Heroes, Villains and the Damned: Round 19

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A huge weekend of footy, with the Suns almost knocking off the Bombers (damn!), the Blues winning the Stocker Cup and their third straight, and the Magpies getting pumped in the wet. There were plenty of highs, and more than enough lows to get you hating football this weekend. Let’s talk about them here.


Tom Lynch (132) was a monster against the Pies, with five goals from 16 disposals in a wet game. You’d think the conditions wouldn’t suit the key position forwards, but Lynch clunked six marks to be best on. Dion Prestia (128) had 35 touches for the game, while Dustin Martin (104) had 38 and two goals. Adam Treloar (123) had 39 disposals for the losing Pies, while Jordan De Goey (118) had 28 and 10 marks. Brodie Grundy (117) was actually well held by Chol and Soldo, as the big man only had 9 disposals and 36 hit outs. Many selected him as Vice Captain, but will have to look elsewhere for double points.

Dayne Zorko (125) was strong in the win over the Hawks, with 25 disposals and two goals. Lachie Neale (120) had plenty of it as well, with 33 touches to his name. He also snagged a goal, as did Hugh McCluggage (123), who had 21 touches himself. Daniel Rich (111) had 26 disposals off half back, and used it at 88% efficiency. Ben McEvoy (148) was big in the ruck, with 39 hit outs to go with 14 disposals. Jaeger O’Meara (109) and James Worpel (106) had plenty of touches in the middle, with the pair having 26 and 34 respectively.

Patrick Cripps (152) was the star of the show, with 39 disposals, 19 clearances, seven tackles and a goal. His performance lifted his club over Adelaide in the Stocker Cup. A sleeved Kade Simpson (125) had 31 disposals and 12 marks himself, whilst also slotting a goal and going at 80% efficiency. Reilly O’Brien (110) had 20 disposals and 32 hit outs for the day, whilst Rory Sloane (104) was the only other Crow to crack the ton, with 26 disposals (14 contested) and eight tackles.

Josh J. Kennedy (129) snagged seven goals in a blistering return to form. The forgotten forward dominated Robbie Tarrant, and had a season high goal count from only 11 disposals. Elliot Yeo (128) had 26 disposals, seven tackles, nine clearances and a goal for the Eagles, while Andrew Gaff (124) had 33 touches himself. Jack Darling (123) had two goals from 21 touches, while Dom Sheed (122) had 31 touches at 80%. Todd Goldstein (132) was the best player for North, with 33 hit outs to go with 17 disposals at 82%, while Jared Polec (117) had 31 touches and a goal in the loss.

Seb Ross (159) was a monster for the Saints, with 31 disposals, seven marks, nine tackles, six clearances and two goals, whilst also accumulating 15 contested possessions and going at 74% efficiency. His effort was a big reason for the win, as was Rowan Marshall’s (125) who competed well with Max Gawn (133). Marshall had 22 hit outs to go with 16 disposals, while Gawny had 40 hit outs and 18 touches. Clayton Oliver (126) had a great game despite being tagged by Jack Steele (121). Oliver finished with 26 touches and a goal, while Steele had 22 disposals and twelve tackles.

Travis Boak (114) continued his great form with 40 disposals at 82% and seven clearances. Tom Rockliff (111) had 31 touches himself, while Riley Bonner (113) had 28. Tim Taranto (112) had 31 disposals in the one point win, however he went at 61% efficiency.

Jack Macrae (153) had 38 disposals (18 contested) at a whopping 92% efficiency in the win over the Dockers. Half of his possessions were kicks, which makes this even more impressive. Marcus Bontempelli (132) had two goals to go along with 28 disposals, while Bailey Dale (121) snagged four from 13 touches. Michael Walters (113) had a goal himself from 21 touches, while Nat Fyfe (104) returned to had 33 touches but two missed goal opportunities.

