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Lekdog, Patch and Damo are all winners this week as Freo, Carlton and Essendon all come home with the four points in some kind of miracle. While Kev and Foz couldn’t make the winner’s circle, the three all laugh at those who lost this week – well, just Adelaide. 

They talk about all sorts of nonsense, including a few bits and bobs of premiums and rookies and Supercoach amongst all the muck and mud and ridiculousness. 


gvaa1 · 22/07/2019 at 23:42

have to give a listen a bit later, thank you <img src="https://s04.flagcounter.com/mini/Jkzv/bg_FFFFFF/txt_DEDEDE/border_FFFFFF/flags_0/&quot; width="1"/>

Loop · 23/07/2019 at 05:10

Rusty…..Harris Andrews is out!!!!!

    Russty_ · 23/07/2019 at 18:07

    Yeah it sucks Loop…he just lost his appeal and will miss the game, gotta decide what to do with him now.

      Lekdog · 24/07/2019 at 08:36


Derek · 23/07/2019 at 11:30


GreendaleFC (2229) needed his immunity this week to survive. To think he only won immunity last week by 5 points. Welcome to the cut-throat world of JR Survivor Champion of Champions.

We say goodbye to Dancing Dongas (2220) & Ball Fondlers (2245).

Immunity this week goes to Kezzam (2471)

Only 9 left, all seriously good players.

Good luck fellas.

    COREYSC · 23/07/2019 at 16:34

    How do we get involved next season!

      neil demons delight · 23/07/2019 at 18:38

      Derek will keep us informed early Corey great to get involved NDD

    Lekdog · 24/07/2019 at 08:36

    You’re doing a great job this year Derek!

    Holty01 · 24/07/2019 at 09:02

    Awesome work again Derek. Hope your holiday is going well

    Shake_n_bake · 24/07/2019 at 17:56

    Leaving Ireland for singapore now. Think I’m still in? Will have to have a look.

    Wolfy · 26/07/2019 at 05:34

    Hurn donut hurts… It's been real guys – Fondlers out.

Stacky23 · 23/07/2019 at 11:39

4 trades 40k
Crisp Stewart Lloyd Hurn Williams Milera (Gardner nais)
Macrae Neale Cripps Fyfe Danger Yeo Mcrouch Sloane (Clarke Bewley JKelly)
Gawn Grundy (Bines)
Dunkley Boak Kelly Daniel Heeney Chol (Young Hanrahan)
Use 3 trades to get whitfield or two trades to get Luke Ryan/Sicily as final defender

    Maverick_ · 23/07/2019 at 15:27

    go a sicily/houli/ryan IF that allows you to keep that extra trade and cash to fix Chol you don't want him finishing as F6.
    Whitfield isn't durable enough to spend 3 trades on either his held together by sticky tape..

    Streaker · 23/07/2019 at 18:47

    With Hurn suspect this week and no defensive cover I'd suggest to go for Ryan and save a trade, Sicily's been disappointing lately.

    Out of left field I'd be suggest trading Kelly out and bring in Marshall somehow, he is a must have and is scoring the same as Kelly if he plays again.

      Stacky23 · 23/07/2019 at 20:05

      yeh have considered keeping Danger in the middle and getting Marshall, am top of my league though so am waiting to see if kelly is playing first week of finals as im the only person who has kept him and GWS have an easy run home

Kos · 23/07/2019 at 16:20

Need help on which option is better!?

Option 1: Smith > Whitfield, leaves me with Logue as D7, Clarke and Bewley as mid cover. 3 trades and $60k left.

Option 2: Bewley > Hill & Logue > Whitfield, leaves me with Smith as D7, Clarke and Hill as mid cover. 2 trades left with no funds

    Russty_ · 23/07/2019 at 18:03

    2 I reckon Kos, Smith is playing well…even kicking goals so I'd wanna keep him.

      Defying_Madness · 23/07/2019 at 19:22

      Agreed on 2. Smith in better form than most of my backline haha. Plan on doing something similar with Clarke and Logue to Hill and Whitfield Kos.

neil demons delight · 23/07/2019 at 17:26

Is anyone planning for next year? I am and plan similar to this year 10 ubers 16 rooks and the most crucial where I bombed this year,4 midpricers ,2 speak for themselves DOHERTY and TICH Also more bye planning where i fielded 16 in the Ist and crashed 4000 spots, Anyone with an idea of docs and tich's price , surely sub 500?

