The Heroes, Villains and the Damned: Round 20

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Another round of carnage has completed, community! Still no Josh Kelly, Jeremy Cameron caused donuts, too many injuries to poke sticks at, and the mighty Hawks have fallen. How was your weekend, community?


The first hero of the weekend goes to Steve Smith (144 & 45*). You may not be a cricket fan, you may not be a Steve Smith fan, but you need to appreciate the resilience of this bloke. He built a reputation of being Australia’s saviour, only to see that reputation crumbling down. He’s been labelled a cheat, a liar, but to battle those mental demons and return to where he was 12 months ago, carrying over the exact same form he showed then. Wow. I love you, Steve.

Shaun Higgins (140) had a great Friday night in the win over the Hawks, with 28 disposals (at 92%) and two goals. Jack Ziebell (120) was his partner in crime, as the skipper finished with 3 goals from his 18 touches. Todd Goldstein (118) was important in the ruck; as he finished with 28 hit outs to go with 22 disposals. James Worpel (149) tried to carry Hawthorn to the victory, but even his 37-disposal, 11-clearance effort wasn’t enough to get them over the line.

Dan Houston (134) had 29 disposals, 10 marks and two goals in a huge win for the Power. He also went at 89% efficiency, and looks to be getting good minutes through the midfield. Darcy Byrne-Jones (127) had 25 disposals at 88%, while Connor Rozee (113) could’ve had an even bigger score if he kicked straight. The rising star kicked 2.5 from his 22 disposals. Zach Merrett (122) had 31 disposals and a goal, while mid-season recruit Will Snelling (122) went huge with 21 disposals and two goals.

Toby Greene (134) is making his case to be a full time midfielder with 34 disposals, eight marks, six tackles and a goal in the two-point win. He also had 10 clearances, as did Zac Williams (124). Williams finished on 32 touches and ten marks, while Lachie Whitfield (109) had 26 disposals and a goal. Isaac Heeney (119) had 18 touches, but also kicked four goals in an influential effort. He almost managed to win Sydney the game off his own fourth-quarter boot. Ryan Clarke (114) had 26 disposals and a goal in a run-with effort.

Nat Fyfe (144) was enormous in Fremantle’s upset win over Geelong, with the captain kicking two goals from his 27 disposals (23 contested). He also had 11 clearances. Michael Walters (137) had 29 touches and a goal to help him out, while Bradley Hill (113) had 27 disposals on the wing. Tim Kelly (114) was the only Cat to crack triple figures, with the Western Australian having 25 disposals and a goal.

Max Gawn (134) had a good game despite the loss to the Tigers. He had 19 touches, nine marks and 26 hit outs, while Clayton Oliver (111) had 32 disposals. Dustin Martin (138) had 34 touches and a goal in the win, while Bachar Houli (132) has continued his ripping MCG form with 32 touches at 81%. Dion Prestia (131) had 31 touches himself, while Shane Edwards (112) also had 31.

Rory Laird (124) had 38 touches off the half back, and probably would’ve scored more if he didn’t have five clangers. Matt Crouch (118) had 35 disposals himself, whilst also slotting two goals, while his brother Brad Crouch (111) had 29 disposals himself. Jack Steele (121) had 26 disposals in the loss, while Rowan Marshall (109) had 32 hit outs to go with his 20 touches.

Adam Treloar (177) went massive against the Suns with 35 disposals, 8 marks and a goal. He went at 91% efficiency, as well as claiming four free kicks. Brodie Grundy (121) helped him out massively. He had 43 hit outs, along with 26 disposals and eight clearances. Steele Sidebottom (121) had 27 touches along with two goals himself, while Charlie Ballard (113) was the only Sun to crack the ton with 22 touches and 15 marks.

Nic Newman (161) was huge against the Eagles, with four goals from his 24 disposals. He also had 11 marks whilst going at 87% efficiency, giving him a massive score. Sam Walsh (113) had 31 touches and a goal himself, while Sam Petrevski-Seton (108) had 22 touches at 95% efficiency. Jeremy McGovern (116) had 18 touches and 13 marks in the back half, whilst also going at 94% efficiency, while Elliot Yeo (114) had 25 disposals and 10 tackles.

