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With Lek held up by potentially nefarious Agents of Adelaide, Patch and Damo enlist the great Fozdaddy, Matty Forrest, to come onto the podcast and talk about the great excitement that is league finals. They disucss the best moves to make in finals, how to outsmart your opponent, and when to hold ’em and fold ’em. 

They also discuss moves around injuries – including the best moves to make with the injured Luke Ryan, who absolutely has to go this week, while touching on the elephant in the room – Thomas “The Liability” Lynch. Do you bring him in as an F7? Perchance. 

How are you tracking, community? Did you make finals? Did you miss by a whisker? Or are you sitting in the top four raring to go?

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Ach aye mayke noo apoologies for thar wee Scootish accent I did thare. Youse'all have ta just poot up weth et.

Bu' on a serious note, I thenk I'm gunna breng in Tormass Lynch and if ya den't like et or the accent, fite me.


Aaah dinna mind Laddy as long as he's nooort wearin a Kilt on field…best o luck with the lanky wee Beanpole 🙂


Ahh the peet, the peet ayes tells ya.

You do about as good as impression as a Scotsman acting as a Russian commander in October going for a hunt patchy. 🤣


how long will Luke Ryan be out for ? <img src="https://s04.flagcounter.com/mini/Jkzv/bg_FFFFFF/txt_DEDEDE/border_FFFFFF/flags_0/&quot; width="1"/>


Id say you won't see him again in 2019


Do we have to trade Quaynor this week also?


Option 1: Ryan to Birchall, and Chol to Walters
Option 2: Ryan to Rich and trade a 220k rookie to make 100k, then next week Make another trade to make 100k-ish and upgrade Chol

Had a shocking year but coming good at the right time, with a 2500 score. Only rookie on the field is Chol, and now an injured Ryan

4 trades left


Hey mate. You playing leagues or overall? Leagues in an elimination final take a punt on Birch. He's not without risk, reckon Hawks are happy to rest him if there's a bit of soreness, but getting Chol off the field is worth it. Playing overall or in a qualifying final play safe and trade a premo to a premo… well, Rich. Rich is a premo, what a time to be alive!


Any update re JR Champions league available yet


Ryan out, who in?

Hunter Clark

$452k to spend.

Thoughts? Thanks


Consider Zak Jones. He is a rock solid 90 average player. Is consistent in the 80-100 range. Tons up occasionally. Is genuinely part of the midfield. Probably won’t go too big too often, but won’t let you down

The Ranger

I'd take a punt on Clark, Saints have a good run of games.


JJK community. He has had a very ordinary year but roared back to life with 7 goals last week for 129SC. He is priced at $285K with a BE of -2. Not that the BE means much now, but his price does! For coaches who are low on trades and cash, could JJK propel coaches to victory during the finals if he pumps a few more big tonnes? We know what he is capable of. Thoughts community?


Needing to replace Degoey with one trade left! My forward line is such rubbish that this sort of Hail Mary selection seems on the money! I have Lynch. Was considering Gresham, Mundy, Hawkins, Menegola or Cameron. JJK might be right in that mix.

The Ranger

I was just looking at a Chol – JJK trade this morning TH.
The plan was to loophole Burgess and/or Gardner with him.
Turns out I'm $1800 short of being able to do it with one trade.
It's a no brainer if you can do it in one and have him at F7 methinks.


Hmmm. Nice thought. I can go Zac Clarke to JKK and leave DeGoey on the bench. Still have ruck cover from Lycett. I can keep DeGoey for when he comes back.



Seriously, the team that is left standing at the end, deserves to be crowned the Ultimate Champion.

With only 9 teams remaining, we are at the pointy bit of the pointy end of the season.

Kezzam had immunity this week which would have resulted in a good week of sleep, for everyone else it was sleepless nights.

Kezzam back up last week’s top score with an equally impresive 2527, but this wasn’t good enough to win back to back immunity.

Yucky smashed out a huge 2568 to grab hold of the necklace for this week and guaranteeing a top 5 finish.

At the other end of the scoreboard, the two teams with the lowest scores for this week were; you hate to see it (2413) and Tydesy22 (2419) and unfortunately are eliminated.