    Russty_ · 23/07/2019 at 18:01

    Hey Neil, yeah I'm starting to put a bit of a list together, Doch and Titch first picked, I'm gonna try not to stuff around with too many speculative midpricers next year.
    Just watching Andrews Tribunal transcript on a live blog now..not sure if he'll get off but they're trying pretty damn hard haha

      neil demons delight · 23/07/2019 at 18:36

      We are roughly close in rank Russty and to take that next step is huge I am looking to gleam as much as possible off coaches like Finn,Holty and Daz Already 'pinched' a bit from Holty that i didn't do and that is locking in my rookies longer. and giving prems a longer go .Mundy is an example i dumped after that 35 R3..This will have a roll on effect with trades also . You can't fall too far behind early so those 3 or 4 midpricers are crucial but as you say doc and tich are in already How did Andrews go? cheers mate

        Saritz · 23/07/2019 at 18:55

        Hey NDD, I think you have some good learnings. Thanks for sharing. Just be wary though. Typically, before this season, “experts” would advise just 2-3 mid-pricers. This year dispelled that logic. “Mid-priced madness” was a term used for those people considering having 4+ mid-pricers. Theory being that they statistically are too hit and miss and you end up in no mans land… not great scores, limited cash gen and ultimately need to be upgraded (burn trades). So the advice was instead use the same $ for two mids and start with a premium and rookie instead. So just be mindful about how many mid pricers you consider. Was this year an anomaly? I’m not sure. But I can see a lot of people thinking 4+ mid pricers for 2020 is ok based on 2019. Maybe they are right? But for me, 2 mid pricers is probably what I will be planning for.

          neil demons delight · 23/07/2019 at 20:10

          Thanks for replying Sartz the problem i see is doc and tich are on everyone's midprice list and the third midpricer will become the challenge. I will be looking at a Williams type with form and coming back from LTI. Cheers Saritz

        Russty_ · 23/07/2019 at 22:12

        Nah he didn't get off Neil, he stuffed up actually, he said "he heard Larkey's Teeth clatter"…dummy should've kept his mouth shut.
        Could've gotten off because the strike was a deflection off Larkey's hand who was coming at him for some reason.
        Larkey's Lawyer wouldn't let him speak either because players tend to defend the accused.
        Bloody sucks the way these Lawyers really go after them…there was no damage or treatment to Larkey afterwards so it really wasn't much at all…the result benefits no one either.

          Browncow · 23/07/2019 at 22:51

          Didn’t seem much in it. I thought he would get off. He must be one of Brisbane’s most valuable players.

            Russty_ · 23/07/2019 at 22:56

            Hi Brown, I think he would've got off for sure if he didn't make the Teeth Clattering comment…silly boy.
            The other guy's Lawyer jumped all over that and used it against him.

              Browncow · 23/07/2019 at 23:03

              Too honest …….. I have him in draft but didn’t have the stones to bring him into my classic team. After picking Darling/Greene early have had to play it safe. Hopefully you can see how your D7 goes before trading him.

                Russty_ · 24/07/2019 at 00:26

                Nah I'm turfing him mate for Brodie Smith…back in again haha, Andrews is out of form anyway, has been hurting my results lately. I punted him from Classic and Draft this week…someone else can ride the Rollercoaster with him.

    Sam_01 · 23/07/2019 at 19:23

    Lloyd Whitfield hurn doch will be straight up backline locks
    Dunkley titch locked into the mids, then will probably base the rest of mids byes starting fixtures taggers etc
    Fwd line will be garbage
    Gawn and Grundy Locked into the rucks
    Played it rather well this year, currently ranked 500 odd just have to try keep myself away from burn men like rocky… destroying my trade bank

      neil demons delight · 23/07/2019 at 19:54

      You are spot on with my thinking Sam consistent with your top rank congratulations. I started pure guns n rookies but on the Sat changed whitfield for Libba and Smith so effectively 12 and 2 midpricers as you suggest. Trouble was simmo and westhoff were poor choices and really not high enough prems good luck sam

    Maverick_ · 23/07/2019 at 19:33

    I haven't thought too much about next season to be completely honest NDD am still enjoying this year too much but I think Doch and Titch will be locked in for most including me mate they will have to be a good discounted price especially sam his been very stiff. i'm very interested with how players like Danger, Dunkley, Marshall losing DPP effects teams you could even make the argument for dusty, duncan, whitfield and gaz gaining DPP? time will tell i guess. Every year i seem to get sucked in to midprice madness and this year was no different and i'm not sure whether it's paid off or not I started with Moore, MCrouch, Brayshaw, Libba, Greene & the expensve rookies Walsh and rozee Greene was punted early days and Brayshaw a flop I probably held on to him too long need to play it aggressive and cut my losses earlier.

    It'd be interesting to see how the top 10 coaches started and there trade strategy! didn't the leader not have gawn and grundy??

      neil demons delight · 23/07/2019 at 20:02

      ROB and Marshall can't be completely ignored either Mav but you are correct DPP will have a big bearing on choices depends a lot on the quality of our rookies too

    Jace · 23/07/2019 at 19:36

    I hope this happens but there is a chance that there may not be the 3 rounds of byes next year, Instead they may have a week off for every team all at once.
    So the afl and clubs can have a midseason trade week,
    I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk of this on here, it was mentioned last week.
    I hope this happens but I have my doubts.

      Russty_ · 23/07/2019 at 22:42

      That'd be ideal Jace…one rond no one plays, would eliminate a lot of headaches for Supercoaches all round and leave us all with more trades at the end too.

        Lazza · 24/07/2019 at 10:51

        Hey Russty, didn’t they increase the trades from 24 to 30 to accommodate the byes? If there aren’t byes next year they will likely go back to 24 trades.

      Coach Craig · 23/07/2019 at 22:54

      I love the byes from a Supercoach perspective. I started slowish this year but used the byes to jump up the ranks!
      Surely some others like them too, for Supercoach anyway.
      Also, not sure I like the idea of having a weekend completely devoid of footy during the season.