Mitch Robinson (132) had two goals from his 24 disposal game, which helped the Lions over the Dogs. Charlie Cameron (114) snagged four himself, while Marcus Bontempelli (166) had one too in the loss. Bont finished with 35 touches and seven tackles to help his score out. Jack Macrae (155) had 45 disposals (21 contested) and 12 clearances in the loss.


Ben Cunnington (66) was kept to 21 disposals at 76% efficiency, but he only managed to kick the ball seven times, which kept his score down. James Sicily (76) had just 17 touches and three free kicks against, which certainly didn’t help his output, while Jaeger O’Meara (82) had 26 touches but also had three free kicks against. Connor Nash (31) isn’t a villain in a SuperCoach sense, but he is possibly the worst footballer I’ve seen and he needs to be delisted for my sanity.

Andrew McGrath (57) was poor with his 20 disposals; regularly not finding a target. Cale Hooker (37) started forward but didn’t do anything after winning the game for the Bombers last week, while Dylan Clarke (37) was very quiet himself. Justin Westhoff (79) had just 17 touches in the huge win, while Tom Rockliff (80) had 27 but used them poorly.

Jake Lloyd (85) had 31 touches but had only 5 marks and no real influence on the match. Most of his touches were handballs as well, which hurt his score. Josh P. Kennedy (72) had 21 touches and 10 tackles, but went at 57% efficiency. Tim Taranto (72) had 25 touches but also had 4 free kicks against, and his disposal efficiency was at 64%.

Patrick Dangerfield (57) had a second half to forget. He had 51 at half time, but was nowhere to be seen once Fremantle took control. He finished with 16 touches, only half effective, and two missed shots at goal. Sam Menegola (73) played his first game in the senior side for a long time, and he only had 16 touches himself, while Mitch Duncan (77) had 22 disposals. David Mundy (48) had just eight touches, but kicked two goals in the win, while Griffin Logue (35) had just 9 disposals.

Tom Lynch (80) had three goals but didn’t score well enough to warrant the huge chunk of time spent discussing him on the podcast last week, while Jayden Short (77) had 24 touches and ten marks but didn’t use it that well. Liam Baker (49) was a let down with those who had him, as he only had ten touches. Angus Brayshaw (67) continues his spiralling-out-of-form form, with only 11 touches for the game, while Jack Viney (69) had 22 touches for the day.

Rory Sloane (88) had 23 disposals but didn’t use it too well, while Reilly O’Brien (72) only managed 12 touches along with his 31 hit outs. Nick Hind (44), Matthew Parker (39) and Doulton Langlands (23) disappointed all who had to field a Saints rookie due to absent premiums.

Taylor Adams (89) was quieter despite the big win, with 23 touches, while Jamie Elliott (71) kicked two goals but didn’t do much else. Jack Martin (38), Brayden Fiorini (62), Lachie Weller (66), Anthony Miles (79) and Alex Sexton (78) all disappointed for the Suns.

Jack Darling (83) kicked two from his 13 disposals, but he also missed two shots, while Dom Sheed (48) was very quiet with 6 of his 18 touches clangers. Josh J Kennedy (36) had one goal from his 5 disposals, while Patrick Cripps (78) had 24 touches but six clangers in the loss.

Caleb Daniel (79) was quieter in the loss, with 22 disposals. Tom Liberatore (63) only had 18 touches, while Toby McLean (45) had 14 himself. Daniel Rich (71) let all his fans down with just 17 disposals off the half back, while Hugh McCluggage (72) had 16 and a goal.

Injured (?)

I’m trialling a new segment here, community. I feel like injured players regularly cop the Villain/Damned tag unfairly, so trying something new. Let me know what you think.

Grant Birchall (57) pinged his hamstring in his third game of football this season. “Luckily” it wasn’t his calf which has caused him trouble, but still not good news for an old, injury prone player who’s probably retiring at the end of the year. Ben McEvoy (92) copped a knock but played out the game and will be fine.

