Who’s Your Captain? – Round 19

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I love writing this article, because I learn things about players that I wouldn’t have otherwise looked for.

As the season has gone on it’s been pretty clear though that Grundy/Gawn is THE captaincy combo to go with. I preached it on the podcast (listen here – and also do us a favour and subscribe on your favourite podcast delivery service) and I’ll preach again here. Grundy/Gawn or Gawn/Grundy (depending on how their games are scheduled) is the best combo.

Are there other options? Well…sure.


Brodie Grundy
Friday Night vs Richmond – AVG vs Team: 104.4
On average, Grundy scores 1.3 points per minute against the Tigers. He scored 137 in round two against them, and is averaging 136 across his past three matches against the Yellow and Black. Has a three and five round average of 146.3 and 149.2 respectively, too. As I said in the introduction he is an obvious and safe choice.

Lachie Neale
Early Saturday vs Hawthorn – AVG vs Team: 83.9
Scored a 114 earlier in the year against the Hawks in a somewhat disappointing display. His modest outing against Clarkson’s troops should be enough for the doubt to creep in. Has never played at UTAS Stadium either*, but as he’s the highest averaging player behind Grundy and Gawn, you can’t rule him out to score a good score. *He has actually played at UTAS Stadium, but for some reason the SuperCoach website thinks he hasn’t. Scored 123 back in 2016, and averages 77.2 at the ground.

Elliott Yeo
Saturday vs North Melbourne – AVG vs Team: 96.7
Despite his career average against the Kangaroos, Yeo averages 123 over his last three matches against the Roos. Scoring 128 and 139 in his past two games, away games at that too. Averages 108 at Optus Stadium, so you could see another great score.


Max Gawn
Saturday Night vs St Kilda – AVG vs Team: 113.0
Up against Rowan ‘Ya Boat’ Marshall in round 3, big Maxxy scored a very respectable 126, and is averaging 133 over his last three matches against the Saints. Once again, as I said in the introduction he is an obvious choice and safe choice. Worth noting he’s only had three scores below 113 for the year so far as well.

Nat Fyfe
Sunday vs Western Bulldogs – AVG vs Team: 103.6
Fyfe was a surprise omission last week after spending a few days in hospital, but the Dockers are pretty confident that he’ll be back, which is good because Fyfe is averaging 130 over his last three games against the Dogs. He would’ve been like a caged lion in the stands last Saturday night too, so he’ll want to get out there to keep Freo on the winning list.

Patrick Dangerfield
Sunday vs Sydney – AVG vs Team: 93.3
Scored 130 last time he played the Swans back in round 11 when he and Tim Kelly both put on a masterclass. In blistering form as of late too boasting a three and five round average of 138.3 and 127.8 respectively. However, Sydney do have two taggers they can deploy now. With Hewett and Clarke on the horizon, can you trust him?

A nice and short one this week, community. Who are you going with?

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Reg Grundy into Bines for me πŸ™‚
Good luck to all in the last round before Finals this week.


Yep Grundy into Fyfe although will consider McRae also.


Agree mate, I think I’ll be going Grundy into macrae or Gawn


Thanks for the article Damo
Long live grundy the cox curse is dead!


Grundy VC then Neale as skipper


Neale into Dunkley …
Don’t have Grundy (yet), but taking solace in that he hasn’t been top 5 scorer in 3 of past 5 rounds .. he is the safe bet though.
With Goldy performing so well lately I have seen the delta between the two drop by $140k..and $60k since I had planned to upgrade.. so it will be a cheap upgrade 1st week of finals.


Grundy into Neale for me. Word is Nankervis won't get up. Grundy will do awful, terrible things to Soldo. On Sunday's all things go to hell, so that rules out Fyfe and Danger. Great stuff, Damo xx

The Ranger

Anyone not VCing Grundy needs their head examining.
I'll stick the C on Crippa but I'm pretty sure I won't need it.


A few people off to the MRI after last night.


Grundy into Gawn. Set & forget. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½


Grundy into J Dunkley for me.