        Russty_ · 24/07/2019 at 00:41

        The downside of it is though Craig is the extra trades you end up using in the 3 bye rounds and the planning you have to do so far in advance to have good results in the byes, makes us end up with teams we might not have really wanted just to remain competitive during the bye rounds, like picking too many Port players this year to avoid donuts.
        I ended up using 8 trades through the byes …more than I wanted to but felt like I had to be competitive.

    TRIGGA_HAPPY · 23/07/2019 at 21:25


    Do your research
    Listen to the community but


    Back your gut and make your own call.

    Thing I learnt this year back in your premos a bit longer, unless injured dont look to off load until rd 7. Give them every chance ie dunks but if they havent performed as expected by then ie Brayshaw you need to cut them loose.

    Stuff the byes 🙈

      Browncow · 24/07/2019 at 00:09

      My learning this year Trigga – pick actual premos. Not Darling/Brayshaw types who I hope become premos.

        Russty_ · 24/07/2019 at 00:32

        Good call Browncow…that is the most important thing to do at the start, pick proven performers and not speculative (hope they'll turn into a premo this season) types…rarely works out but we keep trying for some strange reason haha.

    Lekdog · 24/07/2019 at 08:39

    For me it’s all about nailing the rookies. I didn’t have Hore or Walsh and was stuffed from the get go.

    Doch should be sub 500k but Titch will still be around 600k. Similar to when GAJ got injured and they didn’t give the full discount.

      neil demons delight · 24/07/2019 at 10:20

      Hi Lek I would be surprised if good coaches who do their research ,get rookies wrong ,however there is always a Burgess,Parker OR Balta somewhere through out the course ,just don't follow the crowd . cheers and thanks for Simmo what a dud he turned out to be

    Holty01 · 24/07/2019 at 08:44

    Hi Neil. Haven’t done any planning at present but Doch and Titch pick themselves. I may go a mid pricer next year but would prefer selecting fallen premo’s as you know they have been great before over someone who you are hoping will be great.

      neil demons delight · 24/07/2019 at 10:27

      Hey Holty ,best of luck if you don't play me. Injury prone players and certain teams will be out for me.Lyon does us no favours.

    The Ranger · 24/07/2019 at 10:50

    This year has again shown that if your team isn't right after 5 rounds you're out of the big dance.
    In hindsight I probably should have traded harder earlier to correct some initial mistakes and because i didn't I ended up gambling on speculative picks, few of which have worked out well – they seldom do.
    Not jumping on some of the key faster earners was also a big mistake this year.I missed ROB. Marshall, Baker, Stack and Rozee and gambled on the mature age recruits like Burgess, Collins, Corbett and Young – none of whom worked out.
    Actually…just writing that last line pains me….Burgess, Collins, Corbett and Young…what was I thinking?!!!
    Ho hum. There's always next year…

      neil demons delight · 24/07/2019 at 11:06

      Hi Ranger jumping on those newer rookies like young and Gardiner is just not on . They are late drafts for a reason and teams just want a look. Not for me next year Interesting what you said about trading agressively early .It works both ways I did that and had a great team at byes but no trades It doesn't work. believe me 2 years of doing that has failed me .Having said that didn't Giant Killers run out of trades at 17,could be wrong ,but not for me. DPP's are crucial and given a choice of Young or the giants Hill I know who I would get next time Best of luck for the remainder enjoy it NDD

        The Ranger · 24/07/2019 at 11:13

        It's about finding the right balance isn't it Neil?
        It's no good holding on to bad picks but at the same time you can't burn too many trades too early.
        It's your initial choices that make all the difference.

          neil demons delight · 24/07/2019 at 11:32

          I had 12 that I thought were season keepers ,but in hindsight westhoff and Simpson were well off. I really am wary of good players like Sloan and Kelly GWS for next year My choices will be ubers with no injury records like GRAWNDY DANGER and LLOYD plus Doc and Tich Cookie cutters will be the flavour and I will be there too. Each to their own. Interesting my other 10 ubers are still there and going well its the add ons like Fyfe,Crouch Rocky etc that have failed me I should have retained trades and waited for the right prems to appear. whenever that is and would rank be decimated who knows cheers

    Shake_n_bake · 24/07/2019 at 18:11

    I just hope to finish in the top 1000 have done consistently luckily of the last number of years now. So the challenge for me is to get there by years end. Just out of it by not much at the moment. Being overseas hurts like late outs to Hurn and boak l left on field. No 1 is getting your team right from the start!!! Rookies, teams don’t put enough time into byes!! Getting premo right from the start

      neil demons delight · 24/07/2019 at 18:20

      Your team needs to win against the Tiges mate. Missing Moore to a degreewho I believe is crucial to them Enjoy your break mate NDD

        Shake_n_bake · 24/07/2019 at 18:42

        Not sure about beating the tigers! Moore our huge loss Neil.