Tom Hawkins (152) celebrated his 250th in style with 5 goals in a big win for the Cats. Joel Selwood (145) had a great day out as well, with 24 touches and a goal, while Josh P. Kennedy (110) had 28 touches and a goal to book.

Jarrod Witts (151) had a monsterous 60 hit outs, however it wasn’t enough for the Suns to get the win over the Bombers. Touk Miller (134) had 32 touches and a goal in the loss, while Dylan Shiel (128) had 28 and a great bicycle kick to score a goal. Jake Stringer (113) kicked four goals, including the match sealer with 30 seconds to go.


Trent Cotchin (41) went off with hamstring issues 20 minutes into the first quarter. At the time he had 6 disposals and a mark, and was the highest scoring player on the ground at the time. Mabior Chol (54) only had seven disposals and six hit outs, but he kicked a goal and held Grundy pretty nicely all game. Steele Sidebottom (82) had 25 disposals but didn’t use it too well in the wet. Jack Crisp (67) had 26 disposals, but he too didn’t use it well.

Ricky Henderson (75) had just 22 touches and two missed shots at goal down in Tassie, while Stefan Martin (68) was monstered by Big Boy. He only managed twelve hit outs for the game as the number one ruck, and Eric Hipwood (28) had a shocker too, with one goal from 8 touches.

Wayne Milera (40) had just 13 touches for the day, but laid 8 tackles. However, his disposal efficiency was poor and it really hurt his score. Tom Lynch (59) wasn’t able to live up to the name as the Adelaide version had a stinker with just 14 touches.

Jeremy McGovern (69) was restricted to 12 touches for the day, while Luke Shuey (86) was held to 23. Ben Brown (52) kicked two goals but did little else, while Shaun Higgins (68) had 19 touches for the day.

Jack Viney (72) had 18 touches for the day, whilst Christian Salem (72) had 24 but were poorly executed disposals. Jack Billings (65) had 21 touches and a goal, but he didn’t use it too well, while Shane Savage (66) only managed 11 touches for the day.

Paddy Ryder (68) came back into the side but wasn’t huge, with just 13 touches and 20 hit outs. Zac Williams (70), Lachie Whitfield (90), Jackson Hately (51), Shane Mumford (13) and Jeremy Cameron (68) all disappointed for the Giants. Shout out to Cameron, though. He had 65 at quarter time, 75 at half time, and finished on 68. Wow.

Luke Ryan (48) hurt his hamstring shortly after half time and will miss weeks. Before then, he had 10 disposals and was looking all right. Connor Blakely (74) had 22 touches but gave away two free kicks and didn’t use it too well. Josh Dunkley (88) didn’t set the world on fire with 26 disposals, but Macrae and Bontempelli mostly did the heavy lifting.

Gary Ablett jr (67) had 21 touches at 47%, but it took him ages to get into it. He had 2 touches to half time, which really hurt his ability to score big. Tom Stewart (74) had 19 touches, but wasn’t enough to warrant a big score. Jake Lloyd (88) was disappointing with 25 touches, which is about 10 less than what we’ve come to expect from the gun.

Aaron Francis (49) had just nine disposals for the game, while David Zaharakis (58) had 16 for the day. Sam Day (69) kicked three goals but was too loose on Cale Hooker with a minute to go and cost the Suns the lead. Shout out to the goal umpire for the Suns v Bombers game for making the biggest blunder you’ll ever see! (channelling my inner BT on this one)


Isaac Quaynor (52) only managed 12 disposals, but he went at 83% efficiency, which helped his score over fifty. Liam Baker (68) had 15 touches, but went at 66%, while Shai Bolton (72) had 16 and a goal. He also managed seven tackles, but only half of his touches were effective.

Jarrod Cameron (27) had a quiet day with 5 touches, but was carrying a niggle for most of the game. Luke Davies-Uniake (60) only had 16 touches in the loss.

Oskar Baker (26) had 8 touches and used them poorly, going at 37%. Doulton Langlands (71) had a decent game with 14 touches and a goal, while Nick Hind (75) also had 14 touches and a goal.