Dodge a bullet this week goes to Punt Rd Paupers (2432). PRP has been quietly going about his business under the radar.

Holty (2442) and GreendaleFC (2436) would have had a few nervous moments looking down the leaderboard.

We have 7 remaining.

2 more will be eliminated this week (round 20), and 2 more in round 21.

Leaving a FINAL 3 to battle it out in Round 22 for the Ultimate Survivor. (No immunity from round 21).

Good luck fellas.


Go Holty!


Will be a tuff week holty, hope for a bit of luck. See how we go.


Awesome again Derek. This has been a great concept.


Not much difference between the teams now. Its been a brilliant concept Derek, thanks for all your work.


PRP here, been a great comp so far and have been lucky to get this far against some serious players.
made a couple of important trades this week and gearing up to beat some of these highly ranked players
beware the paupers…………


You should set up a Rivalry with the other teams to keep an eye on them.


Desperate times. 1 trade left and facing 6 elimination finals this weekend. The season could finish very quickly for the bunnies.

The last few weeks I’ve needed to sideways trade just to have a chance to win a few games and make a few finals.

Side-traded JKelly, Gawn, Wethoff, Gunston, Fyfe and Coniglio just to have a decent team on the field.

Somehow I still had Burgess who not only saved my last Trade last week, but won at least 5 matches for me and squeezed me into finals. What a Hero.

Looking forward to the weekend and glad to still be going.


I’ve been surviving with quaynor & Burgess as my d6 & d7. I have 4 trades left and finished top 4 in 9 leagues so quaynor will become Simpson this week and with a huge bit of luck might get the bye for the week after.


I’ve ended up with Duursma at M8, with Oskar, Bewley and Clarke on mid bench. 1 trade left but only $18k in Bank, not many options. Maybe swing Danger into guts and get a cheap forward or defender (can swing either). What could I get for $350k


Not much Howe just over $350 has been good last couple.


Maybe Birchall and $135k for your end of year trip.


Duursma plays early this week Derek. If Oskar or Bewley are out then leave Duursma at M9 and see how he goes. At some stage in the next four weeks that one trade will save you about 100 points. Must be a few big fish about to be put out to pasture for the year with finals gone. I do like Redherrings idea though and brought Howe into my draft team.


Hey Derek, Birchall is a good call if you trust his body, JJ could be ok in Defence but his previous 2 weeks before last week were terrible scores…worse than a rookie. There's also Finlayson or Howe
Tophawk also mentioned Josh Kennedy eagles in the fwd line is 285k..there's also Gunston, Mckernan, Lipinski, Bailey Dale?, clutching at straws now lol O'Riordan's going ok lately.
Wilkie's been reliable without being spectacular.

I bet you didn't think Burgess would've gotten you into any finals hahah


Just realised, has to be a forward. Duursma was my swing to defence, now he is in mids.

Not quite enough for Tommy.

It’s just my luck that Duursma and Clarke play each other, no looping.


Yeah that does suck…Mitch Lewis…McInerney?

The Ranger

Hey Derek, get JJK and loop him.

left field option

Hey all,

Still rolling along. 5 trades left, 218K. top 4 in the main cashie. Looking to improve the team.

B Lloyd, Williams, Whitfield, Laird, Smith, Sciliy
M MacRae, Fyfe, Neale, Oliver, Treloar, Cripps, B Crouch, Rockliffe
R Grundy, Goldstein
F Dunkley, Danger, Boak, Heeney, Kelly, Worpel

Time for a sideways trade. Thinking Marshall is the main missing man (Gawn is not required whilst Goldstein is killing it).
Out of Worpel and Heeney. It feels wrong, but Heeney may be the one to go…

Anyone else have an plan?


Hi mate, I'd actually get rid of Rocky before Heeney or Worpel, Marshall in, Danger to the guts.
Good side, good position.

left feild option

Hmmmmm, thats actually a pretty good idea. Rocky hasn't really set the world on fire, and Heeney may yet be good. Will think long and hard about it


Good team
Have you crunched the numbers for the best averages?

