who are you going with this week, community?

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Macrae into #FyfeIsLyf for mine.Reckon Clarke goes to the Bont.


McRae into Fyfe for me.

Who do guys think is the best fwd option for $495k.

I already have kelly and Heeney.

Cheers all.


Hawkins or Cameron I reckon Nick..big risky though, if you have a gun fwd in the mids, maybe get em fwd and get a mid in.


Yeah bit risky. I am still trying to decide whether to upgrade (side trade) westhoff, Stewart or Rockcliff. With only 70k left in the war chest my options are limited. May be worth holding my last two trades for the impending carnage ahead.

How you looking this week?


Unfortunately I am all swung out. Only dpp left in mids is hill on the bench.

I may have to stick with Westhoff and hope for the best. I think the risk is too great to justify using a trade that could be the diff later on.


Hi Guys, it's a toughy this week cause there's so much on the line!…so many choices, and so many chances to get it wrong.
VC failure puts huge pressure on the C choice, if they both fail, you're done.
Might have to do something a bit left field this week but I won't say what, Danger and Cripps could be the go but look what they produced last week…aaargh it's difficult, so much luck involved.





Neale into macrae for me. Just feel like midfielders pile on the points against Gold Coast.


Tobias into Macrae/Fyfe, because why not?

The Ranger

Graphs – Tick.
Analysis – Tick.
Love ya work Damo.

Grundy into Neale for me.


He has nailed it!


I think I'm gonna chuck Macrae in there somewhere


Good work Damo. Currently going with Gawn VC into Macrae. Still in some league finals but hanging by the sticky tape on Jeremy Cameron’s & Grant Birchalls stuffed hammies.


Macrae, Fyfe and maybe Danger


Playing eachother this week Neil so …who's your captain?…lol


I meant Gawn and Grundy mate..playing eachother.


Lovely write up!
Neale into macrae for me, danger can’t be trusted bloke has failed me every time I captain or vc him



Thanks for including the analysis along with the graphs this week… love the format… killer write-ups… thanks a bunch 🙂

Neale into Macrae for my team this week.

Good luck Community


Agreed, a wealth of valuable info.
Cheers for all the work you put in fellas!!