Griffin Logue (42) disappointed with just 8 touches and two clangers for the Dockers. Brett Bewley (43) wasn’t much better with just nine touches. Rhylee West (69) had 14 touches and a goal in his debut, and looked good for a first-gamer.

Gryan Miers (56) and Tom Atkins (54) disappointed with sub-par scores, but Jordan Clark (87) was very handy with 14 touches and two goals. Hayden McLean (65) had his second game and finished with 11 touches and 10 hit outs, but Sam Naismith played NEAFL this weekend and may come straight back in.

Chris Burgess (87) would’ve thought he had the match-winning goal with not long left, but his childhood dream was robbed from him. Dylan Clarke (66) had 22 touches but gave away three free kicks, while Will Snelling (85) had 18 touches and four clearances.

Who were your Heroes and Villains this week, community?

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As Scooter McNiece put it on Twitter, I can't do this every week.

Finished on 2418 in Supercoach too. I think that was par-ish? Sort of? Billings, Logue (via Hurn), Williams and Crouch letting me down this week.


Seems around par Patch. Pretty happy with my team this week – 2478 with Ryan and Crouch the main let downs. Captain Macrae helped! How did everyone else go?


That's a lovely set of numbers mate, Macrae's an absolute gem.


Oh and what a game! haha. Tippa saved the day setting up that second last goal to get back ahead

Big G

Matt crouch has been a pain this year. I am not sure how Cameron managed to go backwards..


Becoming a concern foe those who've held him. Jock himself identified M Couch as a future contested beast. Instead he's become a bit of a seagull and only wants to poke little kicks and handballs around 15-20 metres.


Yeah Steeeve, don't think I'll be picking him next year, not an uber premo anymore, if he was at all, sub 500k now and only averaging 100.


Agreed, Russty. I'll be steering clear of him and Cogs at this stage.


Finished with the highest score in my cash league, over 150 ahead of 2nd place!
… And finished NINTH in h2h, missing the finals.


Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve good lord that hurts


Early on Burgess was costing me wins by producing 30s when I had him on field… now he's costing me wins when opponents have him on field ffs


Offered you a trade in draft BB if your interested in getting a better ruck than Stef……


fielded 21 this week had to cop the Hurn donut for another week scored 2,353 ready for finals 5 Trades Left ranked just outside the
Top 3K need a big last four weeks


Mate why did you cop a donut with 5 trades left?…I would've brought anyone in to cover Hurny, Watson maybe? don't be afraid to trade from here on in bud.


Yeah I had 7 at the start of the round still
Have two rookies on field so I turned Logue to Whitfield and Heeney to Greene. Two moves that didn’t really help the players on field but I know I’m Out of the running for rank and I was locked in the top 4 in 5 of my 6 leagues and was a game and percentage outside of the top 8 in the JRDiv1 league so I just conceded and now D.Clarke Sloane this week 4 Trades Left full premium ready for finals!


Just made a comedy of errors in my Rookies this season mate. I saved so many trades early on but failed to get good enough rookies in missed guys like Stack and ROB and never generated enough cash. Therefore it took me heaps of trades to get to full premium!


Hey peeps, gotta say the standard of Coaches in my Leagues this year is outstanding, has been very competitive all year and there are some huge predictions for this week coming.
In one League, I'm up against Dazzas Derelicts in round 1, then when I lose that game, I have to face either Trigga or Gator, this gig ain't easy but it's been a pleasure being involved in it with you all.
Best of luck in the next few weeks and may the best teams get the choccies at the end. 🙂


I made finals in 9/10 leagues several i was top spot the one league I missed out was your ‘rat pack’ league, Very competitive russty! All the best in your finals mate.

Look forward too a few good games in the JR mega league and Hey ho. I have ‘shake n bake’ and ‘the mighty crow’ this weekend.


Sounds like a tough gig there Mav, well done getting into 9 out of 10, excellent stuff.

Ratpack is Instagator's League btw.