    JohnDJ59 · 25/07/2019 at 15:03

    Hi Neil at the moment I'm thinking of starting with the best two on each line, so that's eight keepers, add another three to the midfield gives me eleven, whereas this year I think I only started with nine or ten and I ended up keeping seven of them. I will consider two to three midpricers that I will intend to keep and that will leave me sixteen rookies to find.

TBone_9 · 23/07/2019 at 20:44

Hey guys, have 4 trades left with some good bench cover. Is it worth using 2 trades to get in R. Marshall for Heeney/Kelly as would love to trade Westhoff to him in 2 trades but wouldn’t have enough. I also like the idea of holding trades for anything that may come but wouldn’t be able to find a way to get Marshall in for finals. Cheers boys

Maverick_ · 23/07/2019 at 21:18

How we all travelling for OA rank guys and in general, everyone happy with how they are travelling?
how many trades left, cash banked and are we all full premo with the odd passenger or two?
No doubt injuries to fyfe, JKelly, Cogs, hurn and earlier whitfield has delayed peoples teams who got itchy fingers and hit the 'T'

    Russty_ · 23/07/2019 at 22:14

    Hi Mav I dropped 1200 spots to around 6200…2 trades left and now Andrews out…maybe Fyfe?..might have to trade this week because I'm 50-50 getting into about 5 league top 8's this week…decisions!
    Not full premo cause I have to play Duursma, and maybe Logue on field this week.

      Maverick_ · 23/07/2019 at 22:24

      6200 is still a very good rank mate, hopefully you can finish strong!
      I think alot of people are 'full premo' but running a few speculative blokes at a D6, F6 or M8 still it's just been that type of season been injuries with some key players whether one week stingers or longer, it was also hard to get it right with a lack of rookies minimising our cash gen and people caught up in midprice madness at the start of the season (me included) and its not often that pays off.

        Russty_ · 23/07/2019 at 22:38

        Cheers Mav, how you going mate?…yeah I found so many rookies had to be swapped out this year, also i started with some wrong choices, could've had 6 trades now if I was a bit wiser at the start, Pods are only really good to have at the end I reckon, not so much at the start where you need solid performers.

          Maverick_ · 23/07/2019 at 22:52

          im sitting at 7300 climbed 2450 spots this week it's very tight in the top 10k doesn't take much to climb or fall.
          I found exactly that russty that PODs at the start isn't always wise i started with a few to just be different and bit me in the butt early days as did a few of my midpricers. I think as much as it sucks you need to have a cookie cutter team at the beginning and nail your rookies and as the season progresses find the PODs. I still have 6 trades in hand so we'll see what happens for the remainder of the season hopefully hurn and fyfe both return this week.

            Russty_ · 23/07/2019 at 22:55

            You're doing well mate and have the power of trades at the end which is invaluable, from what I've read, Fyfe and hurn will play this week or are at least good chances to, but Fyfe could be playing forward if Lobb misses with his Shoulder dislocation.

    Lekdog · 24/07/2019 at 08:40

    Struggle town over here, 3 trades left with about 100k. Ranked outside top 10%, who would’ve thought SPS, Westhoff etc would be risky haha

      Brn · 24/07/2019 at 09:21

      Top 100 with 3 trades. Tempted to use two this week to better my team, but unsure if habing only one trade is wise. Basic bench cover of clark, chol and burgess. Thoughts?

        Lekdog · 24/07/2019 at 09:47

        Not terrible cover but not good enough for having just one trade left I would think…what would the upgrades look like?

        Maverick_ · 24/07/2019 at 10:42

        Top stuff Brn a very quiet achiever over here, killing it.
        I suppose that depends how it betters your team doesn't it who would you be trading and looking to bring in?
        Trades are vital come the last 2-3 weeks when teams send there players off for early surgeries etc if not playing in september.

      Sam_01 · 24/07/2019 at 10:32

      Slipped 32 spots to 577 after a 2349 only running with the one trade

        Maverick_ · 24/07/2019 at 10:44

        very nice rank sam.
        Fingers crossed all goes the right way for you with injuries 1 trades very thin with alot of football to be played yet.

      Maverick_ · 24/07/2019 at 10:45

      Maybe another preseason and SPS might take that leap he looks a good player lek…. somedays haha
      Gotta risk it for the biscuit if those two started firing you'd of been laughing.

        neil demons delight · 24/07/2019 at 11:37

        Gibbons and Walsh will be good for Carlton and us next year

    Holty01 · 24/07/2019 at 09:15

    Sitting at about 120 overall. Being in a couple of cash leagues has certainly affected me going down the ranks as I’ve saved trades. At the same time though, a few injuries and a couple of questionable trades forced my hand a bit to look more at leagues then overall. Will bring in a extra forward into my forward line for finals which will leaves me with 2 trades and enough money for a slab.

      Maverick_ · 24/07/2019 at 10:39

      Awesome stuff Holty 120 is unreal hopefully you can keep it going.
      What was your strategy at the start? did you start GnR or a little bit of midprice mayhem?

