Who’s Your Captain? – Round 20

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This week I’m doing something different. I’m going to present this week’s captaincy options in a graphic. You guys like pictures, right? They’re colourful, they’re pretty, they’re probably easier to pay attention to as well because there are less words to confuse you.

In this picture, you’ll notice graphs. The red bar indicates their average against this weeks opposition over their career, and the blue bar indicates their average against this weeks opposition over the last 3 games.

Surprisingly, Patrick Cripps has only ever played West Coast twice in his entire career so his data is exactly the same no matter how you look at it!

Max Gawn into Brodie Grundy or Jack Macrae will be very popular this week, given their respective histories and current form.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the graph, is it more or less helpful? Is this how you’d prefer the information to be displayed? Do you want text and individual graphs? How would you want it! Tell me on Twitter (@DamoSC) or in the comments below and I’ll take it all in my stride.

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West of the Yarra

Love the new format mate !




Love the graphs, graphs are cool 🙂


The graphs look pretty. Just like you, Damo 🙂


Was going Lloyd into Gawn…. now thinking Gawn into Macrae or Gawn into Cripps


That's cool, thanks!! <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


Hoping it’s not true but heard a rumour that Gawn has injured his ankle and will miss a couple of weeks :/ let’s hope it’s just a rumour


………………[wipes sprayed coffee from computer monitor].


Say it isn't so!…where did you hear this TBone?


I will legit cry if this is true. I used my last trade to get him in last week.


Yeah I reacted the same when I saw that too Jug. It’s just a rumour for now that I saw on Twitter, let’s pray the legend is okay though


Just got to work and bloke told me he heard Gawn AND Grundy were both in doubt….


They will have to name this "Ruckman Week off Round".

We are going to all be in the same boat, up the creek without cover.
I can cover one but that's it


Prefer the old format mate.


Graphs are good Damo, appreciate your efforts, it's about as simple as a comparison tool can be, I like it.




Love the graphs Damo. You very clever man.


Like the graphs Damo! Did enjoy reading through a breakdown/commentary of sorts on each option though in previous articles!
Gawn into macrae for me!



I prefer the old format mate.

Graphs are great, but I can grab numbers from any website. What people read/follow this website and your column for is context and analysis…. something I think we all lose out on if you only provide a graph. Think it over.

Best, M


Sorry for the late reply Damo… always appreciate your work.
Thanks for taking it on-board, the new format is 'picture-perfect'.

Good luck to you this week!


Damo I love whatever you want to do xo


Oh fug, Lycett dropped. There goes my Ruck cover if one of Grawndy miss


Last week I took a punt and traded him for Dunkley. Dunkleys price was going to rise and his fall and it was the only time I was going to be able to do it with one trade, I thought that it might be a stupid move but decided to go for it.
If he is dropped it'd be surprising because his SC score was pretty good last week. Better than Dunkleys.


Yeah it shocked me, article is on AFL app, guess we'll find out for sure when teams drop.


Prepare to be amazed Holty, I reckon my elimination final has just been lost unless Chol bangs out a ton.


Warren Tredrae suspects he is being managed. Had acl and shoulder niggles and hasn't been named in the SANFL.


PS. Port has a bye in SANFL.


Probably rested I reckon, this game just keeps delivering the body blows until you're knocked out lol

No idea

Hi- this week I'm in an elimination final in my main league and only have 3 trades and 17K cash left. Though I have J. Kelly on the bench still and both Answerth (Def) and D. Clarke (mid) on field. Thinking of using 2 trades to bring in players who would be on field also and cannot decide between…..
Kelly and Answerth to Treloar and Birchall , or
Kelly and Answerth to D. Shiel and Rich

Doing my head in so would love some advice please


Cunnington or Sloane for M8 and to get full premo?? Need your opinion community


Gawn into Grundy – wam bam

The Ranger

I like the graphs but I miss the analysis…can we have both?

Buggered if I can decide who to VC this week…


This is my side atm; 222.0k in the bank with 2 trades left. Hurn,Laird,Lloyd Whitfield,Stewart and Sicily. (Logue and T.Watson) Macrae,Neale,M.Crouch,Sloane,Rockliff,Ablett, Merrett and Kelly (Wicks,Bewley,Hately) Grundy and Gawn (Bines) Dangerfield, Boak, Heeney Billings, Greene and Jarrod Cameron(Hill and Young)

I'm thinking of trying out some players with my final two trades so I'm thinking of getting Seb Ross this week in place of Cameron.

Please let me know what I should do…

Cheers Jono


Rowan the boat Marshall would have to warrant a look in for VC as his form is as good as anyone.

Stupid Coach

Thanks for the graphs Damo. Still provides the same great analysis in an easier format. Currently have VC on Gawn and the C on Neale or should I might put the C on Cripps or Macrae instead. My opponent has the C on Dunkley. Thoughts ?