Darcy Parish (26) copped a concussion and didn’t play after quarter time. He finished with seven disposals. Adam Saad (48) pulled up ginger after a contest but played out the match and was fine, as did Zak Butters (33). Tom Rockliff (80) also copped a head knock but was fine to continue.

Jeremy Finlayson (83) hurt his finger late in the game. It is unclear the severity of it, but he played on with some strapping. Hopefully it was just a jarring, or at worst a slight sublaxation. Harry Himmelberg (70) copped a heavy hit but played out the match and will be fine. Aliir Aliir (82) was involved in that hit and will also be fine.

Gary Rohan (42) limped off in the third quarter with an ankle injury, and did not return to the game. Bailey Banfield (51) had some treatment to his hamstring but played out the game and isn’t in any doubt for next week.

Jarrod Witts (65) was smacked around by Grundy all day, and eventually limped off the ground with a knee complaint. He didn’t return. Jeremy Howe (84) hurt his knee, but strapped it up and kept playing, while Mason Cox (51) copped a finger to the eye and couldn’t play on.

Will Setterfield (61) copped a head knock and had a concussion test, but was fine to play. Nic Newman was also crunched in a marking contest in the third quarter, and went off for treatment. However, he was fine to start the final term.

Dayne Zorko (61) had ice on his hamstring in the second half and didn’t return. He said post-match he hopes its nothing serious and he misses only one game of football. Josh Dunkley (107) was crunched late in the match and went off with sore ribs, hopefully nothing serious. Hayden Crozier (74) was also seeking medical treatment after hurting his ankle, while Tom Liberatore (63) copped a knock as well. He was fine to finish the game though. Easton Wood (48) was whacked in the head and came off groggy, but played out the match.

Let me know what you think, Community! On a scale of Grant Birchall’s hamstring (bad) to Grant Birchall’s calf (really, really bad), how bad was your weekend?

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Steve Smith is a beautiful man. He's from the 'Shire', very proud of him.


Cheers Matty….go Steve and go Aussie Cricketers!…heroes, the Bont, Fyfey, Gawn, Grundy, Laird, Yeo, Crouch..M, Heeney, Kelly, Dunk, Marshall, Duursma
Not Danger, Sicily, Cripps, Sloane, Westhoff, got over the line in all the important matchups this week though, still in it with a shot at all my top 8 finals.
Sorry to any mates I managed to beat this week.


I think if Steve Smith can manage to win this first Ashes match off his own bat, he deserves to have all indiscretions of the past forgotten or disregarded regarding the whole ball tampering thing….or at least not have it held it against him, this will be suitable redemption.
Everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves.


I still think he had nothing to do with it and it was Warner who instigated it, the guys an absolute freak though how good


Probably JA, wouldn't be surprised if Smith was trying to cover for Warner.
I like what an oddball he is, lol, he has an oddball style but it's very solid.


Very valuable ton from Wade backing up Smith mate, could end in a draw I feel…better than a loss though which the Aussies were looking at.


100% agree mate, Smith just took responsibility because it happened behind his back


From the guy who brought you "Finished with the top rank for the year in my league but was 9th in h2h and missed finals", this week comes "Scored the exact same as my opponent but he was 6th seed and I was 7th so I'm out of my other league". Been a big fortnight haha.


Steeeve!…LOL, that's so tragic it's hilarious mate….you must've accidentally disturbed an ancient Aboriginal burial ground or something…I do think there's something in that for all of us though…
Join more leagues next year 🙂
I tried to invite you to a few this year but you were nowhere to be found.


Appreciate the thought! My team name doesn't line up with my username here. Yeah bit of bad luck for me but still alive in one last league! Bit sad to only have one league in action when you're ranked 2500 odd and full premo with 4 trades left. But at least I can focus all my attention on that one league I guess!! Hope your team is doing well mate


Doing ok Steve but am at the mercy of the Gods now…good luck with your last league, trade your ass off and win the whole damn thing. What was your team name this year?


Haha bad luck mate, she can be a harsh mistress this caper


I've been in front of him from 2 weeks after he made that comment mate, and his mate dropped almost 2000 spots this week, no obnoxious gloating this year.