The Ranger

Any chance you can get a M9/F7 instead of dropping one of your premos?
It's great to be able to loophole thru finals.

left field option

Potentially a KPF like Lynch or Hawkins could be good, but both Chol and Hanranhan are playing forward on bench, so no loophole available. I like to back the KPF for individual games (ie Hawkins at home when going for the Coleman medal) so make review for Grand Final. For the mids, I just get the best 8 I can (who do u leave out when looping?).
Numbers work are similar for Rocky and Heeney, but on the past 3 and 5 game averages, Heeney just wins. It doesn't look like Rocky's ceiling is as high as previous.
Also, my opponent has Heeney but not Rocky. As I am current projected to win by about 100, I think the smart way would be to reduce unique players and trade Rocky.
thanks for the input all.


Here's one I'm throwing out there…
if you were in top 4 in 4 finals and 4 others not in the top 4 would you use your last trade this week trying to improve your side or hold for the week and hope for the best?


Only me Russty, ill definitely hold if you could.


Thanks Shake, I was leaning towards the same…even if I make 1 GF, I'll be happy.

The Ranger

Gotta hold Russty, there'll be injuries to cover.


Cheers Ranger thanks mate.


Haha thanks mate, already got Parker unfortunately!…had Balta, was good for about 3 weeks…lol
I'll hold and hope I get through some of my eliminations but worst case scenario, I'll still be in it with 4 chances next week.


Probably have to mate cause I don't have any cover.


Finished 4th in league and trying to decide what to do with Ryan…. Was planning on going Answerth down to def rookie in order to upgrade Clarke in mids to final premo mid to get to full premo team.
Now with Ryan out, am thinking Ryan to Birchall so I can still go Clarke to premo mid.
Or do I go Ryan to Houli or Rich and just get best mid avail for remaining $350k?


If Birch plays this week, hopefully he's over his 'haven't played for 2 years soreness'…and will be good for the rest of the season.
I'd do that …Birchall and a premo mid… you don't need any 350k loser mid stuffing up your finals.


Need to replace DeGoey with 2 trades left. Any thoughts on who to get sub $480K

Looking at Gray, Hawkins or Mundy. Any other suggestions? Team is below:

B – Lloyd Whitfield Williams B.Smith Sicily Blakely (Logue Naish)
M – Macrae Fyfe Cripps Neale Oliver Bont B.Crouch Sloane (Clarke Bewley I.Hill)
R – Grundy ROB (Bines)
F – Dunkley Danger Marshall Boak T.Kelly DeGoey* (Chol Gardner)


Hi RDN…reckon Tom J Lynch could be good if he keeps up his current form, he could finally be settling in to the tiggers forward line.


Is it worth trading Matt Crouch for a mid 531k or less??

If so who?



My opinion only- Its a bit of a luxury trade. For 531k or less, theres a good chance the replacement doesnt score much better. Merret or Duncan look ok to me at their current prices, but are not a guaranteed score increase.
Unless you were upgrading him to a rolled gold ultra premo, I'd stick with him.


Im sticking with crouch. He has been down on form (as habe all of adelaide) but also unlucky. Sloane will cop the tag and look to the crows to improve over the coming weeks. His history says this is just a slump, so apply the general rule of 'once a premo always a premo' and back him in for some 120+ at some point


Nah no point really, as these other guys have said, he could come good…hoping he will too.

James Sykes

Hi guys.

I currently have 3 trades left and sitting in the top 4 in my two cash leagues.

I have to trade out Luke Ryan and probably going to go to Kade Simpson.

My question is: Is it worth using another trade to trade out a non playing bench defender for Grant Birchall? will leave me with 1 trade for the last 3 weeks.

Bench is Pat Naish and Lachlan Young.

Cheers guys.

left field option

my view, with only 2 trades to use, best to keep them for when / if you need them (straight swap for LTI's). no point using 2nd least trade who may not even get on the ground ( and likely to be rested at some stage anyway). still 4 weeks of playing to win a Grand Final. General Soreness is likely to pop up anywhere.
BTW they are my two guys on the defensive bench as well. I will have 4 trades left after this week, so will just trade as needed (considered getting Birchall, but it doesn't free up any cash, nor gain points on field).