Cheers John, like you, I don't have much hope for getting many if any GF's this year, just don't think my team's up to scratch compared to some others in the Leagues but you never know what could happen, other teams could get injuries or their players get rested, it ain't over til it is bud.
We could do a Steven Bradbury and shock everyone haha

Big G

A hero this week for me was Mitch Duncan. Amazing second half with 2 goals bombed from outside 50.


Mitch Duncan <3


Isn’t it wild that these days you can only rely on rucks for your vc & c… gone are the days of a reliable midfielder it seems


Reckon it's more a case of such 2 outstandingly good rucks the last few years Trades, Marshall could end up being as good as Gawn and Grundy but not yet.


Dropped 60 spots, not in the best mood… <img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


How long is Ryan out for?

if more than 1 week will trade, I will bring in Whitfield for the 3rd time hahaha, traded out first time to gain cash then he pumped 170 gain like 40k, traded out again for collar bone, looks like he could be coming in again- how embarrassing.


We will have to wait and see. Any kind of hammy is 2 weeks minimum. More likely 3. They asked Ross Lyons in the after match press conference. He, of course, said he doesn't know yet, but hoped it would just be "the standard 3 weeks".


Agree. And I'm burning 2 trades to upgrade him to Lachie Neale via some dpp moves. No point in leaving trades in the bank while you exit finals in the first week.

The Ranger

Well, I didn't manage to finish in the top eight in any of my eight leagues.
Def my worst year since I started playing, if I had to sum up my year I would do it in just two words…Alex Witherden.
The 4pts he got me on the weekend just encapsulated my entire year into one nice resounding flop.
Ah well, I'll try and do some damage in the minor premierships, good luck to all those playing for bragging rights in their leagues.


Hey Dex, bad luck with your year mate, can only get better from here right? You'll be back stronger than ever next season I'm sure with a new plan, Witherden's been disappointing this year big time, doesn't seem to be getting close to his potential, happens to a lot of 'next big things' I think…easy to get stuck with SC flops too when there's always something else to take care of.
Kick ass in the minors mate , it'll be good practice for next year.

The Ranger

Thanks Russty


I made finals in one out of ten leagues Ranger, was lucky to get there.
I'll be trying to do the same in the losers finals if that's possible with no trades left.
One word sums up my year….ANGUS.

The Ranger

Haha..yeah Angus is right up there with Alex for disappointing seasons.
Got 4 trades left so at least that will keep me interested.


Made top 4 in 9 out of 10 leagues. Came 5th in mine, Cazaly. Like they say Hedski there is always next year!! Hope you do some dmg in minor premiership!!

The Ranger

It would be nice to see Itchy, Dools,SC Addict, Old Ocker and a few of the other older heads crop up again Neil but the site has been pretty good all year so yeah, a big shout out to Lek, Patch, Barron, Kev, Damo, Matty et al for keeping the site up and running and in good shape.
Jock would be chuffed.


I want to gain an extra 20 or more points by upgrading my lowest averaging DEF, MID or FWD.
What would you suggest out of:
1. DEF Sicily to Whitfield,
2. MID Rocky or Robbie Gray to Macrae,
3. FWD Darling to Marshall.
I've got 6 trades and enough to spend from a trade down from Westhoff to a Hayden McLean or Doulton Langlands


Purely going off averages for the year..
Gray > Macrae = 34.5 point difference
Darling > Marshall = 30 points
Rockliff > Macrae = 25.5 points
Sicily > Whitfield = 15.8 points


do you have ruck cover? I’m holding onto the Hoff, just in case. (swing with Bines)

I’d be going Macrae, Marshall then Whitfield. But pretty sure any of them are good trades.


Good job on the numbers
Gray to Macrae looks good


Good point
I figure I'll do a sideways trade if Gawn and Grundy are injured


Hero – Macrae
Villains – The rest of my supercoach team
Damned – My Magpies.

Another pedestrian 2300 for me which leaves me around 12K.