        Holty01 · 24/07/2019 at 15:14

        Guns and rookies but had a real good look at fallen premiums rather then breakout candidates. For example, went Sloane over Brayshaw, seriously considered Zorko over Heeney but thought my forward line looked to weak (regret this decision). Also tried to avoid injury risks so didn’t start Kelly and Fyfe. Unfortunately I did bring then in later which went against everything I planned beginning the season and now find myself short 2 mids.

          neil demons delight · 24/07/2019 at 18:28

          your comments are noted and banked in my memory Hotly. I will go G N R again or at best 1 risky midpricer like Libba who served me good .Interesting my other midpricer was Smith ,primarily chosen because of the new rule and still there.,Both libba and Smith were chosen ahead of Whitfie ld and Rookie Hind.

      Beezneez · 24/07/2019 at 16:23

      120 is a brilliant rank Holty. I'm 345 and have been climbing the last couple of weeks after getting to what I consider full premo. That included B Smith at d6 and B Crouch at m8. Was considering using some of my 4 trades left later to maybe upgrade those two i.e Crouch for Kelly. Their scores last week have caused a rethink. Scored 2470 last week with Clarke and Quaynor as cover for Fyfe and Hurn. Projected score this week is 2657 but not expecting anywhere near that as the SC Gods usually have a say in such things. Intending to hang tight with trades until injury rears its ugly head.

    JohnDJ59 · 24/07/2019 at 14:53

    I'm a bit late joining in on this topic, my rank is 21,450 it's been sliding every week since the bye rounds, but apart from 2017 when I ended up ranked 1,501 the 20,000 to 24,000 range is where I usually end up.Used my last trade on the weekend, I tend to still have 4-6 left at this stage of the season, ended up three short of full premo, but I hardly ever get to that stage anyway. Will only be playing in one or two finals out of nine leagues, which would be my worst result since I started playing, but also a result of other players getting better.Looking at points scored, I'm actually ahead of where I was after round 18 over the last four years.38,259 now, 37,893 last year, 38,109 2017 and 38,049 2016. Next year I will try and save trades as much as possible at the start and cut down during the bye rounds so I have at least 10 trades left at the end of the bye rounds.

      neil demons delight · 24/07/2019 at 18:38

      A lot of luck is involved John and it sounds like the people around you have also improved. Research is paramount and listening to the good coaches titbits . and where better than right here good luck bud NDD

        JohnDJ59 · 25/07/2019 at 11:01

        Getting our starting line up right is so important Neil, then we don't feel the need to do corrective trades, my team wasn't as bad as I thought it was and I did a few trades I didn't really need to do, so I will have to remember that next year. Putting a value on our trades right from the start, not just when we have used half of them already will also help, since those five to six wasted trades would be very handy right now and my season wouldn't be over if I still had them. Looking forward to next year, with a determination to get it right, or at least better than this year.

          Russty_ · 25/07/2019 at 13:03

          Hey John, agree mate starting lineups are so important, make a mistake or 3 there and there's 6 trades gone just trying to fix things…while there's life there's hope bud so even with no trades if you can get 22 on field, you're still a chance at your finals, keep fighting it out. 🙂

            JohnDJ59 · 25/07/2019 at 14:09

            I had three that I never should have started, Simpson, Mills and A.Brayshaw, they were all gone from my team in the first four rounds, although Angus wasn't to bad in the first six, you could see he wasn't going to be a top eight midfielder. I traded in Lloyd, Whitfield and Worpel for those three. Lloyd has been great and he should have been first picked in defence, Whitfield just caused me heartache and Worpel has been alright for what I paid for him. I'll keep at it Russty, at the moment I just hope to hang on in SonsOfAnarchy league and that would give me two finals, since I already have enough points in the Won't Back Down league.

    Rocksta_ · 24/07/2019 at 18:29

    546, down from 299 a couple of weeks ago. Full Premo. 1 trade left, which I’ll be using this week. Only interested in rank this year but it has been a very up and down season with more injuries than I normally have. That said, I’ve also made a few ordinary trade decisions.
    Reasonably happy, but given I’ll be out of trades after this week, it could all turn to shit thereafter as I have limited cover.

    hedski · 24/07/2019 at 19:30

    Anus (Angus) horriblus for me again this year Mav, hovered around the 30k mark in rank all year.
    Terrible year for injuries, missed some great rookies, couldn't afford to get the premos in that I needed, traded in players the week they got injured, started with ANGUS and still have him, just couldn't punt the prick with too much going on.
    Concentrating on my work cash league now where I am 7th on % and in a must win this week to hold on so I will be doing my last upgrade (and trade) in defence and then holding on for all it's worth.
    Team is not all that bad but not where I wanted it to be.
    I will put out my trade options for that last grasp in the Panic Room later in the week and hope I get some help from all the beautiful bastards on this great site. 👍🍻😪

      Swans2012 · 25/07/2019 at 19:01

      Angus is by far the biggest mistake I’ve made for seasons, he has almost derailed a really good 6 weeks for me

      Russty_ · 25/07/2019 at 19:13

      You're a legend mate, very honest assessment of your situation and I like to see that there's still hope there.
      That can happen and does happen so often and this is something a lot of people don't realise…is that you can get stuck with one or more players that you picked from the word go, for the whole year.
      Not through any fault of your own but just because more pressing issues keep popping up, and they do.
      Hence the importance of picking a good starting squad with the best players. Cookie Cutter or not.
      With 30 trades over 22 rounds before finals (AFL), it ain't easy to try and have 10 trades left after the round 15 bye.
      My trades just seemed to evaporate into thin air this year haha, but I will be more disciplined next season.

