Cheat Sheet | Pre-round 20

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Well community, I’m back again to dole out wisdom, and I use the term “wisdom” lightly.

There’s not a lot different happening this week. Finals are now upon us if you are playing league, and the last few weeks are here if you are in it just for points. Most of your teams are set (and for those of you out of trades, it’s really set) so there’s not a lot of advice I can give you.

However here are a few PODS who are in good form at the moment. Some of these guys are former SC gods, and some are just having a really good run of form.

Anyway, remember there’s still 4 weeks to go, and anything can happen so keep trying to push your team as much as possible. Even just for bragging rights with your mates.

Statty Matty.

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The Mighty Wokkas

Gaff or Zerret for m8?


Walters explained twice and nothing for worple. Is that a small hint on the 1st choice lol


I think he's married.


Maybe maybe Gresham <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>

Nearly there

This week’s dilemma !!!

I have no cover for my back line and facing a doughnut with Rampe out. Firstly do we think he is definitely out for just one ???? AFL injury list says TBC.

So with 3 trades left, 80k in bank I am sitting 5th in my money league looking at a very close match this week.

I have Hurn, Laird, Whitfield, Stewart, Lloyd and Rampe. (Eggy and Naish). I am about 1k short to upgrade Naish to Birchall.

Would you guys recommend;

1. wear the doughnut, hope for the best and save the trades,
2. Naish/eggy for first gamer rookie (Carter)
3. Trade Rampe sideways to ?? Or down to Birchall and bank the rest for my last two trades. (Team at full premo but could always be better with two more ultra promos.

Bottom line ….. is Birch worth the risk ????!

The Mighty Wokkas

Well, if you lose this week you are out, so unless you are comfortably going to win I would do what it takes to get over the line.

left field option

if its going to be close, and you are in an elimination match, no point holding trades.
Option 3 is best. Up to you which way to go. Remember Birchall has already been rested once (so likely to occur again) I would just sideways to best defender you can afford.


Get Houli and bank the 38k


Why preuss names?


Rumours going around that Gawn's ankle isn't right again

Chicken Nuggets

can I rely on Birchall to play the rest of the year as hawks are still in contention? Putting him at D6 allows me to get rid of Ziebell for Marshall. have cover in Logue and Burgess


Hi guys,
only playing leagues. have 450 k, 3 trades and need F6. weighing up between, Mundy, Lynch, Hawkins. Had heart set on the big Hawk, but checked fixture and now swaying towards Lynch. thoughts pls. Ty


This is my side atm; 222.0k in the bank with 2 trades left. Hurn,Laird,Lloyd Whitfield,Stewart and Sicily. (Logue and T.Watson) Macrae,Neale,M.Crouch,Sloane,Rockliff,Ablett, Merrett and Kelly (Wicks,Bewley,Hately) Grundy and Gawn (Bines) Dangerfield, Boak, Heeney Billings, Greene and Jarrod Cameron(Hill and Young)

I'm thinking of trying out some players with my final two trades so I'm thinking of getting Seb Ross this week in place of Cameron.

Please let me know what I should do…

Cheers Jono


Hey SLATTY. Just letting you know there is an ERROR with WORPEL's description – you accidentally put in Walters there.
Cheers Bro!!


Gaff or Zerret for m8?