The good news is that the Premier League is back in two weeks so I can focus on my FPL side


Which FPL do you do TC?

The one on the English premier league site or the foxsports.. I’m keen to do one this year but no leagues to join unfortunately I’ve played the previous 3 seasons


I stick to the Premier League website, and join some of the bigger podcasting leagues: Doctor Supercoach, FML FPL (great POD, defs worth a listen) and Always Cheating


Nice I'll give them a look mate, cheers


G'day Neil. I will be back for the big bash next summer. Always a good laugh and it's a lottery jagging the right players for each game. My season has been tough. Injuries to J Kelly, Cogs,Rockliff, Whitfield TWICE, Cripps, and the Hoff getting dropped a couple of months back. Spuds like Crisp, Stewart, and Sicily have buggered my back line. But I am still standing and have a few trades left. Time to have a crack in finals. Good luck Neil! Cheers. TH


Definately in for the Happy Ending and BBL NDD.


I won that happy endings last year. It was fun. Nice to win the real thing thou. Do we cross paths in the finals Neil?


I’m sure we’ll cross paths Neil. Collingwood would just do well to play finals! 7 finals is awesome. Hope you go on to win a couple. I finished top 4 in 9 out of 10 leagues 5th the other. Who knows l might go out in straight sets!


Which Crouch brother should I keep? Always thought it would be Brad but I’m thinking Matt is the one to go. Your thoughts appreciated.


Tough one. I have m crouch still and think he is the best. He and adelaide need to find some.of the form from early in season


And if Kelly doesn’t get up I favour in order Treloar, Bont or Oliver. Thoughts appreciated once again, cheers


Scraped home with a 2353 and a 29 point win to finish top of my cash league, just the one loss for the year.

But finals are another story. Could buy Whitfield this week to complete defense and be full premo or take best of Logue or Answerth and instead put the money to Marshall as opponent has him? Projection has me slightly ahead, but Marshall is a worry! Or counter with Treloar (if Cunners spuds on Fri night) and fill defense following match.


This is my side atm; 222.0k in the bank with 2 trades left. Hurn,Laird,Lloyd Whitfield,Stewart and Sicily. (Logue and T.Watson) Macrae,Neale,M.Crouch,Sloane,Rockliff,Ablett, Merrett and Kelly (Wicks,Bewley,Hately) Grundy and Gawn (Bines) Dangerfield, Boak, Heeney Billings, Greene and Jarrod Cameron(Hill and Young)

I'm thinking of trying out some players with my final two trades so I'm thinking of getting Seb Ross this week in place of Cameron.

Please let me know what I should do…

Cheers Jono


I can dump Matt Crouch or Tom Rockliff to bring in Marshall. Which one would you cull?


Not saying he will but Crouch has finished the last 3 seasons pretty strongly, Rocky on the other hand, his last good end to a season was in 2016.


I know, but Rocky scored 111 on the weekend and crouch was a spud. Thats why the dilemma???


Matt crouch has always finished strong post bye though his usually started his strong run there is no sign of it yet I’m not sure it’s going to happen he looks a different player with brad in the squad.


Total SuperCoach points scored from Rnds 20-23 since 2016 – Dangerfield (1,505), T. Mitchell (1,415) and M. Crouch (1,407). Make of that what you will

Chicken Nuggets

I have 3 trades left with only 5k in the bank in top 4 in both leagues need to trade Ryan but also have Ziebell who could cost me games. Have cover on every line
Option 1: Ryan to hunter clark and hold Ziebell another week
Option 2: Ryan to Birchall and Ziebell to Marshall left with one trade


Look at who your opponent has and which player is going to hurt you the most if you don't have him. I.e Marshall.

Bring in that player to even out the playing field and take away that advantage. 👍

Chicken Nuggets

opponent has marshall so keen to get him in but nervous about leaving only 1 trade and 50k for the last 3 weeks


Thoughts on Jack Redden and Seb Ross?