    Swans2012 · 25/07/2019 at 18:40

    I’ve slowly clawed some respectability into my season, ranked 34k before the byes, now up to 5k. Nearly Full premo, but carrying brayshaw at m8. Will send to m9 soon, 3 trades left.

      Russty_ · 25/07/2019 at 19:15

      Nice comeback Swans…late runs are under-rated, I think just hanging in there is enough for the first half of the season.

    Pranav · 25/07/2019 at 19:00

    Really happy with how my season is going ranked 1232 with 6 trades and 240k in the bank. Need final premo in defence to complete my side which will be Whitfield. Need to make a downgrade to make this happen was set on hately to hill until he got named so now thinking of bewley to hill. Surprised chol is still getting a game as my F7. Weakest points in my team are heeney F6 Stewart/Ryan D6 and brouch/dusty M8. If no one gets injured this week and Hurn is back next week I’ll happily punt dusty to a zerret/Duncan/yep type and push brouch to M8 with 3 trades and no cash leftover

    SamuraiPizzaCat · 25/07/2019 at 22:42

    Late reply but I'm ranked 6,605 with 6 trades left. Still 1 off full premo and have Hurn to cover this week. Hopefully can climb a few more ranks before the seasons over.

JDP · 23/07/2019 at 22:02

To finish off either forwards or defenders I would appreciate thoughts on who is more important:
Def: Williams
Fwd: Marshall


    Russty_ · 23/07/2019 at 23:07

    Depends on who you're replacing mate..I'd probably replace the weakest player on whichever line it is…both scoring well but Williams might play mid from now on so that's a bonus too, Marshall has been a Juggernaut in the Ruck this year, either or are good choices.

      Loop · 24/07/2019 at 05:37

      Maybe just wait a week if you choose Marshall, he only scored 50 against Gawn early in the year. I think the he'll score better this time, it'll be a test for him.

    Lekdog · 24/07/2019 at 08:43

    Marshall will outscore Williams for the rest of the year but will likely be cheaper next week

TBone_9 · 23/07/2019 at 22:57

Hey Russty. Yeah I think even I know that’s the right decision to make, just getting caught up in the thought of needing to get Marshall. I can just afford Westy to Greene in the 1 move, but are we worried that he might go back to his 60-70’s once Kelly comes back in 2 or less weeks? But I guess Westhoff will probably only manage 80 anyways

    Russty_ · 23/07/2019 at 23:04

    I've got Westy too mate and am not happy about it lol, I think 80 is the best we could hope for from him, could easily drop 50's or 60's again…but Toby tons up easy when he plays mid.
    Reckon Kelly and Heeney could easily start tonning up again every week with finals looming for Cats and pride to play for with Swans.
    Kelly listed as 2 weeks…still, could be more who knows?…your finals campaign could be over by the time he gets back.
    I reckon back your guys in but Westy's still not trustworthy..a bit of a weak link.

      TBone_9 · 24/07/2019 at 01:01

      Yeah definitely not happy with him, you don’t know whether he’s going to get you a 60 or 90 it’s so random. I think going to Toby is something I’ll ponder over the next few days, thanks for the idea mate. How’s your mob looking? Any trades for you this week?

        Russty_ · 24/07/2019 at 01:09

        Only 2 left TBone but deciding to offload Andrews, to B.Smith, which leaves me with 1 but also a better chance of getting into more top 8's in my leagues this week, am in 3 for sure but 5 are 50-50 based on this week's results…so I'll go for it and hope there's not too much carnage in the next 4 weeks or so.
        Happy I got Marshall for 440, imagine having gotten him in for 340?…how come you never got him mate?

          TBone_9 · 24/07/2019 at 01:27

          Sounds like a good plan to me mate, with leagues on the line you’ve gotta go all out for them! I like the B. Smith pick, any reason him over a L. Ryan or Rich? Mate I wish I had gotten him for as cheap as you did. Well it all came down to the decision I made when i brought in Westy after he was below 400k and had just dropped two decent scores. It was either get him, or gamble on an unproven product in Marshall who was about 25k more… and we all know how that ended up haha. Wish I could have him now, but gotta do the best with what you’ve got right?

            Russty_ · 24/07/2019 at 17:19

            He's all I could afford mate, it was either him or hunter clark…both in good form but Smith a bit more trustworthy I think.

No idea · 24/07/2019 at 09:21

I'm still holding J.Kelly with the hope he may be back as a POD by finals. Is that ambitious or just plain stupid?
Equally I'm still playing O'Brien though have the cash to upgrade this week to Grundy. Tempted to hold O'Brien for the year given other holes in my team (Playing Dursma, Logue and Walsh, plus the Kelly problem above). Is that ambitious or just plain stupid?