What about the Chad?

Getting a lot of midfield time.

Go back 12 months, can he do it again?

left field option

If we need to rely on The Chad, we really are in desperate times…


One of my top 5 all time burn men. I'd knaw off my own fingers rather than click the trade button.
Of course, he has scored well for others at times, but not me.


He was just starting to ton up too Neil, bit of a bummer but in the end he was always a risky pick.


I survived the crash but a blow to the head reminded me of the time Toby Greene kicked me in a Blacktown alley…what a dickhead…no dickhead policy…Greene and Sicily to get suspended this week.


Fyfe to come off injured (Elbow) in the first quarter.


Apparently Lycett will be dropped for this week…I have to work out what to do with him.


Yep, just up on the AFL website. In 12% of teams for ruck cover I assume.


Can’t be form, surely! 20 possessions, 21 hit outs, 5 tackles and 4 inside 50’s last week. Gotta be something else going on here. Maybe an internal club suspension that they don’t want to make public.

I was analyzing my season and why it went so wrong. I started with Lycett- has averaged 100 and only missed the one game I think. Even though Boak, Kelly, Dunkley and Marshall would be ahead of him now, he was a reasonable selection. Now this!


Thats a big one. Is it bad im happy i avoided it


Warren Tredrae just said on news that he has acl and shoulder concerns. Hasn't been named in SANFL so looks like he's being managed. Certainly wouldn't have been dropped on form.


PS. Port has a bye in SANFL.


Houli pulled up a bit sore after last week and could be in doubt.

Also a tweet from Julian De Stoop:
Sydney Stack appeared to injure his calf @Richmond_FC training. Left the track immediately.


Stack is done. Think houli is ok


I have 6 trades and 290700 and the double chance in my league finals.eam

D Hurn Z Williams Crisp Hartlett B Smith Siciky Garner Naish
M Macrae Martin Cripps Oliver Parker M Crouch Duncan Treloar Clarke Bewley Stocker
R Gawn Grundy Bines
F Dangerfield Heeney Boak Kelly Dunkley Cameron Choi Young

Qf opponent has Marshall and I don’t

Option 1 Chol Clarke for Z Merret (to loophole at M9) and J Kennedy (to loophole with J Cameron)

Option 2 Chol to Marshall Baker to Riach


Dave, I think your back line could use more strengthening than the other lines. I think upgrading Hartleyy or Crisp upto a Lloyd or Whitfield would add more to your side than the other options you listed.


Thanks I should have updated my team. I have Whitfield in for Hartlett and Crisp is Houli so team is:

D Hurn Z Williams Whitfield Houli B Smith Sicily Garner Naish
M Macrae Martin Cripps Oliver Parker M Crouch Duncan Treloar Clarke Bewley Stocker
R Gawn Grundy Bines
F Dangerfield Heeney Boak Kelly Dunkley Cameron Choi Young


Houli named but have a mate who works at tigers who says he didn’t think he was going to play, he’s not really one to make stuff up so now I’m worried cos I have no cover, should I trade him?


G'day Community, I have 4 trades, only 1 left for this round (after upgrading ROB to Gawn already), and 4.6k in the bank.

Def: LLoyd Hurn Z Williams Whitfield Stewart Sicily (Answerth Logue)
Mid: Macrae Fyfe Cripps Oliver Neale Sloane Merrett Cunnington (Hill Hately Clarke)
Ruck: Gawn Grundy (Bines)
For: Dangerfield Heeney Boak Kelly Dunkley Walters (Chol Hanrahan)

Do I just hold trades and use for injuries, or find a way to get Marshall in next week? And if so then at the expense of who? Thanks in advance lads!


Hey community

rank up to 130 with 3 trades left and 0 cash in the bank

What to do with luke ryan? cant afford anyone else above his price unless i use 2 trades which im not keen on.

I also traded Siciliy last week week for Houli so dont think I want sicily in.

Cheers Community


Maybe Hunter Clark or Birchall