Reckon his mate is still holding Coniglio….how many weeks has he been missing now..


Yeah mate, Cogs and Cameron, donut last week and zero bench cover, I'd say out of trades weeks ago..not hard to do though.


I like Steve Smith more all the time <img src="; width="1"/>


I need Josh Kelly back next week please! <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


Nice and amazing post.


You're amazing! 🙂


Russty remember when I started both the Crouch brothers I’ve Still got em both! Haha what a year😂I would say after all this time it’s been a mild success both avg 100 for the year and no injuries for Brad


Hey Corey, yeah nice result there mate, I would've never expected Brad to last a whole season, that's a huge bonus.


1 of the 7 😏


You and your 7 Trig haha, gotta love it when a plan comes together.


Yeah the 7 has worked pretty well this year with just 1 failing.


Yeah mate, I just remember you wishing me luck when the season started, and I reckon that was what got me through haha


Macrae (captain), Williams & Laird were probably my biggest heroes outside of the dynamic ruck duo.

SPS came through for me so I'm happy there but a score of 2400+ when all of my pods tonned up still saw me lose rank! Crippa, Sloaney, Danger LIFT!


Sheed & Danger had shockers. Hopefully it was just a once off.
Sicily doesn't seem to be getting better.
Who would you side swap to out of Whitefield, Hurn or Newman ??


Whitfield I reckon Blue.


Sicily has been effected by Birchall return. Hawks have looked at getting ball in Birchall's hands more than Sicily.

Birchall looks like he has done a hammy, Sic might finish strong


Hope that's the case Derek cause I still have Sicily as well…needs to get it into high gear, can't afford any passengers at this time of year.


good point Derek


You're a gentleman Neil, sorry I had to beat you this week…round 16 is pretty early to be out of trades bud, you must've gone super aggressive this year.
I still had one left before last round but had to use it when Lycett got dumped, fingers crossed I can still compete for the next few weeks but it all depends on luck now, wish I still had a few in the bag.
All a bit of fun mate, love the banter and camaraderie of the site these days, gonna miss it after the season's done but also enjoy the break, next season swings around pretty quick ..good time to plan our strategies for next time around.


i see we meet in the Elite of the Elite semi final (one of surprisingly will make it to the prelim final). Both limping to the end of the seasons with no trades left.


Cheers bud, hope you do well too, Saints are still half a dozen stars away from doing anything decent anytime soon, Marshall is one though at least, hopefully Jacky Steven comes back at some point and gets through his issues.
Hannebery was a huge waste of money, can't really see the point of us chasing after Goldy either, he's getting old now.
Corey Maynard could be a good one for your guys in the future.
Reckon we've gotta just forget about ranking position in the first 10 weeks or so mate, it's more important to come home like a Freight Train at the pointy end and blow other teams away then, that's where the true power lies, in having trades when you need em.
Aussies did pretty well to set a target of 398 ay?….reckon the Poms will play for a draw or try to win?


Wow England fell into a massive heap!…Steve Smith, take a bow mate…you turned a potentially embarrassing defeat into a resounding victory.


Wow classic match that one John, was that Tony Greig captain of England and David Hookes kicking butt in that game?


This is my side atm; 13.8k in the bank with 1 trade left.

Hurn,Laird,Lloyd Whitfield,Stewart and Sicily. (Logue and T.Watson)

Macrae,Neale,M.Crouch,Sloane,Rockliff,Ablett, Merrett and Ross (Wicks,Bewley,Hately)

Grundy and Gawn (Bines)

Dangerfield, Boak, Heeney Billings, Greene and Kelly (Hill and Young)

Any thoughts please?

Cheers Jono


Hey Jono, no point using your last trade getting rid of a warm body, may as well try your luck and see if you get through to next week, and have a trade in case one of your chargers goes down.


Thoughts on my side Russty?


Thought I already gave it mate, I'd say if you can field a full side this week, stick with what you've got and keep one in hand, it's a good side, Sicily could improve this week with Birchall out, what were you thinking of doing?


Holding my trades