    Maverick_ · 24/07/2019 at 10:25

    JKelly is predicted back Rd21 ( finals week 2) but whose to say he will be back then GWS may play it conservative as they have in the past with him and give him one more week have him 110% for september by then your three weeks into finals and may even be knocked out by then and you had Jelly on ya pine and the POD meant nothing…. How many trades have you got left?

    would be nice to see your team as a whole to get an idea of these holes you speak about… Is duursma in ya backline? Is Walsh only playing too cover Jelly or he a genuine M8 still and duursma covering Jelly? I'd Hold off on grundy till you fix these issues

      No idea · 24/07/2019 at 18:32

      Thanks Maverick for your comments. I have 4 trades and $205000 in cash, though my current team is……
      Def" Lloyd, Laird, Stewart, Houli, Duursma, Logie ( Ainsworth, Rotham)
      Mid: Dunkley, McCrae, Fyfe, Neale, Cripps, Cunnington, J.Kelly, Walsh ( D.Clarke, Hill, K. Dunkley)
      For: Danger, Marshall, Boak, Heeney, T.Kelly, Greene ( Pettrucelli, Young).

      Getting in rookies who only played a couple of games (Rotham, K. Dunkley, Young and other's whom I've since dropped) has really hurt my season and cash generation. Still sitting 5th in my main league though.

        No idea · 24/07/2019 at 18:33

        Forgot Rucks: Gawn and O'Brien

          Funkhouser · 24/07/2019 at 19:12

          With only 4 trades hold Kelly and definately hold O'brien. Maybe trade Duursma to Whitfield and save the rest.

            Maverick_ · 24/07/2019 at 20:26

            Personally i'd go Logue up too a ryan/BSmith/sicily just get a player who has a high ceiling and has bottomed out in price any of those three will comfortably outscore logue from here.
            And Jelly too merrett/duncan both are unreal value I just don't trust Jelly to be back til round 21-22 which is too long so bank 100k while getting a solid premo get them points onfield.

            gives you two trades remaining and a bank of 150k for next week..

        Russty_ · 24/07/2019 at 20:47

        What Mav said I reckon..can't afford to have Logue on field or 2 rookies in the mids, Kelly probably won't be at his best even if he does get back.

    No idea · 24/07/2019 at 21:50

    Thanks lads for the advice. Lots to think about before the teams come out.

    Lazza · 24/07/2019 at 22:47

    You must be fairly confident of winning the finals .. it could be all over for you before Kelly is back … trade him

Holty01 · 24/07/2019 at 09:24

So rumour has it that Fyfe may play forward for the rest of the year because of his elbow. If that is the case, would he possibly be mid/fwd next year?

    Lekdog · 24/07/2019 at 09:47

    Not sure 5 games would get him across the line unfortunately

    Maverick_ · 24/07/2019 at 09:48

    Not sure Holty, would need to crunch some numbers and see if he goes over the DPP %.
    Isn't it 35/65 % gametime over the season or something to be given DPP status?

    Or am i making this up haha i thought i read it somewhere?

      neil demons delight · 24/07/2019 at 10:40

      If it is then Dunkley's a mid and Danger a DPP

        Maverick_ · 24/07/2019 at 10:58

        yup im pretty sure its a 35% threshold NDD,
        season 2020 will be a real shakeup for positions and DPP

        Boak, TKelly, Danger, Dunkley, Worpel all possibly moved too MID only.

        Whitfield may get DPP DEF/MID?

        dusty a FWD/MID?

        Ablett FWD only he's not in geelongs midfield rotation enough

        Lycett and Marshall both RUCK only next year

        C.Daniel moved DEF only

        there just off the top of my head

          neil demons delight · 24/07/2019 at 11:41

          Not sure about Danger Mav . He has played forward a lot thanks to Dahlhouse

    Russty_ · 25/07/2019 at 00:33

    He seems to be recovering well Holty I've read, Hurn trained ok too, Boak missed training today..not sure why.

dontblushbaby · 24/07/2019 at 12:47

Rylee WEST to debut for the Dogs – Mid 117k

Bobby · 24/07/2019 at 13:04

Hey community

Move upto rank 180, with 4 trades left.

Do i hold my trades for finals or do I trade Sicily to Houli?

Houli hasnt scored below 90 at the G once this year and had all remaining games there.


    Rocksta_ · 24/07/2019 at 18:32

    If you are full Premo already and have your heart set on it, make the trade. Otherwise, it’s a waste.

    Beezneez · 25/07/2019 at 10:10

    I've also got 4 trades left and want to spread them over the 5 rounds if possible. I'd hold Sicily if I were you cos he is just as capable as Houli to get a good score. Bit of a luxury imo but, in the end, it's your call.

    The Ranger · 25/07/2019 at 10:37

    Gotta hold Bobby, You might need those trades to cover injuries.

Scarpi · 24/07/2019 at 13:47

Hey Community
Do i hold my trades For finals Or should I get rid of Sicily
3 trades Left And About 54k Left

DEF: Whitfield, LIoyd, Laird, Houli, Ryan, Sicily (Rotham, Naish)
MID: Fyfe, Gaff, Crouch, Taranto, Cripps, Neale, Macrae, Dunkley (Scott, Bewley, Answerth)
RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (Sweet)
FWD: Kelly, Dangerfield, Boak, Daniel, Heeney, Greene ( Young, Bines)

    Russty_ · 25/07/2019 at 00:32

    Hi Scarp…with the Hawks now a chance to make the 8, Sicily could lift and start producing better, at least I'm hoping so, did you get into most of your finals?
    If several of them are 50-50 close either way, maybe trade..otherwise I'd hold at least for this week and see what he delivers.

Brn · 24/07/2019 at 14:18

Anyone else see big brodie smith doing inside mid work last week? Might be worth holding onto and see what he does against blues

    Brn · 24/07/2019 at 14:20

    Also glad i held him over hore and duursma despite backlash. Gotta back the experience

      Russty_ · 25/07/2019 at 00:45

      I'm trading him back in this week…go figure haha

    Beezneez · 24/07/2019 at 16:35

    I've had him since the start ang glad I kept him. Last three weeks have been good since he has more of a forward of hb role. My defence from the start was Whitfield, Williams, Laird, Smith , Duursma and Hore. Duursma and Hore went for Lloyd and Hurn. I thoight about trading Smith but none of the candidates appeal that much. Dodged a bullet maybe with Sicily and I guess the others would be Ryan and Stewart but happy to stay with Smith until someone really stans out imo. Had Ryan middle of last year and he was disappointing. Same reason I've stayed away from Greene and Billings and McLean. Started with Danger, Dunkley, Heeney and T Kelly and added Boak and Marshall through the byes.

      Beezneez · 24/07/2019 at 16:37

      Ps Brodie playing like the All Australian he was two years ago in his current role.

    The Ranger · 25/07/2019 at 10:38

    They need his speed thru the middle so I'd be holding him if I had him.

What_Bear · 24/07/2019 at 22:57

Hi all,

5 trades left, $95k and playing for league

Def: Laird, Williams, Hurn, Sicily, Smith (Logue, Gardner)
Mid: Fyfe, Macrae, Sloane, Cripps, Neale, M. Crouch, Oliver, Rockliffe (Clarke, Hatley, Bewley)
Ruck: Gawn, Grundy (Bines)
Fwd: Danger, Kelly, Boak, Daniels, Dunkley, Heeney (Chol, Young)

I am proposing to downgrade Hatley to Hill this week, and use the money in the first week of the finals to bring in Whitfield(Chop Laird or Sicily) and Marshall (Chop Rockliffe)

Any advice would be appriciated. Never had 5 trades at this part of the season before

    Maverick_ · 24/07/2019 at 23:09

    I think that's a pretty good move Hately too Hill makes sense..
    Just the 1 trade would be fine no rush on whitfield his BE is 115 and still held together by sticky tape.
    just sit back and reasses after the round incase any injuries/suspensions arise.

    your 1 defender light. Lloyd missing?

    Russty_ · 25/07/2019 at 00:40

    Nice work Bear, I like your team and you're sitting pretty for the finals with 4 or 5 left.
    Assuming you already have Lloyd?..they sound like good trades.

Brn · 25/07/2019 at 18:08

Hurn is out of my team for Whitfield.

Missing this week and imo will miss more before the year is out

    Sam_01 · 25/07/2019 at 18:39

    Made the right call getting Whitfield at 560k as my last upgrade

      Maverick_ · 25/07/2019 at 19:33

      Jeez I hope Burgess is named!
      I planned on getting grundy in this week as he may go 200+ against tiges. I don’t trust Whitfield anymore I do hurn for durability so don’t really want to trade him in unless I seriously have too. What a mess

    Nigel Knighton · 25/07/2019 at 20:58

    I dont have enough trades left damn it…

Brn · 25/07/2019 at 18:16

Sad to see the forum go dead 🙁

    Sam_01 · 25/07/2019 at 18:40

    Everyone waiting for the panic room

    Russty_ · 25/07/2019 at 19:30

    Not dead Brn , just dormant…, honestly I don't think the Who's your Captain thread or Cheet-sheet threads inspire a lot of comments, Around the grounds probably falls into the same category.
    Half the people here have probably given up because their season is done…and don't want to face the public.
    Seems quite a few regulars from years past aren't pitching in that much anymore..for some reason.
    I try to post when I can but sometimes it's just empty or I feel like I'm the only one here
    Also sometimes life gets in the way.
    Same article subjects every week can feel a bit same samely boring I guess.

      Maverick_ · 25/07/2019 at 19:52

      I think it’s the fact it’s the same 4 threads every week no real new articles so ppl just drop by Friday for the panic room, that goes bonkers. I’ve had a few good mates use and swear by another forum and there is several articles a day posted similar articles most weeks but lots of info & chat.. but I think they have a couple more people writing there content. Lek patch BVC damo and statty are just busy but they’ve done great since taking over I still enjoy this forum.

    Holty01 · 26/07/2019 at 07:05

    Hey mate. It’s the same every year. As soon as people use up all their trades or can’t make finals they lose interest. I’m not on anywhere near as much either but that’s more to do with work then anything else.

      The Ranger · 26/07/2019 at 07:51

      You're spot on Holty, it's always the same at this time of the year.
      I don't think it's a reflection on the site, it's a reflection on the game.

        Holty01 · 26/07/2019 at 09:36

        Well said. Agree 100%.

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